1. Konstantinos-Meditation Flight, October 4th 2012

    Hello dear friends. Initially I saw a spiral. Then after a while, two long haired with robes figures, both had a transparent white light colour and nothing more, made gestures of ‘welcome’ to me. Then I saw a triangular and next, an obelisk that instantly changed into a crystal with the same shape and structure. I heard the words ‘We Love you for who you are and we take care of you. We observe you and we are happy that you are taking your power back. We Love you as we Love All, because we are One with You and vice versa and we are All’. Then, I saw energy patterns and a light rhombus through which appeared a series of crafts and behind them appeared a beautiful cold long haired man, who I felt it was Ashtar.

    Much Love and Light.

  2. Meditation flight 1 October 2012

    I was flying like an eagle in the sky, up the winds and down the stream….and beneath me I see a landscape that looks familiar. It looks like I am flying over Pagosa Springs. Then I see a face, and Native American chief and I am a shaman doing some kinda of ritual, talking in a foreign language to me (Native American). I look up to the sky with my arms up, smoke is coming up from a fire…. end of meditation.

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