Group Crystal Meditation – 27 September 2012

(from Leslee Hare)

Among Many Beings and Stories (by Leslee Hare)

Tauno and Lisa and I shared a simultaneous group crystal meditation today, and the results are so amazing, I decided to share them with you (I hope they don’t mind!).

I’ll give you our meditation descriptions below, with some comments of the sketch I did while meditating (posted above).

Tauno’s Meditation:

I got all the craft near me together with the bamboo and went into meditation

I saw a gate – quite fluid and transparent, open free for us, entered through the gate in the same cave I was in yesterday evening, the wand was not there but this time the place was familiar to me, I started flying, I saw that I was flying along a crystal MotherShip Lemurian and there were two smaller craft near it, our Galactic friends were with us

I saw quite a real and beautiful landscape here on Earth, sunset, dramatic clouds and Light over a town, there came an electric light from the buildings of the town …the mountain chain next to this town formed a beautiful sighting and gave me a sense of peace, people were getting ready to go to sleep, I think of Pagosa, the feeling is that this town is in USA, next to this town behind a thick cloud veil was another place – with a pyramid, this place was on the right of the town and there was stronger Light there in comparison with the town, the light was not electrical but it was coming from above ; then something happened and the place with the pyramid disappeared and only the town remained

Les, I connect this with Ascension of the awakened ones while the other who are getting ready to sleep remain in 3D
Then I saw a Being that was in fact two Beings on one face that was separating into two at times, thin long neck, big eyes and small mouth, It looked like Umbro or Morgan that I met before
I asked ” Please , tell me what to expect, what is about to come?”
The movie began – I saw chaos, as nothing was at place and nothing could be seen, a real mess and then the same peaceful place where I saw the town at sunset, the place was the same but without the electricity and town, only the place with the mountain and a great sense of PEACE there
“Thank You Spirit for telling me that Peace is coming”

I also have seen the layers of Gaya , a giant eagle was flying between Inner and surface Earth and I was following it, I was able to be both under Earth and on the surface world, also above the earth in the higher layer, the surface was separated from the higher layer by a thin veil that was getting thinner and thinner and more and more transparent and thus connecting these two layers of Gaya, breathe in – down, breathe out – up, with every breath the Eagle waved its gigantic wings and connecting these realities.

Lisa’s Meditation

When i closed my eyes i saw a kind a round crystal looking like a discobal flickering , or reflecting light as it spins fast round and round. Then we are in new earth, grass is green, sky is blue and near is a forest. We seem to be on a mountain because we have wide view on a moutainrange. The sun is really bright shining, it is warm and we are chasing butterflies like kids. The vision changes and  i am floating alone in space. A huge hand grabs me and i am in the closed hand. A golden light comes from the hand and i feel safe. Suddenly a white light is bursting from my chest splashing me in billion pieces bringing me all over the universe. Then my daughter disturbs me and i open my eyes. But the vision doesn’t stop i see universes created, going by real fast. Then a thought came up that we three are from the same soul group. And i was questioning it if this was right and then i see aa michael in blue light and then transform into just blue fire and then shiftting into violet. That is the end of my meditation.

Leslee’s Meditation

Tauno and I had talked about including plants this time, and I was asked to bring tobacco, an osha root (healing) that I had gathered at Tara Mandala, and a reed flute (the Flute Player, planting seeds)… I was also asked to make a ring of seven steel safety pins, and set my small crystal bowl, holding the plants, within this ring. I realized afterwards that these represent dragon scales…)

osha root, tobacco, reed flute, Arkansas quartz, red San Juan River rock…

I began by gazing at the osha root, knowing that I would see faces of guides who would show me the meditation. I first saw same face I had seen in a piece of stone from Chimney Rock, this time from the front.

do you see the stylized profile of a face, on the right edge of the stone?

Then within that face, I saw a smaller female one. I closed my eyes

I saw a rapid series of images, Gaia transforming: all dimensions, all worlds, all realms, all beings…

The image of the osha root transformed into a mountain with a tree growing from it, with a tremendously vast ball of water below.

I think I sat for about 20 minutes settling and watching the scene unfold. Then I felt a very strong urge to draw what I was seeing. (Adrial has asked me to draw and paint more, to portray my visions. She says they are very valuable.)

Essentially, if you read Tauno and Lisa’s descriptions of their meditations, you’ll get descriptions of most of what else is in the sketch.

Within a field of vast space, I saw a sphere of water or a glass marble, like a huge droplet capped with a plate of land. Very little light surrounded this… just a few stars and planets far off in the distance, and lots of chaos. Atop the plate of land sat a mountain range, and in the center was a very large mound/mountain, with a tall, widely open cave. I could sense there were many beings and stories within the cave, but that I did not need to explore that now. I foreground, on the plain, many cities had been abandoned…

Then, on top of the larger mound, and out of it, grew a great pine tree, as tall as the world. From the pine tree’s leaf-tips sprung swirling rays of pure energy, extending in to the heavens, reaching towards the stars.

On either side of the pine tree stand a man and a woman, very tiny.

The Light Being holding its wing spread around and illuminating Gaia, was at first a dragon. As I continued to draw, it transformed next into a gryphon/chimera creature, then a Nibiruan lion-faced being, then an angel. Finally I removed the darkness between its face and chest and Gaia, blurring the edges, because this being has no real boundaries or specific name/entity. It simply holds, protects, and lights Gaia.

26.Sept2012 – Tauno`s
I have just finished th meditation , Les and it was such a powerful experience, my head is still in the swirls of energy, do you feel the Healing Light that We sent to You accompanied with the Presence of the Holy Violet Fire that keeps energies clean and perfect, I feel such power when I program my crystals, the Light just comes down to me , in my hands and through my eyes, I cannot see anything but my hands with the crystals that are in the process of programming, now I used this method to send Light to You, I feel tired due to the transmutation of all that needs transmutation now even though I cannot know exactly what happens
And now
Here is what I received
I was observing ALGIZ through OLA and saw a Being, Angelic/Elven one that raised hands in doing a Light work, I have a feeling that this is me of some of my facets since I like to use this gesture when I finish meditations of sending Light to Mother Earth, with this hands movement upwards I feel like flying and carrying with me Mother Earth, the feeling is the same as you are on Ferris wheel and the wheel comes fast down, all your body cells flies up and there is a feeling of “want to fly”, crazy but true 🙂
Then I looked at the Lemurian through OLA and I found myself together with someone else YOU? in front of a door and a cave behind the door, the cave was in mountain and me and the other One transformed into a Lemurian point in front of the door, the Spirit entered through the door and there was an abyss and a crystal path over the abyss and a magical wand was there as a guard, there was a shining white crystal at the top of the wand. I noticed that the cave with the wand and the abyss and path was in fact a craft, a beautiful place at the same time , I was not afraid of falling into the abyss because I could fly, I even was flying on a machine in the shape of a pyramid, the area beneath was a sea with icebergs and over the clouds I was flying, the pyramid then became separated from me and I saw it was in fact a tall obelisk from the land high up to the sky and yet, a pyramid, but more like obelisk/high pyramid

Then I saw ancient cave drawings of two or more Beings that were carved on the surface of a pyramid that was like Egyptian pyramids – wider at its base in comparison with obelisk like pyramid that I saw before, the top of this pyramid was shining as the whole pyramid beamed Light from inside, I tilted the crystal so that the image of the pyramid aligned with the horizon since it was tilted on the left

Then the most strange thing I saw – spheres, Buddhas moving inside OLA, they were microscopic and moved and entered one into another and separated again, they looked like physical cells, I thought about you, Les and I think you are recovering well because this is the feeling I receive
Then I saw a thread, a leaf of grass maybe or me myself trying to stand tall , up into the Light , the negative energies from the surface were drawing its top down but this Being resisted and fought bravely with huge inner Power and intent, it was thin , the energies pulling down were strong but the Being was tough and resistant and in a glimpse of the eye the Being won , it succeeded and I saw it fly up, then I saw another Being following the first one up in the Light that surrounded them
the message from OLA, this is what I received about the obelisk
” You are this obelisk pyramid, stretching high up and yet standing and stable on the surface, you connect and funnel the energies needed for Ascension and carry the knowledge within”


Crystal Meditation – Leslee

25 September 2012

What a beautiful, mysterious and powerful meditation you had, dear sister!

Haha, are you sure you have not been visiting Pagosa astrally? I heard just last Saturday that the area is known for Yeti sightings! One of the locals tells me that these beings can shift dimension, appear and disappear very quickly…

And I’m not surprised you saw some Buddhas… They seem to be popping up all over around here. Sunday I went to an open house at a nearby Buddhist retreat center, and that made my heart sing! Then yesterday Mark brought me a book about a western man who went to Tibet in the 1920’s, and was the first white man to be recognized as an incarnate lama (I have previous lifetimes as lamas, also…). And the Earth Spirits are quite strong here in Pagosa, so I have been meeting them, as well, especially ones related to plants and healing. And Konstantinos met Piannah, and I have met a Hopi medicine man as well as a lady at the Buddhist center who all work with herbs… We might ask if we would benefit from meditating with plants AND crystals!

Your description of the ever-changing path also resonates deeply with many of my recent experiences… Were you told more about what our mission is together?

I’m touched by the images you received of the Arabian and Roman. I’ve felt many Arabic imprints arise in the past 4 years or so, and have expected to meet someone to help clarify this, but nothing has arisen so far other than visions. They are a bit painful to look at, because they almost always involve violence and conflict, although there is usually also an underlying wisdom and resolve.

As far as the Roman, I have never felt particularly drawn to that as a possible personal history… At least not as a man!

What is your feeling about the figures you saw? Would you like for me to ask Adrial if She wants to add anything to it? Since it was your question, I feel it should be your decision to ask, I don’t want to pry, although now I am curious… 😉

For my own meditation, it took me a while to settle, and I was late beginning because I lost track of time while cooking. I think I really began to concentrate around noon or 21:00 (Bulgarian time).

My crystals are still scattered about my space from moving house… I used an arrangement of Lemurians and a golden healer point from Arkansas, along with a Golden Healer cluster, an S7 sphere, and several stones from the San Juan River here in Pagosa.

I also had nearby a basket of other river stones that I’ve collected over the weeks. I felt drawn to use these because of my recent connection with G’uen, a spirit guide of the Rock/Crystal/Mountain realm.

At the beginning of the meditation, I saw a scepter of light and feathers, signaling that many of my other Guides were present. This disappeared quickly. For some time, I merely sensed energy in my body, and received a variety of partial images in my third eye. I just watched, and did not notice any particular significance about them.

I opened my eyes and gazed into a clear quartz Vogel wand, looking for and requesting my guides to join me. I saw several faces, new to me, and called Weather Wing. Then I closed my eyes and focused on my third eye again.

At one point, I very clearly found myself standing at a riverbank, much like the San Juan here in Pagosa. There were large boulders as well as small pebbles and stones, and all were smooth and round. The water was glistening in brilliant sunlight, and I saw I’wah stoop, reach into the water, and scoop something out of the river. This image then faded.

Shortly after that, I saw another image, of a large stone door/boulder, lifted to reveal a cave under and within a mountain. I’wah did this also. The image disappeared as soon as the doorway opened.

These were really the only images I can recall… I look forward to doing this again tomorrow!

Also, because it seems somehow relevant, here is some information that Adrial gave to Vlad yesterday, in answer to some of his questions. Crystals are mentioned…

So I’ll go ahead and say that I’m so glad we were able to do this today! Since I was late, I didn’t have time to get online and let you know that I was joining you, but I did begin by trying to let you know telepathically that I was joining at that time. Did you receive any kind of message like that while you were meditating?

Connecting to you with lots of love and light!


Tauno – 25 Sept 2012
I saw an Angelic Being that looked like Jeshua, then the Being transformed and I could feel AA Michael`s energy, in fact This is ONE energy, they just take form and shape for us while they exist in pure LIGHT Energy, many of them appeared in this meditation, oh at the very beginning I saw Orbs/just as you draw Buddhas/, two Buddhas
Then I was taken to a mountain chain, a crystal mountain, not high, but long and shining with White crystalline Light and I saw a Being called Morgan, it looked like the Being drawn in one of the crop circles, thin long neck, big eyes and small mouth, he told me he is from Telos and the being was dressed in white, then He transformed in another Inner Earth Human called Rodney/I met him several times in meditations before/, Then Rodney became Asha – a woman from Telos and this process continued till I realized they just introduce themselves to me, i was told that I have a part of a mission together with our friends at STC
I was shown a path to somewhere, a very flexible and dynamic one, this path was in fact in its essence changeable at every moment depending on the thoughts of the traveller, a kind of multidimensional time line highway/not cars of course, quite a calm and at the same time very sensitive to all kinds of thoughts and emotions/
I asked – tell me, Great Spirit what kind of connection it is my connection with Leslee – I was shown a Butterfly/ I explain this as evolution, growth and transformation from lower to higher/
Angel was taking care of a lower being, that looked like Yeti or a primitive man, this being was uplifted

I asked – Please, tell me if me and Leslee had shared past lives – I was shown two figures, men, opposing – dark-white, one of them was the executor and the other turned into an Angel, then I was shown an Arabian with black long beard and next to him a Roman, they negotiated, the Arabian was sitting while the Roman was standing
Then I saw fighting men again

Then these men cooperated and were involved in supporting the huge and wonderful realm over them, they just held the mountain on which the realm was standing in all Its Glory and beauty, next to them were some other men supporting the realm too
Then I saw the crystal mountain chain again and I came out of meditation



56 comments on “Group Crystal Meditation – 27 September 2012

  1. Oh my Gosh so much fitting into place Thank you dearest hearts Leslee,Tauno, and Lisa wow. Adrial is right Pictures paint a thousand dreams in visual form. 🙂

  2. I began the meditation a bit early, and probably started drawing about the time that Tauno and Lisa began… I was just stunned to realize that I was drawing and seeing what they were both seeing…

    It gives me pause to consider the dreamflights and telepathy exercises… We’ve had such a blast meeting during our sleep, and through telepathy… We might really amaze ourselves if we start trying conscious meditation like this, as a group…! 😀

  3. a Great Share!…from the Trio becomes the Whole/One… 🙂 in such a short Post, so much Info and Imagery Arises…Bravo to You Brave & Open Women!…Thank You…Much Regards

  4. Amazing picture, Les! Thank You for everything you do, I`ll post another meditations here if you don`t mind?
    Look at the picture above again, do you see the Eagle flying, you have drawn Him just as I saw Him, this is the thin line where the water is separated from the land above the water bowl, this eagle I followed and I was in water watching the surface from water, just amazing!
    Thank You, Thank You, Lisa!
    Dear Lisa, You have got a message from Ashtar Sheran/about the same soul group we belong to/, the Hand – He is Guiding and protecting us, I will share it when the other common meditations are posted here in a few minutes

    • Sure, feel free to post as much as you like! I was thinking it a good idea to start a page for the group meditations, much like we do for the dream flights… What do you think?

      Yes, so much appears in the drawing! I haven’t really looked at it closely yet, if that make sense… It just flowed from my fingers. I also see so many faces of guides…

  5. A little note. When I started the meditation, at first I was only seeing the crystal ball turning around, and the ball was multifaceted, so the light that was shining on it, it reflected all the reflective parts. After that I had difficulty to see anything, first because of my oldest daughter who wanted me to see things. The second reason was I was trying to hard to see something. As soon as I told my mind to relax and to let the images in as they come, then it started to flow.

    When I read the other meditations, I thought WOW, so much synchronizations and the same thing we saw, even in different form but the same. I think we should make a page like the dreamflights , but instead we have meditation flights. 😀 And also beautiful painting you made Leslee.

    Thank you Leslee and Tauno for the invite.

    Love Lisa

    • Meditation is very similar to dreaming, I almost slept when in sound meditation I saw the amethyst with the silver tiny shining particles in it, one of the Atlantids crystals , Lisa, this amethyst is one from the couple that I have discovered, then you were connected with Tolan and you found out the second couple, we have four other couples to discover, all of us in STC
      LOVE YOU

  6. Crystal meditation-28September 2012
    Dear Les, Dear Lisa,
    I have just finished my meditation for today and I was ready to write to you as I saw Sar/a very close to my heart friend of mine/`s e-mail, That is why I include Her to our communication, she had an impulse to write to me so that to see if i am OK 🙂 I am so touched by this kind of LIGHT/LOVE and see it as a sign from Spirit
    Dear Sar, thank You for Your Presence and for your LIGHT, you can join us in common crystal meditation at about 8/9pm Bulgarian time zone each evening/day if you like it

    I have transmuting a lot of negative today, it manifests as a kind of flue but i know the origin of it is CLEANING people`s negative energies around me, so I decided to start with OLA and my amethyst cluster and Tom Kenyon`s channeled meditation called “Immunity”, this meditation is a healing one and is given to him by many Ascended Beings of Light , some of them Shaman Spirits, some of them Angels, it is about 20 minutes long
    As was listening I had several visions
    WOLF watching me face in face, Spirit Wolf
    BEAR came, the bear wanted to go up and raised her front legs, the bear came up , higher in a mountain and transformed into wolf, bear and wolf were merging into one another
    Then I saw a Native American Shaman Woman, she was wearing a Wolf head on Her Head and a wolf fur over her dress, I think of Lisa and Stasha, they have many things in common as far as the wolf is concerned
    I saw tipies /Native American shelters/ and the mountain and the Rune X – GEBO again that gave me the message we are cooperating at this moment
    I had tears of awe and gratitude to ALL Beings of LIGHT that are with me Now – You included
    I sat to meditate with OLA, MaiOWta, amethyst, Lemurian and ALGIZ, I was between rose quartz and amethyst holding the other mentioned crystals

    OLA showed me all Company of Heaven, They came to us as an image of Great Powerful ANGEL of Light with magnificient wings and then the Angel turned into all of them – They Are ONE energy – AA Michael, Jeshua, Mother Mary, El Moria, Hilarion, Babaji, Sanat Kumara, Quan Yin, St Germain, Beinsa Douno and many other of Them

    I asked – Tell me, Great Spirit what is your message to Us
    I saw LIGHT and shining dots going upwards
    “The gate is wide open for all of you Now” I received
    I saw down in a distance a stairs and a door, I went down the stairs and I saw three Beings of Light doing a common job – the three of us? – me, Leslee and Lisa
    Then I was in Space flying on a craft, I reached a land and received AVALON
    The land was flat but right under the surface there was a crystal pyramid, its top was touching the surface but still was under the surface, this landscape was meging with a desert landscape of Sahara in a very obvious way
    AVALON/IRELAND!/ – EGYPT, the confirmation of this energetic link confirmed through this meditation

    Then I was sending to all of You my LIGHT calling the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation and cleaning, it is necessary when we are energetically connected
    as I was sending Light to You I saw an EYE in OLA, RA , Sar`s email then came, wow, Sar is closely connected with RA
    Thank you Guides, Beings of Light, Lisa, Leslee and Sar


      • Hi, Troy, I have sent her an e-mail with a link to our forum here, she is quite busy to take part in our meditations but I am energetically connected with her, I will ask her about what you suggested but I think she is short of time, she doesn`t mind me to post here everything I receive from meditations and dreams connected with her
        Thank You, dear Troy
        Love and Light

  7. 29.09.2012 Crystal Meditation – Tauno

    OLA showed me that the gate is open and I entered in
    I saw a figure of an old man in long robe walking
    I asked about the Arabian I saw in one of my previous meditations, then White Tatanca came again, He was wearing one feather in His hair
    I saw a Woman, beautiful woman with long dress – Mother Earth, She was Ascending, I saw Her standing still and yet moving upwards as She was in an invisible elevator

    Then I saw the same Woman Shining in the Light of the new dimension, Mother Earth was there and She has become more Beautiful in the same dress but this time the dress was white and shining
    Then I saw a Man, a Wisard with long white beard and grey robe, I asked “Who Are You, Wise Man of Light?” I received the name TOT, then the same man turned into another Being, Arabian…woman, the woman was covered from head to feet with a beige robe, only her eyes were uncovered, the figure was sitting and was slightly stooping
    The Arabian was in a desert place with very high rocks and narrow places among the rocks, I saw a kind of rock corridors as I was in a mountain labyrinth of high crystal points, then in this corridor I saw the Roman again, He was gigantic and was leading me through the labyrinth, I looked downwards and there was abyss, I realized that I am in a craft and fly in space , the craft is a giant crystal point with the Arabian in the mountain labyrinth in the lower level and upwards there was icy mountain as it was somewhere near the Earth Poles, then the whole craft – Crystal point became a Huge giant – He was Native American Chief – There were the Arabian and the mountain labyrinth, the ice, the craft, everything in this Spirit taking the image of a Native American Chief Who was standing in All His Glory and there were two giant Lemurian crystal points in Him
    I received ” You are the Keepers of these Crystals of great power for transformation, they are here for eons of time waiting for this connection, the crystals have taken so much negativity because of the lower vibrations of Humanity on Earth, they absorbed the negative and need healing and Light to become Light again and help Gaya to clean and heal Herself as well as the whole Humanity. You can help the crystals to return their Power of Light and to start cooperating with all of you in Creation of your New Reality”
    Then I sent all my Love and Light from the very core of my Heart to these two Lemurian Crystals, I sent them Healing White Light


    29.09.2012 – Lisa
    So my meditation, I saw the tree Eywa from the movie Avatar and she was bright and white. I am lying down and connect with her through heir veins. I can feel it pulsing. And I hear a drum beating with the rhythm of the heartbeat. And I feel it pulsing up and down like a heartbeat through a network of veins and see the light shooting through it covering the whole earth, gaia in a pulsing white light. The vision shifts and I am running , I am scared, there is shooting and I fall. I feel myself rising up, and in this moment I envision pink love and heal this memory. Now i see Tauno meditating, it likes she is floating in the air, i also see Leslee’s face. End of vision, love Lisa

      • Hi, dear Crystal 🙂
        The gates that I see in crystal meditations are like open portals, caves into the crystal structure, sometimes I see ancient symbols carved on the surface but the gates themselves are usually without symbols, once I had a vision of golden pyramid with carvings like these in Egypt and a Thunderbird at the center

    • What a discovery
      I was connected with Thoth, look! Les, all pieces fall into place as far as the Arabian and Roman are concerned, and since they appeared when I asked about past lives, it is possible one of us or two of us are this SOUL/Being/Entity, I am not sure if this is me or You and all of it is connected with RA
      Now I am sure that Ancient Egyptian and Native American Spirit talks to me and to all of us here/this is the Atlantis connection with the Wise men from Atlantis who brought the Knowledge to Egypt after the fall of Atlantis/
      TOT- the God of Wisdom and Magic appeared, changed into Arabian woman/representing the zodiac sign Virgo also connected with Thoth/
      Roman-Greek connection – Hermes, look at this, wow”Mythology

      Thoth has played a prominent role in many of the Egyptian myths. Displaying his role as arbitrator, he had overseen the three epic battles between good and evil. All three battles are fundamentally the same and belong to different periods. The first battle took place between Ra and Apophis, the second between Heru-Bekhutet and Set, and the third between Horus, the son of Osiris, and Set. In each instance, the former god represented order while the latter represented chaos. If one god was seriously injured, Thoth would heal them to prevent either from overtaking the other.

      Thoth was also prominent in the Osiris myth, being of great aid to Isis. After Isis gathered together the pieces of Osiris’ dismembered body, he gave her the words to resurrect him so she could be impregnated and bring forth Horus. When Horus was slain, Thoth gave the magic to resurrect him as well. Similar to God speaking the words to create the heavens and Earth in Judeo-Christian beliefs, Thoth, being the god who always speaks the words that fulfill the wishes of Ra, spoke the words that created the heavens and Earth in Egyptian mythology.

      This mythology also credits him with the creation of the 365 day calendar. Originally, according to the myth, the year was only 360 days long and Nut was sterile during these days, unable to bear children. Thoth gambled with Khonsu, the Moon, for 1/72nd of its light (360/72 = 5), or 5 days, and won. During these 5 days, Nut gave birth to Kheru-ur (Horus the Elder, Face of Heaven), Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nepthys.

      In the Ogdoad cosmogony, Thoth gave birth to Ra, Atum, Nefertum, and Khepri by laying an egg while in the form of an ibis, or later as a goose laying a golden egg.
      Thank You TOT

      • “It is time for Konstantinos/Roman/ to join us in meditations, it is a call from Spirit!”
        Tell me, dear Brother Konstantinos, do you feel drawn to meditate with us? Me and you are in the same time zone I think, this is 8:30pm Bulgarian time zone

      • Wow, that’s a lot! I feel drawn to comment that Mark Kimmel also connects with Taugth… And Taugth is the celestial overseeing The manifestation of Abiquor… I’ve received nudges from “him” (although sometimes the energy is quite feminine), but I believe Mark is most qualified to deliver Taugth’s messages, so I just listen… Verrrrry interesting! 🙂

        • Les, it is just wonderful! TOT changed into Arabian woman so I feel TOT is both Male and Female energy and the mountain where I met Him as the Wizard , Arabian Woman and next I saw the Roman was in fact a giant crystal Mother Ship

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  9. Everyone who has a strong urge to meditate with us is free to join the band, we are about to experience the next unknown part of the road
    Trust the Spirit!
    Love and Light

  10. I found myself flying above from a big landscape. There was some green but mostly solid streets with buildings which felt very ancient. The buildings initially looked like pyramids and then they took a more clear form and they became more rectangular…then the word ‘Tiahuanako’ was received by me…felt I have been there before. The whole place was under the hot and bright sun….much Love to all, thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • Hi, my dear Brother Konstantinos
      Tiahuanako – I feel this as a connection TOT-Tatanka, is it possible you have made a connection with Native American and Egyptian Spirit, also your flight over the big landscape is similar to my vision 🙂

    • 🙂 Dear Laura, you know that some things seem so incredible for the 3D human mind while in fact there are no limits for human consciousness/be confident in what Your Spirit shows to you!/, this Truth was known by all ancient belief systems , rituals, mythology and was wrapped in the veil of false believes for the purpose of control and selfish power and so it took human rights, inner soul connection and the opportunity for free self expression…this is what we are all doing – proving the opposite, we have so many synchronizations that amaze ourselves, everyone doing a spiritual work can try and will definitely benefit from the results….it is too late for someone to claim that Greg Giles and other channelers are under mind control, because it is NOT TRUE
      No one can prove why I had visions and later I see these in the pictures you choose for your works, I have never discussed with you what pictures you choose to attach for the messages, this is one of the many examples, our Astral travels are another proof
      Love and Light

  11. You are such a wonderful light lady dear Tauno ❤ ❤ ❤ Hugs and many thanks 🙂
    Source is what connects us all as one 🙂

  12. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone elee experiencing problems with your
    site. It looks like some of the written text in your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this iis happening to them as
    well? This could bee a prroblem with my browser
    because I’ve haad this happen previously. Thanks

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