My ship has manifested in Telos.


I am on the outside of a large cave deep underground, as I look toward the opening I see what appears to be a large Crab, as I move closer it appears heart shaped with no legs.

Next I am sitting in a twin buggy with my husband but we are full grown. Sense we have moved to a large room like a theatre changing room and we are putting on costumes, there is another women with me. As I look into the mirror she asks if I have my heart shaped purse.  I say yes.

Shift I am now in a vehicle. Tim is in the back and we are driving down what appears to be a dusty dirt road. To our left there are old cars, Toon cars, and small boats then we come upon a Giant Ark it is metal coloured Bright Red. As we approach a vintage plane is coming in, the mist is becoming thick so I toss Tim my camera to get a photo, He gets two. The first is the vintage plane the next is a vintage car. You might ask What! but this vintage plane ( similar to the one Amelia  Earhart flew ) as it was so far off the ground changed into a Vintage car ( Ford model T) then dropped into place amongst the others on the ground. Now I have to work out how I am going to get down myself, I don’t want to be close to the Ark as I am so small compared I head toward the Toon cars as I found it easier to land there last time. Solaris down my husband laughs as I look toward him he has a big smile on his face. wake up.

 I went downstairs for a shower thinking about my dream. When I had finished I held my rose quartz which is the one I was lead to hold last night before sleep and this is what I received.

The large cave deep underground could only be got to from the ocean. I had to swim deep until I came to an opening  which I then had to swim through and then up until I saw light. On breaking the surface I climbed up onto what was a ramp there before me was a ship in the shape of a  Heart  (crab)  The  ship was in a large oval building (cave)the interior was pure white.

Next I am getting changed into my suit which has a heart emblem on my left  above my breast. the suit is silver the same colour as the ship. Another women with me is also changing into her suit, we then walk toward the ship  she lets down her platform for us to climb aboard, the interior is smooth and pure white before me are two pods( twin Buggy) as I climb in I realise my twin flame (husband) is already seated waiting our hands touch and a pink glow fills the area we are in. The other woman sits behind us (Tim)

Tonight was my second lesson. My Twin Flame is there to help steady nerves while the women behind  was my instructor. I do not know her name at this point. I am in Telos  we are flying toward a fleet of ships ( Dusty dirt road)  another ship is ahead of us and coming in to land (vintage vehicle) shape shifts as it comes into land. There are small ships and larger ships here as well as a mothership. The ship I am on is mine she is called Solaris. The name Solaris came to me in a dream many weeks ago. Solaris has been coming to me in thought the past 24 hours. I have searched further for the meaning but nothing would fit until now. I asked the Pendulum if what I have now put together is correct and I was told yes. Above is a photo I took last week that stood out to me, My rose quartz is a polished heart with the words I Love you engraved on it within she is pure white crystal and has a pink glow.

Previewing a future beyond 2012 – Princess Nakamaru

Here is Japanese Princess Nakamaru with her insight into 2012, ascension, ET contact and a greater world view.

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