Konstantinos: Iltheos-‘Invisible is visible and vice versa..if you choose it’

My warm greetings to you, wonderful creations of God. I wish to start this message with a question. Have you ever thought the idea that your life, your incarnated experience, is a kind of a long-lived channeling?

When you open your channel of communication, you accept the energy and the message from the entity that you approach. Then, you live a specific kind of experience with characteristics and results which you are called to interpret and use through your free will and choice. Similarly, by having accepted to ‘be in tune with’ and live the frequency of a world of duality, then you accept to approach an experience with characteristics and results which you are called to interpret and use through your free will and choice.

The ‘initial’ difference is that, though in the first case you have chosen to open your channel of communication for reasons that arise from your personal quest, in the second case, you choose it again, but you do not remember it. Also, in the first case you have a more conscious feeling about the Spirit’s presence (or an aspect of It,  with the ‘form’ and role of a Light Entity), but in the second one, you are not sure if there is something more beyond this/these that you realize with your physical senses…until  of course, you choose to remember it.

Furthermore, I wish to acknowledge to you the reason for the existence of the ‘delusional’ separation between the ‘invisible’ and ‘visible’. The ‘invisible’ gives you 1)  motive and 2) Appreciation...motive for search, in order for you to approach whatever is beyond the physical level and  Appreciation about the fact that you cannot see it…but you can feel that it exists somewhere around, as it happens with Love. And when the ‘invisible’ manifests with the one or the other way, then you appreciate its ‘visible’ side too, but in this case, you appreciate even more its ‘invisible’ side, because you are interested to the pursuit of the reason(s) for why this something is ‘invisible’ to you from the beginning.

The ‘trap’ here is to think that this unseen ‘mystery’, whatever this is in each case,  it has/is able to  be seen by force. No. YOU are called to get to the place, to the frequency, of this ‘riddle’, in order for you to get closer to it, to comprehend it and relate it to you and to whatever you have consciously known ‘before’.

There are many examples for this and one that is appropriate to be mentioned, is your New Frequency of Existence. That is how, before some decades and mainly from 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, your ‘conscious’ trip started and the ‘invisible’ began to be ‘visible’…and your journey began to be more interested…because YOU let it.

Continue to do so. The great potential that has been created by you, is like an egg with many small cracks  which has very little time of incubation until the arising of your New, and Old because you were once/you are always it, Self.

Blessings and much Love from the Higher Dimensions which are your Home, the Home of All.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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SaLuSa ~ September 17, 2012

SaLuSa 17th-September-2012

Within the cycle of duality you have had many lives, and when you look back you will probably find that they been some of the most testing and difficult you have had. The reason is that you have gone through some of the lowest vibrations that you have ever experienced. It has meant that you felt more separated from the Source than any previous lives, and have lived largely through the instinct of survival. Those bringing Light to the Earth had the challenge of grounding it, and helping bring some balance between it and the dark energies. At times the depths of darkness were reached, and Man looked to have lost any hope of recovery.

However, those higher Beings in control of the plan for Man, had other ideas and gradually turned the tide so that the Light made progress. It was not until more recent times that it started to become more evident and gained influence. In spite of the continual warring between countries, the Light was beginning to empower those who came to Earth to bring about much needed changes. In the midst of chaos and disaster it started to re-create the grids of Light around the Earth, They have since become powerful points of Light that radiate out around it. The result is that Light groups have formed that have been able to enlighten the people to the truth, and today you stand at the doorway to full enlightenment.

Looking back eons of time it was known that this time would signal the end of the cycle of duality. It was a promise that was made from the very earliest times when you first started to incarnate, and why you have always known intuitively that it would be so. Some past civilizations have destroyed themselves almost without trace, and you who are on Earth today are one and the same souls. You were determined to ensure that the end times would result in your Ascension, and not destruction. Here you are on the verge of a great upliftment that has been achieved through hard work and dedication to Light and Love. You have gained vast experience which you can use to help others, who are faced with similar challenges to what you have experienced.

Life is about learning lessons through your chosen experiences, knowing that you would be using them by serving the Light. The object is to bring souls together, so that they may once again become part of the Oneness that all are part of. However, Ascension means a separation at the physical level, so that each soul can continue on its present path. Some are already in an expanded state of consciousness and on their desired path for Ascension, whilst others have not entertained the thought because they are not finished with duality. It is a freewill choice that you have all made, and must therefore allow others to proceed accordingly. No one is really left behind, and they will greatly benefit from their experiences so far.

Evolution never ends until you finally return to the Source, and even then new cycles of experience are introduced. That is not however in your immediate sight, and you have a long way to go before you reach it. God has created an infinite number of Universes, and you can choose to start an entirely new experience if you so desire. The future that awaits you is full of wonder and excitement, and you will find never ending expressions of the Light and its magical powers to create. Life on Earth bears little if any resemblance to what you are about to move into, but you will very easily take to becoming a Galactic Being. You are about to return to your true home amongst the stars. and re-unite with your true families. Your Earth experiences are but an excursion from your place in the higher dimensions, to which you are returning very shortly.

As we often inform you, there is so much coming your way that will lift you up to great heights. Once ascended, unless for some reason you choose to spend time in the new 3rd dimension prepared for those who do not ascend, you will never have to return to it. You have all but finished with the lower vibrations, and many souls are able to protect themselves against the lower energies. You only need to place a band of white light around you as your defence. Having done so you will need to avoid expressing any negative tones in speech, as these are likely to break up your protection and make you vulnerable to them. The best way is to keep focussed upon all that is of the Light, and keeping Ascension in your sights is one way to do it.

So many people are still carrying baggage that needs to be dealt with, and will keep coming back to them until it is cleared. It will come at you in the way of challenging thoughts when in fact you now know that you are beyond what they are inciting you to do. Talk to that “other” person that keeps reminding you of such things and be firm, and tell it to be gone as it does not interest you anymore. You are being tempted to see if you have overcome whatever the problem is, and if you reject it often enough it will disappear. Some of you have much karma to clear, and it is why you are busy carrying out your cleansing. It can of course involve others and often you can work together to deal with whatever it is. Previous relationships often bring people together again for the very purpose of helping each other achieve it.

Understand that you agreed to do the hard work getting yourself ready for Ascension, but you are never without help. Indeed every soul has its helpers, even those who indulge in the lower energies. Each soul is still of the Light and never deserted, as all have the capability to work their way back to it. Remember that the only reason you are experiencing both the Light and the dark, is because you are in duality and have sought to understand how the two can help your evolution. Naturally the final goal is to be able to overcome the dark energies by rising above them. Many of you now stand tall and know you have achieved it, and your place in the ascended realms is assured.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I feel our levels of consciousness becoming more in harmony, as you seek the truth and expand your own levels. Many more of you will find such advancement in the weeks that are left, as an endless supply of Light continues to be beamed to Earth. With the coming input from the alignment of your Sun and the Great Central Sun, you will experience a substantial rise of Light and be aware of it.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.