Leslee’s Dreams – 2012 June-August

Dream 17 June 2012
Once again it feels like I’m in a place if great power, meeting with others and learning, and then returning home.

I can’t recall much detail, other than in particular I was meeting with a man, a peer, whom I know well but don’t recognize during waking life in this lifetime.

Adrial & Teo’Na tell me it was Mark Kimmel, and that I need to contact him about the Transformations conference in August.
Dream -16 June 2012
The earlier part of the dream had me at some sort of conference or meeting. Somehow I cannot remember this part very well, as if I’m not supposed to. I get a sense that the time for remembering will come soon…

As I’m leaving the meeting, I meet some family members, and we and everyone around us are getting into vehicles and leaving, as if going on vacation or ending a trip and returning home.

There’s quite a bustle about, with people scrambling to find a ride, but everyone is reasonably calm – it’s just crowded! A few people are irritable about some inconvenience, but no one seems afraid or angry.

Well, I’ve gotten a little side-tracked into other posts that seem more important right now, so I’ll come back and fill in some more of the minor details to my dreaming later… Please look for the post I’m working on titled “Relocation”.

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