Leslee Hare’s Art

Art by Leslee

I saw this person in my mind’s eye one morning, while arising from sleep/astral travels. At first I thought it was Agnes, but Adrial explained that she is Ariadnei, and Elven being and a daughter of Agnes.

This is a portrait of Ariadnei, an Elven Princess, and the daughter of Agnes

This is a sketch from a dream, my first meeting with Adrial, “She” looked like Marie Antoinette, with white-silver hair, and a burgundy silk hoop-skirted dress. We went on a trip in a hot air balloon, receiving and delivering message and information…

Agnes (while inside her amethyst bier) sent this image to Leslee ; Leslee “received” and made this sketch in 2012. Leslee did not realize at the time that it depicts Surface Gaia, Inner Gaia, The Interstitial Regions of Gaia (Agartha), the SunGate, the StarBridge, Athabantian, Tulya, and the tremendous celebration we are all about to have!

Image from meditation 24 March 2012: Manifesting Tulya & Protection grid


visualization of OcaTAwa, the Mothership, which incorporates features from many light ships


Sketch of section view through Gaia, showing Inner Earth


Sketch in progress of Umbro, of the Light Ship Tulya


Section view through Gaia, showing Inner Earth, OcaTAwa & Tulya inside (depicts many dimensions simultaneously)

GLS Chimera

Lhamo Dorje and her mantra “Om Mahasiddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat”, from “All About Enlightenment”

“lady of red” – an early recollection of worlds known in other lifetimes (leslee hare, 1985)

from a dream of a lifetime as a shaman in inner earth

cropped version of a possible world

chakrasamvara (heruka’s) mandala

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