Will there be this year a positive outcome for the Humanity? The Runes of Odin answer to Ana

Will there be this year a positive outcome for the Humanity?
The Runes of Odin answer to Ana

I turn to the Runes in moments of trouble or depression and ask for guidance. I do it only in cases when my Soul feels lost and disorientated and I have a strong belief in Runes and honor them with all my Heart. Tonight my question was connected with the destiny of the Humanity as a whole and this question was sent from the deepest depths of my Heart because I feel this is the mission I came here for – helping the Humanity to overcome the darkness.
Will there be this year a positive outcome for the Humanity?

The answer I got is this
1.MANNAZ reversed
5. TEIWAZ reversed

Ana`s interpretation of the answer

We were isolated in the past and disconnected from the others, we must turn inwardly, to recognize our inner life and Souls. There were obstacles in the past and these obstacles came from an organization – Cabal

Now is the time to get what we have seeded/planted, to pick up the results of our deeds

The future is guaranteed because we have a Divine Protection, the Angels and Guardians will be with us, we will achieve a Divine connection. Awareness, awakening, wisdom and clear mind will be our Guides. We should not be irrational otherwise we will lose the Divine protection. There will be a beneficial opportunity for us. We should follow our intuition and insight.

The help will come as a Breakthrough and Progress and Light. This is the New DAY/LIGHT that we will be in, this new Day will get all nightmares and fears out.The new path is in front of us, this path is more of Light, there will be a better period of inner strength and there will be a total change for better! And this change will be with the help from outside.

The obstacles that may appear are loosing faith, lowering our passion for change for the better and our utter impatience, we should be patient and to overcome inner problems and this way with more patience everything will be ok

Thank You Odin and Runes


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