1. Thanks, Leslee. About the comments — they are showing up rather late. I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

    Last Sunday morning was very emotional. I’m still doing a lot of clearing and fine-tuning.

    I’m honored to be here with all of you!

    Namaste, Elizabeth

  2. Dreamflight Aurora – 29 July 2012
    I woke up Sunday, the 30th, without remembering anything that might have occurred on the Dreamflight. However, as I got up, one of my guides, a Pleiadian himself started speaking to me. According to him, I was on the Dreamflight and he was with me. We made use of the healing chambers (for me) and one of the holedeks, as well as having a brief tour of the gardens and living quarters of some of the crew members. His description of the visit heartened me, as I have been very tired of late and needed healing and relaxation more than an intense adventure.

    Read further on: http://bluedragonjournal.com/2012/08/01/twin-flames-reunited/

    • What a beautiful experience, Elizabeth! I read your mesmerizing post on BDJ (could not comment, for some reason), and am deeply touched by all the connections and experiences you’re sharing with us… So honored to be making this journey with you… Love & light! Leslee

  3. Well, some of the things I was told, others I have read and then put the dots together with the help of very patient guides and mentors, LOL. “Ah, she finally got it! Now, onto the next step…”

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    So amazing you can remember this. Me I am drawn to Andromeda, but not sure yet were I fit in. Thanks for sharing this.

    Love Lisa

  5. Elizabeth wow this so gives me hope as I make my way along. I have as yet not made contact one on one as I am still unsure how this works. So happy you have made the conections.
    much love suzanne

  6. The Sirian Connection by Tazjima
    24 July 2012
    About five years ago, I had a short reading from a psychic who is a representative of Nibiru. Since I was a customer, I was startled when I heard the hostility and impatience in her voice on the phone. I don’t remember what questions I specifically asked, but she started giving me a vision that she was seeing of a tall, blue-skinned man. He was standing and looking impatient (as she described it); he was wondering when I would get a job. As I was in the process of getting one – I had been taking a course of study for two years – I just replied, “Soon.” Never mind that I was suffering from anxiety attacks from the stress related to getting said job. And I was studying for a very difficult certification test, as well. I thought his stance reflected through the words of the psychic to be odd for one who was an Ascended Master.
    Then the psychic went on to tell me a bit of my history. I had been a Sirian Ascended Master, a record-keeper who was watching over the planets of Sirius. It was in the time when Sirius was invaded by the reptilian invaders and one of the planets ended up being destroyed. A good portion of the population was killed by the attack and the rest ended up fleeing for their lives to other star systems. I was distraught by the destruction. Somehow my grief and anger at the outcome of the attack overcame my emotions and I made a vow to give up my Masterhood. I vowed, “Never, again!” and took embodiment into the human population as they fled to their next planetary home. On that fateful day, I became a Galactic volunteer dedicated to helping humanity survive what I could see coming to the Galaxy.
    When I read Laura’s story about the 200 being the ground crew of SaLuSa, I suddenly understood who that tall, blue-skinned gentleman was and is, SaLuSa, himself, in the flesh. He was concerned that I get into place, so that we all get into place, to be able to be awake and operational during the transitional period rapidly approaching as timelines converged on this planet in the year 2012.
    I got a job shortly after that reading took place and I passed my certification test, as well. I have been five years now in a difficult, but oddly satisfying job that has given me unprecedented access into understanding human psychology. I have developed self-confidence, have been able to survive on my own and have proved my worth, both to myself and other people. And now, SaLuSa and his friends, the Pleiadians, are in the process of assisting me to open up to a much greater outlook, to welcome me back to the Fifth Dimension and multi-dimensionality, again.
    The final pieces of this puzzle fell into place last night has I chatted with SaLuSa and others. I finally understood why I felt that I had a Sirian connection, as well as being a Pleiadian starseed. You see, it is possible to be all those things on multiple timelines. Time does not work in a linear fashion outside our dense third-dimensional world. And my story is connected to the people of Sanat Kumara, Venus and other worlds. I am still in the process of self-discovery and it is an amazing journey.

    Namaste, Elizabeth

    • I remember the reptillian invasion, I was Laura’s brother and she was a princess back then. We were fleeing the castle and we both had a couple of bodyguards with us. I was younger than she was, I think. She was about 12. So we made a pact to try to reincarnate together in some manner whenever we could. After we talked, we went our separate ways, I don’t know what happened to her after that. However I do remember she gave a couple of reptillian warriors a good thrashing. As you may know, this brought great dishonor to the warrior’s families (control construct). They weren’t expecting this from a 12-year old girl! And then the guards realized they were lucky to have been assigned the role of “protecting” her!

      I appreciate this clear account, Elizabeth, it help connect a few dots for me!

  7. Communique from GLS Tulya, July 17, 2012
    Channeler: Tazjima
    Beloved Ones, we greet you today from the GLS Tulya. We are your star brothers and sisters, from the Pleiadian homeworld.
    We would like to speak to you about the process that some of you are currently undergoing, namely the transition between a 3D carbon-based human to a 5D crystalline being. When you finish this process, some of you will want to rejoin friends and family who await your return to the ships and home planets. You have loved ones, husbands and wives, children, extended families and friends on the ships. They watch your progress daily as you move through these challenging times.
    What should you expect when you come abroad the ships? For one, most of the starships are sentient collective beings. Crew and ship work together in a symbiotic manner, each supporting the other. The crew performs “duties” and the ship provides a living environment. Through thought and intent, the inner environment of the ship can adjust to the needs of the crew or an individual within the crew. Most of us have spent many years aboard our ship and are very close with one another. We also visit some of the neighboring ships, especially when there are council or strategy meetings to attend, although much of this work can be done telepathically. Still our people enjoy being together.
    Right now, some of you are recovering from the latest onslaught of transmuting energies that your sun has sent to the planet through a huge coronal mass ejection or CME. Our scribe spent some of the past weekend taking naps to release the fatigue she was dealing with, but being an old hand at this business, she has recovered nicely. Do not fret if you are feeling under the weather a bit. The physical body is changing from a cellular (and smaller) level. Your DNA is being upgraded and reconnected. The DNA that your scientists have called “junk” is coming online and with this upgrade, you will be blessed with new gifts, deepened psychic abilities, profound awareness, stronger intuition, and perhaps clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Again, if you do not see any evidence of this, be at ease. The changes in your consciousness level will come apparent soon enough.
    One change that has been noticed by our scribe is an abiding sense of peace that she can tune into at will during the day, even in her busy work environment. It has provided her with hope and a renewed sense of balance.
    The changes that will most likely be the last to occur will be the ones in your physical appearance. Before that occurs, you may suddenly feel “younger” and stronger, having more physical energy than has been the case over the last few years. Again, for our scribe this is a welcome change as her energy levels have been greatly affected during the last 25 years of the ascension cycle (1987 to 2012).
    While the transmuting energies bring many satisfying changes for our lightworkers and starseeds, you may notice that other people are feeling more stressed. Those who have lived a life dedicated to serving self at the expense of others will suddenly see their actions and behaviors mirrored to them, vividly. They might undergo a startling change of heart or they might suffer a sudden heart attack or other health issues. All depends on contracts made by the individual before entering into incarnation during this time. It is important not to sit in judgment of others or even yourself now. One cannot know what is truly in the heart of another individual. Comparison of your progress to another person is also counter-productive, as each one of you is entirely unique and precious in the eyes of Creator.
    We realize that these words have been presented by other sources, but it is always good to underline the value in seeking to care for you and to give space to others, as each soul undergoes their individualized dance through this transitional period.
    As a starship, we can offer you a place to heal, recuperate or learn during these times. Speak your intent to visit us before going to sleep at night; we will welcome you aboard. Further details of what is available can be read about on the pages of “Spirit Train Chronicles.”
    For many of you who have incarnated upon this planet from other worlds or dimensions, life on Earth has been challenging in so many ways. You have had to adapt to wearing a skin “suit”, your physical body, and living in a polluted, noisy environment. Your former abilities have been locked away and your connection to “Home” veiled from you, mostly so you would not decide to leave too soon, before completing your mission. Now, gradually so your physical body can adapt to the changes, your abilities and awareness are returning. You are waking up and remembering why you chose to be here now. Now the time has come to decide what comes next.
    Some of you will want to return to the stars or your home densities / dimensions. Others will choose to remain with the planet to assist the remaining population to bring their world into a golden age of beauty and abundance. Others will decide to drop their current physical body and be re-born on the new Gaia. Still others will move on, continuing their soul journeys in 3D until it is their time to wake up and ascend. All these choices are being made now, even by those who seem deeply asleep. Remember to honor their sovereignty and to focus on the choice standing before you.
    We love you deeply. Call upon us to assist you in moments of need, as well as calling upon the angels and Masters. Remember spirit cannot come to your aid unless you give your permission first. We follow the Law of One. We are One with you and honor your sovereignty to make your own choices. After all, it was to experience individuality that you came to this earthly schoolroom.
    Go in peace, dear ones. We love you very much,
    GLS Tulya and her crew

  8. I corrected the address on my new blog. See above. It’s not private. You’re welcome to drop in!


  9. Thanks for all your comments. It is good to see how these words connect or not with other people.

    Elizabeth (aka Tazjima)

  10. Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much. I really enjoyed reading both messages. With both, there were times when all the hair on my arms would stand up and energy run up my spine. For me, this has been a way to know truth when it is spoken. Absolutly beautiful. Love and Light.

  11. Here is another message received this morning, 7/8/12:
    Greetings from your Star Family!

    We are here to greet you and to welcome you as a part of our Ascension ground crew. You and the many other starseeds and lightworkers who are now gathering together into groups and crews are the ones who volunteered to be on the ground during the transition between cycles. As you have been told, you are the Ones you have been waiting for.

    What we do here, through the process of ascension, has ramifications for all levels of being in the Universe. You have heard this before from other reliable sources, yet we realize that it might be hard for your present human 3D awareness to comprehend a task of such far-reaching magnitude.

    Currently most of you are in the process of learning or re-discovering that all Life is interconnected, that all Life is One. From the smallest atom or particle of being to the largest sun, all Life is affected by the tiniest change. This pertains not only to the physical universe, but also to the higher dimensions where in the ascended masters, the star beings, angels and archangels exist. These worlds exist, simultaneously in the same space, within, around and above each other. The only difference is in the level of vibration. Thence, a being of a 7D vibration can stand next to one of 3D and not be seen. This also pertains to the so-called etheric and astral levels of your physical world. Your bodies are made of different levels and systems that serve one another and are affected by changes in thought and emotion. In terms of an extremely simplified explanation, think of a Russian doll set, the ones that nestle together with the tiniest one in the middle and expanding outward. Such are your own four bodies (physical, emotional / astral, mental and etheric). Even your cells follow this pattern, as organ and body systems step down to bones, muscles and sinew, then to individual cells, organelles and finally to atoms.

    As the wind shifts the spider’s web, so do shifts in vibration affect the Universe. So it happened when the Game of Polarity, as originally set up on Planet Earth or Terra (as some call her) was interrupted by an unknown quantity, an extremely negative or service-to- self race of space travelers. These beings somehow entered this Universe and set out to make it their own. Various stories describe this process in great detail; we will not explain it in its entirety here. Let it suffice for you to understand that it was in part through the misuse of atomic energy and that of crystals that brought this anomaly into your Universe and thence to your small but precious water world.

    The Game of Polarity was originally designed to assist souls in growing in wisdom and experience. Why that would be needed in a perfect Universe, you might ask. Well, think of this: water when it remains stagnant becomes stale and dirty; it loses its energy and vitality. By bringing a certain degree of competition and conflict onto the playing field, the Game was designed to give souls a training ground to stretch themselves. When the destructive Service-to-Self entities arrived on the scene, however, the difficulty of the Game exceeded all expectations of the originators.

    In the game of polarity, also known as duality, it was necessary to create two sides, two teams, the “dark” hats and the “white” hats. Both sides were from the same origin; all were Masters and co-Creators with Source. To play the game, physical bodies were created as vessels for souls volunteering as one of the players. The creation of these bodies took place over millions of years of time as measured in the physical realm. The geneticists who worked on this project belonged to many races, some related to each other, including the Lyrans, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Andromedans, as well as others. The human body was designed by its creators to embody Love, the finest energy of the Universe and the basis of all Life. The body had the capacity to assist its occupant to feel emotions and to experience physical sensations unknown to souls who existed on higher planes or as collective consciousness. In order to experience this level of physical life, there also was a certain amount of sacrifice involved, a slight drawing away from Source, in order that the individuality became more dominant in everyday life, so the ego was created.

    When the strongly negative forces entered the balanced Game of Polarity, the balance was suddenly disrupted and the effects of duality greatly enhanced to the detriment of all Life. The masters who had originally elected to play the part of the “dark” hats soon found themselves tempted by the fascinating new energy brought by the invaders. Slowly some of them became enticed into going over completely to the Dark Side. Their tempters were a new race, hitherto unknown to this Universe. Some know them as the Reptilians or Dracos, although they have more than one form. Since one side of the Game welcomed the outsiders, the whole was compelled to accept the new rules. However, the rules changed greatly, bringing a new element of experience into the Game, fear.

    Even in this relatively new Universe, there existed souls who had previously lived in other Universes. Some of these souls are the starseeds and lightworkers of today. As such, these old souls attempted to warn their brothers and sisters of the dangers in allowing the continued presence of these negative beings amongst so many young and untried souls. The warnings were weighed and it was decided to create a limitation to the Game of Polarity. It was decided by the Creators of the Game that is you, to play on, but in so doing injected tactics that would eventually carry the day for the forces of Light. Thus it was planned to use the older souls to reawaken those who were lost in duality, lost in a deep sleep of forgetfulness. These pioneer souls are the Starseeds and Lightworkers.

    When the negative forces entered the Game and tilted the game in their favor, many of the players, for the most part younger souls, began to forget their heavenly origins. For the interlopers brought with them a very special energy. This energy was fear, a very negative and dark energy that was used to lower the vibrational level of any world that the invaders encountered, in order to create a more comfortable place for them to exist. For these invaders had long lost their connection to the Light. Due to their own vibrational distancing of themselves from Source, in their denial of Light, these beings found themselves capable of committing the most heinous acts. They enjoyed the sense of power engendered in the races of the worlds they sought to conquer. Through these brutal acts, they gained control over their victims, emotional, mental, as well as physical. This negative race also discovered a more subtle means to insinuate their service-to-self energies into unsuspecting beings, in effect creating energy slaves or minions who could do their bidding for them. It was primarily this latter form of subjection that was used to bring the “dark” hat leaders of the Game of Polarity on this planet completely under the sway of the Dark Side. Yes, the story of Anakin Skywalker is a story of the shadow descending on human kind a long time ago.

    As a result of this subtle manipulation and the resulting misuse of energy in all forms, the vibrational level of the entire planet was affected. The planet as a whole “fell” from a fifth-dimensional world to that of a dense third-dimensional world. Man was thrown out of Eden by the fiery sword of his own self-judgment and self-loathing. By joining their genetics to those of their minions, the dark invaders further won over their new allies. New creation myths and legends sprang up about how the Gods visited the earth and mated with the beautiful women there. From these unions sprang the ruling races, those who carried the genes of the Gods in their bloodlines. The invaders used their minions to gain control over the entire surface of the planet, to deactivate human DNA, to conquer, control through religion, laws and fear. The rest of the population was destined to be controlled, to be used as slaves and food for their Masters. By interjecting their own genetics into the human being to bring down the vibrational level of the native population even more, the invaders felt they had accomplished establishing control over the future of the planet. They were wrong.

    Into the original DNA of the human being was placed a failsafe mechanism, one that would act as a wake-up call for the soul to respond to the Light and reach upward. Within the DNA itself the Word of God was placed, the so-called God Code, recently rediscovered by Gregg Braden. And the key to reactivate this code and thence the deactivated ten strands of DNA was and is forgiveness. Those souls who have discovered this secret on their own have made their way back, individually, to Source. Now it is time for humanity at large to ascend back to the fifth dimension. And the key to this elevation in vibration is the capacity to forgive oneself and all those who have committed acts against oneself. Yeshua-Sananda spoke similar words a long time ago in earth years and they hold true to this day. You cannot and will not ascend until you completely and fully forgive, for this is the only way to cut yourself free from the energetic chains that keep your unawakened populations still immersed within the deep sleep of forgetfulness.

    Complete acceptance of self can be a difficult undertaking for some people. With this acceptance comes the ever-expanding vistas of a new world, one that is created daily by those who are letting go and opening to the Light. This is a process that can and will bring profound change to your personal life, a process that must also be allowed to flow, for it is how you can break away from the narrow confines of the lower vibrational levels. This process of coming into a state of compassionate understanding is not one that can be taught from an intellectual point of view. It is a process that must be lived and experienced, most often through some level of suffering. So it has been that in coming into embodiment volunteer souls have walked into lives of difficulty, suffering and abuse. Some of these pioneer souls have succumbed to the darker energies and have, in turn, abused others. Still other souls have overcome their hardships and have reached for the Light, discovering within that tenuous lifeline to Source, through the presence of their guides, the intuition of their body, and the whispers of the Soul through their dreams. This path of self-discovery has led these souls to discover the key to opening the door to the secret chamber of the Heart and the Pathway home, forgiveness.

    This awareness is a vital one in this transitional time as many on this planet are now faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and changes. In an attempt to contain the populace, fear and guilt have been used in various ways to keep people caught deep in self-denial and self-hatred. It is the task of the way showers, you, to be living examples of another way, the path of forgiveness. This way leads one to self-realization, self-forgiveness and finally to begin the process of reconnection with those lost pieces of your Self, our brothers and sisters of the stars and our own multi-dimensionality.

    You see, dear ones, those of you who are starseeds have never completely lost your awareness of a connection to higher planes. Sometimes this awareness has been almost too faint to sense, but it has always been there; that one part of yourself completely unaffected by events around you. Your guides, both physical and non-physical, have always held that lifeline for you as you purposefully inserted parts of your soul into multiple time lines to act as leaven to change the outcome of the Game of Polarity and the destiny of this planet, the human race, the galaxy and, yes, the Universe. You are part of a much greater story that you can even conceive at this point. Your experience in playing the game of polarity, your understanding of the process involved in overcoming limited ways of thinking, will assist the rest of the Universe in healing and ascending to a new level of being. The capacity for compassion and love that human beings have developed by being immersed in the seemingly real game has brought creation to a whole new level.

    Where is this story taking you now? You are all moving through your next step of re-discovery, the process of becoming galactic citizens and reclaiming your multidimensionality, the ability to move through different vibrational levels at will. With this step comes the return of many of the gifts that are your natural inheritance as a human, psychic gifts, the ability to bi-locate, to walk through walls, to create abundance, to change your physical appearance, to heal your own body, to access universal knowledge as needed and many others yet unimagined. And this process is happening now while you are embodied.

    Ascension of this sort and scale has been unheard of in the life of the Galaxy. It is a new thing. You are being watched and assisted by your space families, your spiritual mentors and guides and angelic hosts. The birthing process that you are all undergoing is being observed and recorded, for this process is being studied so other races might benefit from the knowledge gained here through your very personal experiences.

    While most who may read these words are excited to be taking these steps, others hesitate, feeling desperate and confused. This degree of change which is now moving at an accelerated pace frightens those who have not yet moved into self-acceptance. Even as these ones discover the secrets of our forgotten history, of the manipulation and deceit used against our race, they naturally become angry and filled with a desire for revenge. To succumb to this anger is to fall back into the trap long ago set against human kind, the trap of fear. Now we must rise and in order to do so, we must forgive the perpetrators of these deeds and ourselves for allowing them to happen. Our scribe has lived through this process herself in this lifetime. In time she may share her personal story, but not now.

    Another stumbling block for those who are gaining in awareness is the realization that their loved ones, family, co-workers and neighbors often don’t share their enthusiasm in the degree of change necessary to move up the vibrational levels to ascension. Suddenly these ones may find themselves unable to speak to former friends, losing interest in once favorite past-times, even losing partners and loved ones. This happens when the vibrational level of a developing person no longer matches that of those who are around. It is then when it is important to realize forgiveness and detachment from judgment while continuing to climb the ladder of rediscovery. Not all people are ready or willing to go through such changes, to do things they would consider as far too radical, crazy or outlandish. As a compassionate one, who has gone through similar patterns of thinking and feeling, hopefully you have the capacity to understand and forgive, for you have stood in the place of your loved ones who are now confounded by your actions. Detachment is necessary to remove the need to seek an outcome in keeping with your current mindset, for to do so would be to place yourself back in the vibrational level of polarity. Each soul has an inner self-timer that knows when it is time to wake up. For many humans currently embodied on the planet, the time to wake up is not now, but the starseeds and lightworkers are now forging an energetic pathway that will lead these ones to ascension when it is the right time for them.

    We encourage the ascending ones to be kind to themselves and to others, to refrain from judgment, for by creating the pathway, by ascending the ladder of ascension, you bring change to your entire world. You are the wayshowers, the ones who will light the way into the fifth dimension and beyond on the return to Source. With a sense of wonder, a new acceptance of self, you will discover that life will be presenting you with all kind of possibilities. We encourage you to embrace these changes for they are your path to a new world, the New Gaia, and, for some, a return to the Stars.

    Namaste and blessings to all,
    Your family from the Stars

    • ~It’s been awhile since I have been entranced by a Message….This One is empowered with Truth…The sentences are soaked with Wisdom…I find the Words Soothing…Like a Balm…Thank Ya, Elizabeth~

    • Thankyou Elizabeth there were many words that took no time at all to read, how did you do that! 😉 Very clear and the analogies you used were exactly the analogies that presented themselves to me in my understanding of this material. Spot on! Now I am reflecting on reflection… 😀

    • Game ? This a sadistic game !
      In this game- kill, are being starved, and people eat people. Many of the stories I’ve read, seen a lot documentary films, and listening to stories of eyewitnesses.
      Who needs it ? And who for all of these game answer? When the “dark” hats, took the side of evil, and evil began to administer – what prevented even then put an end to them? (annihilate them) – in those ancient times.
      How much only on the Earth as horrible and terrible things happen – all this could prevent millions of years ago – and would not have sorrow and troubles .

      • I appreciate your vigor, Vlad. It is indeed only a game, as deadly as it may seem. Who can make the most money, who can get the most points, who can score the most hits, who can buy the most clothes. And in this there is always someone better, even for musicians. I find these days I have lost interest in most competitions, including politics, since this is really just a measure of time and effort. How do these things benefit us personally? They don’t. But there are lots of things we can do to give ourselves and those we love happiness. Even the little things matter. Bless you my friend, have a great day!

  12. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your communication. It is so informative and beautiful. I am looking forward to such clear communications as I continue my awakening process.

    Love and light dear

    • Thank you, veefar1. I’ve actually had the ability to receive telepathic messages for sometime, but haven’t written them down. I’m glad that you have found some value in these words.

      Many blessings,

  13. This is a message that I received this morning, telepathically…

    Communique, dated July 3, 2012
    I am Umbro, captain of the Tulya. I know you and your companions. Your names are legendary among the Star Ships as the Ones who answered the call of Gaia so many years ago. We honor you for being on the planet during this difficult period of transition and change. And we love you because you are part of our Star Family. All of you have loved ones waiting for you on the ships, all of you.
    I am interested in inviting you on board the Tulya as you and I are related. I am your uncle. Do you remember your favorite uncle of your childhood, M—-? I am his Pleiadian self. I have watched you from afar since you were a brave little girl taking on the heavy energies of your war-torn planet. You, also, have a Pleiadian counterpart on board the Tulya, in the role of navigator. When you were a child, I smiled when I saw that you had an instinctive love for maps, as well as a love for exploring new places. These qualities were attributes that have assisted you in navigating through the turbulence and darkened energies of your current world.
    Together our crew has made many explorations of our galaxy and beyond. We are your Pleiadian counterparts and we welcome you to attend the weekly Saturday night meditations and dream walks, as well as coming on board whenever you are rested to visit us. We are gratified to make this connection with you at this time.
    We can offer you a tour of our ship, to get reacquainted, to heal heart and soul, and a connection with friends and family. We rejoice to see so many of our Star seeds waking up in these latter days. It will not be long before there is much rejoicing among our people as old connections are rebuilt, as you come aboard for a visit and when we finally can walk freely and openly among the peoples of planet Earth.
    You are the Way showers and as such you are becoming the first Terrans to experience “disclosure”. This is an ongoing process to anchor the realization of your own multidimensionality in your physical bodies so you can stand as living examples to those who know you in everyday life. When your earth-born friends see that you are not afraid or crazy, they will be encouraged and eager to also open up to the possibility of relating to people from other worlds.
    Yes, you personally are a Pleiadian Starseed and so was your father. This truth is part of your human lineage. You felt your soul connection to your father as his soul departed his body and you received a telepathic message from it. Your determination to protect him during his last years on the planet, to address the remaining karmic issues between yourselves, brought you further along your own path back to the Stars.
    We encourage you and your companions to keep journals and records of our encounters, whether through meditation, telepathy, through waking dreams or intuitive messages. Indeed, we will be offering you and to all those who wish to apply, guidance and healing, so you can learn how to conduct yourself in other dimensions. We do this in order to make your transition to higher planes a more loving and comfortable, joy-filled experience. We are sure that you will relish the process of re-opening up to the fullness of your senses, to the fullness of your Beingness, and to the fullness of your connection to the Galaxy and all life.
    We understand that the lives you have all led on Earth in this lifetime have been challenging ones. They have been lifetimes filled with difficulties, ones in which you have been stripped of many of your natural gifts. You have been reliant on inner guidance, at times feeling very lost and confused, but you have never been abandoned. We have been with you every step of the way, sometimes alongside of you in body, sometimes in your dreams and always in your heart of hearts. You have all been tested; you have all learned so much and have overcome all fear. Now you are ready to step forth as the first ones on your planet to become fully pledged Galactic Beings.
    In this intense period of change for the planet, you are here to anchor the energies and awareness of Light and Love. There will be much consternation as the dark deeds of your controllers continue to be revealed before the peoples of Earth. It is for you to stand fast, calm and serene, to give your fellow citizens, neighbors, friends and family a loving example of one who is steadfast in the face of much change. This has been a sometimes difficult undertaking for your sensitive crystalline nature; for we tell you as Starseeds you are all crystals. You were born crystals. Stripped of much of your gifts, you have walked blind through the darkness, but have persevered despite all of it and have emerged, once again, into the Light. The first wave Starseeds had a darker road to travel and they have assisted the younger generations by cutting a way through the forest of heavy energies, you who are the energetic explorers. Now as you relearn your true identity and nature, your gifts and your inheritance is slowly being revealed to you. Through the process of transmuting the darkness of ages through your own physical bodies you have made it possible for others to do the same and more.
    All the generations of starseeds, along with various kinds of walk-in souls, all of you have faced and transmuted the many difficulties in your lives and they have been many. On purpose many of you have walked into dysfunctional families and relationships, difficult jobs and careers. You have taken on these challenges like the true warriors of Light that you all are. Yes, even you who have naturally gentle natures are warriors for the Light, as you have anchored the light and in so-doing you have split apart the shards of the dark shell that has surrounded this planet for millennia.
    Understand, also, that although many of you are starseeds and have an origin far from your current home planet, you have also chosen to be born into lineages with Pleiadian and other galactic roots. Those of us who peer down at your planet are your relatives. Our races are your progenitors. You are your own fathers and mothers. We have a right to be here to assist you through this process and you have a right to participate in it. We are family. And we are eager to see your planet restored to her original breath-taking beauty and to welcome her people to the Stars, again.
    We are the Shepherds of the Stars. We guide many races through the stages leading to galactic status. We do not presume to conquer or coerce, but to gently guide those people who are ready to open to their multidimensionality, to the reality of encountering people from other planets than their own.
    Your journey has not only been one moving through your physical world, but it has been an inner journey as well. Along the way, you and your companions have discovered inner strength, a sense of balance, an ability to discern truth, to trust in your inner guidance, to listen within, to overcome fear and loneliness. You have become stronger and resilient at the same time, flexible and strong. Through gaining an understanding of your own trials, “mistakes” and tribulations, you have all grown in compassion for yourself and others. And you have learned to forgive and to remember the lessons that you have gone through. The knowledge that you have all gained through these experiences is priceless, as it can be offered to other souls and races in their journey to the stars.
    Your personal journey, Elizabeth, has taken you through more than one dark night of the soul. We have seen you blossom forth in these last years as you gained more self-awareness and assurance in your own abilities and gifts. You have instinctively understood that you could not compromise your inner growth by entering a relationship with one of dissimilar vibrations and awareness. You have stood alone, fearless and brave, proving your commitment to your as yet unknown mission. Although you early on realized that you were different than other people, you carried on, discovering the source of that difference and exploring along the way and finding wonder. For only recently you have been told categorically that you are a Starseed. You knew this in your heart but could not acknowledge it at first, but as the evidence piled up, you have, at long last, opened to the Light and truth of your being.
    This has been a long message, but we are overjoyed to establish this means of communicating with you. We will come for you in your dreams now that we sense you are unafraid. And look to the evening skies. One night you may see our ships dancing in your summer skies as you sit upon your mountain top.
    Be at peace, dear one. Your family and loved ones are close by you always. We love and honor you very much. Now we give you an energetic hug to say Aloha and Namaste.

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