my connection with my twin flame

4 May 2013
I had quite extraordinary dreams and experiences today, I feel I connected with my Twin Flame that lives in the higher dimensions, he came to me in my dream a few hours ago and I am still feeling the electricity of his Energy that he gave me via his kiss

Dream 1
I dreamed it this morning, I was in Portugal and Mum Luisa was there, I was visiting her and I remember I was on the beach and having a sunbath
It was so vivid dream

In the afternoon today/Saturday before Easter/ I got a sudden Light before my eyes, I felt so strange, I could not read or focus on a particular thing, when I try to do this it just vanishes in the Light, the air around me I felt liquid like plasma, at the edge of my sight I could see the air silver liquid and circulating …/this is not happening to me for the first time, I had double eye sight the days before 11.11.11 and on this date also/ I got a feeling of the veil of 3D reality getting thinner and thinner, I sensed someone observing while I was alone in my bedroom, I felt sleepy, very very tired and I got my blanket and felt asleep

Dream 2
I was in my bedroom and was feeling tense and sad, I was wearing my old clothes and …there was a young man in my bedroom, I do not know him but I knew he is strangely familiar to me, we had a friendly talk, he is a few years younger than me, he told me that he studies psychology and I wondered why he has chosen this, I told him “wow, this profession is so good but you have no chance to get a good job in this town, you can work at school or ask the local priest for a job”, we were talking , he was friendly and he came closer to me, I sensed the perfume on his palms when he reached hands and touched my face, he kissed me. This kiss was so long, I thought “What is he doing”, I felt so good as I felt an energy of higher frequency on my lips, like electricity, I can feel it now and I can feel it whenever I remember this kiss and hugs, I sensed it almost physically, I feel it was not a dream because I knew I was dreaming and this vision was in my mind, I sensed my body as I was lying on my bed and at the same time I was living this dream, I said ” Don`t you think it is too early for this step?” He answered ” You mean you don`t need me?” and smiled . I woke up, I feel the higher frequency energy that I received from him, I know He Is My Twin Flame coming down to recharge my Powers


Love and Light

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  1. Thank You for you like this, Troy ! It is true that the veil is getting thinner, I see Lights more often these days and I know I am helped and Protected
    All of us Are 🙂
    Love and Light

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