October 2012 Crystal Connections

Meditation: October 1, 2012 (by Lisa Swenne)

We began sharing the Crystal Meditations in September, with this post. To learn more about the Crystal Meditations, please visit the parent page.

Please feel free to pop over there to read, or to share any similar experiences you may have had.

We can add October’s experiences as comments on this page – please be sure to click “notify of new comments” if you’d like to follow the thread!


132 comments on “October 2012 Crystal Connections

  1. Dear Lisa, I am posting here your e-mail with your meditation of 28 October 2012
    Love and Light

    “I see a dove flying up, i am in the clocktower of a church again, and bells are ringing. The vision shifts , i seem to be on a market ( it feels like a bleed through or a past memory) i see shadows of people, it feels like a market in peru. I am standing (i first got this true , ‘ island in the sky ‘ ) i recognize i am standing in machu pichu and something big is going to happen. Everyone is gatherd there and i feel the energy and light streaming under this city. I ask what is happening and got the sun is about to shift. I am standing on a big courtyard in machu picchu , in front of the inca piramides and see a big portal opening with the words : the floodgates are open. Love lisa”

  2. Thanks Tauno for posting as I am not always available on the pc, and on internet.
    When I was re-reading our meditation connection yesterday I was thinking of al the strange weather anomalies that are going on… the shift?

    Love Lisa

  3. crystal connection 29 October 2012

    Before the meditation I got first a picture of the pyramids of Giza and the sphinx. There is a sandstorm going on and i am hiding in on of the pyramids. The meditation itself. I first see a star. I see Isis and i think Horus, have to look tomorrow. I am standing @ a river, it is the Nile. Then i am looking at the delta of the Nile. I then feel a strange deep feeling over me, showing me carrying some water on my head, i am descending some stairs, it is close by the sea. It has a Mediterranean feel. I am in Atlantis and we are on our way to the gardens to energize. I see a heron flying of a wall towards the sea. I get Lyra through. End meditation.

    PS: I hope you are all right Tauno, give you lots of energy, love and light

    • Hi, Lisa! Thank You so much, my Heart! There was a storm here too and that is why I delay my answer, but I have sent you a message through OLA last night! You will never lose connection with me , my sister! Losing is an illusion πŸ™‚
      Love You so much!

      • Love you too Tauno, we are expecting a thunderstorm today as well, it has been strange weather here in Johannesburg. Never had we so much rain and thunderstorms.

        Light Lisa

        • No matter what the weather is or any other circumstances we stay connected dear Lisa and this is so wonderful! The energy remains as the Light is Victorious πŸ™‚
          ( ( LOVE ) )

    • Isis is considered to be the mother of Horus-Ra, I feel you were given the same impressions like me when i saw the portal under the Egyptian Gods, it is in connection with Atlantis and Inner Earth and the time for connection between all of these
      ( ( SUN ) )

  4. Crystal Meditation – 29 October 2012

    I saw the crystal highway in OLA and I entered the crystal. I saw a human figure standing on the surface/ground and a Light sphere on the figure`s head – where the crown chakra is. Then from above there came a ray of Light and the human rtarted funneling the Light into Gaia till the whole human body started shining as a big sphere of Light, the Light spread at a long distance and covered a vast area. I saw the earth`s surface and some other similar Lights on it, the surface was shining from many points and above these points there were also been Light spheres and connections were forming as if there were many portals of Light over the surface.

    I saw a beautiful woman, tall and looked like a Native American with wolf`s head on her head and over the wolf there was a bird spreading its wings, next to the woman I saw an wolf, I thought of Lisa and I knew we were connected at this moment
    Then I saw me and Lisa as two human fugures that were side by side and were entering a portal from which a strong golden Light was beaming as if we were entering the Sun and a wind was blowing against us, a wind of Light, we entered there
    I found myself in the Elven craft was in my previous meditation, there were many Beings there and I felt I was in a kind of Record Hall or Library where the whole history is recorded and I could witness past events and go wherever I want in all of the past ages. I saw the teacher again, the wizard, the same Being that i connect with the word wicca that I received before when I saw him for the first time. I asked ” Did I live in Ireland in a past life of mine?”- the crystal gave me Light
    I asked ” Was I a Druid?” The crystal showed me two human figures – a husband and a wife, next to them I saw another figure that was raised a hand over the family and had a bad intent. Then I saw a huge battle. All around the battle field there were bodies and fighting men.
    I raised up and I saw an unknown crystal land, a mountain, then the rocks formed rectangular shapes and I saw something like a stone village, I saw houses that turned out to be the stones of Stonehenge, I saw a round shaped village that was at the same time Stonehenge and I could see under Stonehenge, there was a land below the surface, the landscape was idyllic, mountains, green valleys and I saw a Being there

  5. WoW , what a meditation Tauno, maybe I was there to , as I think I received a past time memory in Atlantis. We are definitely connected. I also feel connected to stonehenge (as in my previous meditation where I was meditating in front of stonehenge.

    Love Lisa

  6. Dear Hearts
    Here is what I have received
    Crystal Meditation 30 October 2012

    I saw a path leading into a huge EYE and I entered into the eye
    I saw a land, the place looked like Abi-Qor. There was a human figure there on the rocks and below I could see the flat surface with grass
    I closed my eyes and concentrated on my third eye to have a vision. I found myself flying above the Earth,I could see the ocean below, the land too, I was moving very fast helped by my Guides and watched the Earth from above and on the left there was an energy that was not from this planet. It was like a sphere, orange golden and not transparent, there was something mysterious about it, something I felt I am about to explore, the New that was waiting for me, for Us, this thing/energy I do not know but I feel it is not here by chance and all will be well.
    I am now in space flying along a craft, I know this craft and I am not interested to enter in because I know what I will see and that is why I fly outside the craft till I enter the sphere of orange golden Light, this is something new for me….the void, there is nothing in this sphere, only endless potentials since the sphere is full of energy. I feel as a Creator of a reality of my own, I have only the feeling of my Presence and my experience and Knowledge, this is the place where the New reality is about to take shape, I have to rest for a while in this empty space, to connect with it and let the Heart leads me with my new Creations, I have to connect with my true essence in this void sphere..this way I will be connected with this energy that is the cement of All Creation – LOVE, everything except LOVE is called Learning because Love is unbreakable and non-destroyable
    I see some dots in the sphere as the first cells of this new reality are already into existence , the colour changes into blue-green as in the ocean but more lighter colour and I feel my Presence


  7. Hi Tauno, it was a calm night, but due circumstances I couldn’t do much of the meditation. The only vision that came through was , first a very orange sunset, it almost exploded into my mind. The sky was very orange/golden light. Then I was standing on the beach, watching the sunset and the waves of the sea crashing onto the beach. Suddenly out of the crashing wave a beautiful white horse (reminds me of the wild horses of the Camargue horses in France. And it was running towards me. I didn’t see you, but energetically I felt you were riding this horse.

    Love Lisa

    • Hi, dear Lisa! The golden orange colour connected us this time, I feel SUN energy connected with it and somehow the void is also a Sun- a black hole- a new beginning, do you remember my meditation where we were entering the Sun with You
      I like these creatures, horses are beaming LIGHT, today I saw the most unusual cloud sight ever- over the mountain the clouds were shaped as a mountain, as if the same mountain had an extension in the higher aether dimension
      Love and Light

  8. Dear Hearts,
    my visions come almost unexpectedly sometimes, today before my meditation while I was watching TV I closed my eyes and I saw the bear, she was looking for something and was trying the air with her nose and she was walking among the rocks

    Crystal Meditation 31 October 2012
    Rather exhausted but tried to connect
    I saw the surface of the Earth before Ascension, shining beams of Light I saw, the surface shifted but the beams of Light remained and there was a portal over the Earth, the clouds got darker and closer to the Earth but the Light was there , I saw a sphere of orange/golden aether Light here on Earth and then a very tall and thin beam of Light , the beam was standing strong and shining
    Then I entered the craft – Leos, I saw a human like Being that was praying and in front of this Being at the mountain top I saw a sphere of golden Light
    I looked the top of the craft and I realized that the craft is shaped like a Bird – Thunderburd and felt that is closely connected with Our Human Ascension , All work well for the common goal


  9. Hi Tauno,
    I had the same thing last night, rather exhausted but tried to connect. I was thinking today to just relax and not doing the meditation and starting again tomorrow.

    My connection was also very short:
    I got an image of the three pyramids of Giza with the sphinx. It was at night and the pyramids were beaming a blue laser beam into the earths atmosphere.

    The second vision, I saw a bit later after my meditation, but very strong. Was a circle shape pond, on the bottom of the pond was a ying /yang symbol painted. And in the water I saw Koi fish swimming the lines of the symbol.

    Then the dream that followed, I was fighting people with samurai swords, fighting with my own sword. After that I was looking for something, and I found a mini wooden version of Stonehenge , but complete version of it. And I had to find the ones that were not in the right place, so if I did put them right, something will happen, a gateway will open.

    Love Lisa

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