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(from Adrial)

You may find many sources of information on Telos and Adama throughout the internet, so We’ll try not to repeat that here.; instead, We’d like to give you some information about Telos that relates directly to the work we’re doing now, as We all prepare for Ascension.

Telos is one of many cities in Inner Earth that your Star Families interact with.  These cities, as well as certain human cities on the Outer Surface of Gaia, were also seeded by us. Telos is one of the older cities; some of the newer ones were formed as recently as last year. You may read about Athabantos here.

(Other references – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:)

(some parts related to companies and computer science have been omitted from this excerpt)
Telos is Greek for “purpose,” “end,” or “goal”. It may refer to one of the following:

In fiction


  • Telos (philosophy), the philosophical concept of purpose; it is related to teleology, the study of design, purpose, and intent
  • Tilos (Ancient Greek: Telos), a Greek island in the Dodecanese

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  1. I have a question which I haven’t been able to find the answer to so far. I understand that Telos exists in a higher dimension, however, in one of the messages I read recently it was said that it could be seen in 3D. So my question is; where does the light source come from?

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