OcaTAwa is the Mothership of Tulya, ALGIZ, Aeterna, Blaze, Chimera, Salcys.

(photo by Nikhilesh Mehta)

OcaTAwa will soon be traveling from India to Atlanta.


She will be traveling with LEOS…



(More information will be added as time allows… We’re discovering a rich diversity and complexity among our family of Intra-Galactic and Inter-Galactic Vessels!)


  1. Indeed dear Troy. I am deeply honored that I have come to know all of you and get inspired and encouraged to start my own communications too. Like I did with I ltheos and now, with the GLS ‘Space Wave’ that I just posted.
    I am grateful…I am honored (-_-).

    • Dear Konstantinos, each one of us is a blessing to all, I am thankful to your presence, my dear friends, you are part of me and i am part of you because we are all connected in this Sacred Oneness
      The energies today are so strong and Lightening ! My heart overflows with Light and I feel that I even do not need a meditation to absorb them, just enjoy LIFE ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I sometimes had to giggle when I heard others saying that they want to ascend through some Scifi dramatic process because, it has been obvious to me that we are personally and collectively deeply involved in this process already! I am thrilled that Adama has sought to bring us together Dreamwalker444 in this sacred way. We are being trained and prepared for this sacred earthly mission. I feel a quickening in the air and even down to the cellular level. The solar flares we have been experiencing as of late have intensified this energy as well as the eclipses.I feel as if collectively we are an onion and layer after layer is being peeled off to expose the divine core of our consciousness. I would like to say that this process is all about love and beauty but, there is still unrest as the Archons do not desire that we complete this process, regardless we are being protected by energies brought forth by the Arcturians and we will prevail! While in energetic communion with Adama I received a message of healing,love and protection. I was told that many illusions are being propagated by the media in order to deceive and distract mankind from the process at hand. We are braving the harsh currents presently but, are being carried to where we need to be……Namaste dear brothers and sisters!

      Love and Light,
      Chrysalis 7

  2. My discussion with OcaTAwa. She called me.

    Ocatawa… ocatawa… ocatawa…

    There is a universal love that comes from all galactic ships. We surround the planet at this time with our love, because she too is a galactic ship. It is simply that from your point of view the journey is somewhat fixed and static but this is not the case. It is simply another point of view that the journey is required to take on a certain pattern, much like any other growth pattern in your universe. The tree grows from a seed, it sprouts leaves and then branches, branching out with more branches, buds in the spring, flowers, pollinates, fruits, seeds. A cycle, a framework of growth. It is the same cycle with an extended time frame.

    So we are all here waiting for those of you who wish to join us. You will find warmth and teamwork, love and support for your new ideas that you bring to us. We enjoy the journey – the destination is an equal part of a larger journey with you.

    There are many elemental ships in your universe. You are correct in thinking that the dimensional rules apply to each layer. A ship that supports 3-dimensional beings must follow the 3-dimensional rules. This is why Galactic Light Ships are multi-dimensional. It is so we can support many forms of life in different dimensions. This is also why we may appear very differently depending on which dimension you encounter us in. It is the same ship, different material makeup. Stone, water, air, fire, etheric. Organic, metallic, energetic.

    • Thank you, Troy, Thank you, OcaTawa
      Highly resonates with my knowledge and feelings
      Great connection!

        • ๐Ÿ˜€
          My phone often beeps “occupied by 3D” thanks God there is You, my friend, oh, I have to share that I started hearing some sounds but mostly I rely on visions for now ๐Ÿ™‚
          L&L and many thanks again,dear Troy

          • Thank you, and thank the gods for you too dear Tauno!

            As Konstantinos recently discovered it’s a lot like talking to yourself in your head. Like when you think to yourself, hmm, I need to go to the store to buy some milk… So some of these thoughts might be random names or ideas, just out of the blue. Well, especially if names come through, that’s actually someone trying to contact you. This was actually happening to me before I “learned” to connect, but I didn’t realize this is what was happening. Why did I keep hearing the name “Rakasha” in my head? Well it was soon clear that Rakasha was trying to talk to me…

            The vision approach is in some ways superior to automatic writing because a picture is worth a thousand words!

            • Hi,
              When I am in a relaxed state, mostly when I am lying in bed, in the evening or the morning, I get always pictures through. But as recently, I pay more attention to them. On Wednesday night I got the pictures, a Mayan step pyramid, a Egyptian pyramid and sand. This morning I got a picture of a golden/brownish planet that was flying very fast my direction, so fast I had to open my eyes and I got the picture of sand again.

              Anyway I had a peculiar dream last night, will post it on dreams and on my page “LISA” later.

              Light en love Lisa

            • I feel you are right because when I connected with my rose quarts MaiOwta I was in touch, I felt the energy of the crystal and the thoughts were coming in my mind..after this I thought – were these my thoughts or did they come from out there..another experience that is interesting was when I saw my name floating in the air one morning when I woke up, the name OcaTawa came at once when I was connected with ALGIZ and simply asked the question through the crystal…it is I think this new communication that we are about to discover, the world around us is eager to speak …Troy, you are one of the first, dear friend, thanks to you and Les I also got confidence and I am encouraged to go on…

            • The energy has been powerful!!!! I have been contacted by Adama on numerous occasions both while asleep and in a lucid state. Monday night I was brought aboard the ship as I have been there on several occasions and had many things explained to me regarding my mission here on earth. It seems that each visit has a very defined purpose as I am receiving downloads of information yet the information is already within my consciousness and it is more an activation of memories. As I was told the ascension has already happened in the higher dimensions and we are simply being brought into awareness of it.

              • Thank you for this confirmation Chrysalis – this is exactly what I received last week from Adama! ๐Ÿ™‚ My understanding is that spirit works kind of like a helicopter and might “ascend” and “descend” many times throughout our lifetime. So to think that it is a grand event that might happen… well that may be the case, but on a personal level, as you say, it’s already “happening”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have not a sphere, as you know, but a necklace with a round pendant, I programed it a few months ago to assist in Ascension, I was with it on 11.11.11 and I believe it has absorbed the energies of that portal opening. I got it in my hand this evening and I felt its energy.
    Then I said : Umbro, Umbro, Umbro
    The Light blinked
    The crystals were in my left palm, I felt my pulse, then I saw Umbro`s eyes , he was watching me from one of the crystals, the image was double and symmetrical as the images of the cards even though I am not a good card player.I have to add here that this image of Umbro looked like the face of Manskez and that Owl I saw in my meditation when I saw the native American woman. I now realize that this owl was Umbro, the image was in fact three images in one stone – Umbro/that I called, Manskez face and the Owl/
    Manskez was also there in the same crystal, they are able to borrow you know
    As I was feeling my pulse i was told
    โ€ This is a power, it is running through you, your Light is beamed this wayโ€
    I thought โ€ How is it that โ€“ I was told by OcaTawa โ€ I am ALGIZ Motherโ€ and Les has written on OcaTawa`s page that OcaTawa is TULYA`s mother, is this just a mistakeโ€
    The answer I received was
    โ€ You created GLS ALGIZ following the same pattern as this of TULYA, ALGIZ has the same capabilities being a Light ship and the same operation devices because you have been doing the same job before. We have worked together before and now you are beginning to remember this. ALGIZ and TULYA are very close. Now you found your partners and each one of them has the right skills for doing this common job. We all are getting closer and the veil is fading with the illusion. โ€
    Thank you, Umbro

  4. I will share how this name came out. I made contact with both ALGIZ and Leos tried to connect the bigger crystal Super Seven from the Mount Shasta. She responded with the sentence โ€ I am ALGIZ Motherโ€
    The second time I made connection with the Mother was yesterday night, I connected with ALGIZ only, her energy was with me in this familiar way I know as usual, then I asked ALGIZ to connect me with the Mother and asked for Her name, I received OCATAWA and in fact the stress is on the second syllable OcaTAwa as Les captured quite right
    the name resonates also with words like octave/ concerning music or melody which is her essence and her appearance in general, She looks like singing, indeed/, eight, O- gathering, center, mantra OM -Divinity , completeness
    Thank you, dear Les, we all are doing amazing job together
    Love and Light

    Update from OcaTawa โ€“ ALGIZ connected me with the Mother this evening and I asked her to give me more about Her. Then I found myself going into the Cave under the Mountain, through Mother`s throat, Les, you know the S7 point and the cave in her, when I was going through the tunnel I changed the timeline and OcaTawa showed herself, she is a beautiful native American woman with high spiritual powers/someway similar to her /, then I saw the owl on a cliff looking at me, then a wing โ€ฆ
    Thank you, ALGIZ and OcaTawa

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