Meditation Flights

Konstantinos-Meditation Flight, September 30 2012

I found myself flying above from a big landscape. There was some green but mostly solid streets with buildings which felt very ancient. The buildings initially looked like pyramids and then they took a more clear form and they became more rectangular.then the word ‘Tiahuanako’ was received by me. I felt I have been there before. The whole place was under the hot and bright sun.

Konstantinos-Meditation Flight, October 4 2012

Hello dear friends. Initially I saw a spiral. Then after a while, two long haired with robes figures, both had a transparent white light colour and nothing more, made gestures of ‘welcome’ to me. Then I saw a triangular and next, an obelisk that instantly changed into a crystal with the same shape and structure. I heard the words ‘We Love you for who you are and we take care of you. We observe you and we are happy that you are taking your power back. We Love you as we Love All, because we are One with You and vice versa and we are All’. Then, I saw energy patterns and a light rhombus through which appeared a series of crafts and behind them appeared a beautiful cold long haired man, who I felt it was Ashtar.

Konstantinos-Meditation Flight, October 5 2012

Initially, I saw energetic motives which looked like rainbows. Then, I saw a purple-violet crystalline 3D pyramid. After that, a very bright sword which I felt it was Excalibur was placed by two white huge hands into a big red bright heart. Then the hands placed the two united symbols into my chest. Then, I found myself in Space.  I saw  Earth from above. Violet energy came in her. Then I saw a happy female face (her face) and I received from her ‘We did it. We are doing it’. Then,  I recognized that I wore a spacesuit (grey-black leotard) with a helmet like device of similar color and I was sitting on the monitor control of my GLS ‘Space Wave’. Instantly, I looked above and there was a huge mothership, cigarette like shape but more flat. In no time I found myself in it, like I was teleported. There was a big shiny hall with round windows with big distances between them from the both sides. All had a bluish transparent metal like color. I saw a few crew members, beautiful people with blue leotards. One of them, a tall beautiful white man with black short hair, wearing a light grey-blue leotard with white lines , came to me and stood in front of me. He looked at me with his big shiny eyes and gave me a very warm smile (detail: without showing his teeth).

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