My experiences with AA Michael & Number synchronications

Friday June 15th 2012

Here in Greece, Dad’s Day is on Sunday. Today amazing things happened to me.
Before I take the bus, in order to go to the city’s center and find a present for my father, I asked some things from AA Michael. I asked him to help me go and return safely, to find a nice present for my father and to have breeze all the time I’d be out, in order to not feel the heat dizzy and sweat feeling. Guess what =) ….

After some hour, right before the bus stop to the bus station I wanted, a white van passed with speed in front of us! I was on a safe corner of the bus, but the driver and an old man could have been killed or get serious injuries. It was like the time got slow and the bus stopped right at time and for only some inches we didn’t crush. Of course after that both sides exchanged unpleasant comments mainly because of fear. Then when I got to the book shop, I started looking calmly for a present and after some seconds, there it was a beautiful big origami (japanese papercut artwork) heart! I have gone many times in this book shop but NEVER noticed the glass with the origami artworks!

Then, before I take the bus for my return at home, I asked from AA Michael to find a good place in the bus without many people, in order for the present to not get crushed…the bus came in 2 minutes, many people were inside but my location was what I needed..and all the time, from the beginning till my return, a nice breeze was taking away the heat….


Tuesday June 19th 2012

Well, today I had to give my last exam lesson, by showing to the 2 professors my drawing work.

Yesterday night, I was feeling a little stressed about it and I remembered something that Doreen Virtue had mentioned. To ask from AA Michael to cut with his sword our etheric chords of fear. When I woke up in the morning and later, when I moved the cover of my paperbag ( a specific kind of bag where we place our drawing work) the one ‘chord’ of it was cut off! One thing done. When I got to the class waiting for my turn to show my work, I asked from AA Michael to do something in order for the one of the 2 professors to not ask me a particular question, which I didn’t want to happen.

The other professor wouldn’t ask that question, so I didn’t have to worry about it. I also asked AA Michael to be on my side and help me get through this process smoothly without much difficulty. Just to clarify, I did all my work for this lesson, so I naturally shouldn’t worry about anything, but these things continue to cause me a little stress…

After some hour, the specific professor said he had to go somewhere and that he would return later…I felt relieved and sure that this was Michael’s work. Second thing done.
When I showed my work everything went as I wished…the process was pleasant, smooth and fast and the professor was very pleased with my work. Third thing done.

When I went to open my bag in order to replace inside it my work, the second ‘chord’ of the bag was cut off! And a little later I realised and felt that these ‘cut offs’ were Michael’s signs to show me that he had answered. Thank you AA Michael =) ….

Number synchronicity (not the first one, just the first I am adding on this page) June 19th 2012

Hi again guys.
Lisa, I’m glad that you are generally okay. We Love you a lot.
Wow, beautiful experiences with the crew of Athabantian. Love the names and the connections. Thank you for sharing, Leslee and Troy. Thank you Troy for the great post. Very informative and hopeful.
Thank you also Gunner for sharing your dreams.
I’m glad that you enjoyed my experience with AA Michael. Now I want to share what happened later to me, some hours after I shared my story. Round to 7:15 pm today, I was waiting for the bus and for some reason I started thinking about my birthdate. Notice: July 7th 1991 is 7/7/1991
While I was thinking of this I took a look on the station’s electronic board when you can see the number of the bus and the remaining time till its arrival. Guess what…
Bus # 7 and 7 minutes tilll its arrival….I mean what?! And I have very often number synchronicities these days…

Also, I read something about the spiritual meaning of 777, here:

The energy of 777 is like a big hug from the Universe. It is there to reassure you that we understand your fears and concerns.Your guides are sending you a message that it is okay to let the fear go and release it to your guides and Angels for healing…..this is from Laura Warnke.

And this is from Doreen Virtue:
777 — The angels applaud you… “congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true.” This is an extremely positive sign and you should also expect more miracles to occur.

Much Love and Light to all of you my friends =) .


Monday June 25th 2012

I took the bus with my brother to go to a place out of the city where we can play bowling.
While we were in the bus, I was imagining the bowling room having some balloons waiting for me, as a sign from Athabantian’s Crew. I strongly wanted a sign from them.
The first bowling round passed. So when me & my brother started the second round, I had a score 9 from my first shot. Then I turned around and behind me there was a table with two pairs of yelow, blue, green balloons!! Then I looked at the score board, and I saw 999…99 my first round score and 9 from my second round first shot!
According to Doreen Virtue ( 999 means:
Get to work, Lightworker! The world needs your Divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation.

That was felt a pretty good sign from the Crew, I felt great!

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