GLS Mu: The Mothership of Mu

Mothership of MU – The living room of the team SaLuSa

It is one of the peripheral rooms of MU’s Ship.
Neither everyone are allowed to enter in this place. In Mu’s Ship nothing works by elitism, only by competency…

For example, until recently, I was allowed into a Healing room and Team SaLuSa room. From this visit I will tell you here, I started to have permission to visit another room, the Plants one, which I will describe later in another post.

For respect, I never cross the door, I keep waiting for one of the SaLuSa’s team members will receive me. So, I come in and hope they lead me, because this room has several people moving from table to table and I dont want disturb anyone.

There is a big screen, which is tuned to the continent on Earth that is under them study. Using some technology that I don’t understand yet, they measure the “enlightenment” of the people who lives in that area, in real time like ours .

Are the closest team to us , either in psychic terms or even in human – physical terms. They are in the 5th D, as everything is in the Nave of MU, but are more physical, I think they have the lowest level of this dimension, perhaps because of the work they do with us.

They do not interfere, but help people like me who do the work “on the ground”. I have a special condition for being born in Africa and have a connection to the Amethyst Vortex of Luanda, so I have work to developes in this area.

Already knew this room, consciously, at least a year ago but this new task is fresh, I knew it tonight.

Because the continent most envisioned by SaLuSa’s team is Africa and they say that when it reaches a certain level of enlightenment, the Earth will make a huge leap of Light and Color for 5th D.

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