Crystal Connections October 2013

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How to manifest the reality of our dreams

I was thinking about this recently and after my conversation with Troy I got the answer I needed. Troy shared that he wonders if what he wants to become his reality is really what he wants, this doubt is present in my own mind too and I am sure in the mind of so many of us the Light workers
But the answer is so simple as everything IS and in the simplicity is the Glory of the Creator, the clearness, purity is wisdom as is the void that carries everything in it, all potentials , all knowledge , the void is nothing and everything at the same time
We do not know if what we want is really what we want/because we think in details/, it is so easy when You think out of the limitations of your own perceptions
In other words – to manifest what you want to become your reality just use words/thoughts/intentions/energy
it is the same what I do when I programme my crystals, I just say WORD, repeat it, whisper it to the crystal with all my POWER of intent, I add my energy to the WORD I give to the crystal and the energy is wise, the energy does what is needed and desired

TRUST the Power of the energy because the energy has Wisdom and knows how to make it, we do not send images, we send WILL/ENERGY that can create according to what we need, we do not have to visualise anything because it is there in our own Hearts 🙂
Just say any of these word energy Patterns
and the Universe will bring it to you as you wish
and BELIEVE that You deserve the gifts of the Universe because WE ARE ALL DIVINE CHILDREN OF ALL THAT IS
So be it and So it is



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  2. Crystal Connection – 31 October 2013
    I called Hathor and I did some DNA activations before the connection with the heart of Gaya
    I connected with Gaya, I saw her as a woman with white hair that is our grandmother, we were there some children and Gaya that was sitting with us in a cave or entrance of a tunnel, she taught us something, then I moved and saw a tunnel, the tunnel was very deep and is vertically situated , I could see from above what was there in the tunnel, down there was full darkness, the more the tunnel reached the place where I was standing the more light there was in the tunnel, it had stages of levels and at each level I could see a teacher and students, the teachers reminded me of the grandmother – Gaya/they were all like copies of one and the same Being/ – white or grey hair and even though she is a grandmother she does not look old at each stage I saw her
    Then I connected with Space
    the Space inside my own heard and did Heart dimensional attunement
    I sensed Light coming out of my heart and moving higher to the pineal gland, the Light was strong around me , I saw a gate of Golden Light, high and thin, the Gate was in Space
    I sensed the Presence of my Guides although I could not see them
    I sensed a deep cleaning into my heart, the sound vibrated as if a Spiritual vacuum cleaner was switched on inside my heart and then I heard the startling wooden drums that helped me throw the rubbish out , the stress is helpful because it brings the new and creates movement

  3. Crystal Connection – 29 October 2013
    I did a White Gold sound meditation
    I felt the energies that helped me to move further into the Astral realms ,
    I reached a Gate of Golden Light and then the vision changed
    I remember a high mountain lake and we were there, I could see the Space above our heads and around the mountain, the lake was a Portal to Inner Earth and at the same time it was a Gate towards a craft, I asked to be allowed to enter and the Lake turned into a waterfall tube of grey metallic colour
    I found myself in a craft and in the pilot`s compartment in front of the commander deck, I remember Beings there by my side that are connected with us
    The craft looked like a cave with tunnels
    Colours – dark blue, brown, silver, grey-green
    Then I was in Space again and I felt a little orb of White light floating near me over my head
    Love and Light

  4. Crystal Connection – 28 October 2013

    I concentrated on my Heart feeling the waves of energy around me like the ocean, I was moved forward by the very energies of my heart and this was my physical sensation in my meditation, like floating in the ocean/Space driven by my own energy, no visions I remember
    Later I found myself in a house, the house was luxurious and I was at the stairs and was invisible, I saw the stone or murmur column at the stairs decorated beautifully, there was a window or decoration on the yellow wall that decoration represented green leaves – looked like willow leaves and branches, I saw a man – slim, tall, with black hair and short black beard dressed as a gentleman of 19th century, he was talking with another man that I could not see, I know there were some People prisoners there in the house, down in the basement and this man that I saw keeps them there , perhaps this vision is from a past life because the man is dressed like a gentleman – a rich gentleman from 19th century
    Love and Light

  5. Crystal Connection – 27 October 2013
    I sensed myself Shining my Golden Light out Bright and it covered a huge region
    Then no vision, vacuum
    Gradually a face appeared and in a short moment the Sphinx connected with me, it was so Powerful connection that i literally trembled and moved from my place physically
    The Sphinx appeared in front of me like a living Being and at the same time like stone statue, the Sphinx was looking at me and told me something I could not understand , there is a message for us from the Sphinx …then I saw a golden shining butterfly and a skull of Light

  6. Lisa – 26 October 2013
    I see a white makeup face with long black hair, looking japanese. I feel the healing and protecting colors swirling around me, protecting me in this meditation. I see lightning in a starry sky,
    this lightning is leading the way into Mother Earth, leading us down the path into the center of Inner Earth. A golden sort of egyptian crown, with emerald stone, sitting like a lion,
    I see golden pyramids, I see a reflection of this piramyd in the reflection dimension. I feel so peaceful and calm , nothing affects me right now.I see red blood on the white snow. I see Feilla
    standing on the platform to catch a train to those gardens, I see the aura around her, it is golden. I see Tauno with purlpe hair, sitting in lotus posture meditating with OLA seeing
    golden/silver threat energies swirling around taking her to other places in other dimensions. I feel so close to my spiritual family.

  7. Crystal Connection – 26 October 2013
    I started breathing in and exhale sending Appreciation and Gratitude through my chacras to the BA Portal connecting with my Celestial Soul and receiving the energies, I felt energized and connected with my Higher expression via my Heart
    The energy is so uplifting , I saw a pure blue ocean with white waves and the blue sky above, this is our New Earth, I sensed a connection with the New Earth where my Higher Self resides
    Then I felt every cell of my physical body like and Angel and I allowed all my inner Angels to fly and bring the healing and cleaning needed for all, I sensed my energy spreading wider and wider on Earth , my inner Angels , little white flowers, pink roses, I was one with the music of the Angels

  8. Crystal Connection – 25 October 2013
    I focused on my Heart and made a connection, I sensed a Gate was opening to Inner Earth and there were some Beings at the entrance, a woman opened the door, she was with dark hair , white skin and a little too heavy but not fat, she was dressed in White and her clothing reminded me of a folk German style from the Alps Mountain
    I saw also the Cat Goddess Bastet and a big Angelic Face of Aether Light , this being was blond and looked like a woman, then the vision stopped and I felt the energies working on me, I almost fell asleep when I suddenly opened my eyes, closed them again and a vision came, I jumped into the open Space and saw the Stars
    the energy work continued for some “time” after this
    Love and Light

  9. Lisa – 24 October 2013
    I see red lampions with burning candles inside , with black Chinese characters painted on the side, first hanging on a line. But then they came lose and floated of into the peaceful starry night sky. I am a light being floating over some green Chinese mountains surrounded by water, I feel very peaceful. It is daylight. I see myself as a boehdha and the I feel like big lotus petals are opening inside of me, but also opening into the land. The lotus flowers are white and are opening up in every place, city , nature exists, covering so the energy grid all over the world, I feel a part of it an feel myself integrating into the grid and suddenly I have to think about leslee’s post long time ago where you imagine all the ships coming through earth’s veil an grid. I just see them every where like luminous silver fairy sparkles in the sky, flashing their beautiful lights. See a white cross. Over and out. Love you all, Lisa. Have a bubbly night.

  10. Crystal Connection – 24 October 2013
    I wanted to connect with RA and I made a connection with Powerful Golden energies
    I was in Egypt in Spirit and I saw the Great Pyramid and the underground tunnel below it and the tunnel inside it that leads upwards, A Being was there underground and was showing us a shining plate , I noticed the Ibis head of this Being
    Then I almost fell asleep in meditation and let the energies work on me and my connection, I was surrounded by Golden Light and I felt it with my Heart , the connection with RA – warm energy, I felt the Eye of Ra again and the Blessing of RA

  11. Crystal Connection 23 October 2013

    I connected with the energies of RA via my Solar Plexus in a trance sound meditation
    I felt the Golden energies and the circulating energies within my body
    I got a vision f a pyramid that levitated in Space, then I was shown how a reversed Pyramid is coming down to Egypt and connects with a Pyramid and Merkaba is made by the two pyramids
    I feel myself as enormous Human sitting in meditation on the surface in Egypt and I felt so Powerful, I felt the connection with space
    I was breathing in and out in the Blue energy around me, I saw a path that was leading upwards, the path was of brown colour and was very high connecting us with the higher realms, felt the connection with the lakes in Rila mountain
    I made lotus with my hands holding OLA in front of my Heart, then raised the lotus above my head and then down in the Namaste gesture
    I sensed a Presence of a Being of higher vibrations, slim and tall and of White Light
    Love and Light

  12. I found myself in a rowboat in a bay, near a beach. The water was very calm, and I could see some islands on the horizon. I was laying down in the boat, relaxing.

    As I watched the horizon I saw 3 mid-sized saucers hover slowly down towards the water. Then they went into the water, and created some fairly large waves which rocked the boat. I was not concerned, and noticed that my focus shifted to where I was following the saucers down into the water.

    They descended into the bay for several minutes… it seemed like a long time. Then they went through a cave. It looked kind of like they were going through a barnacle (which makes sense if you consider they can shrink themselves very small).

    When the saucers went out the other side I saw the series of pyramids on the lake, that Lisa had seen previously. I had a sense the pyramids were a counterbalance to the pyramids on “our” side. Some of the pyramids here (on our side) had been covered by sand or dirt long ago.. but they were still there.

  13. Lisa – 22 October
    I am surround by golden, orange, yellow, autumn colors, like bubbles . I see blue purple crystals, it is a city, crystal city, it glows into the darkness. I see the warm autumn colors and turns in this warm crystal city. They exist next to each other. I see an emerald city. I then see a white icy crystal city surrounded by snow. I am surround by portal circles , it is a transport device. As last vision I see a majesteus white elk looking at me, standing between
    pine trees on snow. Love Lisa

  14. Crystal Connection – 22 October 2013
    I connected the Inner Sun and the Inner Moon of my inner world, the two energies combined into a strong and Powerful White Gold that I felt within and around me as I was doing the connection, at times it seemed I am falling asleep, no particular visions just energy work
    I sensed I am in Space and a Lightning came like a flash of energy, like a laser ray
    Love and Light

  15. Crystal Connection – 21 October 2013
    I concentrated on my pineal gland doing a dimensional attunement, the sound circulated and i felt the energies were moving into my head and I almost fell asleep, felt Light
    Then I concentrated on my heart and I felt an expansion, I saw a portal opened, a metallic grey channel down, I entered in and I found myself in a metallic corridor, I saw a Man with long White beard, then I saw a Being meditating in Buddha position, then I reached a round platform- construction, this is an energy pool I was explained, the platform looked like a craft at the same time, It got lighter and I sensed a light coming as a waterfall from the upper worlds, we started flying in our new craft, machines that were flying at fast speed and I saw a stairs of light that led me into the world of the Feline Nations, I saw the white Feline – the same that Leslee saw, she told me I am welcome and I felt this is the place where Bastet lives also
    I made a Lotus with my hands holding OLA and I offered it to them as a Gratitude of their warm welcoming, I sensed their energies
    The Lotus became larger and larger and turned int white and pink flower gate, Portal opened at its center and I saw a land, the sea shore was curving like a snake and it was white
    inky blue sea and the letter S, a giant letter S
    I came back here where my body is sitting now bringing here these Powerful energies and Blessings of the Feline Nation of White Golden frequencies

  16. Lisa – 20 October 2013
    I saw the milky way above the mountains and it opened my heart into a portal. I feel a download going on, I see again spirals and geometric figures and I feel it is a lot of information I am going to digest in my upcoming sleep. I feel a sense of peace falling over me and the pains are going away for a moment and I feel great. I feel my heart is expanding into energy. I am in my ship Blaze again and I sit again in front of a panel, I am busy handling the openings of the portals ….this feels like dancing with your arms open wide….I am opening the portals as spotlights to lighten up Earth…I shower the Earth with white flowers and I feel so happy, because I can feel the energy coming through the portals, can feel the energy of spreading the white flowers all over Earth , cause the white flowers representing peace and will open hearts.

    Love Lisa

    • The white flowers and the craft show our strong connection again with you, my dear sister Lisa!
      I imagined a white lotus flower while I was doing the pineal dimensional attunement
      the white orb that I see by the craft indicates our connection with Beings from 8th dimension of Love and Light
      Leslee, dear, the White Feilne you connected with is also a sign of a higher connection that we are making with 8th dimension
      ( ( SUN ) )

  17. Crystal Connection – 20 October 2013
    I did heart dimensional attunement sound meditation feeling an expansion of my heart chacra
    I sensed I am connected with a craft in Space , the same craft that was welcoming me in one of my previous meditations, I saw an orb of White Light there
    Then I concentrated on my pineal gland doing another dimensional attunement via sound
    I felt the energies circulating in my body
    Love and Light

  18. Lisa – 19 October 2013
    Crystal Connection 19 october 2013

    Before I did the meditation, I saw some blue orbs just on the left of my eye corner. Yesterday I saw also purple orbs floating on the ceiling of my bedroom.

    a long long tree trunk that goes up and up into the heavens, into the clouds…it is misty and once in a while I see a glimpse of the New brave world. I feel angels standing around me,
    relaxing my frustrations, because I can’t concentrate. I see a very shiny sun staring shining into my third eye, I can feel an upload. I see spirals, spiritual geometry and so on, very
    amazing feeling, I am feeling a bit better.

    Love Lisa

  19. Crystal Connection – 19 October 2013

    I sensed the Open Space and me flying through it
    I remember a brown rectangular gate that was before me and I was about to enter but my vision changed, I saw a bed with white sheets , then I sensed a Being of Light
    I saw the back side of the head of a female looking Being with a strange hair dress – dark brown hair, white skin and ponytail that later became a knot, I remembered Heruka
    Then I saw a craft in Space and around it there were Spheres or orbs of white colour
    Then I sensed I am about to move to the Heart of Gaya, I sensed an urge to go – like the dolphin swim – led by their heads
    Flashes of energy formed the Rune GEBO
    I saw the surface of a planet, the Planet Earth, I was a Huge Being that was standing on the Earth and my head reached the Space beyond the Earth atmosphere
    Love and Light

  20. Lisa – 18 October 2013
    I see a crystal mountain and in there I see the purple flame. Then a lot of past memories came through and I hear outside the crickets singing a certain frequency that upgrades my memories in my body. I see first crystal clear yellyfish swimming by, in the fluid and then notice some galactic ships having the same crystal clear look that almost invisible , I can see them because of the breaking of the light on their ship. I am protected. I remember seeing the city of light Vesu and saw three light rings going around this city
    Love Lisa

  21. Crystal Connection – 17 October 2013
    I did a pineal gland dimensional attunement meditation, saw the Lotus Flower floating on the river and felt a bliss
    Then I sensed a portal opened towards my heart chakra
    I was doing heart dimensional attunement and expansion of the heart area, saw the energy waves around my heart and there formed an energetic circle, saw Angels of White holding hands in the circle, we are the Angels connected in a circle, we are working now on the manifestation of the cities of Light into our reality
    The cities began to appear on the aetheric level in our consciousness
    Then I saw Ashtar Sheran that was standing on a platform, there were two crafts on both sides of the platform – left and right and Ashtar stood at the center giving us sign, he raised hand for welcome, beams of Light were coming from the crafts towards Ashtar

  22. Lisa – 16 October
    I feel the crystal pulsating against my skin. I feel, see there is an imprint of Atlantis in my crystal amelen. I see a light blue pulsating in the crystal and takes me right back to one of my previous lives in Atlantis. I am in a garden using this crystal ( feels weird that a crystal can be here in different timelines and places) connecting the life force with the healing energy of the plants. I see big flowers, purple flowers next to me. Then I am transported to an underwater city and I am in a golden library that have a lot of magical info and also akashic records. It is a golden crystal dome, it sparkles and contains billions of data on the outer shell , the sparkles in the dome reflects the information. I feel again like a record keeper , old man, white/grey beard, long hair like Gandalf. I open the domes roof and I see a sparkly sky above me, I feel comfortable alone, researching , doing some research about healing qualities. A golden lotus.Lisa

  23. Crystal Connection – 16 October 2013
    I sensed the energies channeled down to me through the golden crown above my head, the crown is a multidimensional Portal and I can see my higher reality through this crown, I sense green and golden colours again
    I am still here dealing with the shadows and the last remains of 3D but I will be called soon to go where my heart belongs
    Another thing that I sensed was a sense of dying and being reborn at the same time in the same body , I was feeling the transformation of my body
    I sense the Angels giving Blessings, AA Michael`s Light Presence I can feel
    Energy coming from above in White colours, Jeshua, Magdalene
    OLA is showing me my face and two Beings of Light on both sides of my face

  24. Crystal Connection – 15 October 2013

    I called the Archangels and the Egyptian Gods and saw the golden crown above my head, this time I saw myself partly in the shadows of my 3D reality, I could not concentrate fully on the crown while I was feeling the higher energies entering within
    I saw Baba Vanga`s face and I felt her by my side while i was standing in the mountain , I could not stop my tears , I felt so excited and she said “Oti plachesh ma, nie sme tuk, do tebe :)” – “Why are you crying, girl, we are here by your side ” and smiled at me, I reached out to her and smiled, at the same time I felt Mary Magdalene`s energies and I sensed them connected with Vanga, Vanga has come and gone fulfilling her mission, giving us the knowledge and the information we needed, she came here as many higher Beings did to direct us and help us to remember what we have forgotten since the fall of Atlantis
    I received the Blessings of the Archangels and the Egyptian Gods and sensed the Golden energies again
    golden and green colours I felt
    ( ( SUN ) )

  25. Lisa – 15 October

    I see the sun, the central sun radiating into the universe, full force, we feel the full force of those energies, upgrading us to where we want to be. I feel this energy in my crystal Amelen,
    it is pulsating with life. I go inside of me, inside of the crystal, feeling it through…

    Love Lisa

  26. Crystal connection 10 october 2013
    see white faces, a lot of faces looking at me, staring at me…I see rainbows going over one island to another green island. I see a spiral, a yellow spiral on a forehead of an aboriginal elder, the dreamtime, I see that french garden again, it is hypnotizing me and there is a message waiting there for feilla , something that will unlock everything that is now locking it into your heart making you unable to be free, to be yourself, also me when I look at these pictures something is stirring inside of me, lives that have been forgotten but must be remembered to go further into the future. Feilla I feel so much of the importance of this message, but only if you can , I would suggest to go to this place and find yourself balanced again, reunited with
    the past and a bright future. I am now in a magical land, everything looks magical, the colors, the landscape, the trees and the grass, magical…I am a wizard, I am wearing my green cape again , holding my crystal staff, it is purple with gold energy inside of it. I can reach for it with my heart and make with this energy everything better. I see stars, there is something going on with the constellation of Orion, something is going on…I am feeling lonely, but good lonely and I look over the landscape below me with sun golden light and blue grass and trees
    I am home, home is in the Orion constellation.

  27. Crystal Connection – 14 October 2013
    I connected with a Native American Geronimo or Goyathlay
    as soon as I closed my eyes for meditation, he was sitting in front of me while I was entering into the Golden Energies of my own Heart and I saw the Rune GEBO that was a connection between me and the Chief
    I entered the Portal inside my Heart and I saw a green moss, the land there was covered with wonderful green moss and the colour was so vivid and bright , we do not have such green colour in 3D reality, and the air was golden yellow and was shining
    Then I entered my Pineal gland bringing waves of sound frequencies and I felt Light , a column of Light went out of my pineal gland and directed upwards and I could see a DNA spiral into this column, I left the energies work free into my pineal Gland and my whole body was receiving the higher frequencies, the process was very intense
    Love and Light

    • Crystal connection 14 october

      fluid and non fluid world

      I am back in the underwater city, that seems to consist of blocks, shining light , the city has a kinda of strong peaceful feeling, especially the purple blue water/fluid we are in. I feel I
      am in Hitsusi’s home/place. It is so very quite and peaceful. There is a gate the forms a connection with the non fluid world. But they like to keep to themselves in their own world.The
      fluid gives them warmth and comfort. All is fluid , all is perfect.

      I see a Lotus Flower opening up, it shines golden light into the starry heavens. I am surrounded by mountains and snow, surrounded by pine trees, I look up to the stars and the moon and I
      feel so connected with the universe. I am light , I am a energy being, I am Arachanai.

      From the West to the East, from the North to the South, follow your heart, folow the stars, folow the love that spreads like a northern light. Love Arachanai

  28. Crystal Connection – 13 October 2013
    I went trough the open gate inside of my Heart and entered a new reality, I sensed Light and colours there and a blissful energy, I saw a face that looked like Ashtar, I felt expansion of my heart area and I sensed my physical body vibrated, like an engine making a sound as if I have started the engine and ready to go
    Then I connected with my Pineal Gland filling it with Light and sound attunements , saw myself as a Huge being of Light – like white Buddha/Statue of Liberty/stone statue of a Huge Being of White and a Sphere of White Light came up from my pineal gland into the blue sky around and above me and went straight up and connected me with the Celestial realms
    Now it is a time to step into our own new reality and to be the Masters of our own Lives , the time of oppression has gone, the time of tyranny has gone , this is the time of our own making
    ( ( SUN ) )

  29. Crystal Connection – 12 October 2013
    I activated mt heart and third eye chakras, felt expansion of my Heart area and I got a vision , I was in Space and reached a craft, our Galactic Family is waiting for us now at a platform at the entrance of the craft, I got a short vision of a Being in long brown fur gown , the being was standing in front of me
    Then I activated my pineal gland via highly vibrational sound and felt Light within my pineal, the energies were moving , I saw a green DNA spiral of Light
    Love and Light

  30. Crystal Connection – 8 October 2013
    My mind was occupied by 3D everyday thoughts till I saw a Portal opened to another reality as a round gate that led me to a waterfall, green plants were there by the river and above the waterfall I saw a Sphere of White Light
    I was connected with a Shaman of Native American origin that was playing a drum and there was a crow over his head, another man was dancing a ritual dance representing a crow , then another Native American came, he was a rider, I could literally touch his horse that came very close to me and bowed its head to the ground, the horse was brown or grey and I could feel its energy , then the Horse went East – Right – Reality and gradually turned into a Camel
    I connected with a Pharaoh /looked like Tutankhamen/
    the Camel had also a rider on its back and it was in Egypt, I saw the Sphinx and the Camel went into the Sphinx that made a leap and turned into a Horse and I saw the ancient Stone carving that is here in Bulgaria and is known as Madara Rider, this carving has been here for ages , here it is
    Then I sensed Light pouring down into my Chakras
    Love and Light

  31. Tonight I found myself in cylinder that is made a clear crystals. I am standing in the middle of it. I hear a voice to relax. The crystal cylinder starts to spin slowly. Then white and blue beams starting to shoot through me, through my heart. This takes about an hour. Love Lisa

  32. Crystal Connection – 5 October 2013

    I let the sound vibrate free as my mind was occupied with thoughts from my everyday life, I could not stop the flow of the thought and at times I felt my mind empty, just energies all around, I concentrated then on my Pineal gland and felt the sound in there making my pineal gland to vibrate, I felt the space in it and the space filled with golden energy
    Then I sent my intention to convey the Light into the core of Gaia
    I opened my central channel and connected with my BA and felt the Light pouring into my Chakras, it stopped and did some healing in my throat chakra and then moved down to the center of Gaia and then upwards back into my body and above to the Sun
    the energy of Light circulated between the Earth and the Sun through my body
    I saw Angel of Light and this was the Rune ALGIZ in Golden Light that was giving Power and Blessing to all of us
    Love and Light

  33. Crystal Connection – 4 October 2013
    I started flying into the energies of Space , reached a place where I saw craft and Beings there
    Rays of Light , thin ones of white colour I saw
    Felt an Angelic Being
    Then continued flying into the blue energies of Space
    Love and Light

  34. Crystal Connection – 3 September 2013
    I saw the giant Rune GEBO that covered the whole landscape and the sky and at the center where the two lines of GEBO cross I saw a village, houses, and around them there was water and I saw the blue sky above the village
    I sensed white flowers that appeared too, little ones as if I was watching to this village through a glass
    Then I sensed a Tree, the Tree of Life in Space, it was Light there
    I received the Blessings of the Egyptian Gods again felt as Golden Light, saw the snake that was going upwards through my Chacras , I connected with my Celestial Soul Portal through OLA and sensed its warmth in my hands

  35. Crystal Connection – 2 October 2013
    I sensed the energy of the Egyptian Gods again and connected with their Golden Light, received their Blessings and then connected with Native Americans again, while I was connected with the Native Americans I saw Sahara sands as I was experiencing a spiritual bi-location in America and Egypt
    I saw some lines organized in a way that they formed a star *
    this is our star pattern of us connected
    Then I allowed myself to shine
    I just Shined so Bright without any doubts , just beamed Golden Light out from my Heart Center and this Light covered a huge region on Earth, I got a message for Troy – this what you are experiencing now is the preparation for the jump out of the 3D thought pattern into the New 5D one, one was sent to help you move faster and to remember you that all that you experience here is just the 3D illusion , the mission is larger than the human brain can think and after the jump you will be able to see the whole beautiful picture
    Love and Light

    • Tauno this was what happened to me last night. Last night I was in the centre of my
      Christed star where after I bought the golden column of
      light down Through my crown through all charkras to the base
      Gods golden light began to flow out through me into Gaia’s
      centre and then filled her centre then flowed up through her
      many layers to the surface. I was inside my Christed and
      then rose above Earth where I saw other Christed stars all
      around her in every country It was then that threads of light
      flowed forth as we joined these threads to each other it was
      like a mass web of sparkling light glowing all over Gaia
      just above her surface oh sister it was so beautiful I could
      feel Gaia and humanity rising. We are on the homeward
      stretch I heard. My whole body was alive with energy that
      just kept rising through me faster and faster that I felt
      like I was spiraling upward.

  36. Crystal Connection – 1 October 2013

    I went on a journey on my GLS ALGIZ into open Space, I was flying some time and saw dark blue space till I reached a platform, I was aware that I reached the place where a council will gather for a Galactic meeting of all Nations of Light into our Galaxy Milky Way, the platform was in open space and looked like a disk representing the shape of our Galaxy, I saw the right part of Ashtar Sheran`s face and a face of a woman Being of Light of White vibrations, these two faces I saw were very beautiful Angelic ones, there were other Galactic Light Beings there and I could sense their presence and energy , all of them were not visible and I could feel their thoughts and energy
    I was a representative from Earth and there was the Native American White Eagle with me at the council and all of us connected were there because I was carrying all from Earth in my experience and Heart and in my memories
    I felt Love and Care for Mother Earth and all other Planets in our Galaxy , we were discussing the coming Shift and I felt the Love to Mother Earth sent by the representatives of other Planets as we were ONE Consciousness
    Then I started my journey back to Earth to bring her the message and the news from the council, I sensed the Earth atmosphere again while flying backwards, I could really feel the high speed and I was flying in the sky backwards and carrying Powerful Light energy with me that covered all sky, I met a black cloud of dark energy there, it was coming against me and it met the Golden Light that was coming after me and the cloud turned white, then I was guided to reach the core of the earth, I made my Sphere of Golden Light and went down deep into Mother`s Core,
    I sent the energy there and met the Agarthian People, they were getting ready for Disclosure, I could see their craft of Flying Saucers
    I saw also the Bear that was with me and the Wolf too
    I went out into the mountain

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