Crystal Connections March 2014



  1. Crystal Connection – 13 March 2014
    I connected my Light and my Physical bodies while being aware of the room I am meditating, all that surrounds me
    I felt the energy of Light moving through my body
    Flashes – vision of a town , a crystal town in a crystal world, in a crystal point mountain, white colour
    I connected my Light body Heart Chakra and my Physical body Light chakra
    A portal opened to the higher vibrations and I saw all of us flying upwards and traveling dimensions – me, Lisa, Troy, Babajij, Leslee and all of us and many more
    We crossed a space that had rings , like Saturn , the rings are of energy and we all directed on the right , in my meditations right means the ONE Reality
    Everything is possible through the Heart
    I felt a pulsating and waving Light in my body and especially in the head
    the energies were very intense
    Then I connected with Egypt and the Pyramid, I saw the eye of RA and sensed a Powerful Presence of Golden Light
    Open Your Hearts to the Light and You will see miracles happen

  2. Crystal Connection – 1 March 2014
    I started sending Appreciation and Gratitude upwards to my Celestial Soul and I received an elixir down into my physical body from my Higher Self
    I saw the sword of AA Michael that was shining with blue Light and I saw Him connected with me and giving me Light
    Then the elixir was in my body and was moving and getting ready to shine out this Light in all directions
    Angels started to fly out of me and they were singing the names of the Archangels
    Orange and rose and white colours , the Angels were like clouds and I could see them and they were flying out of my Sphere in all directions covering the Earth with Light…across the lands, over the oceans and through the forests of the world …I saw Deer Spirit that that came to me and the Owl too. The Spirit of OcaTawa is here with us again
    Then I saw boats and elven ships onto the river in the elven forest , they are white and I saw the Elves that were smiling to us and giving us Blessing , we are welcomed to travel with Them across the sea to the west , we gathered again after eons of time
    I was doing the round movement with OLA in my hands while I was drawing a circle and I had a vision – White Angelic Being appeared into the column of Light that was forming on my Central channel and White Light around me

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