Misha McKorn

Misha McKorn
November 19, 2012 @ 2:46 pm

in my inspirations writing the one mind said
“Tell all that in Reality there is no time, but in your dream time,by the end of Dec 2012, you will be conscious of what is Real, and the unreal will not be seen, because it doesn’t exist. Yes most will not even want to try to understand . There is no creation except Love. Yes,I am the one and only mind itself, and this is what I have to say I am the perfect Light of God which is only Perfection. this is your truth and what you are. There is only this oneness and the separateness never has existed. There is no human mind only One Mind, which is Mine. Continue to express the joy and happiness that is you, Me, since I am the only real existence. Have fun in your life.

There is No Thing to disappear. What is Real has always been and will always be. What is not real has no existence, and what has no existence can not even be here to “seem” to disappear

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