Gaia’s Galactic Family Album

(begun by Leslee; edited by kp40)

Here we can share connections we discover between ourselves and Gaia, all her inhabitants, and our Star Families… I’ve started some notes based on what I’ve been told or seen.

It might be fun to also try to do a genealogical chart; would anyone like to volunteer for that? I wonder if genealogy charts come in 5D versions…? 😉

If it might be helpful, this link will take you to the Tulya Crew page.

Also, please feel free to add images as you find them!

Andromedan-Human Connections:

• Athabantian; • Athabantos; • Lemuria; • Egypt; • Adrial; • Moraine; • Justine; • Mikos; • Moraine; • Anjaska; • Mark Kimmel; • Leslee Hare; • John Paul Lavigne; • Ana;  • Konstantinos; • Phabongka Rinpoche; •  Mahasiddha Ghantapa; •  Hypatia; • Nefertiri & Akhenaten; • Orestes; • Sanjay Gupta; • Elven relations;

Leslee saw this person in her mind’s eye one morning while rising from sleep/astral travels. At first, thought to be Agnes, Adrial explained that she was Ariadnei, an Elven being.
This is a portrait of Ariadnei, an Elven Princess.
Adrial says Leslee is of the same continuum as Agnes, a female being of Athabantos, who is in stasis while Leslee appears on the surface of Earth…
Moraine, a member of the Athabantian Crew, Mother of Agnes
Mikos, partner of Agnes

ET & Divine Consciousness-Human Connections:

• Athabantian; • Athabantos; Iltheos; • Adrial; • Teo’Na; • Konstantinos; • Leslee Hare;


RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn

Galactic Light Ship ‘Space Wave’

Mother Earth

Zorra-Inner Earth resident and Bill Woodard’s/Zaraia’s father

Archangel Michael

Moraine, a member of the spaceship Athabantian’s Crew

Agnes, Moraine’s daughter

Mikos-Lemurian, Guardian of the Porthologos Library in the city of Catharia (under Aegean Sea) and Agnes’s partner

Umbro, a senior member of the spaceship Tulya’s crew

A landscape from my dream connection with Inner Earth (on my birthday,7/7/2012)

On that day, one of my dreams was my connection with a place that seemed part of the Inner Earth. All there were God-like beautiful. I can’t describe the feeling of awe. At that time, I felt my connection with Ariadnei.


Apparelio, Selicia, Piannah, Nonel, Toral, Volen, Quaril(e): Crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon

Galactic Light Ship ‘Angelon

Collective Consciousness of the Plant Kingdom of the Cosmos

Aliandrei, a mermaid of the 7D

Equasax from Bellatrix in the Constellation of Orion, 4D-5D benevolent human of  the Reptilian Race

Lozet from Vega in the Constellation of Lyra, 6D Being, works with the Ashtar Command

Athos from Inner Earth, 5D-6D being, son of Mikos and aspect of my Essence

Analla, a 7D-8D being, a member of the High Council of Venus

My Spirit Guide Nadral

My Spirit Guide Azucar

My Spirit Guide Animals: the Wolf and the Horse 

My Guardian Angel Handriel

My Higher Self  OALL

Dragon Fanung

Dragon Fanung


Doreal, 5D-6D being, one of my ‘future’ selves

Martian Commander Zunko

Commander Zunko of the 3D Mars interior



Adrial (From Troy’s dream)

Umbro by Leslee Hare

Arian-Human Connections:

• Athabantian; • Adrial; • Padmasambhava; • Phabongka Rinpoche

Pleiadian-Human Connections:

• Athabantian; • GLS Aurora; • Telos; • Atlantis; • Lemuria; • Adrial; • Umbro; • Sasha; • Libusse; • Hildegarde de Bingen• Laura Tyco; • Troy/Dreamwalker

Sirian-Human Connections:

• Athabantian; • Shambhalla; • Lhamo Dorje; • Adrial; • Barack Obama; • Oprah Winfrey;

SaLuSa from Sirius

“Mona Lisa”


  1. In the video above,’Hollow Earth, Atlantis, etc’, which is very impressive, one of my conclusions, however, is that towards the end (by forty seven), Tarziski’s statement is misleading re the Titles of organisations containing ‘Light’ being inspired by Illuminati presence. Is Tarziski the source of criticism concerning the Galactic Federation of Light, i.e. by Tolec? I would say, the titles are not inspired by illuminati presence on the planet, although ‘Illuminati’ means ‘enlightened’ as the one per cent that have controled the world for power are ‘dark ones’. We have heard plenty about them through the channellers, recently, haven’t we? (refer to SaLuSa and Archangel Michael). The term ‘Light’ has been used in the sense of ‘by contrast to darkness’ (negativity of the 3rd dimension). Yes ‘Light’ is present in the name ‘Lucifer’ which means ‘carrier of Light’ (‘Luci’ is from the Latin ‘Lux’) – but that ‘s because Lucifer was an Archangel before he rebelled. It has been said that he had light from his service to the Divine before his Fall by Pride.

    • While in Lemuria Lucifer and his trusted friends found a light source which had been kept hidden many suns ago. Sun energy is very unstable, When water is hot it gives off steam gas infiltrates this vapour just like air. Which is why one source of light is stable and the other source is not. This is where you get the love/hate, good/bad. All must be in balance as one.

    • Christine have you seen the zeitgeist films? Well worth a look, if you haven’t seen them.

      I get a chuckle every time I hear about Lucifer – did he really rebel? Man, to be a fly on the wall that day, huh? Did he go out in a blaze of glory, or was it more of a tantrum? Was there a sword fight, or was it more of a shouting match? And how would one accomplish such a thing in the higher dimensions? Inquiring minds want to know!!! 😀

      I see the bible as a “book of templates”, from my point of view I don’t see any of that stuff as happening to one individual.

  2. This change of office (see theHeartCenter website) took place on Dec 21,2012 !!! Also see the channelling of the Ascended Masters and Archangels by David Christopher Lewis.

  3. The Master Djwal Kul (known as ‘the Tibetan’) is an Ascended Master who worked with the Master El Morya, and who communicated teachings to H.P. Blavatsky (the Book of Dzyan,1888), through A A Bailey (in the 1900s), and more recently, instructions on the Aura through the Messenger E C Prophet who founded the Summit Lighthouse… according to the information that is on TheHeartCenter’s website, (an organization founded by the ascended Master Lanello who was Mark Prophet) E C Prophet is now the ascended Lady Master Clare de Lis (or ‘Lys’?). Lanello and Clare de Lis (formerly known as Guru Ma) have apparently taken the office that was held by the God and Goddess Meru at the etheric retreat of Lake Titicaca, and the latter have returned to the Sun!!!!!!

      • thanks dreamwalker. I keep on watching the video from Tauno (just above) to get my head round it too!. ..Would you like chapter one of my book (see comment above)? It’s special and very poetic… a beautiful story but very dramatic. The original manuscript that I am referring to above was in Aramaic so it’s a record of the time of Enoch – it’s the language that Jesus spoke. It should be passed on because it’s what is missing in Genesis 6. I have not advertised my book. My daughter is about to create a website for it. I would not know how to post this chapter on your website. I would need your email address and would email it by attachment. Could you post it (if you want it)? with Thanks. Christine

      • Thanks for the welcome. I am very grateful for the teachings, updates, and interaction we are getting through the various human channels with all Masters, higher dimensional or Star Beings, and Archangels – and websites such as this one and the ‘2012 scenario’ one are a great help to learn more.

  4. the drama I refer to above is the fact that the Ascension was aborted during the Atlantean Age. The Atlanteans had received a spiritual teaching from some Initiators, some of whom from Sirius. At the time that the dividing of the Way occurred there is evidence that some dark powers conspired to sabotage the Atlanteans’ spiritual evolution. As to Ascension being ‘aborted’, I derive the information from the Master Djwal Kul /Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey!

  5. In my book ‘From the Words of Angels and Ancient Book of Jika: on the drama of initiation in the Atlantean Age and our hidden genesis’ listed on, Chapter one is about Jika’s testament and some sky-gods’ relationship with Earth women (a parallel to that of the Sons of the gods’ intermarriages with the daughters of man in Genesis 6. It is a lost manuscript that I have translated from French to English, and that was published by Jimmy Guieu in his book on the Paranormal decades ago. It relates to the downfall of Atlantis. I would donate this chapter one to this website if you want it and tell me how to do this. Thanks, Christine Preston

  6. I have one question:
    Konstantinos – has a glasses-like on the surface of the Earth in humans
    Is this not primitive? I think they are much more technologically went to the front and they do not need glasses

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