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Galactic Light Ship Fleet: Our Ships

This is our fleet of Galactic Light Ships. For background information, you may wish to read “Your First UFO Familiarization Flight: What You Need to Know ” and How to Manifest Your Own Galactic Light Ship


GLS Athabantian

Core Fleet

Council Ships

GLS Eui, Hosting the Council of Eui

Dreamflight Logs

Our Experiences have been recorded on the following pages:

We also have a standing invitation to visit the Athabantian: 

The Crew of StarShip Athabantian happily extend a special invitation to our friends in the Dream Flights community.

Please join us tonight aboard Athabantian as she continues her approach to Earth. We suggest you meditate briefly before going to sleep, visualizing the Grid and Ring of Ships as described in Leslee’s dream trip.

You may recite (internally or externally) the name “Athabantian”, as your intended destination… If you add one of your passwords, that will help us understand your wishes for your dream experience… However, we will be aware of your intent even if you forget.

Please trust that you will visit us… Keep in mind that Leslee visited us this way for over a week before managing to recall one of her visits. As with all things, practice and perseverance will eventually pay off.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!


A Description of the Galactic Light Fleet

(Provided by the Ashtar Command)

On board the Ships of Light, one is in an altered consciousness.  If one is on board one of these Merkabah ships one is there to receive instruction and not there as a “tourist” to take pictures for 3D mental labeling and justifications. If this is one’s intention, then one would not be on board these ships. It is a privilege to be on board the True Light Ships. It is not about “Show and Tell”, it is about one’s soul edification. Therefore, there is no need to prove the existence of the Ultra-terrestrials. These work Behind The Scenes and are known to those that need to know about them because of their involvement with them, because of soul agreements or missions.
The Ships of the Ashtar Command/Federation of Light are Plasma Ships, Alive with Living Light, existing in very high dimensional frequencies. They are not operated by technology as is known in this plane of existence. It is Living Light and Intention that “pilots” the Ships of Light, not gadget technology. Those that board these ships are in a Higher Vibrational mode and are not thinking about picking up “specimens” but about receiving further spiritual instruction so they can Be Of Service to Humanity!


Galactic Light Ship Aeterna

(Manifested by Dreamwalker444)
Password: WINGS

Dreamwalker says of his ship:

The Aeterna is a ship created of crystalline light… related by “Maureen”, a Galactic citizen, and serving as the role of “captain” on board the Aeterna… I envisioned something shaped like a crystal firework or snowflake – with white crystals of quartz radiating from center, similar to how superman’s escape pod/comet looked as he was escaping from Krypton, but made of white crystal, and much larger in size than his ship, to accommodate perhaps several hundred people if needed… but similar in feeling to his Fortress of Solitude on the inside, with a crystal control panel…

Galactic Light Ship Algiz

(Manifested by Ana)

Ana says of her ship:

What about the shape…I think it must be aerodynamic so that to easily fly up, a natural crystal point will be the perfect shape. I suggest Super Seven because it is created especially for Ascension, it can open and clean all the seven chakras of the physical body so our travelers can be healed in it. There must be compartments according to the specific needs – clear crystal for creating whatever someone wishes, turquoise for luck, amethyst and rose quartz for the meeting hall when we can talk with SaLuSa and Allendale, aquamarine compartments for emotional healing, and of course – Library made of Lemurian crystals that answer questions concerning our history. The fuel for the flight is coming from the crystal energy itself that is never ending because the whole Universe permanently affects them with its Unconditional Love, Love is the fuel 🙂
Departure address is known and can be found by each one of us easily – it is Center Center Center


I had a vision yesterday – Angels with gigantic size were flying with our ships on their wings, they headed in one direction.
The essence of my craft ALGIZ was created by Beings of Light to help Ascension, its structure has an ability to self clean and to help cleansing the negative energies around it. It originates from Brazil and it came to me from India. It has a multidimensional nature being both material and spiritual.
When it came to me about a year ago I programmed it so that it can assist Ascension.
Last night I made mental contact with ALGIZ telling her that Aeterna is her sister. I also gave ALGIZ a permission to accept on board People and Beings of Light on an exploration flight and to help them achieving their goals and heal themselves from whatever they need to be healed.
ALGIZ has been programed to be of service to the Light and she has consciousness so I have a complete trust in her.

Galactic Light Ship Chimera

(Manifested by Leslee Hare)

GLS Chimera

Leslee says of her ship:

I remember seeing and being inside a “ship” that was like a HUGE hollow silver cube (wasn’t that a Star Trek movie with Picard?) But this ship was benevolent, and the people were not becoming enmeshed in it… It’s just where they were. There was a tremendous theme of water (which totally makes sense to me, as I’ve been made aware that much of middle earth life is marine in nature), with a bath, a shower, and at some point a very huge tank… Might have even been the entire center of the cube (the size of a large ship, in itself!)… Activities that I recall were: tending to other creatures, as if in a zoo or ark, and helping people who were transitioning to different aspects. At one point, I was one of four women with long, straight black hair, discussing some sort of exchange… There was also something about a garden of crystals (imagine that!), and an exercise in arranging light, learning which combinations offered which benefits for whom.

Leos 2 (?)

Galactic Light Ship Blaze


(Manifested by Wolfke74/Lisa)

Lisa says of her ship:

GLS Blaze

GLS Blaze is a bio-ship that hosts creativity…like art, music anything that gives pleasure in creating marvelous things. Last night I was very busy to set up a lot of things in GLS Blaze even though I don’t remember, I just remember being very very busy to accommodate you all in the holo-deks where you can create whatever you want, even a beautiful nature park if you want. It only allows you to create positive light filled creations. The password OR image password to go on board will be : SPIRAL

I put my twin flame Sister Sabiene. who is in the higher cuffs of 4D, lower cuffs of 5D in charge of my ship and there will be higher beings who will assist us in the process of creating. Also there are holodeks that only gives history about all the beautiful creations, it is like a library of books , but here without the books. So if you wish to see something it will project it for you like you were there.This is just going to be fun. We have some new additions: a white large room for emotional healing. In the middle of the room, on the floor, there is a diagram of a large circle that is spiraling round and round. You stand in the middle of it. (Thanks to Vee) The second room is a plant room where the emery of the plants is used for healing. There will be also an opportunity to learn how to do this with the help of our capable crew members.

Galactic Light Ship Space Wave

(Manifested by Konstantinos)

Hello friends. I’d like to introduce you to a new GLS, the ‘SPACE WAVE’. I created it some time ago, but thanks to Leslee’s post about Ocatawa, I decided to manifest it, so it can be used for astral travelling. It has a light blue colour and its main characteristic are the curves, so the energy can flow easily and smoothly. It’s a place of healing, relaxation, isolation when it is needed, and it can manifest your personal space through your thoughts when you’ll be there as a guest for as much as you like. Of course it’s also a place of gathering, it’s not only for one person.You and members of our Space Families are welcome every time. The Password is ‘UNITY’. Have a nice time with it.

PS: On May 2nd 2012, out from my room’s window, at 8:00 PM, my ship ‘Space Wave’ visited me with the form of a star shaped cloud.

Galactic Light Ship Cameleon

(Manifested by Nils)

article-2353293-1A9CB058000005DC-371_634x415I followed the instructions for manifesting my own ship. I had the experience described, a few nights later, upon waking up in the morning, I briefly saw a white round ballon, indicating that the ship had indeed been summoned. I never at the time tried to visit the ship, because I was trying to learn how to do this, and focused on Athabantian. I saw from the sharing here at the time, that some people did see “my” ship and also did visit and saw me in a form.

If I was to desribe the ship’s nature and appearance, it’s first off a bit hard to find, it shows up not as a large building or a city but rather a small log cabin by a lake. Mountains and wilderness surround this cabin, and this landscape is in a way part of the ship. I didn’t think of a name, but now that the question came up in my mind, a suitable name would be Cameleon.

Galactic Light Ship Ceilidh

The word “Ceilidh” (pronounced “kay-lee”) refers to a gathering or party. The interior feel is similar to a conference center, with large, open spaces to accommodate large gatherings. This might include a church hall, a banquet, a gymnasium, or a buffet-style restaurant. The spaces can be smaller or larger as needed, with any number of spaces (similar or different)  existing adjacent (or simultaneously) to each other.

The nature of the ship is a warm, friendly environment where “everybody knows your name” (as in the theme song from the Cheers series). It’s a place to feel relaxed and enjoy the company of others. You may encounter other folks here who are not familiar with the physical realms, but who are part of a collective, and wish to use this space as a place to gather. From your perspective, they might appear as “extras” in a movie scene… carrying on a conversation which may or may not make sense when you try to listen in. This is part of what to expect at the Ceilidh, and “the more the merrier.”

Galactic Light Ship Thoria

A detailed description of the Thoria can be found here

Galactic Light Ship Aurora

(Manifested by Laura Maintenant)

The Aurora’s website:

Galactic Light Ship Olympia

(Manifested by Brenda Tenerelli)

Galactic Light Ship Nine and Galactic Light Ship Susan

(Manifested by Ilada) Website: Nexus 9


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  1. Jisela, “vibration” is a term used which may not translate well to spanish, and I don’t think I’ve really seen a good definition for “vibration” in this context. “Harmony” might be another word to describe it. However this is not quite right because in this context “vibration” means moving at a higher frequency in addition to being in tune.

    So a musical note can be played in tune, a higher note has a higher frequency, a lower note has a lower frequency. The same can be applied to light. And so all beings are “light” that can have high or low frequency.

    One could argue that this is simply mind control in getting everyone to think the same way. However we can all play different notes, and play different instruments, but the song is more pleasing when we all play in tune.

    Does that help? 🙂

  2. Un amoroso saludo a todos! He estado leyendo los comentarios y el post de Leslee’s que me sugirió dreamwalker444. Tengo que decirles que me siento muy contenta de haber podido colaborar y haber podido ‘encontrarme’ con uds.
    También debo expresar que al ser mi primer viaje, es poco lo que recuerdo de la experiencia, además al leerlos a todos, principalmente el sueño de Leslee’s, se me dificulta un poco por la barrera del idioma y por lo confuso que resulta explicar situaciones de tan alta vibración, comprender el significado profundo que nos transmiten con éstas experiencias. Les pido disculpas y espero con el tiempo poder alinearme a su camino recorrido. Que la Luz los acompañe y proteja… Jisela

    • Random search on pyrite…


      Cubes consolidate energy, creating a foundation for intention and grounding. Naturally formed Pyrite squares like these can also transmute negative energy. Pyrite Cubes are great for grids, energy work, meditation, or decoration.

      Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Use Pyrite to block energy leaks and mend auric tears. Working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Pyrite is helpful for those having trouble with will-power, anxiety, and/or commitment. Used on the Third Eye, Pyrite strengthens mental abilities and awareness of higher forms of knowledge. Meditating with Pyrite can help one to overcome shyness, bringing a greater feeling of assertiveness, without becoming a bully.

      Pyrite is often used in prosperity rituals, due to it’s stimulating energies of manifestation. Pyrite is great for use in grids. Pyrite can help to forge an energetic connection between the Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye Chakras, which helps to bring ideas from the higher self down through the seat of the will, and ground it into reality.

      Pyrite also promotes good physical health and emotional well-being. Pyrite is helpful for any type of infection and can purify the systems of the body. Carry Pyrite in your pocket to protect you from both environmental pollution and physical danger, and to bring a feeling of increased vitality during times of hard-work or stress. If you are feeling overworked lately, with no end in sight, then Pyrite might be for you!

  3. Very “zen”! 🙂

    Something very simple that has a TON of meaning behind it…

    The cube is also a crystalline formation FWIW… Salt crystals, I think.

    One of the basic “building blocks” of life…

  4. Thank you for mentioning the Borg – that’s the name I was looking for earlier, and the imagery I got from the very first GLS dream I had, of seeing a huge silver-ish cube that was hollow inside 🙂

  5. How wonderful, Jisela, Carmencita, Troy & Maureen!!! Alright, I’m going to ask my Guides if I can please visit the Aeterna next time, and meet you all there… and if I may remember! It seems that I keep going to the Chimera, and it looks so much like a planet rather than a space ship…

    Ahhh… They just said, “The veil makes it look like you’re on Earth, but you’re very much on the Aeterna. And you need to believe… Doubt makes you (Leslee) come back to Chimera. When the “last one” returns, you will all dream alike.”

    (So, I’m asking who is “the last one”… Haha, They’re saying it’s my son Lucas… He is in most of my dreams… I guess I should invite him to come along with us!)

    This is such a wonderful experience to be sharing with all of you! I’m so honored and humbled to see our family finding one another again! Thank you all so much!

    • Something occurred to me that the galactic light ships represent a collective consciousness that have decided to become part of a ship… each system is it’s own intelligent energy, those systems then make up a larger collective intelligent energy, which is the Galactic Light Ship… and then what’s next? A collective intelligent energy of galactic light ships?

      So it probably doesn’t matter which ship you are on since they are all connected through collective consciousness!

      It is interesting how Star Trek created fear of this through the development of the “borg”… being part of a collective is not something to be feared, it feels that this is in fact the “natural order of things” as evidenced in trees, birds, and fish.

      Lucas is welcome on board the Aeterna any time Leslee – this is my formal invitation to him if one is needed.

  6. Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker |

    >Hello Maureen, would you like to comment on the experiences of the night of Saturday the 25th, 2012? I recall something happening, but I don’t remember what. There were a lot of people there… what were they doing?

    Hello Troy, it is lovely to connect with you. ….


    There is a strong veil at this time, you and your friends are experiencing a “disconnect” from all-that-is, which can translate into some unhappiness. Now that you have connected it sometimes can feel bad/sorrow-ful to do without. A small depression, and this is fine/natural. Do not be alarmed by it, as you will regain it as you work to regain it. As much as the void can be strenthened, so too can you strengthen your connection. It is a central part of the DNA re-attune-ment that is taking place at this time. Synapses connect, to reach out to the light, just as a plant, when poorly watered, might extend its roots further to the source of water. Light is becoming your sustenance, and you will notice when that sustenance is in short supply. This may give you more understanding of why other beings of light such as yourselves may have difficulty creating a material body on your planet. It is not for lack of desire, it is for lack of sustenance. In effect they would become very depressed to be disconnected from all-that-is.

    You have created waypoints for them to now join you closer to gaia. Many have been here all along, but you may also invite them on board your Galactic Light Ship to meet them in person, if you wish! They have been waiting for an invitation for a long time, and you may be surprised to find that they are just like you.

    You are correct that there is a template that human beings inhabit that many other beings inhabit, as intuited by Stephen Hawking. He is incorrect in thinking that there are a large number of Galactic beings who are “negative” in nature… this is simply not possible, given the fact that they must contain a certain amount of light to reach this stage, and progress through the trials of learning that the human race has done.

    >My understanding is that there are fourth density negative beings… reptillians, for example.

    They have been portrayed as negative but this is not the case. Part of the dying control system put in place to make you fear your past, present and future. Living in the now, there is no fear because whatever happens has already happened and will happen. It is living outside the template of time/space that has controlled your planet for so long…

    >Can you talk a bit about what happened on the Aeterna last night?

    I can indeed, Troy. Before any major effort, there is a meeting that takes place to coordinate the individuals who will partake in that effort. It would be unwise to state the contents of that meeting… for the same reason that the Rebel Forces in Star Wars required secrecy for their plans… or any force for that matter. You are all more than ready.

    >Okay, that sounds exciting Maureen. I understand there are cosmic alignments. I understand it could happen any moment, or it may already have happened.

    I think you get the general idea of it, Troy. Surprise is our ally.

    >Well, then, carry on, Captain Maureen… please make whatever preparations or upgrades you need to make to give us the most benefit. If there are specific upgrades you can make for my benefit, please do so.

    We have already upgraded to include a home for your beloved pegasus, and the translation module has also been installed as requested.

    >Thank you Maureen, my deepest gratitude to you!

    You’ll know what to do when the time comes… as you always have known in your heart.

    Goodnight, Troy, my love and gratitude to you.

    >Goodnight Maureen – my love to you and all who may wish to help.

  7. Jisela, you and I had a similar experience. I expressed my intent to have an experience that would benefit the most people, and went to sleep at 11:11 pm my time. As I was going to sleep, I saw a white cloud… Then I recall briefly that I was in a room with several other people. I feel we were quite busy. That was the end of the dream. Maybe you and I had the same intent, and were there on the ships helping others in their progression… It is an honor to serve this role at this time.

    You may wish to have an experience that will help you, or to help someone else… All is possible… ♥

    • ¡Mil gracias por tus palabras! Es un gran honor para mí poder`prestar cualquier servicio, aunque no lo recuerde… Como tu dices, seguramente la ayuda es para mi, al igual que puede ser para alguien más. Tu estás por delante de mi en este camino recorrido y te agradezco mucho la atención y el recibimiento (esto va por parte de Carmencita también). En amor y Luz, me despido

      • I am enjoying walking the same path with souls of light… If I am at all ahead, it is only to scout the path for dear friends, and enjoy the journey together. Namaste, en amor y luz…

  8. Queridos hermanos de la Luz y de la Confederación: Les cuento mi primera experiencia del 25. Dormí placenteramente y de repente ví que estaba en un recinto muy grande con techos muy altos que tenían una especie de columnas o tubos de luz que subían hasta arriba. Habían diferentes grupos y yo me desplazaba entre ellos conversando con cada uno de los grupos, pasándole una especie de información que no recuerdo ahora que era… Me despertaron a una hora precisa, y no entendí porque, pero, si me sentía con una profunda paz… Es un privilegio para mi participar en estos traslados de los sábados por la noche. Espero seguir participando y siento que cada vez podré ir recordando màs y más… Reciban mi amor e infinita gratitud!!

  9. Gracias a todos por esta oportunidad tan maravillosa! El sábado 25 mientras dormía me vi en un salón grande con muchas personas… Me recordaban un nombre: Peggy. No se a que se refiere esto, pero, como es la primera vez, es lógico que no recuerde, supongo que ha medida que participe en los viajes a las naves iré recordando… Así que sigo participando en esta iniciativa, mientras me sea permitido hacerlo.. Un amoroso saludo a todos!

  10. Hola! un saludo a todos. Quisiera incorporarme en este hermoso viaje y vivir esta maravillosa experiencia! Gracias!

  11. hahaha! My head is swimming in Spanish and Bulgarian!
    spiral = espiral = спирала
    center = centro (centramos?) = център
    light = la luz = светлина

  12. Hola, Hermanas! 😀
    (from Carmencita: I have a question, that maybe seems a little silly, but since it’s my first time. Well here goes: The trip is 24 to sunrise 25 or 25 at night to dawn on 26? Thank you!)
    (Son todos ustedes capaces de entender nuestra Inglés? …Estoy utilizando Google Translate) 🙂
    We trust that we will meet one another in our own dreamtime, so please sleep when you normally do… We trust that we will meet on Saturday night. Also, we sometimes find that we have very similar dreams, even if we do not remember seeing one another in our dreams. We compare notes on the following days, on several posts here.
    (Confiamos en que nos encontraremos unos a otros en nuestro tiempo de sueño propio, así que por favor dormir cuando lo hace normalmente … Confiamos en que se reunirá el sábado por la noche. También, a veces nos encontramos que tenemos sueños muy similares, aunque no recuerdo haber visto unos a otros en nuestros sueños. Comparamos notas en los días siguientes, en varios puestos aquí. )

  13. Hermanos: Siento una felicidad tan grande, como si voy a encontrarme con el Amor de mi vida! Estoy infinita y eternamente agradecida, esperando este momento con mucha PAZ, muy feliz internamente y con un gran amor. Miles de gracias a todos!

  14. El honor es nuestro. Estamos felices por tener la oportunidad de participar en esta experiencia. Gracias infinitas.

  15. Igual para nosotras!! Es un gran privilegio y sentimos una profunda alegría y gratitud el poder compartir esta gran experiencia…! Gracias por recibirnos!

  16. Hola, Soy Mary Isabel Guzmán. Mis saludos y agradecimiento infinito por tan importante labor de expandir la Luz a nuestra humanidad para el logro de la tan esperada Ascensión. Manifiesto mi firme deseo de participar en alguno de estos maravillosos viajes con nuestros Hermanos de la Confederación Intergaláctica. Infinitas Gracias.

  17. Thank goodness for Google Translate!!! 😀
    We are Light Workers and as such we offer support in whatever circumstances require it. A big hug to all and congratulations for this unique work!

  18. Gracias! Es para nosotros un gran honor y una gran responsabilidad poder participar en éstos acontecimientos de gran reelevancia para nuestro planeta en este cierre de ciclo en preparación para nuestra Ascensión. Somos Trabajadoras de la Luz y como tales nos ofrecemos para apoyar en cualquier circunstancia que lo precise. Un gran abrazo para todos y felicitaciones por ésta inigualable labor!
    Carmencita y Jisela

  19. Hee hee! I love it, I’m finally going to learn Spanish and Portuguese! (oh, did I ever tell y’all I eloped with a Brazilian in 1985… it only lasted 3 weeks, but the Salsa was fun!) 😉

  20. Hola! Un saludo a todos los hermanos de la Confederación. A través de este mensaje quiero manifestar mi deseo de participar en alguno de éstos viajes.
    Gracias mil!

  21. …Beautiful Blaze!…and there’s the Blue that i Ask to be Part of my Auric Bubbles,whenever i have to Step out of my Apartment and be with People…Blaze Looks to Peacefully and Protectively Gliding…Very Special,Lisa…Inwards & Upwards… 🙂

  22. Arcturian Teachings

    Group Mind Connections
    Suzan Carrol

    Please see Chapters 1 through 5 at:

    Chapter 6

    Arcturians: Jeffrees, our dear grounded one. Do you have a question for us?

    Jefferson: Yes I do. I was wondering why people receive extraterrestrial visitations and forget them?

    Arcturians: Our dear grounded ones forget their encounters with us because their earth brains are geared toward time. The illusion of time between the meetings creates the forgetfulness because their third dimensional thinking cannot understand that they are visiting us at the same “time” that they are living their mundane lives. The third dimensional concept of time does not allow for multiple realities in which two realities are running within the same “time” period. Once our grounded ones return their consciousness to that of the NOW of our ONE, they will remember all their encounters. Within the ONE, they can remember many encounters all within the same moment. This is because their multidimensional consciousness does not have the time limitations of your third dimensional brain.

    Jefferson: You are on a higher dimension, so you have more of an emotional, intellectual body type, right? But how about the physical contacts we have, face to face? Why do we forget such tactile sensations such as visual imprints and feelings?

    Arcturians: There are very few meetings in which we Arcturians lower our resonance to the frequency of third dimensional Earth, as that frequency of reality is very uncomfortable to us. Therefore, we usually communicate with our earth ones through their consciousness, during dreams or meditations. Sometimes we bring our grounded family aboard our Ship. However, because their sleeping and meditating consciousness is so much higher than that of daily life, they often forget that experience until they again hold that mundane state of consciousness. Do you understand what we are saying?

    Jefferson: Yes. How about meetings with Galactics whomeet with us physically? How come we forget such encounters? Are they purposefully erased from our awaken state?

    Arcturians: Most of the meetings are done by proxy, which means that a go-between person is used to collect the information from the higher frequencies and then translates it in a manner that humans of the third dimension can understand. Many of the physical meetings were not really physical. Instead, the human one blinked into the higher dimensions and did not realize that they did so. Therefore, they think it happened on the physicalplane, but in reality it was in a fourth dimensional resonance. Because the meeting is a reality slightly higher in frequency than the physical, a very long meeting can appear to only encompass a short period of physical time.

    Jefferson: That is interesting!

    Arcturians: These encounters are not erased. Instead, they are stored in your multidimensional mind. They will not “fit” into your human brain as the frequency is too high and your third dimensional brain cannot read the memory. Instead, the memory may be experienced in the third dimensional mind either as anxiety or depression, because the brain is being taxed to its limit by the higher frequency experience. If the grounded one surrenders to these uncomfortable feelings by calming their mind, a feeling of bliss will replace the anxiety and depression.

    Jefferson: Wow, that explains a whole lot!

    Arcturians: This is the reason why we are telling our grounded ones to consciously download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. This mental operating system is far superior to the third dimensional, sequential system. The higher dimensions do not operate in a sequential manner. They operate in circles, just like light travels in circles.

    Jefferson: Can I conclude that our memory has a reading, interpreting, remembering capacity that is equivalent to our level of consciousness and vibrational frequency?

    Arcturians: Yes, that is absolutely correct. This is also the reason why it is so important to raise your consciousness beyond the limitations of your 3D reality.

    Jefferson: How can one consciously download a more advanced operational system? Can they do it by meditating everyday, following their heart or how else?

    Arcturians: Once your consciousness is expanded to embrace the higher dimensions, your expanded perceptions will be activated. Hence, you will be able to perceive the higher worlds. However, it often takes multiple experiences of inter-dimensional travel before you can become adept at calibrating your perceptions to the frequency of your consciousness. It is then that you will begin to really remember your many meetings with us, as well as your own true multidimensional nature.

    The downloading of your Multidimensional Operating System is best accomplished by simply allowing yourself to surrender to the multidimensional light and unconditional love that you can perceive with your Third Eye and feel with your High Heart. The light is more directly perceived through your Third Eye and the love is best felt within your High Heart. It is through combining your opened Third Eye and High Heart that you can fully receive and translate your message from the ONE. Do you have another question?

    Jefferson: Would you please explain the idea of High Heart and lower heart? Many people think they only have one heart.

    Arcturians: Your human heart is the pump that allows your life-blood to flow through your system and keep your body alive. Its beating symbolizes that you are alive and its lack of beating symbolizes that you have died. Your High Heart is in your Spiritual/etheric field, and it holds your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love. You can see on some of the pictures of Jesus, the heart with the inner flame. This is the High Heart. Your physical body holds only one heart, but you are much more than your physical body. Your physical body is merely the anchor that allows your great multidimensional being to experience life on a third dimensional planet.

    Jefferson: I’ve heard the word ATMA before in oriental, Middle Eastern, spiritual literature, perhaps in the Bhagavad Gita. How do you define that word ATMA? Is it a sort of Oversoul, a sort of higher entity, or a sort of demi-God?

    Arcturians: The ATMA is the holder of the Divine Intention of your first eight cells. Within you is a file, like a computer file that will open whenever you are experiencing unconditional love. This unconditional love can read this file and help you to remember all the Wisdom, Power and Love that is within your Multidimensional SELF.

    Jefferson: Do you mean that the High Heart is the same as our physical heart, but used for greater, nobler purposes?

    Arcturians: The High Heart is not within your physical body, but within your aura, and yes it is the means by which you can pursue your most noble purposes.

    Jefferson: Do you mean our Higher Self is not in our physical body?

    Arcturians: Yes, it is the same thing. Our Higher SELF and High Heart are like the butterfly that is always within the caterpillar, but it is not obvious until the moment of transformation.

    Jefferson: I would now like to talk about being on a Star Ship so that our readers can get a feeling of how it might be to meet you on a Star Ship. You said that sometimes you bring your grounded family aboard your Ship. I know that Suzille has been on the Ship, but have I, Jefferson, been there?

    Arcturians: Yes, you have been aboard our ships before, which is why you have such curiosity about the higher worlds. You cannot totally remember your experience because the human brain usually creates a cover story about the experience. This cover story is not about being on a Star Ship, but is somewhat related. For example, once our grounded one dreamt that she bought a new truck and drove around in it. In reality, she had ridden around in a Star Ship. The Star Ship ride memory is still not too clear to her.

    Jefferson: For the sake of an example I will use myself to understand the processes. So how did it happen to visit you last time? Did I go to sleep and then appear there the next moment, or did my guide take me to your Ship?

    Arcturians: Your human form was asleep when you came, and, yes, your Guide did bring you.

    Jefferson: Wow, that is awesome. When did that happen?

    Arcturians: You can ask your guide to tell you what happened. That will be a good opportunity for you to think in terms of your Multidimensional Operating System.

    Jefferson: Oh, okay, but in general, when people go to your Ship, what sort of activities are they engaged in?

    Arcturians: It happened within the NOW. We know that this is very difficult for humans to think in terms of timelessness because your life is so ruled by time. However, there are certain things, such as visits to the higher dimensions that only happen outside of time. We could give a correlate date of, say, a month ago. However, that would not be correct, for how can you compare “time” in a flowing river with time standing on the bank watching the water flow past?

    Jefferson: Can you speak on the activities that are usually presented for the visitors?

    Arcturians: When they enter the Arcturian ships, they usually go first to the Restoration Chamber. The Restoration Chamber heals their physical, mental and emotional ills and allows the astral body to adjust to the higher frequency of the Starship. Your astral night-body is only fourth dimensional, whereas our Ships are fifth through eighth dimensional. Because of this discrepancy in frequency, the frequency of your astral body will need to be raised by entering the Restoration Chamber. On the other hand, if you have meditated to merge with a component of your Multidimensional SELF who lives on the Ship, you will more easily adapt to the frequency of our Ship. Once you are refreshed from the Restoration Chamber, you are guided on a tour of our Ship. Of course, not every area of the Ship is open to the visitors.

    Jefferson: Now…I wasn’t expecting to hear that…that is sweet! There is a procedure well thought out so that the interaction can smoothly take place.

    Arcturians: There are personal living areas, places where people are working and areas where a visitor would compromise technical operations. Some visitors only go to the Restoration Chamber and then return to Earth to ground their wonderful experience. Members of our crew also go to the Restoration Chamber when they feel a need. They can, also, go to the Stargate Portal where they can instantly visit their Homeworld. They leave the Ship “outside of time.” This means that no matter how long they are on their journey, they are only off the Ship for a few seconds.

    Jefferson: Do the visitors to your ship get to hear your public relations and spiritual messages?What could have happened to me as far as activities?

    Arcturians: There are indeed “classes” that our visitors can attend. However, they “sign” up for them, as there is a level of dedication that is needed for that process to expand their consciousness. Again, they are out of time in that they only leave their physical reality for an eye blink, but experience a sense of “time” on the ship. In reality, there is no time here, but the concept is difficult for grounded ones. Therefore, they often “make up” a sense of time.

    Jefferson: I see.

    Arcturians: Experiences are totally dependent on the intention and desire of the visitor. When our channel enters the ship, she desires to know the Ship like a crewmember knows the Ship. You, on the other hand, wanted to ask questions and gain answers. The answers are often beyond the limitations of your third dimensional brain, but they are stored in your Multidimensional SELF until you are able to “read that experience.”

    Jefferson: Oh lovely, thanks. A grounded one, as you refer to it, is a person that before incarnating had ties with the Arcturians? Or can it be anybody who enjoys the UFO phenomena? (Considering that you spoke of a level of commitment to access different levels of interactions)

    Arcturians: A grounded one is any Multidimensional Being who holds a physical vessel. Please remember that ALL Beings are multidimensional. Therefore, every grounded one is actually a Multidimensional Being. It is only on your third dimension that this fact is not known. Our Ship is biological and communes with every visitor. It is a living being who can read the thoughts and feelings of all the visitors and crewmembers. It totally cares for itself and for those who visit and live within it. In fact, our Spaceship feels more like a planet than a vessel.

    Regarding the commitment level that you spoke of, we have no third dimensional rules of deserving. The signing up for the classes is an action of dedication to SELF that the ones attending the classes need to recognize. It can be difficult for some to “sign up” for a class because they don’t believe that they deserve such an honor. By asking them to sign up for the class they must face their own insecurity. Often, they will enter the Restoration Chamber to heal the source of that wounding.

    Jefferson: Wow. Amazing!

    Arcturians: We appreciate communicating with you, and will be honored to return for more conversations.

    Jefferson: It is been a great pleasure and honor to talk to you today Arcturians! Fly high in the sky until 3D time allows us to meet again in this or any other ways. I can’t wait to ask you more next week.

  23. Hi all,
    GLS Blaze is a bio-ship that hosts creativity…like art, music anything that gives pleasure in creating marvelous things. Last night I was very busy to set up a lot of things in GLS Blaze even though I don’t remember, I just remember being very very busy to accommodate you all in the holo-deks where you can create whatever you want, even a beautiful nature park if you want.

  24. Hola! Desde aquí un saludo a todos los hermanos de la Confederación y canales! Además expresando mi respetuoso deseo de asistir a alguno de éstos maravillosos viajes!

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