Astral Travels (May 2012)

Thread for Astral Travels in May 2012


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  3. How It All Ties Together
    (Leslee’s dream from May 1, 2012)

    I appear in the dream as if in an Middle-Eastern-looking city that’s familiar to me. A bossy old woman and a young multi-racial girl accompany me, and it seems as if it’s a sort of home-coming.

    First I visit a tiny apartment in a dusty, hot, sand-colored worker district. I go from room to room, seeing how the place has changed… I close the window blinds for privacy from the nosy neighbors, and check on a little girl & a crawling baby to see how they are getting along… The place is messy, but I’ve been very busy. 

    I tell them I’m sorry I’ve been away and left my dear friends neglected… and they are like my children, too… I’m a man who has been away working… Their mother is dead, and the babysitter needs help…

    The dream shifts…

    Now I’m in an older Eastern-European city, approaching a large mansion (this is the same mansion I dreamed about twice within the last week or so). I’m still with the bossy old woman and now a little boy, but now I’m female, and apparently I’m “Leslee” again… 

    Once again I’m going from room to room, seeing what’s changed… I have so many memories of being small, growing up here… Why did I ever leave? 

    Oh… I wanted to get away and help others, and also I was bored… I knew I could come back, but I didn’t intend to be away for so long… 

    (Now, as I’m typing the dream, I can feel Heruka’s presence… And He shows me that the intimidating gray-haired man in earlier dream was ME: before I went into the dream of Leslee’s life… That’s why I needed to hide from him in that dream!) 

    I wander through old rooms, it’s a long time since I visited… There is an upper-floor room filled with reminders of experiences in other lifetimes: China, Tibet, Meso-America, North America, Egypt…

    …Frozen lands, desert lands, forest lands… Lifetimes as animals, people, spirits… Lifetimes filled with power and weakness… Lifetimes spent alone and with large families, isolated and with large communities…

    I fondly dust off some of the items (small carved jade Buddhas) and say my temporary good-byes again, as I prepare to leave this place once more…

    In this dream, now I am the gray-haired man again, rising briefly from the dream that is Leslee’s life, to pay a visit, and to remind myself and others…

    This is why Leslee’s in no hurry to go back to being the gray-haired man. That life in Telos is not what I want either, except in that life I’m wealthy and have comfortable conditions (except for the bossy lady)… 

    Sometimes we need to learn to set boundaries and hold fast to our aspirations in Telos, too, just like here on (surface) Earth…

    In Telos there is beautiful architecture and streets of beautiful stone, lined with trees and old houses, filled with gentle people…

    I’m remembering I come from a Telosian family with expectations and responsibilities… Even as leaders in a “perfect” society, we must perform roles that may become boring and tedious…

    (The dream fades, and Heruka explains further, once I’m awake:)

    Ascending beyond the body is the only way to escape this cycle of frustration and confusion, so we have all, at various times, agreed to try to tolerate that… Until enough of us finally agree to awaken from the dream that is Gaia (Telosian, Agarthan, or otherwise…)

    Once we awaken from that dream, we will all be of the Light once more, and can rest and reflect and commune lovingly and openly again…

    Once the massive shift comes, each of us will be able to decide whether we wish to begin a new series of dreams in a new world, or whether we wish to return into the light for a “while”…

    There is nothing to fear because it is all truly illusory…

    Our bodies and this world are a fantastic creation that we have all participated in… We have done a magnificent job of playing out our roles…

    Many of us are tired of the dream, but many are still enjoying it and want to see the final outcome of the illusory “battle” between “Good” and “Evil”…

    Enough of us have reached the point of exhaustion that we are about to be granted a pause in the dream… During this pause, those who wish to return to the Light will have that opportunity, and those who wish to continue to play, will be provided that option…

    The re-set Game will begin once again, with a level playing field and equanimity of roles…

    These days are the times in which each of us is making our own decisions about what we wish to “do” next.

    • What a great dream. Regarding our choices… this is something I’ve had in the back of my head too Leslee. Jesus says stop making choices!

      …sure Jesus easy for you to say!

  4. Good morning, everyone 🙂
    I can remember a little part of my dream

    I was with some friends and a woman at the same building with the huge windows/where I met the man with the mustache before/
    The woman said “Look at these gorgeous clouds” I remember the sky and the clouds, they were just as Konstantinos has showed us, the cloud ships, some looked like steam/the way Leslee has shown them/ and some were like i have seen them yesterday…the sense of something great that is about to occur was there in my dream

    Then I went downstairs to the first floor where there was a huge dancing hall, the hall was full of Greek dancers and artists, they were somehow Blue…their costumes were strange/they were like moving plastic statues/, as if they were not humans from this Earth, all of them were tall and slim and I heard no noise, just a quiet sound from the presence of a large amount of people

    I woke up just before the mass visualization time without the help of the alarm clock and visualized our FREEDOM

    Love and Light

    • Whoa! Wow, Tauno! I need to be quick because I haven’t gone to bed yet, but while you were sleeping, I took a couPle hundred pictures of the clouds in the sunset… And there’s some Ghost Radar I will put in a separate post, having to do with “dinner” and “plastic”… I’ll post everything from yesterday through now… I will be VERY curious to see if the words that came while you were sleeping match your dream!!! I’ll go do that now… 3xL!

      • So, the woman was you, Les! Wonderful ! I will be outside today but I will read what you have discovered as soon as I am back
        Love and Light to you and to all friends here 🙂
        ( ( SUN ) )

        • Just posted it! If you were asleep at 11:00pm (your time), that is when the word “plastic” appears… 🙂 (That’s 4:00 pm/ 16:00… If I remember correctly…)

          • I was asleep at about 1:00am so the connection with “plastic” came later…which is a proof that I have received the energy, Les! It is amazing! See you soon! Have a nice flight!
            Love and Light, my dear sister!

  5. DREAM ~ 4 MAY  2012


    (Leslee’s dream from Friday night)

    I’m in a small classroom (like a science lab) with 3 men of varying ages, and a girl of about 12 years. The teacher enters the classroom, and after some brief instructions, produces a magic wand.

    The wand is all plastic, a white rod with a pink/red star at the tip, and a handle that looks like a black doll’s shoe. She hands the wand to the girl, and as the girl waves it, the dream shifts.

    Once the other students are sorted, I find myself “flying” with the teacher high above a city. As we float through the clouds, I look down and see block after block of dirty, brown, sad-looking towers.

    We near a ship, and the teacher is now appearing in a very exaggerated costume. I can only see the portion of the ship right in front of me, but I sense it is quite large.

    The part I can see is caricatured to look like the gondola of a hot-air ballon, and the whole scene, including the teacher, look like something out of the movie “Alice in Wonderland” (Anne Hathaway & Johnny Depp version) or “the Adventures of Baron Munchausen”. The cloaking device appears as a curtain, the gondola is a basket, and the teacher appears to be wearing a powdered wig, make-up and ball-gown with hoop skirts.

    As we approach, I notice a black metal tray attached to the rail of the gondola. As the teacher gestures, letters come flying through the sky and drop into the tray, and the tray slides along the rail. All the while the teacher is singing or humming a very light-hearted tune (although she looks a little worried).

    Once the letters stop arriving, the teacher gestures again, and a large, odd-looking drum appears floating in space. It could be the main capsule of a satellite, or a very large and high-tech looking barrel of ice cream…

    The teacher smiles, flourishes her hand, and the drum plummets towards Earth.

    I gasp, terrified that it will land on and kill someone in the city below… The teacher smiles and explains that by the time it reaches the street, it will be the size of a small drink cup, and it will be sure to miss hitting anyone.

    I have the impression that the drum is a recording device.

    After the drum falls out of my view, the dream fades.

  6. Hello, Everyone. I am Sar. Nice to meet you. Today, as yesterday, I dreamed that someone gives me something to read. I read very carefully to understand what it says.Unfortunately I do not remember anything now. What I remember from the rest of my dream is that I met the father of my son, and between us there was so great harmony which was not far. We both decided to go to take our son from school. This is my dream briefly because I can not remember the datails.
    Love and Light to everyone

  7. Hi everyone,
    How was your weekend, I got a hell of weekend. Because it is a really long story, you can read it on my page. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 😀

    Love Lisa

    • Hi Vee,
      How is everything with you my sister? Everything OK?
      I hope you had a better weekend 😀 (even though it was for me a hell of a weekend , I kinda enjoyed because of all the craziness that was going on)


  8. Hi, Everyone! Happy Monday!
    I still need to find some time to sort through the other dreams I had on Saturday, but I did want to share that it seems that the woman I met on Friday night is Adrial, from Starship Athabantian… Tauno, does this resonate with you?
    Once I got that message, I went and read up on Mark Kimmel’s posts on Cosmic Paradigm (, and I sent him a brief email (no word back yet)… And I’m finding I’m very hesitant to make this claim!
    So, feedback is welcome, and I look forward to checking with Teo’Na & Lhamo Dorje ti learn more… 🙂
    3xL, everybody!

    • Adrial…Add…Admiral…Athabantian…A…Ashstar
      I remember a woman showing me the clouds….I was in a building, quite high with big windows…perhaps a space ship, you have dreamed a woman flying in clouds….a woman / having an Admiral qualities of the character was selling shampoos and magazines/…I remember being instructed by Ashtar Command….yes, perhaps I had a connection with Adrial
      Thank you for sharing, dear Les! It is helpful
      ( ( LIGHT ) )

      • Hello, everyone! I would like to share my dream with you. I was in space
        near the Mother Eart, I could see through it and I saw high green trees and the
        sky and the clouds. I think the ship was made of some kinds of cristals, I stayed
        in front of something by which you would run the ship, all the apparatus was made
        of cristals and they shined so beautifully. I was alone in the ship but I knew that
        someone has left me there to see all this.
        front of the

  9. Hi, everyone! I saw a huge bright golden craft last night in my dream, it was amazing, the craft did not have a clear shape, like a rough natural piece of gold, it shined with little bright points

      • Hey, Les! Did you noticed something about an hour ago? I had a brief connection with ALGIZ asking for a connection with OcaTAwa, I felt Her energy but I am under a stress all day, thunderstorms, everyday problems and I could not experience a deep meditation, only an energy link

        • Hi, Dear Tauno!
          Well, an hour before you wrote this, I was in a busy meeting, so I didn’t notice anything… But I keep OcaTAwa carefully wrapped in my handbag, so she was at least nearby… 🙂
          However, I just sat with jer for a few moments, and “saw” a rapid succession of shapes & transitions… Let’s see…
          First I saw a butterfly shape of light, that lighter in the ground and transformed into a sort of “X” made of thin tapered wing-shapes… Then from the center of the X, I felt and saw a shaft of light going from my heart chakra up into the sky, and within that shaft I could see a chevron pattern like OcaTAwa has, in purples and grays and whites… I could feel powerful energy circulating between my heart chakra and the shaft…
          Then, very quickly one after the other, the shape at the base of shaft became one of the salt cystal Merkabas, like on Lisa’s page…. It spun around, and a rainbow like the one I saw yesterday arced over it, then in a flash it all faded.
          Next I saw a glade in a forest, and a close-up view of three gray-silver trees (I could only see the trunks – more shafts), situated to form an isosceles triangle… The Merkaba appeared again in the center of the triangle, floating just above the ivy that filled it… Then it turned into a low dome of energy… Above the dome appeared a horizontal gold diamond shape (4 points & sides, like a squished square), with an orb of gray light hovering over it. The diamond transformed into the X again, but this time the X was there-dimensional: try to imagine a spider, but with only four legs and no body…the orb began to glow gold, and the shaft of light reappeared, from the orb up to the sky…

          Wow it all happened so fast: in about 2-3 minutes… I hope I got it all in the right order!

          So we’ll see if any of that appears elsewhere today!
          Love & light and brilliant sun to you and Bulgaria today! 😀

          • Thank you, my dear Friend !
            WOW, you saw my friends, they are huge pine trees, I think I have sent you a picture of them when they were covered with snow
            ivy – YES! I walk by a tree and an ivy around its trunk every day, I have sent this picture to the mind of the Sun in meditation
            Spider – I have also seen a spider like sign showed me by Leos
            ALGIZ has become brighter recently and I can see in it, it has a grey-violet light
            X – you have seen the Rune Gebo which means that a cooperation has been achieved, a very positive Rune
            ALGIZ and OcaTAwa work in cooperation as we do, dear Les!
            All of us in this wonderful moment are working together!

  10. Hi Tauno,
    Amazing dream… didn’t had a ride in it 😀

    Gold: The golden color reflects a spiritual reward, richness, refinement and enhancement of your surroundings. It also signifies your determination and unyielding nature.


    • Hi, dear Lisa! I was making a telepathic contact with this craft in my dream, I remember a communication going on but I woke up and I remember only this part of the dream

  11. Hello, everybody
    I would like to share my dream with you. I was in a ship which I could see through it. I saw the sky, the clouds, the high green trees, the grass. I think it was made of crystal. I stood for something that ran the ship, all the istruments were bright crystals. They shined so beatuiful! I was alone, but I knew that somebody has left me alone to see the ship.

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  13. Good Morning, dear friends
    here is my dream of last night
    I was teaching some teens how to plant flowers and I was working at a small garden, the soil was dry, it looked more like sand /and I cannot remember why I have written on the sheet of paper the name RA, after I woke up I wrote some words down and I have written “RA”/
    I was explaining to the teens that they have to plant the flowers so that to form a specific shape ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ something like that and there must be yellow daisies into each ^ of this row
    Then I heard the words “THE THEME VREME” /a mix between English and Bulgarian language/ and after I woke up I wrote them too on the blank sheet of paper
    the word VREME in Bulgarian means – TIME
    This is all that I remember
    Love and Light 🙂

    • Hi everybody! Hi, Tauno
      I think your dream is a message to you or to all of us. I think that it means you are
      ready to deliver the Universal Knowledge to the people. Although the earth is dry,
      that may means that the people need to have water or food ( knowledge ) and we
      can water this soil, their soul. Everything in the Devine has its own harmony and order,
      and you know about this, as we all. And the message from Ra is you can teach the
      people how to find this harmony and how to make this order, because in fact it is so simple.
      And it is really time to do this. Because there is not so much time, and a lot of people
      are waiting this food for the soul, althogh they could not realise this.
      I can not say what I have dreamed this night, I can not remember anything.

      • Thank you, my dear Sar, all of us are receiving that guidance and knowledge because we are Showing the Way, what one does affects all others , I think that we will have a direct connection with RA
        Love and Light, my dear friend!

  14. Hi all,

    I hope your weekends went well. I didn’t remember much of my dreams, to much details , and in such a weird combination that I forgot most of it:

    After the intention made I don’t remember much about the first dream I had. Only that I was TIME traveling and I could create things with my mind out of thin air. I remember a baby, but I can relate this to what end.

    The second dream is also a bit vague, the only thing I remember is that the second group that we were competing with, had something from us. And through persistence we got it back and won. (here I had a feeling, or knowing.. I don’t know how to explain it, but this info came through, something about the prosperity programs being ready for take off, I don’t remember exactly the content)

    Then I am in the streets, there is some kind of festival going on. I see a red dragon, the one you see in Chinese festivals, come by. I was representing Belgium and they choose me as a winner. Then I felt so homesick to Belgium. End of dream.

    Tauno, you had also a remarkable dream, I noticed one parallel with my dream and that is TIME.

    Troy , you had an amazing dream too. Maybe it means they are stepping up the plate?

    I just had one question? Do you sometimes experience , like when you close your eyes, or just when you wake up, you see kinda of a white flash or flashes. When I woke up from this dream, I was trying to remember the dream when suddenly a kinda of orange-yellow-white circle flashed, it looked almost like when you turn on a flashlight. I also had times I only saw white flashes.

    Love and Light

    • Hi, dear Lisa, indeed we are dealing with TIME, I was thinking this morning about our astral work – what we are doing is cleaning the astral plane and filling it with more Light, and this is conscious effort because we expressed an intent to be so, all levels of our existence need cleaning and more people participate more Light will come and we will accelerate the whole process this way
      And about the flashes – yes, it is quite normal sign that you are making progress in your spirituality and the veil fades … now we feel the presence of the world of Spirit around us , it has ever existed but now we are becoming aware of it
      Love and Light, my dear Lisa!
      hope to read the dreams of the rest of our team soon 🙂

      • HI Tauno,
        Thanks for the explanation… it is quite promising then that we are spiritual advancing and quite exciting of your explanation about the flashes. I just can’t wait to return. I think I will wait for another million years before doing this again. 😀
        Anyway, time won’t exist and that will feel like it just lasted maybe a decade 😀
        I don’t think I would resist going on adventure again that long.

        I am also hoping to read about other dreamflights.

        Love and light, Lisa

    • !!!! Wow Lisa, the white flashes were actually the first part of my vision with the path leading to the UFO. I forgot to include that here, but posted this on my blog.

      My personal feeling on these flashes is that this might be seen as going through a portal, if you’ve ever seen the intro to the recent Dr. Who series, I think that’s pretty much what’s happening. But to us it’s much faster than what is depicted here.

      • Thank you for the video, dear Troy! The same flashes in my meditations but in slower pace, as I am flying through this portal of blue flashes around it

  15. Good morning everyone!
    I don’t remember my dreams. I only remember that in one dream I seemed to be repeating the same thing over and over. I find it interesting to read about the flashes of light. I get those a lot, usually during meditation or before falling asleep. Tauno your dream was very interesting and I like Sar’s interpretation.

    • Hi, dear Vee, thank you for sharing the “repeating” part, in fact it is the clue connected with my dream, the row of flowers was something like a chain with repeated parts….hm, i think about the picture of the crop circle that Troy shared/the path/ and also i think about a DNA chain…yes, and the yellow daisies are Light activations into the chain, YeLLOW DAISY = SUN = Energy of RA…is it possible that this dream confirms the great incoming of light from the Galactic Central Sun on 20 May 2012…
      and teaching part – yes, dear Sar, you are right…I am one of you all here, we are showing the way …
      WOW this is a message 🙂

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  18. Good morning, my dear friends
    Here is my dream

    I saw a huge forest and some robbers attacked and stole all the clothes and everything from a man and a woman that were going through the forest. The woman and the man had to reach the town, they were very confused but continued walking. as they reached the end of the forest there was a factory there and the workers were going home after work, one of the workers was the Italian young man who I saw in one of my previous dream when I was in a cafe with a woman, the worker was tired and the expression of his face was serious.
    The man and the woman decided to ask for some clothes from the workers so that to reach the town dressed with something, they sat on the ground and waited for the workers to near them

    At the same time I was a young boy living in a wooden hut in the forest with my….aunt I guess, the same landlady from the wooden hut that I saw in one of my previous dreams when I was going up the stairs of the hut, the woman looked like the seller of shampoos and newspapers from previous dreams…

    End of the dream

      • Illuminati were the robbers and these two people were humanity that was robbed by them, and the workers are all of us Light workers, we work really hard and we are tired but it is the end of the working day, a new day is about to come, there is another way…into the Joy of Living 🙂

        • ~I Love It!…It Is True about How Long the Day & Nights have Been,at Times…I May Just do the 7th Meditation on Sunday, from the Series of Tom Kenyon…Thank You for Sending Us them…It has Taken me a while to do them…I Am Grateful,Tauno~

          • I am grateful, too, Babajij
            I am sure you were in my dream…somewhere in the wooden hut…you are the gate keeper
            I am also noticing that when you are on ALGIZ or OcaTAwa or TULYA you dream of forests, gardens and mountains….in Nature….is this information true for you, check with your own heart, my dear friend 🙂
            Wow, and my moss agate was near GLS ALGIZ this night, Les, it is amazing
            Love and Light

            • ~The Forests Resonate!…when i Read Ur Dream that You Posted about the Couple in the Forest, I Could See the Forest and felt Sad for the Couple…I Grow Many Plants and Flowers in My Earthly Space,where I Now Live…Inside a House,they Need Our Help to Grow and Make It a Good Habit to Take Care of Them… 😀 ~

    • Wow, Tauno, this seems more like a “Lisa-dream” than one of yours! What a confused mess… Thank goodness things are clearing! I’ve had some experiences with forests and pure clean Gaia this week too… I think it may be preparing us for living without fossil fuels and re-connecting with nature… How wonderful!

  19. Hi good afternoon everyone,

    What an exciting day for the solar eclipse. After I stated my intention I got following dream. It was dark and I was lying next to my husband when he suddenly wakes up, confused and seeing things. I calm him down and say that this is because of the sun eclipse happening. Then I am teleported through time and landing in a scientist labs, surrounded by scientists. They were quite surprised to see me turn up out of nothing and asking what was happening. I said: this is because of the solar eclipse happening in the future, it is there 20 may 2012. They asked if we could handle such a big responsibility. I say yes because there are a lot of starseeds and lightworkers now on the surface of Earth to help out. I was standing behind a desk, and one of the scientist was standing left of me asking for some prove. So I started to levitate towards him. I also made some backwards flips to show him I also could live my life backwards. Then I had to go backwards again to live forward again. I am back again in my house and I am standing in the living room looking at our round shaped big window. My husband was in the kitchen and my oldest daughter in the back, when suddenly the big round windows starts to crack very badly and I told my husband to take our daughter and run and I will follow. (It looks I still hold on to things) But I couldn’t resist taking my laptop and was looking for my spiritual diaries. And then I woke up. In the distance I can hear somebody’s kid screaming. I fell asleep again and had following dream: I saw my parents closing a glass door and that one starting to crack also.
    Then I was lying on a bed and I was tricked by someone. A lady is giving my something and puts the needle in my arm. It is a drug that forces my etheric body to live my 3D body. They want to use my body to commit some crimes. They are planning to do something similar like 9/11, but with a difference they want to target multiple cities. I find out that with my etheric body I can make it visible and solid but also invisible and hard to detect. So then I started to sabotage there efforts to do their crimes, so that they always fail. The last dream I was in a big tour bus and there were some kids trying to brake everything in the bus. But the bus driver was still driving and I thought: why isn’t he stopping. Then when I looked outside I saw a police car comes aside us. End of dream.

    I hope you will have a wonderfull and exciting day. Love lisa

    • Struggle and aggression=dynamic is the common feature that I can find between your and my dream, dear Lisa, it is maybe a sign that the dark ones keep on resisting the new energies and still continue to cause damage…but finally you saw the police 🙂 and my characters – the end of the forest…they came onto a new road and into the Light and the robbers disappeared 🙂

    • Wow, Lisa, your bus ride reminds me of a dream I had the morning right before 9/11… I visualize all being well.
      The time theme resonates deeply with me and some things I’ve learned this week… I think I’ll share it in a fresh comment here… I’m so grateful that you’re such a powerful emissary for light in your dreams!!!

      • Hi Leslee,
        Yes, it seems that my dreams are always be quite eventful, a spiritual Indiana Jones 😀 I must say sometimes my dreams get me pretty upset when I wake up, but when I wake up , I can transmute it into love instead like in the beginning getting angry. Because I am transmuting a lot these days. What I also forgot to mention is , before I got my first dream, I felt like I was mentally pushed by ?….it was really scary feeling, but I managed to block that attack? Oh…and when I was in my living room, I went first to a big toilet, releasing and clearing. I just wondering, the window of my living room was kinda big and half round, maybe I was on Blaze, because I remember that it was just dark outside.

        There is so much going on right now, and everything is becoming stronger. The built has begun. Look forward to other revelations coming through.


      • Oh, and I think I forgot to tell you that I’m pretty sure Blaze “appeared” for me a week or two ago… I keep meaning to post the photos… HUGE!!! 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,
      I guess you needed to let them know we are handling things! You also showed them that you are aware of who you are and what you are capable of. I seem to remember another dream of yours when you were stuck with a needle.

      • Hi Vee,

        That is indeed true, one of my other dreamflights I got stuck with a needle and forced my to having a OBE, maybe they just training me how it feels out of the body? That we can do so much more, new earth…maybe we can do so much more in our new body. Who knows, but we are getting there pretty quick to find out for ourselves. 😀

  20. Hi, Everyone! My, what a week! I can’t recall any dreams from last night, but did have a couple wild ones earlier, as well as some new insights/info received, and this seems the place to share it all, so here goes…

    On Friday night I dreamt that I was in what I would call the Charnel Grounds – the area of the mandala that has a bizarre, somewhat disturbing appearance… I was visiting a small house in a neighborhood of many similar small wooden houses (not exactly huts, but maybe related to your huts, Tauno?). There was a party going on, and some very colorful characters. All the furniture and things about the house were in topsy-turvy locations or being used in odd ways. There was a strange young fellow there whom I was trying to talk with, but he was very distracted looking for his kitten. Finally, I found the kitten, under a fallen porch-swing on the porch… INSIDE the huge throat of a big gray housecat who had swallowed it and another kitten! I was able to reach in and pull out one of the kittens, but the other one got swallowed, and the cat assumed some very serpent-like qualities… Quite surreal!

    I’ve seen a lot of incredible clouds and we’ve had some uncanny storms come through the city… I’ve had the constant sense of being surrounded by space craft, an accompanied by dear friends. There’s been a sense of drama, relief, concern, and levity, as if all the energies here are changing moment by moment…

    I’ve realized that many craft are there but invisible, but we can look for clues because when they jump about they can still leave currents in the atmosphere…

    I’ve connected with Adrial of Athabantian, and been asked to convey information to those who are ascending, to help them further raise their vibrations… In the process of beginning to understand this connection, I’ve realized that, as Tauno says, TIME is very significant now… Some of us are future and past “selves” of our brethren hovering among us, and disclosure depends on the convergence of time so that we can meet, as well as other factors we’ve all been wondering about. This applies to Telos, Agartha, Shambala, etc., as well. Much fun to be had with *that* brain-teaser! ;D

    I’m putting together a new site that will host most of the Athabantian material I share, but I’m sure there will be overlaps to here and other blogs… And I’m also being called to return to the Tulya Crew explorations and work (of course it connects with the Easter Islands statues, etc.), and flesh that out a bit more… As well as the Crop Circles, of course.

    Tauno, RA is connected there somehow, but I can’t tell yet how…

    Ok, I feel a really strong urge to post an updated Ghost Radar glossary before I go to sleep tonight, so I’m off for a while to work on that. I think you’ll all enjoy some of the meanings that have been coming together!

    Boundless love & light to all of you dear friends, brothers & sisters! :mrgold:

    • Yes, Leslee, it looked like a wooden house in the forest, there was not a party there, the landlady was talking with the boy – me, it is strange that borrowing in dream time, I am him and at the same time I watch from a distance, I was each of my characters in this dream excluding the robbers 🙂 of course , I only saw the robbers running away
      Love and Light, my friend

    • Thank you Les for sharing your dream. Friday while sky watching, I felt there were many space craft in the sky.

      • Yes, Vee!!! Sometimes it feels like there are so many, I wonder how the sunlight reaches us, lol! I also feel strongly that they pulse/flicker very quickly… I keep getting glimpses of things up there… 🙂

      • Les, you can find info about the nature of Lightworkers there and the answer of the question what our connection with RA is
        Relatives on the horizon 🙂 here, I must go, dear friends, see you later in dreamtime tonight
        ALGIZ is ready to fly
        I prepared my Labradorite and OLA for the meditation, will set the alarm clock

  21. Saturday Night, I met an ex-CIA agent, he was in his mid-50’s, aryan-brown hair, wearing a blue plaid shirt and dark sunglasses. Long face, average build, maybe a bit shorter than I am (5’10”). We had a fairly serious conversation about current events, as well as the road ahead, although I don’t remember what we talked about. It felt like we were sitting in a room backstage at a theater, but it was THE backstage to everything going on, outside of time/space. It was a fairly urgent conversation. Like events were being coordinated very tightly together, one after the other.

    I felt this might have been “Cobra,” although he didn’t give me a name, and I didn’t recognize him.


    Last night I met Adrial of the Athabantian. She had chestnut-brown hair and delicate, elongated human features, Around 5 feet tall. I felt she was elvish, I saw gossamer dragonfly-like wings folded behind her. She was wearing brown/tan clothing. Again, a serious conversation, and I can’t remember what we discussed. This was less urgent than the last dream but just as important.

    • Hi, Troy
      Do you remember that I had several dreams in which I was being instructed by Ashtar Command/I am quite sure about this/, is it possible this man in your dream to represent Ashtar
      And about your second conversation with Adrial – i remember a similar Being from the Angelic or Elvish realms dressed in green, so beautiful and she was talking with me , I do not remember anything from these conversations
      Love and Light

      • About the first guy, I really have no idea, he just seemed like a regular guy. Actually he kind of reminded me of an older version of Konstantinos – maybe it was his dad?

        The second woman, it “felt” like Adrial but may not have been – this is just what seems to make the most sense to me. Leslee may be able to confirm, it’s possible this is someone else, OR someone I will meet in the near(-ish) future.

    • What cool dreams, Troy! I’m not getting a clear read on the fellow, but it occurs to me to wonder aloud if it might also have been American Kabuki… ?

      I’m getting a “Yes” from Adrial, with an explanation… Adrial is actually 9th dim/density, so may assume any form… I’m kinda chuckling because I was corrected last night: Apparently Adrial is more male than female! We see whatever form will best relate to us, to help convey the intended message… So as a result, we’re encouraged to continue to develop our abilities to recognize beings by their energy signatures (spirits cannot counterfeit that very well… I they try, the result will appear grotesque to us…). Developing that skill will help us with developing our telepathy, also… (cool!)

      When I was interviewing Adrial through Mark, I asked if I understood the dream that I had (about Adrial appearing as a Marie Antoinette-like woman, in a hot-air balloon), and the reply, after a pause, was “Well enough for now.” it seems everything has many layers of significance…

      So, yes, Tauno, that was who you met as well! Maybe Adrial appears as Brad Pitt just for Vee!!! 😉

      • Thanks Leslee, the two energies “American Kabuki” and “Cobra” seem very closely linked (even though they sometimes appear at odds), what you say resonates, it occurred to me that this might have been AK.

        Regarding “energies” I completely agree, this might help others in other areas. I have always been aware of energies on blog posts. This kind of comes across as different “colors” on the page although it is much more than that. Perhaps this is the resonant soul frequency, for example, in our “true” light orb form, this is the color we would look like at that time. It is a similar process to seeing auras but it’s slightly more pronounced, because we are putting our energy on the page.

        (I hope that makes some kind of sense…)

        Not 100% sure on who the woman was, I guess they like to give us some kind of confirmation that things are indeed happening, even though we can’t know at this point in time what lies ahead.

        • Things are happening, dear Troy! Maybe you were in OcaTAwa or ALGIZ, the energies are the same of the Mother and ALGIZ, the caves, the woods and gardens, green and violet…oh, I saw two yellow daisies this morning in the bushes, wild ones , nobody has planted them, it is a sign from RA/ do you remember the dream when I was teaching the teens to plant flowers in the sand/
          Love and Light

      • Elvish look. A. Ashtar, Adrial….many common clues,
        “So as a result, we’re encouraged to continue to develop our abilities to recognize beings by their energy signatures (spirits cannot counterfeit that very well… I they try, the result will appear grotesque to us…). Developing that skill will help us with developing our telepathy, also… (cool!)”
        Quite on target, commander Les!
        Very, very good!
        Love and Light
        Earthquakes and thunderstorms here, please, send LIGHT
        Thank you!

    • Wow Troy that is awesome, amazing…cool dream. Adrial looks beautiful as how you describe her, would love to meet her. Ofcourse everything is now getting urgent and it won’t stop either.

      Love lisa

  22. Tauno and Troy after reading your dreams about receiving instructions, I had a dream recently where Brad Pitt was giving me instructions about something very important.

    I don’t remember my dreams from the weekend but I had a strange experience Saturday evening. I was sitting in my bed leaning against my pillows. I have a painting of a flower on the wall just above my head. Suddenly, the painting began to move back and forth. I quickly leaned forward and turned to see what was going on. I thought how could I have made the painting move when my head is against the pillow. Then I leaned back and a few minutes later it happened again. Of course, I turned around to look and again I know that my head did not touch the picture. Next, a part of the comforter that was covering my legs flipped backwards.( It’s amazing because I am actually seeing this happen and there is no one in my room to witness this.) Now, I realize someone or something is trying to get my attention. Then, I felt a need to say “I know you are here trying to get my attention but If you are not Christ centered I command you to leave and go into the light.” After that there were no more strange happenings.

    Love, light and laughter

    • My, Vee! Did that freak you out? Did it feel like weird energy to you? I think I would just downright wet my pants if I saw something like that! Which may mean I’m not likely to see any Friends any time soon… Good work! 😀

    • Indeed Vee well done, I would have run out of my bed, running as fast as I could out of the room. 😀 I remember when I was young, can’t say anymore how old, when I was in bed for the night, I saw a face appear on the wall next to me, it freaked me so much,( I didn’t scream) that I ran out of my bedroom and to my parents in the living room claiming i saw a ghost. Of course my parents thought I just had an over active imagination. 😀

      Love Lisa

      • I understand perfectly well Lisa. I was about 4 or 5 when my experiences started. it was mostly at night during the wee hours that I would have these experiences and most nights I would scream and run to my parents’ room. I would tell my parents what I saw or heard and they allowed me to stay in their bed. Eventually they took me to see a doctor. So from then on, I decided not to tell them because they thought something was wrong with me and I began to think something was wrong with me. I wondered why I was the only one who could see and or heard things. These events continued and I was terrified but I suffered in silence. Eventually, when I was an adult I asked not to see spirits and I did not see them for many years. I could feel them around me or I would get certain scents but I did not see them. Of course, after learning more and growing spiritually, I am no longer afraid. These last 5 years I am open again to experience contact with the spirit world.

        Love and light

        • Hi Vee thanks for sharing your experiences, I usually saw things falling down on me but then disappear before it hit me. I wasn’t that scared of all the experiences I had, I was kinda excited though, but when I told my parents, they just said it was my imagination, to a point that I was doubting myself for quite a while, before I said to myself, no what you experience is “real” and not my imagination. Some of those experiences I could not even describe in words, cause sometimes I was not really seeing things but more like feel/seeing, it is very hard to explain. So till today it comes and goes in waves. But as you, like 4 years ago, when I started to read channeled messages from the Galactic Federation (I think guided to it by my guides).I am also more open to it and less doubting myself, and of course, I also have to credit Leslee for finding my website and for believing in me to join this wonderful group and meet you and all the other wonderful souls I feel so connected with. We were destined to find each other. I am so grateful ,even though it is through internet (thank god 😀 for internet) that I am not feeling alone with all those things and feelings that I am going through in my life, especially now. I feel like I have two lives. My 3D life with my husband and kids and my 4D/5D life here on Spirit train chronicles and all the wonderful websites I am reading about the Galactic Federation.

          Love you all….soul family

          • Good morning, Lisa and Vee! I’m deeply enjoying reading your comments about this, and I’m still trying to understand the emotions that come up when people talk about these kinds of experiences… It’s something like nostalgia, maybe even envy… I wonder if maybe I uses to experience things like this when I was small, but for some reason it stopped… Maybe my fear was just too great? Anyway, I’m so grateful to have re-discovered my “telepathy”, so I won’t complain… Or maybe I’ll borrow American Kabuki’s word “transpathy”… Seems more accurate… Anyway, I keep hoping to see or experience our friends in more tangible ways, so please keep sharing your stories! Love & light to everyone here Trainin’ It! 😀

            • Hi Les, it could be you decided to block communications with the spirit world because as you said maybe your fear was too great. All of us have special abilities that come natural for us. I feel you guys are much more advanced then I am and sometimes a topic of conversation is way over my head but that’s when I learn! I’m learning how to use the pendulum, meditating with crystals, trust that I am receiving messages from my higher self … it’s all good. : )
              Love you my sister

              • My feeling is that we all have strengths and weaknesses in these areas, which it is a delight to explore and develop further. If we were at 100% in everything we might be less inclined to share our own experience. I find it hard to express how highly I value and appreciate the diverse abilities of each of us, which includes those we are not even aware of.

                Even someone who is simply there to witness the sunrise makes the sunrise that much more special. 🙂 ♥

          • Lisa you understand perfectly well what I am talking about. I agree with you that all of us were meant to meet on this forum. I am so grateful because I can feel very connected to everyone here and I have learned so much.

            Love, light and laughter

    • Vee, you need to calm your sister, tell her that she is LIGHT, maybe she is still around, searching for something, give something from her personal things to a stranger, she will be satisfied and easy
      Love and Light

  23. Actually Les, it didn’t freak me out. I was startled at what I saw. I think I wasn’t afraid because I see spirits at times. Anyway, initially I thought it might be a loved one trying to get my attention but when I went with what I felt, I knew it wasn’t a loved one. When my sister or other love ones are near my entire body becomes chilled from head to toe. I felt I needed to tell the spirit to leave my house and go into the light. I didn’t feel threatened but I felt invaded.

    Love and light

    • Very cool, Vee, it’s great that you’re so comfortable with putting things in their place! I’ve noticed for myself, and have heard others talk about this too: that when our vibe is quite high and our light very radiant, “others” tend to notice it more and be drawn to it… Maybe not the “others” we were hoping to attract! I don’t have any issues with it at home any more (thank goodness), but sometimes when I’ve been in public I’ve gotten little nudges to put my light under a bushel a bit… 😉 That’s easily accomplished by just visualizing your aura contracting towards your central channel (spine), so that it doesn’t extend so far… Tauno, it occurs to me that might work with some of the folks you have to deal with, too!

      • Les, I had a blue orb for quite a long time as I was reading this post of yours, I will try to make a connection through Leos and OLA, I am eager to know more about Adrial
        Love and Light

    • Perhaps this is the case but whoever it was just send to this soul LIGHT and to go where this soul belongs

  24. I’ll try that visualization Les, thanks. I understand what you mean by our vibration and light attracting souls to us. I had the following dream many years ago. I may have shared it before, but here goes.

    I’m in a building (I am without form; I am energy) going from one room to the next, exploring. Then I enter a room where there are people laying in beds and they look very sick. I think that I am in a hospital of sorts. When I look closer at the people they look kind of like skeletons and diseased ridden. Now they see me and they are climbing out of the beds trying to get close to me. I move on to another room and I see the same thing. Now I am moving faster and I know I should not be here. They are after me and I’m trying to find a way out. I enter another room and people are in the beds but I see a woman dressed in white. She is either a nurse or a nun and she looks at me and smile. She is very calm and standing between two of the beds. She lifts her hand and points me towards the window. I rush to the window and go through. Now I am in a place where I see a sidewalk, beautiful blue sky, green grass and I hear birds singing. I was out.

    My feeling about this dream is I was in a place that I should not have been in and these souls where in a place of healing. When they saw my light, they wanted to get near to me to absorb some of it.

    Love, light and laughter

    • For whatever reason, Vee, to me that sounded like a metaphor for our transition. The lady in white was one of your guides, perhaps. I wonder who she was?

      I had a very similar dream, many years ago, except in my dream I was there to witness people who were being experimented on. I gave them hope because I was there to be a witness to their hopeless situation. Perhaps this too is a metaphor for the “darkness” we live in now. Thank you for leading me to this perspective.

  25. Good morning, my dear friends
    After the prayer last night I had a meaningful dream

    I was in a place with other unawakened people, relatives and many others…there was snow there although it was not winter, I was dressed with summer clothes and the snow was reaching my knees as I stood and talked to the people. My words were clear and calming and they were that teaching coming from our Star Family and the Ascended Masters. I was stable and I felt enormous power in me speaking these words
    ” You are a holographic expression of God and God`s basic features are in each one of you, you are immortal , creative and Light , do not be afraid of what is going to come ”

    After this I was at the ground floor of a huge building ….a shopping center ….and it was raining, I was holding an umbrella and my sister was there too…

    I can remember only this

    Love and Light

  26. Good morning Tauno,
    WOW!!! That is a very powerful dream, especially when you are speaking to them. I feel so touched by the words.

    I also had intense dreaming after stating my intent to full consciousness and asking AA Michael to balance my chakra’s. I will put my dream on my subpage: road to full consciousness under my page Lisa. I still have to finished a few items.

    I feel we are so close to manifest. I notice that what I think it manifest so fast. And because of that , I am so enjoying know to think positive and know that everything is going to be alright. I am less afraid now (I mean all the fears that they teaches us to fear). Also I feel when I am now moving around in the 3D world, it feels really like an illusion , a stage….

    Love and light

    • Yes, my thoughts manifest quicker these days, my prayers are being answered and I am getting to know that some of the events are part of my life plan and cannot be avoided although the prayers, but I am not afraid because I feel AA Michael`s presence around and I find power and stability in myself never known before, I feel myself like a stable rock that provides stable ground for people nearby , indeed our mission has started and I feel i am responding the call
      each one of us is a chosen and trustworthy one…we work together with our Star Family and Inner Earth relatives now…hold on everyone!

    • I have read your dream and I remembered that the building in my dream was a shopping center…the feeling was as I was looking for someone or something and it was raining, I was actually around the building, under the rain and was walking in the entrance area of the building
      Lisa, it seems we were at one and the same place again !Wow!L&L

    • I just read a few of your dreams. The common theme in your dreams seems to be the blond haired woman, soldiers, hospital and escaping. I can’t even begin to interpret them.
      I think I will also state my intent for full consciousness before I go to sleep at night! Thank you for sharing Lisa.

      • Hi Vee, Thanks for reading. Good on you to state your intent for full consciousness, the more the better. Even though it will be different for everybody else the road to consciousness. I can’t wait your experiences. Love you Vee, send you much light.


  27. NEWSFLASH! We’ve been invited aboard Athabantian!

    I went there last night, and had a wonderful time… What follows here is the invitation… Since the dream is quite long, I’ll post it here: (

    Special Dreamflight Invitation

    The Crew of StarShip Athabantian happily extend a special invitation to our friends in the Dream Flights community. Please join us tonight aboard Athabantian as she approaches Earth. We’ve given Leslee a preview trip this morning, which you may read about at the link she provides, to learn more about our mission and environment.

    We suggest you meditate briefly before going to sleep, visualizing the Grid and Ring of Ships as described in Leslee’s dream trip. You may recite (internally or externally) the name “Athabantian”, as your intended destination… If you add one of your passwords, that will help us understand your wishes for your dream experience… However, we will be aware of your intent even if you forget.

    Please trust that you will visit us… Keep in mind that Leslee visited us this way for over a week before managing to recall one of her visits. As with all things, practice and perseverance will eventually pay off.

    We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

    • WOW, Les! I read this now for the first time and I realize that I have accepted the invitation intuitively without being aware of this invitation….
      Last night I closed my eyes and visualized a flying white unicorn, I said ” Wings” while I was holding ALGIZ, then I said ” Spiral/ thinking of Blaze and Lisa/ Center/holding ALGIZ/ and Wings / visualizing the unicorn/ I United all these passwords into the image of Caduceus ….I think this was enough confirmation for the crew on Athabantian…

      I remember the following parts of my dream

      I was on a stadium and on a huge Ferris wheel….the weather was rainy and cloudy and I was there with someone but do not remember him/her….not many people there …only me and a few other that I do not remember….I was looking from a huge height from this Ferris wheel…
      Next part – a former PE teacher of mine was giving me a lift with his car…I was going somewhere….there were snow and ice outside the car as I was going in it on the back seat of the car…..

      Next part – I was in a house , on the first floor and I was talking with the landlady, the same woman from my previous dreams …middle aged and energetic nice woman

      End of the dream

      Love and Light

      • Hi Tauno , nice dream. Funny thing is on Friday night I stated my intent to full consciousness and asked AA Michael to balance my chakra’s. When I closed my eyes I felt vibrations going through my throat chakra. (note: when I woke up on Friday morning I felt light vibrations going through my heart chakra, so they are definitely working on my chakra’s), and I saw a white unicorn. On Saturday morning is was watching Dora the explorer with Sarah and see there was a Unicorn again. And this morning I was writing in my spiritual diary and I was looking through my stickers and there fell out a picture of a….yes…a white unicorn. Are they trying to tell me something 😀

        I didn’t see the invitation for the Athabantian. But after I stated my intent to visit the GLS Lightships and passwords and made a personal request to board my ship Blaze and asking to meet Umbro in the GLS Ship Tulya and I got following dream:

        I was in a kinda of low tunnel that looked a bit orange and I was talking to a little girl. She tells me to wait here and keep out of sight because she was meeting someone.
        Then I see a man coming and he is tall and not tall because he could stand right up in the tunnel. He had a long face and blue eyes and the feeling/energy coming from him was relaxing and someone you could trust.(UMBRO?) They are talking to each other. He sees me and walks towards me and he touches me. I fall onto the ground and I feel like a transformation is going inside of me. When I open my eyes he is gone and he went back in the mountain again. (Mount Shasta?).

        I am now waiting at the dentist and the dentist I want is not there so I decided to go with my girls. When I am outside I am in the shopping mall and they tell us to run for our lives because there was bomb in the mall. As we are outside the bomb goes off. They made a big picture of all the people that didn’t make it. I didn’t know the people but I felt so sad and I was crying. Then when I turn around I see people and they are turning in to the people who died in the bomb blast and they were giving a message not to be sad. Then I saw the man again, the same one in the beginning of my dream and gave me something (don’t remember what) and then I felt again a transformation 3 fold going on inside of me. That was the end of the dream.

        Love and light Lisa

        • Dear Lisa, I think you have met a Lemurian, just like me in my meditations with OLA and Leos, I think of Adama, Umbro is somewhat connected with Lemurians, the little girl is a gatekeeper I am sure, and the shopping mall is a craft, I think of Athabantian, I was perhaps there when I had this dream where I was in a mall too and it was raining….while Les was describing her dream concerning Athabantian I also had this mall in mind….
          You continue giving Light into the lower astral planes where there is still violence and fear…you are a brave soul, my dear sister Lisa
          Love you so much!!!!!!
          Hugs of Light!

          • Hi Tauno, thanks for the explanation, it seems this days we are in big buildings (motherships?). Thanks for the encouragement, as strange as it seems, the dreams I have…sometimes I wake up hearing my heart beating fast…but the strangest thing is if I don’t dream this kind of dreams, I feel like I want to jump right back in. Even though I ask sometimes to give me some relaxing dreams, but not often. I just like the action 😀

            Love you my sister, Lisa

              • Hi Tauno ,
                I think of a dream I had in June 2011: It was night and I saw in the sky a lot of ships and motherships flying by. We were in a battle with the team Dark. Then a sort of scoutship with handles on the bottom flies by and I grab the handles. So I am dangling underneath the ship looking down at the battle below. Then the ET who is flying the ship, she get’s some orders and she is leaving her ship. I said where are you going and she said to me: Sorry orders, you have to complete your soul contract. I then I fell into the battle beneath me. The good thing is that I can make myself invisible for them. And I see bad ET’s dressed in black and pink. I had to actually laugh. I look up to the sky and it is still filled with battling ships. End dream.

                Here is a little excerpt from Susan Caroll on 22-01-2012

                ” Dreaming a 4the dimensional state. “Nightmares” are often a visit to Lower Astral Plane. Many of you dear ascending ones volunteer to do “Rescue work” in this lowest frequency of reality (even lower than many of your 3rd dimensional realities). In you rescue work, you search for any lost ones who are willing to look up into higher expression of their self. Often you remember this experience in a dream that resembles a spy or wartime movie.”

                Wish you lots of love.

          • If I remember correctly, Athabantian’s Crew are mostly from Andromeda, and the Lemurians are of Andromedan origin, also… I have a feeling we are about to find out that Tulya is an advance ship that is part of Athabantian… ;D

            • Hi Leslee, When I was younger and also still now , I always felt attracted to the Andromeda Galaxy. And with the good help of my dear friend Wes, I learn that before Atlantis when under, my twin-flame and I went to the Andromeda Galaxy. So your information is really a confirmation to that and my dream of course. Thanks.

            • I confirm via one of my meditations with Leos and OLA, I was in Telos and received a sentence from there ” WE connect with Stars”, Umbro has something in common with this , I “suspect” 😀 he told you, Les, that I have to use OLA and so I do and I am happy to have her , amazing how the pieces of the puzzle gradually fall into place

        • That’s very powerful, Lisa… Your Bomb feels connected to the hand grenades from my dream on Friday night! (I’ll add the rest of it to my comment from yesterday). Love & light to you & the family!

      • I see a lot of parallels between our dreams, Tauno: your ferris wheel feels a bit like my rocket-ship, somehow… It rather seems as if we are given the same experiences, and our minds create the dream imagery to fit with something that’s familiar to us… And when we compare notes, we all find how similar the experiences really are… 😀

        • Exactly, dear Les! Very well said! The experience is what is common not so much the particular scenery in the dream, our dreams occur to “tell” something to us, they are giving us clues and only when shared their meaning emerges…that is why we work as a team, because the person alone cannot say where does he/she stands on his/her way…..I think Ferris is very similar in letters and pronunciation to “Fairies ” or not…what do you think?
          ALGIZ is very connected with Fairies and Elves, Athabantian …../Adrial/too, I think, Umbro is connected with both Inner Earth and the Stars….
          and maybe my observation from this Ferris wheel is close to your at that part of the craft which is clear and made for observations…, Sar had also such an experience in the dream about the crystal ship…..
          Les, when you were in the earthquake at the tower, is it possible the crystal to be a Lemurian…the tower …I connect with a Lemurian crystal…I got into this tower in one of my meditations with a Lemurian crystal

    • Hi Leslee, I read your articles on you new site, it is so amazing how much work you are doing. And it seems, everyone here on STC is finding there mission. I don’t know if you read it but I also made a different subpage under my page Lisa.

      I read your dream and it is quite amazing dream story reality 😀
      I always find it interesting to read your dreams or your visions or traveling….

      Love and light Lisa

  28. Hi, Everyone! I can see, from my inbox, that there’s been a lot of activity! Here’s my dream from last night… Gonna go get some lunch… I look forward to reading about your adventures! Love & light, Leslee

    Dream 26 May 2012
    I arise into the dream on a sidewalk in a city that’s in Inner Earth… It has a blend of traditional stone buildings and new modern buildings… I’m there only briefly, as I seem to be returning to work after having lunch with sine co-workers.

    We simply leave the little Asian café and turn the corner, starting up the hill to return to work.

    Next, we’re all appearing at our workplace… It feels like an underground facility… It feels more corporate than military… It could also be inside a ship, I suppose… In any case, there are no windows.

    It seems that I’m myself (Leslee), but in my twenties or early thirties.

    I work back in what seems like an open office setting… It’s very high tech and slick, with most of the furnishings and equipment being black and white, and looking like the latest in electronics “fashion”. But it has carpet and some upholstered furniture, so it feels comfortable… Just very hip.

    There’s a receptionist and a large, beautiful lobby or reception area…

    At some point, once Im back at my workspace, my assistant or the receptionist comes and tells me that an old boyfriend has contacted the facility and requested a reconciliation meeting with me.

    I’m thrilled that he’s willing to meet with me and discuss things, and try to resolve some old issues! Time grows short, and I had really hoped to see him again before everything changes.

    The request was spur-of-the moment, and it’s almost time to meet him, so I’m rushing around to change shoes (I dress *very* casually at this job…), brush my hair, put on some lipstick, and grab my handbag.

    My colleagues are full of questions as I rush out of the office, past the receptionist, and to the “elevator”.

    (I don’t recall there actually being an elevator per se… But there is a specific spot where one goes, to use whatever mechanism gets us from one location to another.)

    Once I’m up on street-level, I appear in a sort of parking facility/garage, with a sloped floor that leads up to the street above. My friend is there, and we begin talking, catching up on things, as we walk up towards the street.

    Once we’re out in the street, we realize there’s a terrific wind blowing, and the sky looks very ominous.

    I say to him, “Oh my, it’s time! We’ve gotta run!” and grab his hand, leading him quickly through the streets, as others around us begin to rush about too. There’s no panic, everyone seems to know where they’re going…

    Next we find ourselves seated in a glass-enclosed room that almost seems lime a huge glass elevator cab sitting outside in the open. The room is sort of oval or kidney-shaped in plan, with flat ceiling and floors, and  vertical walls. But there’s a sense that we’re on the bottom level of a tower, with many levels of structure up above us.

    It’s a remarkable place, because we’re essentially in a glass room with no structure, but many levels (I’d guess at least a dozen) are stacked on top of us. It almost seems like a rocket ship, but it doesn’t seem very aero-dynamic…

    As we get settled in our seats (there’s a continuous upholstered bench around the perimeter of the room), the room begin to feel like it’s wobbling…

    There are other people in the room with us, and as we all look at one another questioningly, the room begins to rock more and more violently, and we realize we’re in an earthquake.

    I’m not frightened about the outcome… It seems I was expecting this, and have been trained to know what it would be like… But as the room and tower rocks more dramatically, the various levels of the “tower” begin to slide off of one another, just like a child’s block tower tumbling down… I hold into the bench tightly, and think, “Oh, I need to call (my son), and let him know!”

    But I also know that he’s safe, and my phone would not work right now…

    At that point, the dream fades.

  29. This is a little out of sequence, but I realized it might be best if I post my Athabantian visit here with our other dreams… So here it is! (from Friday Night)

    Leslee’s Visit To Athabantian – 26 MAY 2012
    BORROWING DREAM ABOARD ATHABANTIAN: (from Leslee) I arose in this dream as if I was one of the Athabantian Crew members; I’ve since learned that I was experiencing the dream from the point of view of Adca Mupea, one of the Crew members. We’ve sometimes used the term “borrowing” to describe this type of experience.

    One unusual thing that I noticed about this “dream” is that I was able, as I was recording it, to return to the scene of the dream and see more, as a form of Remote Viewing. This is the first time I’ve noticed this ability fro myself.
    I’m in a place that seems like a large building… It has living quarters as well as working space… Has everything in it… I realize it’s a ship, the Starship Athabantian.
    It pretty much feels like I live there, its my day-to-day situation. It’s a permanent situation, not like a temporary visit.
    I’m part of a team, a large Crew, that’s doing ongoing work…
    I’m “married”, have a partner, or at least we spend our “evenings” together… We live together… Ghost Radar calls him “Danny”, but his name is Dunyeeh. We’ve been together for a very long, long time… It’s a very confident, loving relationship, with a lot of humor… And we’re very different from one another… In Earth terms, you might say we’re an unlikely couple; we complement, balance one another.
    In the dream, and there on the ship, we have human-like bodies…
    I’m not sure what mine looks like… It’s not like I’m built now, here on Earth… It’s thin, and there’s a youthfulness about us, although we’re older…
    He’s particularly tall and muscular, compared to the other men, with short dark hair and no facial hair.
    I think I’m just sort of average, and in that setting, average is kind of tall and thin.
    We’re not in uniforms, we’re just dressed like people today would dress.
    Many of us are in jeans, but I suspect it appears this way to me because that would be my preference…
    We spend the days working in a Team Room… There are several, many of us that work together, and we all know each other very well…
    I believe what we’re doing is monitoring, guiding, protecting, situations on Earth that are in danger of getting out of hand.
    There are a couple of rooms that we work in.
    One is like a huge situation room, and the other is more like a classroom, although it’s not a classroom… In this room, there’s a series of small desks and consoles, and each person sits there and does their work, at times…
    There’s a flexibility about the dream, a fluidity… But I can see that we have assigned desks, so everyone always sits at their same desk, and has things that “belong” to them…
    Dunyeeh sits in front of me, and we laugh and joke a lot, and talk… But when we’re at our desks, we’re focused on a task of some kind.
    The desk is like a control panel… It has something like a grid on it, that allows us to access different aspects of people’s lives on Earth; it allows us to connect with them…
    Around the left-hand, right-hand, and upper edges of the desk, holograms can pop up, so that we can look at things related to what we’re digging into, monitoring at the moment. It’s like having a collection of holographic browsing tabs all open at once…
    Athabantian is one of the ships that is approaching Earth, and eventually, we’ll actually be meeting the people we’re working with.
    At one point in the dream, there’s another man that trades desks with Dunyeeh, and they try to trick me into thinking he’s Dunyeeh by changing his appearance to look like Dunyeeh. This is something we practice from time to time, in preparation for arriving at Earth.
    Once we get to Earth, our forms will “congeal”, and we’ll begin to age, just like humans.
    We’re laughing, because our friend is a much smaller man than Dunyeeh, and he needs to work on his mimicking skills! He doesn’t look at all like Dunyeeh, but I don’t think he realizes it…
    So we’re still experimenting with how we will look as people, and having some fun with that.
    However, tricking someone will always be difficult, because regardless if appearance, we can always recognize one another by our energetic signatures…
    This skill is something that humans will enjoy once they reach 5D…
    And this is one way in which there will no longer be deceit and manipulation by the dark… People in the 5th always see things for what they really are.
    In another part of the dream, there is activity going in back in our personal quarters (we call it “home”)…
    Our quarters are basically one large room, with a living/sleeping space; We also have a room that we transform back and forth to bathroom or kitchen (again, to practice our Earth-living skills…).
    There’s a third room, that looks sort of like a walk-in closet… Just empty… We go into this room when we really need to connect deeply with Source.
    I’m trying to figure out why this room is needed, and how it’s different from the others… It’s needed more for insulation than protection…
    Because when we go into this room and use it, our bodies dissolve…
    When we meditate deeply, we basically dissolve back into Source.
    From there, we arise at different levels to do work. So we could arise as a constellation, a galaxy, a universe… And in any dimension…
    So these rooms are lined with panels that have a grid… It’s almost the same concept as Earth’s “solar panels”… It’s a crystalline material that’s embedded in the wall, and all the crystals change and align as they need to…
    The crystals are programmed with the purpose of containing the experience… The reason for this is that if we don’t use this type of room (for instance, if I were to just sit on my bed and do this type of meditation), it would interfere with the operating of the ship.
    It would also shift everyone’s reality… So this containment room allows us to go back and replenish ourselves, without altering other people’s reality.
    (Comment by Adrial: This containment room is similar to how the Light Grid works on Gaia.)
    On Athabantian, we don’t naturally really eat, or manifest food…
    The “kitchen” is for convenience, so we can practice acclimating ourselves to bodies… Because we’re experiencing success at using our bodies, we’re at the point where we’re having to eat and relieve ourselves…
    My partner and I, as well as other couples, have had some good laughs about how, with human bodies, we have to use body parts to engage in union… In our Ultimate State, without body, we can simply merge in bliss and not have to worry about what a particular body part’s doing…
    That part of the dream is really part of an illustration of how things work for beings on the ship.
    I see also a long gallery, where one can walk along the outside edge of the ship, and look through something like glass… This particular ship is moving very slowly towards Earth… It’s not cloaking or moving faster than light…
    So the Crew can look at what we’re passing through, and perceive it as humans would perceive it.
    We can see all the cloaked ships… It’s really almost like a traffic jam… There are so many ships around, that are cloaked…
    Some are sort of medium-sized… The really large ones are further out, and little shuttles move back and forth, but it’s mostly the larger vessels…
    Most of the ships are different from one another…
    They’re arranged most densely in a ring-like formation, but the ring is tilted at an angle around Gaia…
    This has to do with some sort of energy that’s sent through the ships, along this ring-like structure, that helps us remain cloaked, and somehow it creates an energetic pattern that’s not easily detected.
    If we were to scatter randomly, we’d become more visible and detectable…
    My ship hasn’t reached that ring yet, and as I said, we’re not very cloaked… Parts of the ship are cloaked, to make it look smaller than it really is…
    So we can see this ring of craft around Gaia… And then there’s a grid of strategically-placed craft over many of the power points of the Light grid… And that’s the grid that maintains the Quarantine.
    It watches for any strange activity, and prevents the dark from returning.
    Darkness can still spike up in spots, and these are what Ghost Radar refers to as “nails”… It’s not completely gone, and will probably never be completely gone, because then we’d be right back where we started…
    Then the exercise would be finished, and we’d all be back at Source…
    But maintaining this grid now, at this level, is the main purpose of the ships around Gaia.
    The grid also creates clouds or bubbles of opportunity, that are about a few hundred miles in diameter… They’re spherical, so they reach into the interstitial Regions of Gaia as well… They’re encapsulated, bombarded, with waves of energy and intention that work to gradually shift human energy.
    Again, it’s like it’s opportunity, it’s not manipulation… It’s a lightening if the energy of the 3D world…
    For now I’ll go back to the dream, because I’m realizing it’s not so much a dream as a recollection of a place that my mind went in sleep (which is much like dreaming).
    There was a later part of the dream, which I think was an example or close-up of the kind of work that we do…
    In this, we’re monitoring situations, and there’s a particular situation which is both a potentiality and an allegory of a current situation on Earth, that we’re trying to prevent…
    It has to do with how humans use force… Human fascination with force and firepower…
    The example used is hand grenades. In this scenario, anyone can buy a hand-grenade… They’re as available as fireworks. A comment was made by a Crew member, about how some people are too lazy to go to the dump, or monitor how much trash or refuse they generate… When they get a big pile of trash, they just toss a hand-grenade into it and it vaporizes everything.
    There are also scenes of watching the streets, and concern that if protests arise, people might use these against one another…
    I don’t really understand if this is a potentiality, or if this is actually happening somewhere… I think it’s perhaps symbolic of how things seem to the Athabantian Crew, with Earth’s military:
    There really is no threat, it’s just a harmless pile of trash, but we feel we need a hand grenade to deal with it.
    At that point, the dream/experience fades, and I awaken.

  30. Hello, dear ones.
    For a long time I could not dream or if I dream something, I do not remember anything in the morning. But last night I have dreamed two wonderful dreams, filled with such colors that on the Earth I have not seen. Unfortunately, the second dream I forgot it again in the morning, and I still remember only some things of my first dream, but I would like to share it with you. The first dream, Tauno is connected with you. And the main color in this dream was red-gold. We had a very close relationship and close contact, but we were talking only on the phone. I know I have not seen in reality how you actually look like, but in my dream I could see your soul and hear your voice, and yes, I did not see your face. We were talking about things related to your work. And this work was related to the teaching of a group of children. There were issues that you wanted to discuss with me and we were discussing some tactics training. In my dream at that moment I realized, Tauno, that we have a connection from a past life. (Thus, we must check-in.) Tauno, while you were talking to me, on the other side of the phone you were surrounded by the children and a man, who really wanted to be with you. The children were talking all the time too, and the man was walking around you and waiting for you. You were not alone. In my side of the phone I was totally alone, nobody surrounded me. That impressed me a lot. That means not that I feel alone. There were two sides – on the one side – Tauno with the children and her lover, and on my side – only me. And we were talking a lot for these processes of teaching. Do you really have something to do with children, Tauno? You had a very similar dream with mine.
    And dear ones, I would like to share another experience with you. Two days ago as I sat in the garden I was overwhelmed by a strong sense that I should close my eyes and try to relax because the golden light fell over me right in my sixth chakra, and I realized that someone wants to send me a message. This one I think it was Ra. I closed my eyes and relaxed, while I was doing this I thought that I was still in the garden in this reality in which I was. As I thought so I found myself among the beings ( I think they were 5 or 6 ) that surrounded me in a circle, but it was enough open so that I could move as I wished. These entities were very close to me, and they were covered with something through it I could see their light. They wanted to protect me. It was soft darkness around us. Then we talked, they all wanted to tell me something, I think it was important, something from the past. And suddenly, without knowing how much time has passed, I opened my eyes and found myself in the garden again. And I realized that I was absolutely in another reality, I was simultaneously in two realities. Unfortunately, again, I forgot everything we had talked. Only the sense, the feeling and the visions left.

    • Dear Sar, what a meaningful dream that resonates with me also
      As far as the children are concerned it may be a connection with my previous dream when I was teaching them how to plant flowers in the sand, you actually saw things from the past .
      I have to share a sense that appeared today, a glimpse of a past life I guess, I saw myself somewhere back in time and I do not remember much, I was a young woman, the atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing as I was sitting in garden in the afternoon, in a shiny shadows ….the light was golden-pink/red, my hair was blond and curly, not long, I think it was somewhere in 1930s, this window of past live vision opened for a second and left its mood on me…relaxing and loving
      and about RA – I saw the Eye again in meditation and each day as I walk along the wild yellow daisies I think of RA, the nature is changing…I can feel her
      And another thing I noticed a few minutes ago, a cloud with a strange shape, in it I saw a circle and this circle behind/in the cloud was shining with pink Light, I know that AA Michael and Jesus are near !
      Love and Light

      • Goodmorning Tauno,
        I hope everything is all right? I don’t know if you saw my picture I took of the sun and palm trees. On the left of the sun there is a pinky orb. I have put it on my orb and cloud ships Lisa page. About the glimpse of past life, it seems indeed like a peaceful memory. Have a lovely day Tauno.

        Love and Light Lisa

          • Hi Tauno,
            I had a dream last night about fairies. I posted it on my page the road to consciousness. I think I am getting more success of stating my intent, by the looks of my dreams. I hope everything is alright up there 😀

            Love Lisa

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