Create Your Own Galactic Artwork

This is an example of a fractal image generated by Apophysis.
(from Leslee)

There are some really wonderful programs out there (that are free!) that you can use to create your own visionary artwork!

APOPHYSIS is a fractal geometry generator for Windows. It’s a small program (I can run it on my netbook) that dowwnloads easily. Once you open it, look over to the left, and click on a thumbnail you’d like to see more of… Then, you an right-click while hovering over the image, and choose “view full screen”… Then you can create a screen shot/capture, and past it into a program like Gimp or Photoshop or Painter… (Please email Leslee – oneriver69(at)gmail(dot)com – if you need help with this)

GIMP is a program you can use to paint, draw, or adjust the appearance of photos… it’s similar to Photoshop or Painter, and takes a bit of effort to learn, but is well worth the time spent. (Leslee knows a little bit, and Babajij is learning it now…) 🙂

There are other programs like Inkscape and Bryce that are free, although I haven’t played with them much.

I also have an iPhone, and have been having a lot of fun with some apps that let me create artwork ad manipulate photos I’ve taken…

Dynamic Light

Photo Toaster



Foto Studio Lite

Some of these are free, or relatively inexpensive…

If anyone out there is a Mac or Android (or other type of tech) user, and would like to add to this page for those devices, please feel free to comment or edit!

Best wishes and have fun!



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