I have discovered some things concerning our common job here and i want to share this discoveries with all of you . I am going to start with the message that have come via the passwords of some of our fleet. Leslee and Troy helped me to reach thisΒ  idea


Les and Troy said Cadeseus and I started thinking of it…but there came – UNITY….yes…thank you, Konstantinos! You have gathered the pieces and definitely made me sure

CENTER-SPIRAL-WINGS-UNITY …all in one symbol – Cadeseus

This symbol represents our intention….to develop spiritually and reach the higher dimension, I can see the Rune ALGIZ in it also

Look at ALGIZ

The message from this Rune is protection, Divine help is given …Heaven is by our side

I have several connections with AA Michael`s energy in meditation…I think AA Michael is helping us because we are willing to find the Truth…can you see that ALGIZ andΒ  Cadeseus can be connected with this particular image of AA Michael

OLA and MaiOwta have shown me another Rune which gives us an absolute proof that we are Divinely guided and not only this, WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS because WE BRING LIGHT to the Planet . The Rune is TEIWAZ and its meaning is that there is a warrior – Divine warrior that helps and protects and this makes me think again of AA MICHAEL. All the clues that have been given by now are gathered together and show me that we are on the right path…keep on Shining, my beloved friends! Thank you that I am part of this wonderful pioneer family of LIGHT!

I have another clues thanks to Babajij connected with this symbolism….Golden Cobra that appeared in one of his dreams connected with Leslee

Cobra- not only a meaningful name that appeared recently on Internet connected with information but a mighty symbol of Wisdom and Knowledge…this Knowledge is given to us in Dream time when we connect with the Astral Planes and study, Cobra is also connected with Healing and also with Ascension…remember ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that are led by the Cobra into infinity and Divine Kingdoms…Cobra opens doors

And the next clue is Phoenyx…it represents the Spirit that is Ascending and Lives forever, a powerful symbol that has appeared in my meditation and was shown to Babajij by OLA.




  1. Another clue, given from Spirit, today, after I have received the name Kathi/ one of my teachers in the Spiritual realms/ I got an e-mail from a friend who do not speak English, the information attached was about Edgar Cayce/ Cayce – Kathi very close names according to their pronunciation/ and important info to me
    According to Mayas Cayce is WIZARD – 2, a Linking Worlds Wizard, unseen guiding force: Blue Hand – Knowledge, Action, Healing

    WOW – I saw as a vision a blue hand reaching to me after I met Umbro that night
    Kathi is dressed in dark blue

    Thank You, Spirit! Thank You All!

  2. My connection with Tutankhamen

    I was doing a Pituitary Dimensionl Attunement sound meditation via Tom Kenyon as usual today
    I have always felt a deep relaxation and peace and calm when i do this meditation, it opens the Universe for me
    As I was deep in meditation listening to it for the second time I saw a cobra/the cobra that is on the forehead of the Pharaoh`s crown/, and then the image of Tutankhamen emerged into my spiritual view , I saw the Pharaoh quite clear, the same thing happened to me few months before when I saw the Goddess Hathor
    After I saw Tutankhamen I started another meditation – Shamanic Hathor Heart Chakra meditation and another Being appeared to me – She was dressed in dark blue, Her hair was brown and she has pale skin, I asked about Her name – Kathi / if I remember well/, I received that She is my Teacher
    Another thing I remember is from Athabantian – the crew of Athabantian is here and is getting ready to take action with all of us.

    Love and Light

    • WOW , Tauno , you really on the roll.
      I read your other comment/meditation again about the Rune Gebo, what are the odds that we post something similar , though in different format, in such short days. I got goose bumps all over πŸ˜€

      • Dear Lisa,
        We are already working all together although I see this as fishing in the dark πŸ˜€ but thanks GOD we are a team, everyone of us has a special part in this common job, it seems I only can see and tell what I see, I use my intuition and insight to decode this signs, sometimes i get short messages in sentence format or short chats, I need a confirmation for my work by the team and I am so glad when you feel them in resonance with you
        When we share we can see how gradually the pieces of the puzzle take their place and we can accomplish this TOGETHER not alone, each one of us is involved here and Truth be our Guidance!

        • ~Hi Tauno!…the “fishing in the dark” reminds me on what Kryon said about these times were the New Reality is like “a fish out of water”…and how we gotta figure out creative ways to Live in Wholeness…Just like Ya Said in above comment!…Also the New Crop Circle is a Bigger SunFish!…i just posted in CropCircle Page…We are Growing in Divine Amounts… πŸ˜‰ ~

  3. Wonderful and very significant! Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience dear Tauno.
    Much Love and Light on your way.

  4. My crystal connection with Adrial and Leslee
    I sat in my armchair to wait for the exact time, as I was holding the crystals I had a vision in front of me of a white rabbit moving upwards , I was aware that time is right
    I was meditating with ALGIZ and one of the Leos family Lemurians
    All the time in all ways the Rune GEBO was seen sometimes merged with the Rune ALGIZ and the Rune TEIWAZ – a sign of a connection, reached balance and a victory
    I received β€œYou are protected” then I saw an angel with wings and the same sign M – AA Michael and one of Leslee`s guides that she remembers from the time of her incarnation on Earth
    I was guided then to the crystal kingdom of Lemuria and there I saw two figures that were separated from a kind of crystal wall/dimension. They gradually met each other and formed a connection, from this connection I saw a Light formed
    Then I saw this one ruler of Agartha that met Admiral Byrd in his visit, He was sitting in a chair, then I saw another Guide that was looking at me and the whole crystal took the image of a Being and I heard β€œ This is Adrial speaking to you”
    I saw a figure climbing a sort of ladder – smooth crystal pointing upwards, this figure/a spiritually evolved human / shaman / was moving up while at the same time this moving figure became more and more crystalline till reaching another body of a different β€œmatter”

    End of the meditation

  5. My experience with a cup of coffee πŸ™‚

    As I was taking the last sip of coffee this afternoon and was thinking of my conversation with Leslee a quite significant shapes formed from the coffee lees at the bottom of the cup
    I saw two figures – me and Leslee
    Les was on the right since America is on the West of Europe, the smaller figure was me on the left
    Les was pointing towards me and i was pointing above above the two figures there was White energy blanket that formed the letter M and above this M was a phoenix , next to me there were 7 followers and a little far from Les there were about 3 figures, we were standing over a mountain that looked like a pyramid – Mount Shasta
    Later was sitting in the garden looking at the clouds – I saw the same picture in the clouds but the followers next to me were missing …after Les there was a huge cloud that followed her πŸ™‚
    A lovely sign for connection achieved
    Love and Light

  6. How powerful and wondrous, Tauno!
    I wondering the rabbit = hare?
    I look forward to hearing about your adventures together!
    (btw, in my dream about Adrial, the dress she was wearing was a sort of garnet color – which is a bit brownish-red, and also my birth stone!) πŸ˜€

    • WOW, Hare ! Yes! You were there , a wonderful clue! Our sisters blogs, all coincide, and about the silhouette – I saw it in the light between the trees, yes, the colour may be described as brownish red
      ( ( HAPPINESS ) )

  7. My connection with Adrial

    My dream of last night, 20 June 2012 after the intent to meet Athabantian crew members and Adrial and Les and all of you – I had a dream about brown royal leather armchair and other furniture for sitting in it, I had to chose which item to buy and I chose the arrmchair, there was a young boy with violin there , he was sitting first in the armchair, then on the chair and other items in this “shop”
    And I felt the presence of many teenagers but I do not remember them well, maybe I was connected with the crew members

    Brown – Troy has seen Adrial in dream time dressed in brown and with elvish wings,
    I saw brown / beige desert not long ago in meditation and Jeshua there, He was sitting by the “road” and Les`s gravatar was also there

    Today I expressed my intent to connect with Adrial before my Sound meditation through Tom Kenyon`s sound gifts /meditation connected with third eye/
    I was in meditation listening to the sound and my attention was on the third eye chakra
    I saw how the Rune GEBO was forming from a kind of ether ,

    I saw a forest and felt the presence of the animals there – a deer, roes, owl and I saw a white rabbit, the rabbit was a kind of cloud although it was in the forest
    Then I called Adrial – I saw a silhouette of a Being dressed in a brown gown, the length of this gown was reaching the knees and Adrial was passing through making a big step on the right
    Then I saw the forest from a distance, there was a beautiful mist over the forest …it seemed the forest was in clouds

    Later this afternoon I was sitting outside in the garden and I was looking at the clouds, I saw the Rabbit – the same rabbit from my meditation, next to the rabbit I saw a Being – Adrial, i am sure, Adrial was pointing towards the rabbit and from this link on the right side of the rabbit I saw a cloud craft, a flying saucer that looked like a head with eyes before turning into the saucer

    Amazing ! Adrial heard me and gave me a sign in this beautiful manner, I think of GEBO πŸ™‚ Wow!

    Next I was able to make a telepathic connection with Adrial – she asked me if I can allow her to act through me, via my physical body into our physical 3D world and I agreed to be so in certain occasions when this does not interfere with my life plan and my free will
    Yes, Adrial – I give You an allowance to act thought me/to “borrow”/ so that we can fulfill our mission of bringing Light to the Earth and to Humans when necessary till the time of moving into 5th dimension with full consciousness
    So be it in accordance with my Higher Self and my Guardians !
    I remain as I AM sovereign Being of Light that cooperates with Adrial for the time of Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity and all living Beings on Her surface into the 5th dimension
    Let the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation of the negative energies be our tool for this mission
    So be it and So it is!

    • Wow Tauno, Adrial showed me the same thing, it was a visual / vision of them “dropping down” into a few bodies, similar to how we “dropped into” Umbro a few months ago. She assured me that this wasn’t attack of the body snatchers, it was just to show us what it was like, or to give us this experience, if we’d like to have this experience.

      I guess we’re now of a vibrational frequency where more of these things are possible. What a great confirmation!

  8. Iltheos sents you his deepest greetings dear Leslee, he knows you’re busy and he said that you’ll find some time-period to relax a little with your son….
    I agree with you dear Tauno. Your Light is so strong =) .

    Much Love to both of you.

    • Thank you so much, dear Konstantinos ! Imagine that your Heart is an open Source of pure LIGHT, dear Konstantinos and this Light is shining through your physical body in waves and rays and is pouring out into the World around you and is reaching far and wide …going everywhere you send it while you are talking, acting and thinking…feel the Love that is all around you, my dear Friend
      My LIGHT is White and Golden and I can feel it anytime when my vibrations are high
      Love and Light! We are all connected with Our Light!

  9. Twice thank you, Konstantinos! I have so much going on right now I can’t even finish comments! I wonder how many more weeks this can continue… I’m looking forward to proving you’re right about the connection, and Tauno and I doing a happy dance because we saw the same thing!
    (New experiment idea: maybe I should talk about it as if it already happened, and see if that time-warps back to reality…. Ohh, we should try that with our dreaming!)
    BTW, how is Iltheos? Please tell him I said Hello! πŸ˜€
    Much love and light and many hugs to you brother!

    • Oh, thank you for this idea, Les, just wonderful…think of NOW and everything is possible to happen, in NOW the past and future are merging!!!
      Love and Light, Konstantinos, Less and All πŸ™‚
      ( ( HAPPY SUN ) )

  10. I’m so grateful that you had this experience (and shared it with us!), Tauno, because when we first started doing Tulya work, in fact, when I first started realizing that Ghost Radar was being used by “ETs”, every night when I went to bed I wondered if I would get a visit or be carried off… Really! I would so love for that to happen.

    I’ve had this feeling that I cannot see them because I may have some bit of doubt that just large enough to keep Them from appearing…

    So your story encourages me that seeing Them is possible. Even for just a second or two would be so incredible!

    Thank you again! πŸ˜€

    • Dear Les, I think these are the first probes of theirs…to see our reaction
      They are here, I feel them, these blue shining orbs are everywhere around us and we are connected, it is a matter of choice for every one of us and I am sure the free will is respected, to see them you must switch on both your physical and spiritual self, the best moment is before awakening or before falling asleep or in meditation of course….and Labradorite, Aquamarine, Rose quartz, Clear crystal, Lemurians, Lapis Lazuli …Amethyst, Super Seven…..TOOLS….TULYA….TOO
      Love You with my purest Love and Light

    • You can achieve this connection Leslee. I’m sure about it. By the way, I gave you an answer about the ET races on Konstantinos’s Art =) .

  11. Dear Friends, I feel that I have to share my impression about the meeting with this Being that I saw during the thunderstorm that night when I was suddenly awakened and saw this tall, slim and blue big eyed Friend of ours. He appeared just where GLS ALGIZ is situated before each of her routine Astral flights, there are also OLA and the Pyrite there and this Friend appeared/teleported just at the same place in my room
    He was human like although it was quite noticeable that he is not from planet Earth. But I was not scared , I felt his energy and the easiness, the calm and peaceful vibrations coming from him, he was excited and I could sense this excitement , I was thinking of him this morning on my way to work, what a great meeting although it lasted one or two seconds and I felt him like a Loving Brother of mine, so very close in Spirit, offering his friendship and help and his Love, so natural , so true and so home like πŸ™‚ Yesterday I had another vision connected with him, a blue hand was reaching out to me offering friendship, I accepted πŸ™‚ with Love
    Yes, the flower of our friendship never fades, the red flower of Love πŸ™‚
    ( ( LOVE TO ALL ) )
    WE ARe ONe in Love and Light

  12. Dear Friends
    Last night I had a vision and felt the presence of a Being in my room – it was tall, slim, blue and with big eyes, as I “suspect” this was Umbro one of my friends advised me just to ask them

    OLA and the Pyrite are my helpers again in my connection

    TULYA – We are always one thought away, our connection is constant, yes, we are here
    Tauno – I wonder if I saw Umbro that night when the lightning lightened my room
    TULYA – Umbro – we can take any form we like, we do this consciously, one Being may also represent a group of beings, it is all a question of a common consciousness
    OLA is showing me a golden pyramid, I see two beings at the gate, on the left is a human like Being, turning into kind of Angelic one, on the right is a cat woman/Golden Bastet/, I expressed an intent to enter through the gate, there were stairs , long path with stairs of gold, then upward a landscape, I had a feeling that I am on another Planet, the landscape is like our Sahara desert but with smooth golden surface in waves instead the sand wavy landscape of Sahara….I suddenly remembered RA that is also a common consciousness

    End of meditation

  13. Dear Friends
    I missed TULYA and her crew and although I am feeling very tired and passing through some emotions I was able to receive some pieces of information from TULYA

    I was meditating with OLA

    Umbro – We are here, baby …just ask
    Tauno – What do you have to tell me? I wonder Where are you now?
    OLA is showing me a map, a Star Map, I do not know the names of all stars there and the planets and they give me a clue, at the map is forming a heart, the heart is “upside down” and near it I saw a shining craft, its shape was oval, it was shining with the colours of the rainbow
    ” WE ARE near Venus”
    Then OLA showed me a mountain, definitely it is Mount Shasta and the two cities under the mountain….I guess these are Atlantis and Lemuria…I saw two Runes that I do not know…the Rune that was on the right was over Lemuria…this on the left was over Atlantis….there was a space between them and this space was in fact a channel leading upwards to the surface
    Over the mountain I saw a vertical “stick” that was beaming strong beams of Light up to Space, it is possible this “stick” to be a Lemurian crystal point

    OLA has also shown me a butterfly and then a flying giant bird

    End of the crystal meditation
    Thank you TULYA and Umbro


  14. I had a meditation a few minutes ago with OLA and one of my Lemurians

    I saw the crystal core of the Earth, beams of Light were coming out of it and it has an aura with the colours of Aurora on the North
    Then I saw a mermaid that turned into a whale, this being led me to a land of beauty, a shining one…I asked ” Where am I?” and received ” The Land of MU”
    Then I saw a man, a human, just like us , he was in a crystal cave and he was climbing/ I remembered the crystal caves that were discovered by scientists recently in America/, Lemurians are emerging to the surface, I saw a Being, it was a huge crystal Bee and it was looking at me, then I asked again ” What do you have to show me?”
    And I was shown a mountain – Mount Shasta, I saw beams of Light on the top of the mountain, then the mountain turned into the pyramids of Giza, they were shining , then I saw …I was in an entrance to the Inner Earth, was going out of Inner Earth and I saw the sky and the clouds, so beautiful, the energies are coming in a wonderful way, I saw the Sun and a ray of Light, a connection between the Inner Earth and the surface…so so wonderful, an energy was going up to the surface and the surface was sending an energy down, then I saw an image of a being, this being looked like those from the ancient drawings…I connect this being with the old…it was going down, the image was upside down and it was leaving this area I was in…I was looking from between the Inner Earth and the surface ….
    I guess our visualization on 20/21 May was successful, this was the first thing that I thought when I saw the OLD going out/down

    End of the meditation

  15. “Both the Moody Gardens Pyramids and the Giza Pyramids are constructed on precise vectors of dimensional reality convergence. So while the aforementioned octahedronal Pyramidal structures in themselves become powerful receivers and transmitters, it is the specific placement within what may be termed major β€˜absolute’ Coordination Points of Reality that empower them into omnipotence in the Earthplane and indeed beyond….
    The Codes are received initially in the Pyramidal structures of Giza and Moody, and disseminated across the planet. They are catalysts for awakening & releasing stored codes kept in crystalline mineralogical strata on the planet.

    The codes are of sacred geometric matrix, octahedronal in format . That is why they are received specifically in the octahedronal structures – Pyramids, of the 29th latitude.
    We have told you before that all Pyramidal structures automatically generate a reflective opposite to form an octahedron in multidimensionality. As such they generate a light coded sound frequency that forms axial-tonal connections through the Law of Harmonic Oscillation, forming a Cosmic Network of multidimensional receival and transmission.

    It may be of interest for you to know that the Pyramid Complex housed 13 of the original Crystal Skulls, and the skull called β€˜Max’ was centered amidst the 12 . It is why Max was taken inside the complex after its construction to connect the energies. As such we tell you that the construction of the Moody Pyramids was indeed, no accident. For an energetic frequency transfer has taken place between the submerged Atlantean complex and the Moody Pyramids.”
    What a great confirmation of what Leos has shown us!
    Read the whole article, IMPORTANT!
    Love and Light

  16. What a wonderful experience, Tauno! I’m getting a stronger and stronger sense that we on STC are One, our Crystals as an extended family are One, our ships as another branch of the family are One, and then all the knees are One…! πŸ˜‰

    • You are right, dear Les, each piece of the puzzle finds its place now…. we represent TULYA`s crew here, therefore we are One with them, our crystals are connected and represent the craft, I have the constant inner sensation that Horus makes a connection with us too with his numerous images and expressions…
      Sending to you high vibrations of pure LOVE
      ( ( JOY ) )

  17. Last night before I set up the routine healing GLS ALGIZ flight I had a very strong experience with OLA and ALGIZ
    i looked into OLA and put ALGIZ behind it, amazing Spirits i saw and finally I saw RA , the image was very close to this
    Then I saw the majestic point of ALGIZ, it is a huge craft and I saw her aura, GLS ALGIZ is shining with Golden Light aura and is vibrating the violet ray of transmutation and the green ray of the Heart, I felt myself as a Star Wars character πŸ™‚ it was amazing experience
    Thank You, RA, OLA and ALGIZ for this connection
    After this experience I remember having a dream
    I was going up the wooden stairs of a wooden hut , the stairs weren`t straight, they had curves and I saw the landlady who was a few steps down from me and she was standing next to a door and there was a plant near her, I felt the presence of an invisible friend of mine who was going up the stairs behind me, I think of Babajij πŸ™‚
    Love and Light

  18. ~Hi Tauno!…and then there Is,also, the WorldWide Meditations that are Being Planned on May (5th Month) 5,2012 (2+0+1+2=5)…People are Meditating at 5:55 p.m.,at ther Own Time-Zones…For The Highest Good For All Concerned… πŸ™‚ ~

  19. Update from OLA, Leos, TULYA and Rodney
    “We are here baby”

    I saw two vertical lines then a human walking in front of them..step forward, step back…step forward, then back and disappeared
    then I saw the mermaids …they were 5 or 6 and they led me to Telos, I saw the crystal city again, then Rodney came ” Hello, Rodney, what do you want to show me”
    And the film began….I saw light and dark layers horizontally situated, the light layer was above, there were numerous light threads into the dark layer like needles of light, they formed channels of Light into this dark layer, I saw five cloud ships into the light layer…three of them were up and the other two were below the three and they were vertical and next to them was the sign ” V ”
    Then Rodney showed me a pyramid of Light – Mount Shasta,I saw Mount Shasta turning into pyramid of Light, there were markings on the pyramid, and the markings looked like the same cloud ships that I saw, the pyramid had an extension and formed an octahedron , up was the light part and down the darker part of the octahedron structure….the same layers…as mentioned at the beginning of the meditation, but in the shape of an octahedron, the dark part of this octahedron had points of Light in it
    Then I saw a giant Lemurian crystal
    Leos showed me his Mother crystal , so powerful, I got the feeling that Leos is also a craft and all crystals are craft, huge and powerful Light Ships bringing the Light

    • I think I have solved the riddle( understood the message) – there is number 5 in it…5 cloud ships, the sign V is also number 5 and V is VICTORY
      and 5 – Fifth dimension
      We will succeed to move into 5th dimension πŸ™‚
      Rodney-Adama= RA
      I was flying on the wings of a giant Eagle/Falcon in one of my crystal meditations with Leos

      Ra was thought to travel on two solar boats called the Mandjet (the Boat of Millions of Years), or morning boat and the Mesektet, or evening boat. These boats took him on his journey through the sky and the underworld./the two layers – light and dark in my meditation show the journey of RA / When Ra traveled in his sun boat he was accompanied by various other deities including Sia (perception) and Hu (command) as well as Heka (magic power). Sometimes members of the Ennead helped him on his journey, including Set who overcame the serpent Apophis and Mehen who defended against the monsters of the underworld.
      Ra was also pictured as a full-bodied ram, beetle, phoenix, heron, serpent, bull, cat, or lion as well as other creatures.[4]
      I think HORUS – RA connects with us via Leos

  20. Wow, this information gives me the chills πŸ˜€

    Tauno, years ago, I think I was 21, I felt I was protected by AA Michael , and that is also by intuition that his name came through me then. Funny how things can remind you, at that age is was really going to some hard time, but I was always glad that he was around, as also my guides and other guardian angels, even God made me feel protected. Every time my heart was hurting so bad and asked for some comfort I could feel their heavenly love come over me and then I felt really loved and my heart didn’t ache that much anymore. At one time I felt my guides/guardian angels made a full circle around my bed, that felt really good and felt protected.

    We are now in the super elevator straight to Ascension πŸ˜€

    PS: my full birth first name is actually Liesbeth and it means:’God Is My Oath’
    It seems there is not really coincidences in our lives.

    • Thank you,dear Lisa, it was said that this time souls of like mind and energies will gather together and this is what we do πŸ™‚

  21. ~WoW!…Great Gathering,Tauno!…iAdmire Ur Ease that Ya Convey in Regards to Ur Meditations!…Thank You for Ur Continued Strength of Spirit…It Is Really Brilliant!… πŸ˜€ ~

      • …Hello Tauno!…iFinally Found mySelf in a Free-Zone,last Night…And iDid Kenyon’s First Chakra Meditation!…when iStarted Playing the Recording,iFirst Surprised with His Voice/Chanting…Sounds Like Native Chanting,at Times…So,iContinued and Closed my Eyes and Focused on the my Breathing and the Small on my Back…iListened to the Entire First Chakra Sound Meditation/Cleansing…Right Afterwards, iSpoke Out Loud and Felt my Voice have a Stronger Vibration to It…Like ICould Sense the My Own SoundWaves move Across the Table!…iCertainly will do the 2nd One…TY… πŸ˜€ …

        • These are extremely powerful meditations, dear Babajij and I think that our small group is doing a great job with them , our collective energy makes us stronger
          Love and Light

          • ~Good Morning,Tauno!…Yes,Indeed, iDo Realize Now,on How Much Strength Comes thru the Sounds!…IDid the 2nd Chakra a Few Hours Ago…Very Tribal…the Color Orange was Very Present…It is the new Moon today, a Good Time for me to Some Deep Sound Chakra Cleansings!…Thank You for Sharing these with Us…iAppreciate It… πŸ™‚

            • http://www.satyacenter.com/store/crystal/Lemurian_crystals/4943
              Amazing how I found this after we have already made a connection via Lemurians…I think Spirit has a message to all of us here…we can all connect via Lemurians
              Yes, Babajij, I also did a sound meditation after I posted my previous post and I attuned my pineal to the dimensions…today is a portal date – 21.04.12
              Continue the cleansing, dear brother, these are channeled meditations directly from shamans` and Hathors` realms
              ( ( LIGHT ) )

  22. Hi, my dear friends…I had a meaningful connection with Leos, Umbro and Rodney
    I instinctively got Leos and OLA and started a crystal meditation with both of them, I put Leos behind OLA and I could see Leos through OLA and its magnified structure
    I said TULYA++++TULYA
    And OLA showed me a phoenix flying up….then the same phoenix from another perspective….flying up πŸ™‚
    Then I was shown a ship or a kind of town of Light or a craft and a face…Umbro`s face , big eyes that looked like portals, Umbro was so “etheric” ” This is Umbro showing all of this to you” , the image varied but there were many Lights, points of beautiful Light…I was shown a place … a city ….my inner sense was telling me I was in Telos, I received ” We connect with Stars”, this sentence came from this place and that is why I think I was in Telos of somewhere in crystal kingdom…I saw two Beings, they looked like humans…I think they were gatekeepers…they invited me….I asked “What are your names”….I saw a big face behind them….human face…black eyes, solid nose, a soft and friendly expression…I asked again ” What is your name” – received – “Rodney”…I asked ” Are you of Light” – a flash of Light appeared as an answer…I asked ” What do you want to tell me, Rodney?” and the film began – Rodney started his explanations in a form of a crystal video tape of some kind….I saw a flash of Light it pointed to where I saw the light part of an yin yang symbol….then I saw the planet shifting into the new dimension, the clouds, the energies…I saw Ascension IT WAS BEAUTIFUL and very strong….I saw how the sky shifted, the Planet Earth shifted and then established Her right position into the New era of Her existence, it was a great experience for me….then I saw the mighty Phoenix above all in the new sky, the Phoenix spread wings and celebrated this new birth….then the video fade and this was the end of the meditation

    Thank you, Rodney, Umbro, OLA, Leos

    • WOW Tauno , that was a really strong meditation you had….I can’t wait for Ascension. By the way, I saw you mentioning gatekeepers, funny thing is the dream I had on 18/19 april, I got a message through that said gatekeeper, what is the coincidence that this happens.

      Can it be that I am a gatekeeper too, I got this message through for the third time. πŸ˜€

      Love you my dear sister

      • It is possible that these gatekeepers to be connected with one of your layers of existence, dear Lisa, but you`d better ask your heart πŸ™‚

    • You are Spreading your Wings – Archangel Michael via Ron Head

      Apr 25

      Posted by Wes Annac

      Press here for Spanish or Portuguese


      We bring you now encouragement and support for your efforts to awaken and throw off sleep, to realize yourselves as you truly are. The stirrings in your hearts are now being felt in an ever strengthening manner. You are spreading your wings.

      As you look at your inner selves, you are truly beginning to feel this. Imagine what it looks like to see that light multiplied by millions. Aroused is the sleeping dragon. Awakened once again is the phoenix. All over your world you are beginning to see the effects of your power to control your world for yourselves. Each day more of you evict those who have taken residence between you and your Creator. Your every thought, word, prayer, pain, and joy is, and has always been, heard and felt by the All-in-All. You need no one to bring your dreams and prayers to your Mother/Father. You have been told by every master that has been sent to you that the answers are within your hearts. There is no need for a go between when the questions and the answers are deep within you. Listen, dear friends, only listen.

      Dawning now, in this season of this marvelous year, is the rising power of your realization of who you are and what you are here to accomplish. You are reaching out and finding your sisters and brothers, helping each other over each obstacle in their path. In this effort, you are finding that, in spiritual things, one plus one more does not equal two. There is a far greater increase as each of you finds their footing on the pathway. And the increases occurring each day now are producing an ever widening river of souls behind you.

      Centuries of water drops can wear away stone. Onrushing floods can change landscapes overnight. Your rising consciousness is approaching flood stage. Ever more each day now, you are feeling the incoming light and welcoming the change within you. You have asked for this, and what you ask for the sake of all, you receive.

      You have left the nest now and are testing your wings, wondering what it will be like to fly. Very little more time shall pass before you know the joy of your freedom. Imagine it now, my dear friends, and bring it into your reality all the sooner. We will speak again tomorrow.

      Copyright Β© Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/

  23. Wow! Thank you so much for continuing this particular story!

    The head of the cobra also represents the pineal gland, it is in the same place as the cobra on the egyptian headdress. In fact for some people, they actually have a faint outline of a cobra on their forehead, where the pineal gland is, when they raise their eyebrows. Usually underneath where a “widow’s peak” would be (so it may be easier to see in bald men than women…).

  24. Thank you Leslee, I see the connection and feel it. I am happy to know the meaning of the Phoenix. Years ago I had a dream of a golden Phoenix rising out of the ashes of a burnt house. We are strong as ONE and great works are required of us.

  25. How wonderful, Tauno! This is inspiring – I hope I can find the time to do this as well!
    Babajij also has a cobra connection to the caduceus… πŸ™‚

    • Yes, Babajij gave two another clues…cobra and phoenix, thank you, dear Les for reminding me , I will add them into this

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