Crystal Connections December 2013



  1. Crystal Connection – 19 December 2013
    I concentrated on my 3rd eye doing an activation
    I gradually received a vision
    I saw a opened Portal in front of me, the portal looked like a Golden Sphere of light and stayed there in front of me, I was drawn to enter as i found myself on a mountain flat rock with
    Love and Light

  2. Crystal Connection 11.12.2013

    I was in the depth of the ocean. So many whales are coming from my left, moving towards my right, telling me that they got our blessing, our love and light. It will be nice that we keep envisioning that the oceans get cleansed with this never failing love and light.

    Then I overlooked a pyramid. It’s a portal. Getting through it, what I saw was also the maritime world.

    I was indicated to appeal more resonated ones to send love and light to the realms which are related to water for helping the concerned cleansing work. Water connects with crystals. They both are the very vehicles that help connect the various realms and dimensions.

  3. Crystal Connection 10.12.2013

    I first saw a giant Toucan and was indicated to post the following messages.

    When trying to unite the Sun and Moon in me, I saw a golden mantra, very very beautiful mantra. It’s first in the form of hexagon, than turned into dodecagon. Their contour then faded whereas the red diagonals became relatively remarkable.

    Then the red Rune Hagall appeared at my right, whose axis was inclined about 30° towards my right.

    About Rune Hagall :

    source I. :

    Sound: “h”
Stands for: Hail 
Casting meaning: Just like hail will eventually transform into water we need to see that situations in our lives will do just the same. They will make a transformation from something restricting to something that flows more readily for us. This is what Hagall represents, a transformation of a situation into something more simple.

    source II. :

    The star form of this rune is characteristic for the Younger Futhark, whereas its Elder Futhark form looks altogether different. Hagall means ‘hail’. The Icelandic rune poem describes it as follows:
    Cold grain and shower of sleet and sickness of serpents.
    In the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc this sign is called iar with the following explanation:
    Iar is a river fish and yet it always feeds on land; it has a fair abode encompassed by water, where it lives in happiness.

    The meaning of the word iar is obscure. It is usually interpreted as ‘eel’ or ‘newt’. Note that the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc also has the rune hægl, ‘hail’ corresponding to the Elder Futhark *hagall and used for the same sound, but unlike the Younger Futhark and Armanen runes it does not have the star form.

    The use of the Hagall rune in the design of the SS-Ehrenring (SS honor ring, also called deaths head ring) was explained by Himmler as follows: “The swastika and the Hagall-Rune represent our unshakable faith in the ultimate victory of our philosophy.” In Nazi Germany it was also used as an element of the SS wedding ceremony. In the Armanen rune row the name of this rune is Hagal.

    Looking for more clue about it, I found this site by accident and think it might interest you, too.

    After that, a very giant soaked raven, not flying but descending towards me. Then he turned into a black whale. I felt being in the ocean, watching this painful and struggling giant whale beneath him. He is asking for help. Then I seemed to be brought to another ocean beyond the (European) continent, also in such darkness. All these visions were so gloomy, as well as the atmosphere. It’s pretty urgent to bring more light to North, particularly the North Atlantic. There is massive slaughter happening there.

    I cannot recall the other parts, but would like to appeal to conduct SUN light and love there, and send all the beings our love and light, for transforming the hearts of the ones who want to take advantage of them without considering their pain at all.


  4. Lisa- 10 December 2013
    I see in the distance, waving hills in a sort of kind golden light, loving, a crystal city
    rises up from the land, going up into the sky, I see a waterfall coming down when the city goes stationary in the clouds, a golden sort of wave comes out from it, going over the land like some life force…I feel like I am in a golden/crystal cocoon, I can see the outside world beautiful and compelling… I feel I am getting richer inside…swirls of golden dust of DNA is stirring up some upgrades to the memory…I feeling engulfed by it…taking by it like a waterfall going downwards, splashing…into the river below…peace…love…one…bubbles drift by…we are one…we are all getting through this, just go with he flow…don’t resist it
    love you all


  5. crystal connection 1 december

    I see an archway, I feel like it’s a portal, almost the same as in my dream last night. But this gate is flanked bubbly Greek pillars. Corinthian pillars. I Gracely walk through it, calling the protection of my guides, arachanai, Iltheos and Hitsusi. I feel they are around me. I walk through it and I find myself in a colder environment and the sky is purple. I am greeted by a white feline, she feels very wise and she exchanges images and feelings through me that feels amazing. I see a purple rose almost as dark as the night. A heart symbol , spirals and then I am back @ the starting point. I see a cross made out of beads and reminds me again of the provence in France.

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