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Fundamental Gaian Geology/Physiology

19 March 2012
These two photos of crystals offer close approximations of images Leslee saw in meditation of regions inside Gaia. The Amethyst/Super7 point represents Mount Shasta as well as a temple pyramid in lower regions.


The photo below shows a close approximation of the caverns & pillars underneath the temple/pyramid. Leslee’s post on 19 March includes sketches of these places.


15 March 2012
This new color sketch shows in more detail, the Agarthan lands, Telos, and other regions inside Gaia. The four-lobed light-colored interior shape represents a dimensional shift layering within the inner atmosphere. The light-golden octahedron is OcaTAwa, and the golden dot in the center is Tulya.

Other light ships are scattered throughout the atmosphere.


The regions that look like interior bubbles are hollow tubes that ring the planet.

The crust in this sketch appears much thicker than it is. Gaia’s diameter is approximately 8,000 miles (12,800 km), and the thickest crust (as measured by GEMMA – see below) is 70km.

Thus, Gaia’s crust thickness appears to be, at most, 1/200 of the diameter. Imagine an eggshell.

The mantle is the thin orange layer between inner and outer Gaia. The two crusts spin in opposite directions, and the mantle, heated by friction, lubricates the two crusts.

The regions where the edges of the mantle are exposed at the poles resemble annular volcanoes. The “lips” are continually exposing magma, which, once cooled, resemble flower petals until they are once again subsumed into the liquid mantle.

Travel between the shells takes place at the poles, as well as at key locations elsewhere. Travel through non-polar locations traverses the mantle layer.

13 March 2012
Rough sketch done last night during a class, right before I found the MOHO article…

preliminary cross-section view of gaia: tulya is at the innermost point, inside the “cube” which is actually an octahedron (holon of protection), the “mothership”, named OcaTAwa… the blobby shapes around the octahedron are open/space… gaia is like a uterus, with openings at the poles… gestation is almost complete…

Gaia’s Outer Crust

MOHO Model of the Crust from Trieste

There’s a fascinating article on Voice of America’s “Science World” page:

Detailed Map Offers Clues About Earth’s Interior

“Detailed Map Offers Clues About Earth’s Interior”

… I was just wishing for a geological map that I could draw on top of…

Here’s the article:

The European Space Agency (ESA) has produced the first global high-resolution map of the boundary area between the Earth’s crust and mantle, which could offer new clues into the dynamics of Earth’s interior.

The new map, of what’s called the Mohorovičić discontinuity (Moho), was created with data provided by the GOCE satellite.

The Moho boundary was named after Andrija Mohorovičić, a Croatian scientist who discovered it back in 1909.

Although this region has never been seen, scientists can spot it through seismic measurements when there are sharp and sudden changes in the speed of earthquake waves, compared to measurements taken within the crust. Scientists presume that this may be due to a change in rock types.

Earth’s crust is the outermost shell of the planet. The crust is important because we live on it and it’s where all our geological resources – such as natural gas, oil and minerals – come from.

The crust and upper mantle layers of the Earth are where major geological processes, like earthquakes and volcanism, take place.

In order to study and understand the Moho, scientists currently use data models based on either seismic or gravity measurements, but those methods can provide limited information.

According to ESA, the new maps make it possible to estimate the Moho depth worldwide, including areas where ground data is not currently available.

Manicouagan Crater (Canada)

Manicouagan Crater – Google Earth, 13 March 2012

(from Wikipedia: )

“Manicouagan Crater is one of the oldest known impact craters… (and) is thought to have been caused by the impact of a 5 km (3 mi) diameter asteroid about 215.5 million years ago (Triassic Period).It was once thought to be associated with the end-Carnian extinction event, but the Carnian-Norian boundary is now known to be much older, around 228 million years ago.

The crater is a multiple-ring structure about 100 km (60 mi), with its 70 km (40 mi) diameter inner ring its most prominent feature; it contains a 70 km (40 mi) diameter annular lake, the Manicouagan Reservoir, surrounding an inner island plateau, René-Levasseur Island. It is the earth’s fifth largest confirmed impact crater.

“It has been suggested that the Manicouagan crater may have been part of a hypothetical multiple impact event which also formed the Rochechouart crater in France, Saint Martin crater in Manitoba, Obolon’ crater in Ukraine, and Red Wing crater in North Dakota. Geophysicist David Rowley of the University of Chicago, working with John Spray of the University of New Brunswick and Simon Kelley of the Open University, discovered that the five craters formed a chain, indicating the breakup and subsequent impact of an asteroid or comet, similar to the well observed string of impacts of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter in 1994.

Kelley had developed a technique to precisely date impact craters, using laser argon-argon dating of the glass formed by the impacts, and cited stratigraphic evidence to support an older age of 215 ± 25 Myr (Late Triassic). He and Kelley sought Rowley’s help to determine how the craters were aligned when the impacts occurred, since—due to plate tectonics—the locations have moved large distances in the intervening 214 million years. Three of the craters—Rochechouart, Manicouagan and Saint Martin—formed a 5,000 km (3,100 mi) chain at latitude 22.8° N, while Obolon’ and Red Wing lay on identical declination paths with Rochechouart and Saint Martin respectively. All of the craters had previously been known and studied, but their paleoalignment had never before been demonstrated. Rowley has said that the chance that these craters could be aligned like this due to chance are nearly zero.

other views, swiped from Google Earth photos…


This sketch was given in February 2012, indicating the venting system, double shells which are also inter-dimensionally interlocked, cavities, and energetic phenomena in the outer atmosphere.

More to come… 🙂


  1. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the
    head. The problem is something not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something concerning this.

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  3. Agreed, like Reiki 🙂

    When I look at them they shimmer with energy.


    Waha Hamama = Inner Earth / Agartha
    Kahanuala = CUBE = OcaTAwa?
    Uli-Nana-Hewa = one part of the quartz crystal point = GLS Tulya / GLS Algiz


    Waha Hamama

    meaning: “To reveal secrets.” -or- “The open mouth.”

    use: This symbol opens up and reveals secrets, both mundane and meaningful. It will reveal psychic visions and hearing of things which are subtle, hidden, or far distant. Highly effective when meditated upon in the 3rd eye, it will also cause revelations in any chakra, because of the changes in neurology which occur. It can also be effective in the moment when meditating, delving into a subject or wanting to reveal something which is hidden, or Huna. It implies enlightenment into the secrets of the soul – why you are here, etc. It increases understanding, and reveals secrets.

  5. just posted a sub-page for the GR at BTS… ahem… kinda need to get back to work… BTW, my emials are coming in strange too… maybe “the cloud” is about to rain 😉

  6. Hey, Lisa! My body’s doing some weird stuff too… solar flares? purification? Well, we know it’s not Gunner’s lasagna, right? 😉 I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Something to explore further if you wish, is the gyroscopic nature of the planet demonstrated by the procession of the equinox… the planet has a “wobble” which is the same wobble you see when you spin a top.

    This wobble might not exist if the planet was constructed with an inner rotational structure because one gyroscope would counter balance the other gyroscope, so the axis would remain stable.

    Now the interesting thing here is that recent channeled messages have suggested that the earth will stop having seasons, which could be accomplished using the very structure suggested by your painting.

    There is also a “template” here that supports this model; it’s an engine that Tesla worked on. The engine requires a vacuum to work; I saw a guy put one together using a CD case and a compressor…

  8. Yes! And Tauno’s teaching us how to do it without accelerators and detectors, and Umbro is taking me on tours of motherships which are also crystals hanging out over in India… And I’m noticing that I’m starting to expect these kinds of :mrgreen:

    • Our accelerators are within, they are us and our Light is them , all you need lies within and starts from there, and when this inner Light expands and merge with every atom of your body and every atom beyond in the outer world and when you realize that there are no limits, then you are able to connect with everything because everything is part of the Creation and is Sacred…everything is Spirit , Spirit lives in matter and out of it and the only energy needed to reach this sacred connection is Appreciation and Gratitude
      Ask and wait…because your question will be answered, try to read it by intuition

  9. OK, I will do that, I am also thinking about explaining my experience with Runes, but I have to gather my mind so that to convey this in words, I hope the article will come out soon
    By the way, I felt that you were meditating, I received a pulsating Light before my eyes, this happens when I am connected with the higher energies
    I touched your amethyst /you know what I am talking of, I am serious/
    Thank you, dear Les

  10. Thank you for posting this, Tauno! I notice that OcaTAwa also resonates with the octahedron!
    I just finished a meditation, trying to contact Umbro and Tulya… I saw a few faces and lights, but mostly images of Geological structures, as if taking a tour of OcaTAwa the “point” (crystal). It was very beautiful, and I think the wish is for me to create more images…
    Tauno, I’m wondering, what do you think is the best way to refer to the Lemurian point I’m holding (Leos)? For instance, in your description I believe you refer to ALGIZ as the lightship as a crystal form… When you refer to Leos, are you referring to both Lemurian crystals (as well as Leos the Tulya crew member)?
    Meditating with and through the crystals is something I haven’t done much, and since it comes so naturally to you, I’m hoping to better understand your method.
    When you have some time (I know you’re very busy with translations), would you like to create a post on meditating with crystals, please? Or perhaps you’ve already written this on your blog? I think it would help many people, and I’d like to add something like that to All About Enlightenment as well.
    Thank you so much for everything, dear friend!

    • One more little thing, attune to the type of connection, crystal forms connect with crystal forms, when you hold a crystal connect with the same form, their many layers do the rest…I hope that you caught it although my weird explanation

  11. Wow, Les, the picture at the top with TULYA at the center, just the same thing was shown to me by Leos a few days ago, the same image I decided that it is something like crater of a volcano at the central point ….I was not sure but now I see it was TULYA in the holon of Balance
    Amazing confirmation
    Thank you!
    Love and Light

      • Thank you, my friend
        I will share how this name came out. I made contact with both ALGIZ and Leos tried to connect the bigger crystal Super Seven from the Mount Shasta. She responded with the sentence ” I am ALGIZ Mother”
        The second time I made connection with the Mother was yesterday night, I connected with ALGIZ only, her energy was with me in this familiar way I know as usual, then I asked ALGIZ to connect me with the Mother and asked for Her name, I received OCATAWA and in fact the stress is on the second syllable OcaTAwa as Les captured quite right
        the name resonates also with words like octave/ concerning music or melody which is her essence and her appearance in general, She looks like singing, indeed/, eight, O- gathering, center, mantra OM -Divinity , completeness
        Thank you, dear Les, we all are doing amazing job together
        Love and Light

        • Hey you all,

          Since this week I felt a sort of ….connection with Mount Shasta, I also had a dream that I was actually there a few days ago.
          But something is up. yesterday I had again cramps from the food I ate and now I am deciding just to ingore the meat for a while and see it will help to recover my health a bit.

          It sounds so wonderful what you and others are doing.

          Wish you lots of love, Lisa

  12. Yes, it’s very special…

    I just had a long night’s sleep with many barely-remembered dreams, and awoke to a huge “download”… Very beautiful and reassuring information…

    I have a deadline at work today, so not sure when I’ll be able to prepare images…

    It’s all very lovely… :mrgold:

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