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This is a space for asking questions about how to meditate, how to connect, about readers` questions concerning the spiritual work
Please Ask; please feel free to post your own questions, and then comment on the page so we’ll get an email and can answer.


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  1. I have two different questions. First is anyone doing readings here still or know of a good source for this? If so I would love some help.

    Second question is related to an experience I had last summer. I’ve not been able to gather any other info in relation to this. This was, for lack a better way to describe, a dream, in that I went to sleep in this reality, but I woke up immediately in another. As I was becoming more aware of my surroundings I was recalling the bizarre dream I’d been having about this earth experience. I laughed at the idea that I had believed any of this to be real. I felt SO AWAKE and free. Until I wanted to get up. This is when I realized I was wrapped in a gauzey web like fabric like a cocoon. My arms were wrapped to my body as well, and I could not move anything but my head. Something began talking to me from behind. It was taunting me about waking up. Then it stuck its many legs around me and bit into my head. I felt every bit of this. the pain was vivid, but only lasted a minute as I drifted off again to sleep. I woke up in this place in time with quite a jolt.

    Has anyone here heard of this or anything like it? When I looked around (in alter reality) before realizing I was wrapped up, the surroundings seemed to be like a cave space, dark, comfortable, wet walls. What was that thing that bit me? Where was I? Not sure if answers can be found but I thought I’d try.

  2. Dark and Light are in fact ONE notion for ONE TRUTH and Understanding
    Every dark leads towards Light 🙂 to know the answer of your question you should turn to your own experience
    Love and Light

  3. I am not sure if I understood correctly. Can people ask to join the starships anytime, or these flights are scheduled at Saturdays? Thank you ❤

    • Dear Sara,
      from some time now it is saturday whenever you want to 🙂
      Feel free to join us anytime because for consciousness time is a sphere and everything happens in NOW
      ( ( ALGIZ ) )

  4. Hello, my name is Jessica H. Michel also known by God as the angel Jessica Louise Michael, I happen to be on this journey of finding out who I am and what I will be doing ever since I was abruptly awoken by a florescent light back in Aug 16 2010. I was 22.5 then and now I am 27. My guardian angel/father is AA Stan Michael from AA Michael’s legions. Please if you can, provide any information on how to manifest getting on a spaceship from Ashtar Sheran or how to get into contact with Archangels and my star family. I am unsupported by my earth grandma and mom. My earth dad died when I was just 12. Oh. and I am one of the oldest of the Terra Ra Soul Group. I have heard this from the Ashtar Command Ground Crew who have contact with Star Crew. I also used to work with the disciples of Jesus/Yeshua and don’t remember anything I have ever done in past lives. If someone knows, please email me.

    I appreciate all your help and all the very best wishes for you all.



    • Dear Jessica
      I see that You were contacted by Ashtar Sheran at the same year I was contacted too, I was called to my mission in May 2010 as far as I can remember. Yesterday evening I was informed by a dear friend of mine that our ancient Sisterhood is about to gather again and we are from all over the world. And your comment here today is a sign for me that it is already happening. I have had many connections with Ashtar Sheran and many other Beings of Light through these years since 2010.
      There is so much to tell you and I do not know how to start, I can introduce you with people who may direct you and help you connect with these Beings. First of all remember that all is in You, intention helps manifesting our desires and when you raise your vibrations high enough you will be connected with the higher Beings, my advice is to live in the constant mood of appreciation and gratitude


    • Merry Christmas dear Salvatore
      I `ll give you some quick instructions
      1. You`d better use a clear crystal quartz under your pillow or next to the bed when you go to dreamflight
      2. Express your intention to be on board / the passwords for some of our craft are the intention itself to be on a particular Light Ship, but the intention is what is IMPORTANT.
      3. Prepare a pen and a sheet of paper so that to write down what you remember from your dream, this is the first thing you have to do when you feel you are waking up
      4. Ask your Guides to help you Remember the dream
      5. The dream may not show you the Space or other planets or even Lightships, the important is the connection and similarities between your dream and the dream of someone else that has taken part in this journey
      That is why I often say that sharing is what makes sense because the person alone cannot know where he /she is at a particular moment
      Hope I could help
      Love and Light

  5. I was going to ask a question but none asked since 2012 and its not a question box format but a leave a reply format?

  6. i do not know where to post this. i emailed leslee but do not know how to get started. feel free to post it where others can read it for me in my inspirations writing the one mind said
    “Tell all that in Reality there is no time, but in your dream time,by the end of Dec 2012, you will be conscious of what is Real, and the unreal will not be seen, because it doesn’t exist. Yes most will not even want to try to understand . There is no creation except Love. Yes,I am the one and only mind itself, and this is what I have to say I am the perfect Light of God which is only Perfection. this is your truth and what you are. There is only this oneness and the separateness never has existed. There is no human mind only One Mind, which is Mine. Continue to express the joy and happiness that is you, Me, since I am the only real existence. Have fun in your life.

    There is No Thing to disappear. What is Real has always been and will always be. What is not real has no existence, and what has no existence can not even be here to “seem” to disappear

  7. I would like to create a page where there are subpages underneath it, just like Konstantions did. How do I do that?


    Start with a “less than” sign (used like a bracket, the shift+comma) then type img src=” (be sure to open the quote… that causes the system to see what is inside as literal and not as interpreted data) type the URL of the picture, like is my pic.jpg The picture MUST be on a server somewhere. If you have a wordpress account then you have 3 gig of space for uploading pictures…. Then type ” alt=”a description of the pic” width=”640″ /> Be sure to close the quotes around the URL (if that one all by itself is confusing up there) THe “alt” tag is needed by wordpress. If you omit it it will mess up your world. The “width” tag is needed to account for the variety of picture sizes and to keep it all on the page nicely…

    So it would look like this, using different brackets (so the system won’t try to post a pic this time. Be sure to change the brackets to the less than – greater than symbols…

    {img src=”” alt=”an example” width=”640″ /}

    Hope that’s clear…. Espavo…

    this is the same for images in regular posts too.

  9. Thank you John I have worked out how to delete the new post I put up and it is gone. I think I have worked out how to do it now. I was wanting to post a photo I took of a cloud which was very unusual.

  10. Being a comment, it can’t be just moved… It will need to be re-posted in the right place.
    Was it your intent to start a new post? an if so where?

  11. Help my post has appeared in the wrong place was ment to be in catorgories can some one please help move it so sorry. It is suzanne cloud photos.

  12. Ok, I am having issues trying to apply new posts, I wanted to make a simple post about facebook and It will not let me do it, or anything. At the top I go to “NEW TOPIC” and get kicked off when I try 😦 Thank you!

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