My Dear Family of Light
Here is the answer of my question about the bees, it is amazing how all the pieces of the puzzle connected with my own past fall into place. Patience worths, persistence worths, Spirit has given me the answer today. The vision of the Bee that appeared several times in my meditations reveals both part of my past /connection with Druids/ as well as the current re-connection with Souls I have spent lifetimes with

Thanks to for the image and the explanation

“In Scotland’s western isles, people once talked of ‘the secret knowledge of the bees,’ for these tiny creatures were thought to embody the ancient wisdom of the Druids.
So what did the Druids know? Bees have long been considered divine messengers from the gods. And until quite recently in the Highlands and Islands, people thought that, when in sleep, trance or death, the soul left the body in the form of a bee – a belief that has clear druidic origins. Druids were trained in the art of the ‘soul-flight,’ by which they could journey to the Otherworld for knowledge from the spirits. They would probably have endorsed the tenet beloved of the mystery schools of the Near East: Si sapis, sis apis! – If you would be wise, be a bee!”

Love and Light

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