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  1. Wow dear Tauno and Troy! A bit unreal! As for me about Aurora.. there has always been names and words resonating with me deeply.. for no apparent reason… For instance.. ever since i have heard the word and story of Atlantis, i used to hear the word Atlantis several times per day, for years… and i always had a HUGE fascination with dolphins and the big ocean 🙂
    The other words are more personal and relevant to me, and it can be a mix of names, making up or coming close to the name i am supposed to get.. like.. getting warmer and warmer type of feeling, till i know the real name.. or i am given it 🙂
    For Aurora.. well.. that name, again has been flashing at me for years… in the past 2 or 3 years there was an episode of Stargate Atlantis, where the SG team meets an old Atlantean ship, called… wait for it.. Aurora..! and everytime i watch that episode.. well.. i kind of break down for a few days.. lol… incidently.. before Troy came up with her name, i watched that episode again on Sky… and again.. without fail, at the end, when all the SG team have a drink for Aurora and the crew.. well.. it does it again for me… hummmm.. interesting, no?

    • It is the same for me Laura – in fact for the past several months I have continued to see the name “Aurora” in many seemingly random places, for example street signs, business names, and there is one video game on the Sony Playstation called “Aurora” that would blow your mind.

      I believe that from a time-space-energy perspective the event at Aurora, Colorado was an energetic “balancing” of our recognition of the GLS Aurora. Yin/Yang. Gives me a better appreciation for what we’re dealing with here. 🙂

      Do you remember what the name of that particular episode was? I’d love to watch it – and I can probably pick it up here on Netflix…

      • It is called “Aurora” !! LOL It is a stargate Atlantis episode.. resonates all around.. you will love the virtual space / dreamscape analogy!!! ENJOY!!

      • It is called “Aurora” !! LOL It is a stargate Atlantis episode.. resonates all around.. you will love the virtual space / dreamscape analogy!!! ENJOY!!
        cHECK OUT YOUTUBE also for the episode, otherwise i have it in dvd at home, i may be able to donwload it for u maybe somehow? xo

        • Bless you Laura THANK YOU for the offer – I think there is a high likelihood I will be able to find it… if it doesn’t find me first!

          I’m really bothered by the whole simulation idea. How could someone prove to themselves that this was or was not the case. I tend to accept these things on faith, but there’s the “ego-self” screaming in the background: prove it. And this is coming from me!

  2. Tauno
    July 19, 2012 @ 11:54 am [Edit]

    Troy, when You said Aurora while Laura was wondering about the name, I closed my eyes an I saw Light , as if the Sun was rising! This was just amazing how Aurora presented Herself to us!
    Dear Laura, I have always felt an energy connection with you, since the time when I met you on-line, you faced a lot of difficulties and so I did in turn but I know that the larger picture is so glorious , the journey is Breathtaking ! In 3D we are only a bit of Our Selves
    Love You All
    July 19, 2012 @ 3:33 pm [Edit]

    That’s exactly what I saw too, Tauno. I usually don’t act on these things unless I have a clear confirmation, and that was a pretty clear confirmation. It was kind of like watching the sun rise and all of a sudden being hit by the sun’s rays as it comes over the horizon. 🙂
    July 20, 2012 @ 2:28 am [Edit]

    Yes, exactly the same vision came to me/as if the Sun was showing to me the first rays in the morning/, then I have read the name that came to You – Aurora! Yes! So wonderful is that all
    Love and Light

    • It is my pleasure, dear Les 🙂 I am honored that I am accepted with love and trust because I put all my heart in this mission, you helped me to believe that my visions make sense, dear Les and I know that you are an ascended soul that have put the ego at the back seat, this is what I have learned to do, too 🙂
      Thank you from my heart, dear Leslee
      I Love You
      ( ( SUN ) )

  3. Hi, Tauno,

    Perfect timing! I was a little late getting home, but I felt we were connectedeven while I was on my way home, anyway. 🙂

    I’ll comment within your email, and then share my experience at the end…

    On Jun 22, 2012, at 11:33 AM, Tauno wrote:

    > Dear Les, I feel we were connected again
    > here is my meditation
    > Love You, dear Friend !
    > Tauno
    > My crystal connection with Adrial and Leslee
    > I sat in my armchair to wait for the exact time, as I was holding the crystals I had a vision in front of me of a white rabbit moving upwards , I was aware that time is right

    I think perhaps (well of course I was the rabbit!) that the white rabbit moving upwards was me, and also that this represents the last figure you saw, climbing the crystal ladder… More on this at that part of your meditation…

    One thing that I find remarkable and humorous about your vision of the rabbit is this: it’s like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but instead of leading Alice down the rabbit hole, he’s doing the opposite of what Alice does, by transforming into a being of the madness of the “upper” world, and coming OUT OF the rabbit hole!!! 😉

    > I was meditating with ALGIZ and one of the Leos family Lemurians
    I had a whole tray of crystals in front of me, arranged in a way that I think represents Gaia… And the hollow calcite geode on my lap, with a beautiful Lemurian I bought recently. This one has tiny brilliant dark blue threads in it’s base.

    I was holding OcaTAwa; she told me that since we would be focusing on inner earth and outer earth connections, that was most appropriate. She asked me to keep her cave covered with my thumb…

    > All the time in all ways the Rune GEBO was seen sometimes merged with the Rune ALGIZ and the Rune TEIWAZ – a sign of a connection, reached balance and a victory

    > I received “You are protected” then I saw an angel with wings and the same sign M – AA Michael and one of Leslee`s guides that she remembers from the time of her incarnation on Earth

    Yes! I feel quite happy mow, after talking with both my therapist and Konstantinos and Iltheos! I’ll ask him how much of our private conversation he’d like to share. It’s a very beautiful and touching story. 🙂

    > I was guided then to the crystal kingdom of Lemuria and there I saw two figures that were separated from a kind of crystal wall/dimension. They gradually met each other and formed a connection, from this connection I saw a Light formed
    I feel this has to di with Agnès being encased in the amethyst flower…
    When I went into the hospital on April 3, on the 4th I had a very brief vision of seeing a beautiful violet and clear amethyst crystal, as if it were right at my face and all I could see.

    I understood last night that vision was not a vision, it was a moment of my consciousness returning to Agnès’ body, and Agnès opening here eyes for just an instant, realizing she was still in the crystal bed, and Leslee was still Leslee. So you’ve seen where I am!
    > Then I saw this one ruler of Agartha that met Admiral Byrd in his visit, He was sitting in a chair,
    (This is Glöethe) 😀
    There was a post I made named “Glöethe’s Eyes”; I need to find it and look at it again…
    > then I saw another Guide that was looking at me and the whole crystal took the image of a Being and I heard “ This is Adrial speaking to you”
    Wow! What did the being look like? Simply the crystal? How wonderful, Tauno!!! 😀

    > I saw a figure climbing a sort of ladder – smooth crystal pointing upwards, this figure/a spiritually evolved human / shaman / was moving up while at the same time this moving figure became more and more crystalline till reaching another body of a different “matter”
    I think this represents a person, perhaps me, making the transference from the crystalline/Lemurian body to the human body on the surface of earth…

    Another thing I just realized is that because I was late, you and I may have seen this same thing at the same time! Almost identically to your ladder, the first thing I saw was a tall Lemurian point, like a huge version of the one I was meditating with (I’ll send you a photo), which of course would look like a ladder! Then I saw, at the top of it, the images of the SAM that I shared, that looks a bit like an eye… Crystal center, surrounded by dark steel spiraled wire and blue kyanite blades… I saw the eye of Horus as if a transparent curtain superimposed in this…

    So that was the beginning of my meditation… Then I went on to see Abi-Qor again, as if in the dream, and spent some time looking at that.

    Next I felt that there were no more images coming, but that you might still be connected, so I should take my recorder and describe my dream from last night. That took a half an hour or so? I will share that more when I have time to type up the dreams… There was an argument with my ex, as I was trying to collect Lucas to take him to school, and there was a shattered ibject and something about changing clothes. Then there was a scene about a canteen or diner at a movie set or circus set, again with disagreements and things being broken…

    My! We are really good at this, aren’t we! ;D

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