DreamFlights, Ads, and Contact – Reviving the Site

Hi Everyone, Happy Almost Winter Solstice!

After once again forgetting to set my intention to join DreamFlights last night (despite the recurring reminder on my phone – argh.), I have a few thoughts I’d like to share, and I’d love to know your opinions.

First, about the DreamFlights. We started planning these dream-meetings years ago – gosh, was it 2011 or 2012? – and it’s a wonderful way to connect and share our experiences of meeting friends and guides on ships. I confess I haven’t practiced this for a few years now. Life set other priorities and I got side-tracked. I’d like to get it going again, but am struggling with the Wednesday night thing.

What do you guys think of moving the DreamFlight night to Saturday nights?

Please offer feedback in the comments section. For myself, it’d be easier to remember, and to relax before bedtime, and I’ll have more time to wake gradually in the morning and make notes on experiences. Please let me know in the comments section if Saturdays would work for you.

Second, about ads on the Spirit Train Chronicles site. This morning I visited the site without being logged in to WP, and was shocked at the number and nature of ads that WordPress is running on the site.

I’m contemplating upgrading the site to a business account. That would eliminate the WP-generated ads, and make for a cleaner experience. To offset the monthly cost of this, I will look into running Amazon affiliate stuff, and selective ad placement.

If you have any concerns over this please let me know. I’ll probably make this switch in the next week.

Lastly, is anyone out there familiar with the CE-5 protocols, and are you interested in practicing them as a group? I’ve met several folks here in Atlanta who use the CE-5 meditation created by Dr. Steven Greer, and they’ve had some encouraging results! I’m going to try to get those friends to visit Spirit Train Chronicles and connect with us here.

Although I’m pretty sure Greer’s practice is copyrighted and we might not be able to run any CE-5 events here (official ones, at least, and y’all know how I am about copyright violation – not gonna do it…), his guided meditations are very similar to practices we’ve shared here on STC, so I’d like to explore possibilities. It might simply be a matter of going back through older posts and resurrecting some meditations from there.

So again, feedback please!

Lastly, keep an eye out for a new look for our Spirit Train Chronicles. We haven’t changed the look since inception, and WP has some great newer templates that I’m gonna play around with a bit. I’ll try to keep the tweaks minor, and look for an option that’s easy to use, but will probably change the top menu to focus on the most-used pages and posts. That may take me a while to get around to.

On a personal note to @saucernut2, (and anyone else who’s been following the DreamFlights thread and wondering where everyone went…) thank you for hanging in there! I will try to spend a little more time on your questions, and we can explore in more detail what you’ve been trying, and what’s worked or not.

BTW the feature image for this post is a photoshopped layering and adjustment of a UFO image (“possible small space debris”) taken from the ISS, and a microscopic image of snow crystals. Pretty cool reflection of our inter-dimensionality, eh?

Cheers to you all! I, as one northern-hemisphere dweller, am really looking forward to getting our longer days back! Will try to restrain my jealousy for y’all in the Far South ;D

Please send me some good juju for reviving this practice and finding the time and energy to become more involved. 2019 is slated as the year of rebirth, and I’m sure looking forward to that!


(image: modified and layered images from wikimedia commons: NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, & “Snow Crystals”, Unknown author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)



  1. Hi Leslee, I really missed you. I am glad you are positing again. I am fine with all the suggestions you made. I would like to do the CE-5 protocols, would be great.
    Happy winter solstice Leslee and also to all the others and a happy change 2019. 🙂

  2. Hi Leslee, happy to see you back posting again. I guess you popped out into another dimension or something because the dreamflights have always been Saturday night. So welcome back! I try to post them Wednesday but that doesn’t always happen, because life… but like Linus heralding the annual return of the Great Pumpkin, I am still here manning the virtual ticket booth for anyone who wants to jump into the great unknown.

    I like the idea of the CE-5 protocols. I followed his meditation suggestion and I guess it wasn’t necessary, but it may be helpful for others, to serve as a further “beacon” if needed.

    A few senses I’ve had is that we’ve reached critical mass in the beacon department, which is great… but the more the merrier. Another is that since the last solar flare, the wave shifted to having higher positive peaks, and smaller negative troughs. This sort of defies physics, but it is happening. I can tell this because there have been more positive coincidences happening recently, and reported by others as well.

    What this means is that what we hear in the world around us may still seem negative, but further digging will likely reveal positive outcomes. And in this respect your timing is perfect… 🙂

    Just a 3d tip, you may want to build in site map first before you start working with the site structure. You can use word to build the hierarchy, it’s not difficult. The site map works as a planning tool to get feedback before you commit changes that take a long time to work through. Oh and I am happy to help you with this task as needed, to polish up our little gem here…

    • Hi dreamwalker, it so nice to hear you again to. I know, I am guilty of not popping in frequently, also my own blog has been a bit dormant. But I have in the last week, been dreaming of change, so I think I might for the new year, start again to post some . I do miss you all , the chats we had, the comments on the post. Maybe 2019 is the year of change.

      Love Lisa

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