Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…the Maze…

The Voice of Higher mind through
Dreams and stolen solemn moments
To guide…through a maze of the
Present, built by a past so broad
It’s impossible to decipher, save for
Those that recorded it…and shared only
What they wanted.

So, build the impossible maze, in the
Only impossible way…by a masterful
Mind…digital. For ages before it was
Scrolls and paper and tablets kept
By independent societies that only
Shred glimpses to gain power.
Interlopers that found secrets were
Silenced, or employed and drafted…
Only to steer the future stronger.

Now the modern world finds the maze
Through Artificial mind and devices…
But why would they share glimpses
Unless all has been seen, done and
Found. Share the maze to see who
Can sight truth from lies,
Or rather ages of concepts and

The future is uncertain, but for
The astrologer and seer it is both
Condemned and hopeful. Kings, Queens
And rulers have always known this…

And religion, in all its diversity, is above
All the most steadfast with hope
By faith.

Now the maze…through the mind
Can traverse with logic. But you can
Not move through it without passion or

Everyone wants something different, no
One answer can solve it, but inspiration
Will fuel the Fire to move, and
That is priceless.

If everyone is fundamentally still
Pursuing their own answer and path,
Then globalism has no place in a
World in turmoil until there is peace
And happiness in every home and

There must be boundaries, and walls
And gates…or nothing is learned
Or appreciated.

A world of wonders and potential
Lay in wait at worthy effort in the
Maze…For the willing. But it’s still
About decisions.

Perhaps the makers that shared it in
Digital form desperately worried…Are
They ready for it? And to make it
Even more tricky, the hitch? Anything
Can be changed in the push of a button.

Peace. Instinct. Intuition. Inspiration…
There’s always a path to take…
Criticism will destroy you…
Those that push their way into
Your life you do not have to accept
Them…they’re sure not there to make
It easier…

The maze in some way will
Always be there…
Time will always move…
No one is spared from obstacles, aside
From the ignorant…
The only true thing to accept
Is a mortal form, and its reflection.

God does exist!
And the Devil has no power over Him!

Please enjoy the Holidays!
Thank you.





    • Sounds like melding of the soon to be installed ‘Trump Border Wall’ to stave off the thousands of immigrants here & on the way to enter our country illegally. Namaste

      • Hi saucernut, I respect your perspective, but I think there’s more to the wall issue than that. At the risk of sounding one-sided or argumentative, I hear many are asylum seekers. My heart goes out to those fleeing violence.. and enduring it en route… hopefully the separated children still in detention will be reunited with their families soon.

        I’d personally like to see more done to deal with gangs in Central America… and the US while we’re at it. For those running away from gang recruitment… there is nowhere to hide (from what I understand to be true).

        I’m perplexed why there’s such a push for this… there isn’t really much of a danger to the “average American” as the “powers that think they are” make it seem. The number of “potentially violent illegal immigrants” is in the 100’s… not 1000’s. A wall doesn’t really help with the gang situation… they just dig under it, and exist in both countries. So to me, at best this is something to do to say that we’ve done something about it. At worst it’s distracting from the real issues. It’s not necessarily something that will solve the root of the problem.

        As to Bill’s writing… I think this is a really well-crafted passage. Much to think about! Perhaps you are right – but “peace and happiness in every home and country” should be the goal, as he said. I couldn’t agree more.

        Namaste (-_-)

        • About that wall…
          We need a ‘wall’ very badly.
          It is not punishment for those seeking asylum…there are many in genuine need. These people, sadly, are being used by the very bad ones, real criminals, murderous gang members, who kill or hurt without hesitation. I’ve seen so many videos w and read so many personal stories of the women and children who were used as shield…pushed in front of the young, healthy, ready-to-fight men to get over the border. I’ve seen the footage in Europe also, and on our border. It is disgusting and cowardly…but they don’t care. They are hiding behind the innocent to get over our border. And they don’t car how they do it. God only knows what their intent is once they get here. So many have been reported as bringing over children that are NOT their own…to traffic them! For child labor and sex!
          This has been going on for years. Illegally of course.
          I like the idea of testing the DNA to make sure it’s a parental match!
          It is a horrible conundrum.
          Some are truly desperate…others were deliberately sent here, and paid, to destabilize the area. And it ‘s working.
          Even Mexico is fed up.
          All the President wants to do is exercise some control…and proper laws to let the ‘safe’ people in. I have no problem with that.
          You know why?

          Back in 1950…I was 18 months old when I came to this country…as a legal immigrant. With my parents and older brother.
          I don’t know if I’ve ever told this to anyone here…but it is true. I have my birth certificate, and naturalization certificate as proof.
          My parents were at risk of imprisonment and death under the communist forces that had marched in to their country…Czechoslovakia…and took over after WW2. They were tipped off that the police were coming for them…so they packed their things, as much as possible, and fled. My brother Frank was a baby. My mother was pregnant with me…so I ended up being born in a refugee camp hospital in Germany. But I am considered Czech.
          I don’t known how long we were there before we began our journey here. Frank and I both became very ill. He almost died there, as conditions were very bad. Somehow, our extended family here…cousins, aunts, etc., was notified here in the US (by Red Cross is my guess, as they managed the refugee camp) and they sponsored us…so we began the long arduous process of being cleared and accepted for entry.
          I was born in August 1948, but we did not come here until February 1950…so this process was long even back then!
          But we came LEGALLY, and yes, the circumstances were dire.
          I cannot specify this enough, as I do sympathize with the illegals seeking entry on our southern border. But it can be done.

          Why all the angst now?
          My best guess based on experience…they were encouraged to swarm the border with promises no one could keep. And they were deceived.
          Who did this?
          Why, is even a better question.
          There are reports of many turning back. Being disheartened, understandably, because they know they were pushed to do this based on false promises.
          The liberals think our President is cruel and heartless…when in reality…they are the ones who have not thought this through with all the issues that should be addressed. They are being fueled by emotions based on the hype put out by the media.
          All the talking heads in Washington had no problem with border security, and a wall, years ago when the democrats had the lead…but suddenly it’s off the table because another is in charge! And he is willing to face the screaming masses to do it.
          He is just trying to keep our country safe…while still considering those in need legally.
          The other side hates rules and regulations so they fight him. When in reality…they just refuse to see a conservative approach and hate him for it.
          Again, the fires are fanned…for a reason. And it’s not a good one.

          But hey…this is just my opinion. My 2 cents! I was always a quiet, law abiding person. Never bothered anyone. Played by the rules, payed my taxes, did the correct thing.
          I was always a bore, and a nerd! Never an agitator.
          I hate that stuff. I prefer peace and quiet. And respect others rights to that too.
          I normally mind my own business unless I see an injustice being done.
          And there are huge injustices being done today…by all sides, for all the wrong reasons.
          We all need to decide for ourselves tho. No one can force you to conform to either side. No one should anyway! Not their right.
          “Boundaries” has more than one meaning!! So does ‘appreciation’.

          I think my ‘opinion’ just reached a nickel. Sorry about that!

        • The people in the Caravan were interviewed and stated that President Trump had infact invited them all to come to the United States, they would be more than just welcome to enter @ the border regardless of the asking of Asylum. Quote : We all were invited to come here by Trump.

          • I find this hard to believe…I would believe it of the liberals, who may have said so on ‘behalf’ of the President. But Trump himself had not…and I have listened to HIM, not the lame stream news, who love to make up things. The illegals are being duped. I have listened to those who are mad because they were lied to…
            So if you heard this on CNN, MSNBC, or…or one of their ‘reporters’…it is pure propaganda.
            there are many outlets, besides FOX (who swings both ways) who put up unedited news. Please find one of those…your choice, of course, and look again.
            Even Mexico is reporting how mad the immigrants are!
            it is very tragic and disturbing any way you view this.

              • I too know that Trump would have never have made that statement, sounds like something that Soro’s or Obama would have lied about, or made up to get the Caravan’s movement started. They are very devious people not to be trusted. I too do not like the involvement of all this blown out of proportioned petty nonsense, there are much more important issues to be concerned about in our misused world.

                • Very relieved to hear this from you! I just love people who can think for themselves with their own gut instinct to guide them!
                  …that’s why I love the folks here.

                  • BTW. lidavg48, it’s been more than 10 years since I have even turned on, or listened to the FAKE News. I don’t really know why or how I knew, but somehow I knew back then, subconsciously maybe, that I needed to turn these channels off, which I did. I remember as a kid growing up, my parents couldn’t wait to get home and turn on the news channels every day, it’s like that hour was their only refuge to that outside world, I had to be quiet while they watched the violence from around the world, nothing but murder & mayhem.

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