Crystal Connections February 2014



  1. Connection – 25 February 2014
    I saw a Merkaba connected with our group
    Then a Powerful movement and I entered into a trance state feeling Sun energies of RA
    I had an urge to make round movements with my arms and OLA gathering hands above my head connecting with my BA and then down in a Namaste gesture and another circle with OLA in the other hand, I sent Blessings within and into the outside world to my Friends and Soul Family, as I was sending the Blessing out I saw a Being – My Angelic Higher Self in White was raising hands in ALGIZ shape and the energy expanded in all directions – blue and white energy
    I connected with some Beings – looked like Yoda but younger , they told me that they are Man.d..ties – I cannot remember the name fully, they were sitting in front of me and watching
    Then I saw an Eagle flying in Space , there was a rock and the eagle flew away
    Later I was in the ocean and saw a dolphin and then a huge whale came
    I felt I released some old energy
    Then I made some more circled with OLA and felt myself in Golden energy

  2. Crystal Meditation – 3 January 2014
    I saw a red fire like lava rising upwards towards the rock I was standing on and this energy was a fiery red Dragon, I saw a man down below who gave the dragon Power and direction, the Man is a Japanese Ascended Master dressed in yellow kimono and with Samurai hairdress
    He was dancing below giving instructions to the dragon that curved like a giant snake of red flames, gradually the dragon turned into a fiery Bird – and the Phoenix flew up in Cosmos
    Then I sensed a void space, emptiness like Space of dark blue and grey colours and then I saw myself flying on Eagle`s wings, the Eagle that was carrying me was green and blue
    Then I do not remember much….but suddenly a river appeared in a forest
    The river had two or three streams and I saw one of them and the brown and grey pebbles on the river bed, the water was crystal clear
    The river flew downwards on the mountain hills to flow into the waterfall that is somewhere there in the distance

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