Crystal Connections July 2013



  1. Crystal Connection – 26 July 2013 – morning
    I saw green colour again, felt a connection with Elvi and got a knowledge of the feelings she is experiencing now
    I saw a face that looked like the mask of Anonymous and this face was in connection with Egypt
    Then I saw two humans connected and their faces formed a heart shape and from the center of this heart there came an Angel of White Light and spread wings
    The mask I saw turned White – the Anonymous now looked white – like a Scandinavian or Slavic human
    The rune TIR was constantly present in my vision
    Love and Light
    Crystal Connection – 26 July 2013 – evening
    I connected with Ancient Egypt
    I was in a pyramid and I saw a pharaoh`s tomb with the lying statue over it, then a Goddess I saw with cat`s connection – Bastet
    I was there to do an important job, I had to connect with the dark side of the pharaoh
    I met his lowest layer that appeared to me like a being of very low vibrations and this being did not have a shape, it had a physical form but was not human like and the being was looking at me right in the eyes, I looked at the being`s eyes too and sent Light, I started showering this Being with light from my heart and from my hands , I sensed a connection with Angels that were sending me more Light, my Higher Self too, while was doing the healing I saw White eagle Chief on my left and the Bear on my right and the pharaoh in front of me
    I formed a channel and sensed a Power that was moving through me into this being, till I saw Angelic wings, the pharaoh was healed , the pharaoh was free, I saw a human figure that was lying on one side over the coffin/tomb and I sensed the pharaoh`s gratitude, the pharaoh is now alive and connected
    I sensed a connection with RA again, Lion, cat, I got out of the pyramid
    Love and Light

  2. Crystal Connection – 25 July 2013

    I saw a rose in Space, golden rose, the rose in space had many buds, the rose represents our connection – our 6 ray star and the smaller rose buds those that are connected with us then a sphere, the Sphere was a Being of Light with female vibrations, I saw her face – Quan-Yin, green and blue and golden colours in a ring around a sphere
    I saw a rose, green stem and leaves and something like parasite on it – brown black colour
    Then some other plants, stems with green aphids
    Our world needs cleaning
    I then saw my future self in our future world, our homes look like craft, blue and white colours, I can create everything I need by thought, no money are needed, people do not use money, we live in abundance, we are taller and thinner in our crystalline bodies
    I saw the world ascending, the mountains and the skies
    Love and Light

  3. Crystal Connection – 24 July 2013
    I got two Runes – ALGIZ and GEBO
    I saw green Light and I saw green plants. leaves, sensed a powerful energy around my head and before my physical eyes I saw the auras of the objects around me
    I was focused at a point and around this point I could see the energycirculating and vibrating as if a round portal opened and at its center there was the object I was focusing at
    I received that this way we can open Portals, by focused attention and clear thought, I visualized then the Disclosure happening and our new society working together in peace and joy with our families from the Stars till we reach the critical point for the Event
    Love and Light
    I saw a white bat flying towards me, the bat was huge, I focused on my heart and I felt a powerful energy moving in a ring around my heart chakra, my heart chakra expanded and turned into a portal, I was going deeper and deeper into the portal and I sensed intense energies of cleaning, a sadness, pain, and eternal Unconditional Love I felt, Love to All That Is as the energies were getting stronger and powerful, I felt like my heart is being under pressure, under heavy weight gathered over the years, over the different life times
    Love and Light

  4. Lisa – 23 July 2013
    I saw a davidstar and in the center I saw our group , the flower of life and in that center I saw a lotus flower opening. Have to much pain, so this is all. Love Lisa

  5. Crystal Connection – 23 July 2013
    I saw three or four white stars situated as an arch or rainbow
    I got a feeling of connection with acraft and i saw the interior of this craft- transparent crystal white and red colour, I sensed a connection with its crew also
    Then I called Hathor and I saw a column of golden Light
    I received DNA activations and I felt myself as Isis, it was a kind of borrowing that the Goddess allowed, I raised my hands holding OLA and I saw myself as Isis with her crown and the wings and I was surrounded by Golden Light
    triangles, then two triangles gathered at their bases and forming a diamond shape
    I saw giant mushrooms in the elven realms, one of them turned into a Portal and I entered in
    I connected with the Heart of Gaia, I asked for a connection with Lisa and I saw a rectangular gate of clear transparent light blue colour, blue dots, then I saw a Pegasus
    I formed a Lotus bud with my hands holding OLA and I saw a round Platform, all of us connected, I saw Beings of other dimension there too, faces too
    Felt a sharp pain in my right part of the body
    Love and Light

  6. Lisa – 21 July 2013
    Saw a circle with a dot in the middle. Then I see north American hyroglyphs. I see two crow birds fly up. Then I see vikings and feel a connection with the nordics. I see now my star sisters and brothers. I see a triangle with now Egyptian symbols around the gate. I see the circle with the dot again. Love Lisa

    • Lisa, both me and you saw the gate, it was a cement gate I saw and it was closed, but as it seemed the way behind the gate was leading downwards, and above the gate there was the heart

  7. Crystal Connection – 21 July 2013
    I saw a triangle – Portal, then I called Hathor and I saw the Goddess face
    I was going along a road that seemed to be a dry river`s bed, I reached a closed gate and over the gate I saw a Heart
    The Heart was a kind of Portal, then I saw Jeshua in White Light, He spread hands like wings and formed a cross sign, the road before me turned right and I had to choose where to go – to the right or straight up to the heaven, I chose Heaven but my thoughts were too heavy to carry me there
    I gathered my palms and Lotus Flower appeared and inside of it OLA, a bird came to me, the White Owl, the bird came from above and was of Angelic vibrations
    Love and Light

  8. Crystal Connection – 20 July 2013
    I imagine myself lying on the surface watching the evening sky
    Lotus floating on the river surface, the Lotus is White, I am underwater then and I see a giant shark swimming towards me but it seems that the shark did not notice me and swims away on the right, many fish, snakes under water, bigger fish too
    I sense the energy that circulates in my body due to the pineal gland Light activation
    Angelic Elven woman I see, very tall and dressed in white, she is standing by the Tree of Life, the Light is yellow and white with a little green colour
    Then I am taken into the Angelic realms, and higher to the White Light of Jeshua, I see many Angels came down on Earth on the North – Finland, Northern Lights, the Angels are in a circle and form a Portal, over the Portal there is the night sky and I could see a craft that is there
    Love and Light

  9. Dear Friends, last night in meditation a letter A appeared, now it is the ace of Diamonds sign out of witch there came some white Unicorns! Great, we really make it – the appearance of our World of Dreams or Dreamed world! I am so happy 🙂
    ( ( SUN ) )
    This video explains the meaning of my vision

  10. Crystal Connection – 19 July 2013
    I concentrated on my pineal gland and I got some visions, octahedron appeared constructed by two pyramids , then I saw Giza Pyramid and the Sphinx, a mirrored image appeared as in the playing cards where the images are mirrored, Caro sign- red caro and from the center of the symbol there came out a white unicorn, then another white unicorn…some white unicorns
    A flower of White colour with octahedron shaped crystal blossom I saw too
    The energy was circulating from my pineal gland to all organs of my body giving higher vibrations, I tried to share these vibrations with all people in our Star
    Love and Light

  11. Lisa – 18 July 2013
    Hi all,

    I am still pretty tired of the intense cleaning I did from last week Wednesday. I too feel like I am in a huge cleansing period, but it seems to lessen now. I first saw a big shining sun, in front of me, in me in my heart area and I was radiating it outwards, the sunrays in me. Then I saw a triangle, probably the opening of a portal and it transported me back in time, again seeing my self as male working on aztec artwork.

    Love Lisa

  12. Crystal Connection – 18 July 2013
    I felt anger, fear, sadness, lost faith and all these emotions emerged on the surface and people`s reactions, words, actions, attacks, lies, greed, envy reminded me of their existence, these days I feel the negative in the very atmosphere when I am outside among people, all of these energies were like an ocean all around and I was swimming in this ocean feeling confused, I had to clean it all, and I started transmuting and observing all these emotions from some distance, I imagined the Holy Violet Flame transmuting the negative into Light, soon I realized that this disaster can be overcome, there is nothing frightening in a piece of ice that is the substance of the iceberg
    Then I connected with the Native American Elders again and I saw the Chief dressed in White and another Younger warrior whose name is Red Cloud was looking at me, now i connected the information from my previous meditations with the information that troy has shared with us concerning the planetary locations and the calendar
    The Chief dressed in red that I felt as White Tatanka, now Red Cloud , White Eagle that often appears and OcaTawa dressed in White – the war is over now, Orion and Sirius , we can help to bring balance
    Love and Light

  13. This evening, on my way home from the city library, there was once a brown butterfly with some attractive orange pattern/lines on her wings just stayed on my right hand at least for 5 to 10 minutes. She didn’t leave until the moment when I attempted to take the second photo for her with my left hand. This reminded me of the visions that Elvi saw on July 7th. I somehow swept with emotion. Though I had no idea about what happened to me exactly, I felt being given a divine gift/favor.


    When the meditation began, I felt a dark energy covering above. Then I saw a big octopus. I once asked Archangel’s help and soon calmed down and sent love to it.

    I saw some houses/maisons in grass without seeing anybody. They are houses, rather than Inidan Tipi, however it somehow just occurred to me that they belonged to some American Indians.

    Then it was something similar, looked in fact like a low and tiny house, however what occurred to me was something about graveyard.

    I seemed to lose some memory after this vision. After this, I felt there was a white and cold energy flowing into my throat.

    Then some energy was just flowing from below into my feet and then circulated in my spine and all body.

    A white and bright lotus was grown on my heart chakra, then it grew and grew upward.

    I had a glance of a triangle combined with a square together with the two numbers 3 and 4.

    Then, not only once, I was shown again two numbers, as 9 and 415. However, I have no idea about these.

    Then two letters, QS appeared.

    This is in fact a arduous process for me to get advanced. Here, I want to thank you all again for your patience and huge kindness to me.


  14. Lisa – 17 July 2013
    I am in the high mountains, I see buddhists of the sun rays, they are chanting a certain vibration is going out , I relax and go into the center of beingness, find your inner center, vision it with white light, surround it with pink love, imagine you extend that pink love to all over the world, i am in space watching the light grow on earth, it shines brighter, humanity is awakening, slowly but certain, the angels watch to als this maginificent light unfolds.

    I see Northern lights dancing up and down, making way over the world, everybody sees it now, it is a sign that everything is going to awaken into a new world, crystal cities appear, bright
    everybody sees them, they are in awe, we lightworkers are in happiness, our lightworker small circle group in white surrounded by the group in the east, the snake is going up Quetzalcoatl is rising

    North, West and South are merging to with the east, together we are one, waves of love goes over and over the world, pink Northern lights,

    everybody becomes love…a yearning…a calling…overwhelmed
    I feel a feeling of awe….a feeling of joy and true happiness coated in the inner depths of my inner crystal self, the world inside me becomes infinite like space, I am traveling inside of me, see
    stars, see my self reflections the good and the bad, the light and the shadow, I embrace them all, we unite, we are ONE, we are ONE

    Love Lisa

    • The white colour you saw resonates with the white colour in my visions when I was listening to the same chant, my dear sister
      Love You

  15. Crystal Connection – 17 July 2013
    I remember a huge arch shaped Gate in front of me as I was sailing in the ocean, the Gate was like a bridge of arch shape and it was blue, I was sailing towards the gate
    Then I saw the surface of the Earth, Pyramids, mountains, white colour, Portal opened in Space and I saw the White horse there- Unicorn and an Elven girl next to it, I connected with SaLuSa and my Guardian Angels and they showed me we are protected and are in God`s loving hands
    Then I connected with the Native American Elders, many of them, the Wolf was also there, the Raven too and a Chief was welcoming me and I saw the old Chief , it was like trans and feeling of joy, they connect with us through the time lines, they have also seen us – the People from the Future

  16. […] However, for assuring our security, I suggest to keep it just private only for the members of this family. If you have any idea about this, please never hesitate to tell me. Besides, please invite the brothers and sisters that who may be interested in this to join us. They are of course very welcome to be one of the authors of that site. Note Tauno: Dear PinChu What a powerful connection, my sister You are doing a pioneer work extending our grid on the east while me extends it on the west You activate the triangle China to America, Australia and New Zealand now there is the explanation of the two triangles inside the circle – planetary positions now/information that Troy found out/ I got a confirmation that the last link is done, the wolf and the bear and the animals were walking to the north-west, thus closing the triangle Mount Shasta -Egypt – Ireland many confirmations in many meditations of this the White Owl and Native American Spirit connected with the Cobra, the Pyramids too, me – connected with Isis many times and now the wolf and the bear walk to Ireland – we connected with the Druids, and recently Stasha was in Ireland and connected with us, She has a Native American origin WOW Thank You dear  Stasha… […]

  17. I started the meditation latter.

    I first saw an American Indian girl sitting alone under a tree with her deer. Besides her heavy clothes, something similar with the Tibetan Kha Ta of light blue color that she wore was so attractive to me but looked unbecoming according to my cultural impression.The girl with the deer that accompanied her seemed to be taking a rest.

    Latter, I saw an American Indian Elder.

    Then I overlooked so many American Indian people (who looked like a whole tribe) who seemed to be emigrating in the snowstorm.

    My beloved sisters and Dad…again, I’m overwhelmingly touched and healed by you. Your love and light just cleansed so powerfully all my regrets, guilt and sorrow. I want to thank you all again and want to say….I love you all so so so much !!!


  18. Lisa – 16 July 2013
    I have trouble to concentrate, I am flipping my crystal over and over again. I see a blue kite soaring in the sky. Then I see suddenly a scene out of the movie, Pan’s labyrinth and I am being shown a connection with quetzalcoatl. I am in the jungle and see a colorful toucan sitting on a branch. I see a mayan temple in the jungle and I see big kinda of black triangular, has a bit of the shape of the blue generator in the movie the last mimzy. (will sent a picture tomorrow) ships, gigantic ships filling the sky. First I see 3 days of darkness , then I see three suns, merges into 1 big red sun. I see the mayan calendar. Then I see one single teardrop. End of meditation. Love Lisa

    • We were there again together, Lisa! The jellyfish in the sky resonates with the blue kite you saw, You saw Ascension as it is told by our Mayan Elders, I felt the connection with the Elders too and felt the Process of Ascension as Isis showed it to us
      Love You my dear sister
      ( ( SUN ) )

  19. Crystal connection – 16 July 2013
    I felt big, I merged with the Mother and I felt like a Mother of little children that feels great Love to them, I merged with the Powerful Great Mother Earth that Loves her children Unconditionally, they are with me now on this journey and I Am responsible for their well being and I see then playing happily and joyfully
    Then I see the Land, Lotus Portal open before me, Powerful wings under the Lotus, the Wings of an Eagle, the lotus flies over the Land and the Eagle is a Native American Elder , then the Lotus became a giant jellyfish floating in the sky and then in the ocean, many jelly fish I see, little fish and bigger , giant fish too, then the mountains, I heard a resonance, I great revelation , we are all in New Earth no matter that all seems the same, energies changed and the new paradigm is activated, I raise hands and form a Lotus with OLA inside over my head and I connect with the Great Isis and merge with Her and I see the crown over my head, I receive that Isis is connected with our Ascension Now
    Then I am connected with the Native American Shaman again, the feeling of Joy and Happiness vibrates in my whole body , I use my central channel that vibrates with higher frequencies and channel this Joy and happiness right into the Heart of Gaia, the Core of Mother Earth and I see White Tatanka smiling and dancing a Shaman dance of Joy, all sing, all dance and all laugh …Joy is Now because we stepped into the New Earth

  20. Lisa – 15 July 2013
    I heard that strange sound like the one in old movies when an ufo comes down. Then the song, ‘we are not going to sit in silence…ohoh…’ i am sitting at a lake under a white umbrella, on the white sand and very Blue sky. The white umbrella extends a nd becomes a coconut shape white ship that starts to float in the air. Then a swirl of white cotton balls dances around me, reminds me off dandelions, swirl a around me in a spiral. I am in a healingpod. End of meditation. Love Lisa

  21. Crystal Connection – 15 July 2013
    I sensed an energy around my Heart chakra, there was a ring of Green Light around me at the place of my Heart chakra
    I had no particular vision this time except the feeling of an eternal day that exists, here it is an evening and it is getting dark but I feel like being somewhere and it is a day/or eternal day
    Then I concentrated on my pineal gland and I saw a hand that was writing something on a paper, I saw then the sea, the sea had grey colour and I saw myself lying on a beach and writing on a paper, I felt the breeze, then I saw wings, I got Angelic wings and I transformed into Angel of White Light, I sensed a strange thing in my throat chakra, as I was given something like a pill, it tickled my throat
    Love and Light

  22. was at a lake today and didn’t have any sense of the time… But around our connection time I was sitting in the beach chair, and I was studying the clouds as a way of meditation. I saw a small triangle, no other recognizable shapes. Then the entire sky started having this magnetic pulsing grid pattern, kind of like this:

    It was pretty trippy!

    I closed my eyes and did not see the pattern – looked behind a beach umbrella and could not see the pattern. This was indeed in the sky.

    This lasted for some minutes. No idea what this was…

  23. Lisa – 14 July 2013
    I am higher vibration connecting to my higher self. I see hitsusi and I see him behind a room filled with fluids. He says I have to brace myself for the final big wave, we are doing the last huge karma cleaning. I then see myself in the jungle I am one of the artists that work on the stone art of an aztec temple. I am also a visionary. Get a message that I have a gift of vision , like what happened ointment the dream last night. Then I see a white spiral spiraling in the crystal. Love lisa

    • Yes! We were both connected with Native American Elders, Lisa! What a powerful connection we have
      Love You

  24. Crystal Connection – 14 July 2013
    I listened to a sacred Navajo mantra called Shenasha and connected with a Native American Shaman
    I saw a Portal of black colour and around the Portal there was red light
    I saw a dragon of red and golden colours that turned into a snake and received a message of how I was born – fire connected with water and there came the air
    Then I saw Native Americans sitting in a circle, it was a council and I saw the wolf there too, the wolf and the bear, the bear was in the mountain and was happy playing with a brunch of a tree
    A Shaman Native American I saw again dressed in red
    Then there came OcaTawa as a young beautiful woman and she was smiling and looked happy, I gave her OLA and ALGIZ in combination, I felt connected with this wonderful sense of Joy and connection with Mother Earth, the mountains, the forests, trees, the sky, the grass, the soil, I was happy and the whole world is happy playing and singing the mantra, i felt the joy in my heart and I heard a laugh, the Shaman was lighting with joy from the core to the surface and higher, I sent this happy feeling right into the core of Gaia and the laugh filled all Creation
    Love and Light

  25. The mountain looked like as if it is separated on two, there was an abyss and on the left and right there were two tops and people`s houses were down on the left and on the right, I feel the message is – we are living all together like before all of us but there are people that accepted the new and people that remained in the old paradigm of living, we continue living physically in the illusion while part of Humanity raised in Consciousness

  26. Crystal Connection – 13 July 2013
    I did a short centering meditation listening to Mantra OM
    I felt Jeshua`s Presence and I was over a beautiful mountain area, high in the blue sky, the mountain was green/blue and I could see a village there, it looked like a region I had visited before
    Before the meditation I was trying to connect mentally with SaLuSa and at the beginning of the meditation I received a thought – we are ready to create our New Reality Now, the dimension has changed recently and we are living in the 4th most of us
    Thank You All
    Love and Light

  27. Heartbeat

    listen to your heart

    can you hear the heartbeat

    it’s the beat of the universe

    listen to the energy flow

    it is like the blood flowing through your veins

    It is an endless tide of creation and destruction

    covering all planets, all stars

    all forms of matter and light energy

  28. Crystal Connection – 12 July 2013
    I sensed Isis again, the Goddess was with me all the time during my meditation, I saw her wings and I heard the Cobra again moving higher, The cobra came out and was shining with Golden Light, I sensed the energies of the pyramids again
    DNA strands were spiraling and were snakes
    Portal Opened and I could see the New Earth, then the Portal went down and I was looking at it from above and at the same time was moving through this portal, my consciousness was both over the whole and inside it, I saw children, memories of a childhood that was not from this current incarnation of mine, old time people who I do not know but seemed familiar , families I had during the various life times, rose colours, while, roses, Angels at the end dressed in pink and with rose blossoms , the Angel of rose colour brought me higher till I reached the entrance of this portal
    It happens in almost all of my meditations now this sensation of a light but kind of sharp pain in my upper front teeth
    Love and Light

  29. There were lots of noise this evening, my right ear hence hurts.

    I had only few vision today, the first one is the New Rune Hagalaz.

    meaning : Hail, elemental power, the Great Awakener

    Thanks to Tauno…as you, I also saw a big eye…and it seemed to belong to a fish, but not that clearly or exactly. Anyhow, it looked so rear that I had never seen or could not imagine. No matter it belong to the fish or not, that big eye was too attractive. Without you, I have no possibility know it’s a portal.

    Then I saw a died girl with black long hair in white gown, lying in a coffin full of flowers. She seemed to be me, but not had exactly the same looking as I do in this life time. She looked so peaceful with a satisfied smile.

    There was a long moment that I had no more vision, then it turned again a died girl in another white gown (different from the last one), also with black hair, and also seemed to be me, but in another life time, lying in a boat full of flowers floating on a river, also with a peaceful and satisfied smile.

    I’m so excited, since I know exactly that I died and am reborn. This time, it’s Dad who brought me back.

    love you all

  30. The Chief dressed in red was wearing the same fabric – red with orange decorations that i saw in some of my previous meditations, I feel him as White Tatanka and I am about to decode the message
    Our Elders are helping us opening the Portal Now, yes the younger man was at the right and White Tatanka was looking at the right – Reality , the younger Native American was looking at me – it is my/our turn Now to make the change/Shift
    ( ( SUN ) )

  31. Crystal Connection – 11 July 2013
    I started the journey of the KA,
    I remember a Native American Chief dressed in red that connected with me also/appeared on the left looking towards the right/, then I saw the wolf Spirit and a Bull Spirit and a Deer Spirit and then there opened a Portal, saw another native American , a young man that appeared on my right
    a craft, a round front window of a craft
    I called Hathor and saw a bird with giant wings, the Goddess was of Golden Light and with wings, I connected with Mother earth, merged with her and felt myself as the Planet, so Powerful and Strong being of Light
    Portals, A Sphere and inside a human meditating, Eye-Portal
    I was holding OLA and from my hands holding OLA there formed a Ray of Blue Light AA Michael`s sword given to me, I used this sword to channel the Light into Mother`s heart, I was ready to go to the core again bringing the Light
    I went deeper and deeper into the Portal that led to the core, I saw no one there this time and I brought the Light and then started to go higher, I saw all of us connected and holding a huge Sphere of Light over our heads
    I also remember connecting with a Goddess sitting in a throne that was carrying Mother Mary`s vibrations, then i saw Ashtar Sheran`s face and a Young blond Man sitting in a throne, he looked like a Lemurian to me

  32. Crystal Connection – 10 July 2013
    I was very tired and hardly concentrated
    Saw all of us connected in a circle holding hands, there were more people in the circle and it was bigger than usual, we were perhaps 50 people performing the ritual of bowing and then rising holding hands and there came strong Light from above and a Portal was open over our circle, the Light that was coming was golden
    I remember a giant bird flying
    I remember then I was in the elven garden and I saw a woman of White and of elven Angelic vibrations, a tree there, bushes, brown and grey colours, I merged with this forest becoming One with Mother Nature, my hair merged with the tree and became stronger…I absorbed the energies Mother Nature was beaming and became a Powerful Being of Light connected closely with Mother Nature
    Then OLA showed me the Cosmos, I saw a craft of aether Light
    I also was shown the Rune EHWAZ that is connected with the Horse and traveling and Spiritual progress and the change for better
    Love and Light

  33. Lisa – 9 July 2013
    a crystal star reaching out in rainbow colors,completion, Ashtar calls to the West, North and South to balance the East (China) with crystal connections.Multidimensional forest of fairies , hidden within the gems of life. The golden gate is open, every lasting light is pouring in.

    I took this picture when I was flying back from Belgium to South-Africa. I thought it looked like a gate to heaven.

    Love Lisa

  34. Crystal Connection – 9 July 2013

    I started the Journey of the KA occupied with everyday thoughts, slowly they disappeared and my Spirit flied into the meditation
    I saw myself walking alone on the surface of unknown planet, I was dressed in blue robe and my hair was long and brown and was waving in the wind , I received, You Are the Creators of your own reality and everything in this reality follows your will, you are the pioneer who walks alone and many follow you
    Then I called Hathor three times and I saw a Golden Angelic Being of Immense Power, the Goddess with her golden wings appeared as a giant Angel/Bird
    I received DNA activations, saw a DNA spiral as stairway in Cosmos, the spiral was rotating and I saw it as a giant serpent
    Then I was preparing to connect with Mother`s Heart again, I saw myself in Cosmos and the Planet was below, I could see her rotating, I got an Angelic Light of greyish/white and silver colours
    I became a butterfly and started to fly down to Earth and became a bird – sparrow
    Then I received even more golden Light from the open Portals and I lowered down sitting in Lotus position and feeling golden Light that was beamed out of my whole body
    I sensed all layers , the lower layers of Gaia and I passed down the open Portal/channel into the Golden core of the Planet, I reached the Core and there were no these lower energies Beings there anymore, I was welcomes by a Huge Woman of Angelic vibrations , she was so beautiful and She gave me a box of Light, I gave the Light that I was bringing there and these energies merged , my Light, the Light there and all Light merged into ONE and I was both at the core and on the surface, no difference at all, everything just Shone in this Sun Golden energy of Love and Light, I sensed my connection with the Source while I was going down and I saw an open Portal towards the Source in the shape of a Heart
    Then I was immediately connected with Lisa, I saw the wolf, and realized that all of us did this Light transmission into the core since I saw all of us holding hands in a circle and dancing while raising ourselves higher
    I remember Troy too, I saw a raven of Powerful Light and Elvi had a braided hair and dancing with us in a circle, Forest Flower got wings, I saw a Native American woman too dancing with us
    I saw a Pyramid inside our circle , Giza Pyramid and an energy coming out of the pyramid`s top that was rotating clockwise
    Love and Light

  35. Crystal Connection – 8 july 2013
    I saw a red colour – like a thin fabric and orange human figure at the center, gradually the colour of the fabric became green and the red colour was visible through this green forming a strange mixture of green over red colour, then there came a little yellow colour and the fabric waved and swirled like a huge flower
    I beamed Light from my heart and I was surroundes by a sphere of White Light and over my head there was a shining Light little Sphere – like a little Star over my head, I entered the portal while being inside the sphere and saw all of you around me connected in a circle
    I saw all of us sitting on the ground in a forest holding hands in a circle and performing a Light ritual, we were all dressed in dark green and wine red hooded gowns and bowed then raised while sitting, from our Heart connection at the center of the circle there came Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and connected with us, I saw myself dressed in a colourful long gown rotating and covering the whole Planet with the vibrations of Peace , I was doing a ritual to bring peace in Egypt , Turkey and Syria , triangular Portal opened and I entered in, I was taken to the elven forest and saw some women druids that were gathering for a ritual, in long red and green gowns
    I saw the wolf in this forest anmd the bear too, there were some other animals and all of them were going North-West towards America
    I saw a Shining SUN – big Portal giving golden Light above a Native American graveyard, I could see the sacred wooden platforms and the warriors on them that were dead, this world collapsed as if there was an earthquake and all tilted on the left, the Sun continued to shine and the Portal was open, then I saw a horse and a Native American Chief riding the horse, I know that he looks familiar to me but I do not know who he is
    Then I received strong Light in my heart and I was ready to go down to the core of Gaia to bring the Angelic Light there, The Portal was dark and narrow, I was asked if I am ready to go or to stay where I was, I decided to go and bring the torch with Light there
    I wend down, moving faster and faster, there were the shadows of the past, many Beings there and lower energies, I sensed a huge Powerful Light beaming out of my Being and the deeper I went the more Powerful my Light shone, I was like the Sun, I reached the core and I saw some Beings there , they left, I saw snake`s tails, a being with a thin bead – Chinese look, sitting in Lotus position I saw, an old deity perhaps , I brought the Light to the core and then I was taken higher, right into the Angelic realms through the Portal, my hands were spread left and right forming a cross shape of my body while I was ascending, I saw Jeshua, Mother Mary and I connected with the Angels, we were in the Angelic realms and I saw the Angels – Lisa, Anita, Elvi, Frila, Petra, Troy, we celebrated among roses in a garden, we sensed the connection with the Source and Mary Magdalene Presence I felt again

    • Crystal connection 8 july

      crystal cave see reflections of self, the world is a crystal cave, reflecting our illusions, thinking it is real, nothing is real, we need to find the way out, it is time to stop stumbling around
      it is time to find the way out, the opening that leads to multidimensions, the flower of life…we are so bright light shining beings, nothing can dim our light, we give love, we give ourselves
      and gaining much more, our higher self. be ware of the dark pitfalls, but if you fall into it, just shine your light and it will disappear…crystal memories…the sun is going up, shining bright
      reflecting on our inner crystal,we are one, one big happy family, no separations….love all, I see gandalf…he looks at me…he hits his staff on mother earth, a flow of love grid comes up,
      overflowing the earth, I see white spheres, bubbles…going up…combining…ONE big bubble…unity… see AA Michael, he gives me extra energy and protection and also for everyone…this is a time
      to be vigilant…with these connections, protect yourselves because the stakes are higher….love AA Michael

  36. Crystal Meditation 6 July 2013
    I felt extremely tired today and could hardly concentrate, my meditation started a few minutes later than usual since i had to do some postings
    I sensed White light connected with us
    When I called Hathor I saw the red Light again in connection with city here, I saw the traffic, the streets, and I wanted to change this vision since I felt a bit negative
    I was then in an Indian temple in a round room with some other people, there was an energy comming from the ceiling that had a shape of an arch, the shape of the room was like a 6ray star but circular /like a wax cell built by the bees, I saw an Ascended Master connected with us, looked like an Indian
    Then I was outside in a mountain at night and there was a huge Portal above the earth and there was coming White Light and I saw an Angel under the Portal, Angel of aether White Light
    I started Stream of Isis meditation and I saw and heard the river flowing
    I was in Egypt again, in a pyramid and outside a pyramid and in Space at one and the same “time”
    I connected with a Pharaoh, cannot say exactly who but I was this Pharaoh with the crown and Cobra body on the forehead
    I saw the mummy of this pharaoh and was the pharaoh watching his own mummy realizing that this was one of the many physical vessels for the Soul
    I heard the snake moving upwards through the chakra channels
    I opened my eyes and saw myself and a Light at the place of my crown chakra and a snake coming out of my crown
    I asked why I have to experience this Kundalini emergence more than once
    The answer was because everything is in Now and one can experience whatever he/she wants to into this everlasting Now moment . We as Gate Keepers stay at the Portal to keep it open for the many
    I also saw an infinity sign as a portal
    Felt Jeshua`s Presence
    Flied through the Portal and saw the Ascended masters waiting for us, they were in a line on a mountain flat place, as at the edge of a portal I was emerging from, they welcomed us there
    Then I was flying in Space and saw our Family from the Stars, Brothers and Sisters of light dressed in light blue astronaut costumes – humans were flying towards me
    Love and Light

  37. Crystal Connection – 5 July 2013
    I was very tired and unable to deeply concentrate nor use sounds
    I simply held OLA in my hands with my eyes closed
    I got a vision of a Native American connected with me as a Spirit
    Then I saw a Being that looked like the Ancient South American stone statues, half man half Bird, Human body with a head of a bird – like eagle/or raven
    This Being was holding a bird in his hands and this bird was a swallow, the swallow bird appears for the second time in my meditations, the first time I saw it flying on the right – Reality, now the Being was facing left and the bird flew on the left – from Reality into Illusion, I feel a connection is made between the two worlds and now the swallow returns to us giving the message of the coming spring/New Era/New Dawn
    I saw many Angels connected with us, the Light was White and Blue
    Love and Light

  38. Crystal Connection 4 July 2013
    I saw a woman dressed in white coming out of my Heart and Ascending, I thought of Frila, the woman looked like Frila
    Then I saw very clearly as I was watching a photo the Giza Pyramids and the road near them, A Spirit Lion appeared there roaring and I saw the Bear Spirit there too, The bear raised on her back legs , then I saw her running and roaring
    Then I saw a City of Crystalline White Light near Giza area
    there came from the Cosmos an aether Pyramid reversed in Egypt that was about to connect with one of the Giza Pyramids
    I am very concerned about Lisa and I got a vision…I was in the elven forest among huge grey mushrooms at the roots of a giant tree, I connected with the Earth Spirit and asked about Lisa, I saw a Being of other planet – thin neck, big round head and big eyes, this Being was of black colour and was listening to my guest ion, I had a feeling of a craft nearby
    Then I saw …very clearly as in a video…a road, people riding bicycles there, also motorbikes and cars I saw , many people and busy traffic and the countryside along the road, I could see mountains in the distance and the grass was burnt by the Sun and was beige
    Then I got a feeling of all of us connected in a circle, Angels came down to us, i could sense AA Michael`s Presence , A Portal opened over our Circle, a round portal that looked like an eye at the beginning, I saw a Heart with Angelic wings and then the Angel appeared where I saw the Heart
    Love and Light

  39. I also remember us connected and a rose blossom formed in our circle and inside in the center there came a swirl – counter clock swirl and a Portal formed in the center

  40. Heart – Triangle
    Connection – Circle
    This is it
    the triangle in the circle all of us sensed

  41. Crystal Connection – 3 July 2013
    I started the journey of the KA, thoughts from my everyday life first, then I saw an Angel that came down to me to guide my Spirit
    I saw the mountain again, an octahedron geometrical pattern and a channel of light from its high and low ends
    I called Hathor three times and the Goddess appeared as an Angel in a cloud of golden Light and I saw the Rune GEBO , the Goddess connected with us
    DNA transformation codes came then and I saw a big dolphin swimming towards me, I connected with the dolphins
    An extremely high green Gate with stairs below it opened , it was like arch in a Gothic cathedral and I connected with an Elven Being of green Light – very tall and aetheric
    Then I saw the triangle and remembered our mission, I connected with the Heart of Gaia and then sent Light into Turkey- Egypt – Syria
    I saw a heart in Space and this heart was also a triangular pattern
    The Light can enter in all regions via the heart connection and cooperation of the Light Workers
    Now I realized what the triangle inside the circle means
    ALL OF US That Are connected NOW ARE Doing this, this is the message
    Heart Energy Connection in a Circle
    This is able to open all Portals
    Then I saw the Triangular Portal Opening and I received the Golden Light that was coming to us from this Portal
    I channeled it into Gaia, I absorbed it in my Heart and I saw an Ascended Master Sananda again
    I remember also a craft as a saucer of Golden Light

  42. Crystal Connection – 2 July 2013
    I started with Journey of the KA sound meditation and my mind was occupied with 3D thoughts connected with my work, gradually connected with the Spiritual realms and found myself flying in a mountain area of brown colours
    I called Hathor three times and I saw Hathor in Golden Light, I saw the Goddess face and two snakes of golden light spiraling in Caduceus shape
    I received DNA activation codes and absorbed the Light into my whole being channeling it into the crystal core of Gaia via my central channel, I sensed White crystalline Light under my feet and saw the Elves Keepers of the sacred crystal core Portal into the Heart of Gaia, they were of White and raised higher and connected with the Angels, the Angel from my central Channel I saw as little baby, the baby smiled and climbed higher and higher into the channel till the baby reached the entrance above and emerged as a child into the higher dimension, there was White light there as a mist all over the surface, there came the White Eagle and took the child Angel on its wings, the eagle was a craft flying fast into Space with the Child, White Light craft
    Then I saw the yellow and white peony flower – all of us connected with this flower, its blossom was so rich and I saw God`s hand caressing the flower gently and taking care of it
    the flower is a Portal and a craft we are connected with
    I saw a Light and in it faces of two Ascended Beings, one of them looked like Sananda and the other is White Tatanka /Sitting Bull/, they showed me the Rune TIR
    the Rune ALGIZ appeared then as I was flying over a mountain
    My Hands holding OLA in Lotus shape and I saw again the aether sphere of Pure White Light and this was a personal connection, I asked for a guidance about a situation in my life and received an answer
    Then at the end of my meditation I saw a beautiful young Native American woman – OcaTawa and She showed me a mountain of green colours and a valley just below her, down on the surface – felt this place as Abi-Qor and received that the connection is made

  43. One CN sister just shared with me today that she also saw a butterfly during the connection.

    Me, today, I could not turn off my brain, so what I could sense were mainly/only Runes, such as GEBO, INGUZ and KENAZ (torch as a symbol of knowledge and intellect, illumination, searching for enlightenment, shedding light on matters, quest for truth, skills and abilities, creativity, art, craftsmanship, cunning, acquisition and application of knowledge, occult female secrets, intuition, enthusiasm in teaching/learning, study, kin-fire, opportunity, playfulness).

    I once saw a dragon of apple green/citrine color which I have never seen before. Though I didn’t have specific vision today, I sensed the powerful energy pouring in and that mysterious CN brother’s presence. The ton of his light’s color seems similar with Tauno’s description of today’s crystal connection and the picture of the ocean that Lisa posted several days ago. I’m not sure if this dragon is him, but knew exactly that he was here with us.

    Great to receive Tauno’s latest message…today, I also try to send light to that triangle. So though I saw nothing special, this encouraged me, so.

    I love so much to be able to sense being together with you, by sharing so many parts in my life with you, my beloved family and tasting your sharing in time, too.

    love you all sooooooooooo

    • Dear Frila
      You helped me to remember one move thing from my meditation this evening, OLA was giving me green Light, this was not from the lights in my room, they are yellow, and I saw a snake/dragon, this creature came to me and she had a human face and tried to talk with me but I was unable to receive anything

      • WOW, that excites me, too. Yes…that dragon was so tender, rather feminine. She flied from your position to Petra’s direction. Her head and body are much wide and flat than dragons’ that I’m familiar with. I’m sorry for my poor knowledge about biology. She in fact has no scale, but rather smooth skin, looking similar to some kind of big fish.

          • 太棒太棒啦!我的好妹妹,加油。要相信自己就这么棒。姐不好意思,每日实在是整理这些记录已经整理到无力再将冥想记录翻译成中文。昨天看到比较多数字。此外,萨南达跟观音一路都在护著我们的!一起加油!

          • I saw a red and golden dragon recently 🙂 and this is in connection with Orion I feel, but all of us come from various locations and have thousands of years of experience, even in another Universes and what connects us all is the One origin and One Mother/Father – All That Is
            Love and Light, dear icebluecloud
            Welcome here with us!

  44. Lisa – 1 July 2013
    I saw a dreamcatcher, then it turns into a peace sign. It tilts, horizontal, it is a portal opening. I see a triangle, it fills up with light . Opening portal again. It turns clockwise. I see a big butterfly opening to another dimension, opening to a higher vibration. Love Lisa.

  45. Crystal Connection – 1 July 2013
    I was connected with the Angelic Realms, first I was in a dark “room” and the ceiling was too hard to be broken so that my Spirit to fly higher, I sensed a Presence of an Angel with me and there came an opening into the ceiling and I saw a Portal, I was drawn higher into the Angelic Realms, I found myself in another “room” in a Palace where Angel lives, White furniture , light blue and white ribbons and lace, I saw another “room” of metallic colours of dark yellow-copper colour, then I was in a park of a higher dimensional palace, I saw a tall Angelic Being with wings of a butterfly in the same metallic colours of dark yellow
    I got a feeling of Space and me in this Space/Cosmos
    I build the tube – my central channel and connected with the core of Gaia, I sensed a White crystalline Light just under my feet and connected with this Light, then I stretched my link/channel up to the Central Sun, I started channeling the Light and serving as a Light Channel connecting the Earth with the Central Sun and my physical vessel was just a tool, My Spirit was in Great Joy for mission in Progress
    Then I made a Lotus shape with my hands holding OLA and I saw me as my Higher Self holding a Sphere of aether White Crystal, I could see a world in this sphere , a pyramid inside, I watched this pyramid from above, it had the colour of beige/yellow, Giza pyramid, then a white pyramid under a Mountain, I sensed that this is Mount Shasta and a pyramid is there in the Mountain as if the Mountain is the coverage / shell of this pyramid, it was a strange connection between Giza Pyramid and Mount Shasta , I saw an opening into Giza Pyramid/ as a stone Gate, then track of a snake`s movement in front of the Gate, the S shaped track came for a while and then disappeared in front of the Pyramid, as if a Serpent was leaving it

    • I now remember a bird of golden colour/looked like a dove flying over the Pyramid and directed on the right / Reality in my meditations, a human spirit flies to Reality
      Love and Light

    • Tauno I felt something tug the base of my nightie the night before while between sleep and awake and could hear my own breath in and out then all of a sudden close to my ear I heard the sound so clear of a snakes sssssssssss. This is the first time I have heard it in clear audable sound, last week I saw a many headed snake of Blue. It was in a cave some where. Not sure what this is about so never posted.

      • Hi, dear Suzanne
        the snake comes often in my visions and I feel with different messages, I connect it with Kundalini, Wisdom and the Gate Keeper, when one hears this kind of sound it is regarded as Personal Kundalini awoken
        Thank You for sharing, my dear sister
        Love and Light

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