Crystal Connections July 2013


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  1. Crystal Connection – 27 July 2013
    I intended a connection of Mount Shasta – Egypt – Ireland
    I felt deep sadness/Love, the deeper the sadness the clearer the Love ..because sadness leads to understanding and understanding leads to Love, I received that we came from one point, we have a heart connection and we must heal all negative and when cleaned we will be ready for the big step forward, we can help each other and all that needs our help Mother Earth included
    I saw Santa Muerte`s figure holding the sword
    Then I connected with Egypt and I was in the pyramid and out of it at the same time, I felt the presence of Set, the pharaoh too, Bastet was there as a cat and She looked at me and sent a Blessing , I saw a golden cobra too, I connected with Egyptian Shaman that was doing a Light ritual for connection with Ra, Isis and Hathor and many other Gods, I felt their Presence and the connection we made with them
    Then I returned into the Mountain , Mount Shasta, happy and joyous vibrations and I saw the Lotus flower of white and pink colour, this is our connection and I saw you as a Being of Light – your Higher Self dressed in rose white colours and long wavy dark blond hair
    The Native American elders were singing and dancing with us in Love and Light
    I saw the Wolf and the Bear too

  2. I heard people screaming… Then I realized it was just the air conditioning.
    I saw a cloud that looked like a dolphin/plane hybrid. And another one that looked like the Normandy from the video game Mass Effect.
    Then later an amazing formation that looked like Angels flying around in a tight circle.
    Trying to be completely in the now… And keeping things simple.

    • Two nights ago I saw a similar Angelic formation around the Moon, Troy, almost a circle around her
      Love and Light

  3. Crystal connection 27 July – morning

    I was in Egypt again, inside a pyramid and I connected with the golden energies of the awakened pharaoh and the pharaoh invited me to follow him/her into the Portal, the energy was so loving and mild and i felt so blissful , I could see the face but I do not know if the pharaoh is a man or a woman, I saw just aBeing of higher frequency surrounded by golden Light as he/she was calling me with arms spread and I followed the pharaoh till I reached another Portal towards the New Earth – I saw white Light and blue sky and light green leaves and I felt so free
    I saw the pyramids from above, they remained in the old paradigm and were activated to serve as Gates for the energies, I saw a pillar of White Light coming out of the top of the pyramid and reaching the sky

  4. Sharing a Wonderful Experience I had While Meditating with my Friend Tauno! and her Experience also
    Posted on July 26, 2013 by Laura


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    thMy friend Tauno has been inviting me to do meditation at the same time with her and her friends for a few months. Sadly, I never had the time to do that, until now πŸ™‚

    Ok so there was just her and me tonight, as we decided to try it alone, and see what would come up. Here is what I have experienced during my sitting. ps: all I do is sit quietly, and try to experience the energy within my own body, being aware of my breathing from time to time, without altering it.

    I usually drift off to sleep during those sittings for a few seconds from time to time if it is late, and if i am tired… As i drifted into a deeper state of physical and mental relaxation, i left go of my reality, of my physicality, and tried to go within. In a dreamlike state, I sudenly was aware of a vision involving a couple from ancien Egypt. The woman was in her bed, embracing gentle a man, who was lying down on top of her body or perhaps more like flaoting over her body, like a spirit or an angel more than a physical man. They started kissing, but not in a lusty way or anything. I was receiving their feelings somehow, and there was a lot of shared pain for both of them. A sense of them having to go their separate ways for a long time for a reason i did not know.

    Her face was pale blue-green colour, she was wearing golden clothes, her arms were semi-covered, and she had a head dress, a round golden one. Her lover was human looking, tall, white type. They were just as one being, they were feeling deep happiness of being together, but at the same time an immense sadenss at the thoguht of the separation ahead. It felt like something that could not be avoided, and it felt like a splinter in their heart.

    I wake up then, and then the dream resumed: this time the pale green woman was alone on her bed, she had a snake next to her bed, and it felt as if she could mentally connect with the snake, or was waiting for the snake to bite her.. in fact more like she was asking the snake to bite her and end her life. Again the immense sadness could be felt by me, which woke me up again.

    Then i resumed my sitting, no longer falling into a similar type of deep sleep/ relaxation.

    Thank you ❀

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Laura – good to have you in the mix. You are never alone, if only because we are all connected. ♥ My process is a bit different, I am treating daily life as my meditation, and being aware of the symbols and messages all around me. I pay particular attention during the meditation “time” – I noticed at that time I was in fact wondering how you were doing. Perhaps I picked up on your energy – I heard Pinchu calling too.

      Oh by the way, PinChu discovered that the randomly- assigned email account I’ve been using – cloes clausen… Well this was a past life of mine… She found a photo of chloe clausen, posted on my blog if you’d like to see it. πŸ™‚

      • nice nice nice!! please give the link to your photo of Chloe please!
        and yes, i am 100% with you on your approach, with is exatcly my own approach πŸ™‚
        I am fine, plenty of updates on my blog multidimensional ocea, i poet my personal updates there also, not omly messages.
        a lot going on for me too πŸ™‚ xoxoxox

          • Troy! does the man in the photo look like you?? oh! i found out last weekend that I was one of the B-17 female pilots during WW2.. was a bit of a shock.. but hey.. i always had huge interest in wanting to be a pilot in this life or in the navy when i was younger.. so i guess.. this is why.. i prob. did both jobs in my 2d past life.. i have not found my name yet.. but i did know this aviatirx whose surname is Love.. of all surnames.. i was prob. one of her crews πŸ™‚ amazing!!! well worth looking into… also always had a fright of late of planes with the propellors on the side, i keep staring at them,like i recall from my WW2 experience … all begins to make sense now πŸ™‚ ! xoxo

            • Not to mention your pioneering spirit! πŸ˜‰

              Mr. Connolly was a strange experience – I was in the local Irish pub with my folks, and there was a band playing. They played a song about him, and the lead singer pointed my way and said, there’s a man right there who looks just like him. There was a split second when time stood still.. Everyone looked my way… I nodded and tried to become invisible… Made a note to follow it up later. I recall the song about James getting executed for his values, there was a skirmish, strongly socialist. What I read of his stuff really resonated – would explain my own political leanings… We have a few things in common. A founder of the early IRA. He has a statue in Dublin, I think. His younger photos look more like me – I think he was from edinburgh originally. So now I just have to make it past my 43rd birthday…. Eep! πŸ˜‰

    • Dear Laura : we have at least two CN sisters who have felt so resonated with you, even before you joined this connection. Your joining in is undoubtedly a great news to them, besides us !!!

      • thank you so much dear sister Frila!! love you so much darling!!
        What time are we doing this tomorrow please? I live in the GMT zone (London time) πŸ™‚
        There was too much noise around the house this evening, so i could not join you all tonight i am afraid. 😦 but i hope in the morning will be possible fo rme πŸ™‚ xoxoox

          • hahah!! it was too much even for that!! next door they work on their drive.. and partner was taking a shower above my head, with the pipes making noise from hell πŸ™‚ lol !!

        • Generally, we start at 07:30 pm (London time), 08 : 30 pm (Paris time), 09:30 (Bulgarian time). The connection takes 30 mins, but I personally need more. We can start a little bit earlier and this would help all the members connect each other in time in a more sufficient way. How great that powerful Laura can join us !!!

  5. Tauno and everybody else, can you please post the exact times when we all meet in meditation please?
    perhaps post it in the actual post, so that people can easily find that informations if possible please ❀
    thank you for the great experience last night Tauno! looking forward to tonights' one πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

    • It’s wired…I thought I did reply to this, however, I cannot see it on this board. My dear sister, however important that our powerful Laura can join us. The time we star is at 07:30 pm (London time). The connection generally lasts for an half hour. According to our experience, our connection in higher dimension has no problem of time difference. For example, our CN family have in fact connected us between 03:00 pm and 04 : 00 pm (London time), nevertheless, what we have sensed is that we are doing the connection simultaneously. So in the circumstances that you are not available between 07 : 30 and 08 : 00 pm (London time), the connection you make at any time still works !!! many big hugs to you, Frila

      • thank you so much dear Frila! I have read your previous comment also !! πŸ™‚
        Oh! thank you for the tip! I will do my own susal time sitting, and will link with Aurora as well and keep you guys in mind! this should be interesting to say the least πŸ™‚ have a gret evening everybody in the CN πŸ™‚ Much love and gratitude for your work dear angels ❀ ❀ ,<3

  6. Dear Laura
    welcome to the mix
    Time is 9:30 pm Bulgarian time zone
    I post the connection right after it
    Love You πŸ™‚

  7. Troy, I have trouble when posting comments recently here – it says, sorry you can`t post..bla bla bla …do you also have this problem?

    • Sorry you’re having trouble Tauno – yes this has been my experience as well, all week in fact. Seems to happen randomly, but almost every other post for me. No idea why – there’s no other info with the message. Try a different browser maybe? You can also use the admin section – comments seem to work from there.

  8. Crystal Connection – 27 July – evening
    I saw an elephant in a Holy Indian ritual/parade, an Indian girl was walking before the elephant and waving hands holding flowers, the girl was somehow connected with OcaTawa and carried her vibrations, then I saw a Native American warrior with coloured face/red and black stripes/ and feather crown, the Native American was connected with the Indians in India at the parade, I received that all illusions are by purpose, they have a purpose to serve and are viewed as realities while being illusions/distortions of the ONE Reality – Divine Creator`s reality
    Then I connected with the Pharaoh again, the Pharaoh has grown Huge, bigger than the Pyramid of Giza, there was a Pharaoh sitting where the pyramid was and nothing left of the pyramid as if the pharaoh was the Pyramid, the pharaoh connected with Heaven above, I borrowed, I was the Pharaoh looking through the pharaoh`e eyes, i felt as a male , I looked down and i saw the desert below, Egypt from above, other pyramids and there formed the Cities of Light, they materialize now, as a Sphere of White Light over the country and they unfold as a City
    The Giant Cobra raised, Kundalini Serpent is now awakened and takes its journey to Orion – her Home, Sirius and Orion now connected, the cobra seems double headed at times, Isis came too, triangles, platform of triangular pattern, some triangles into a circle , Merkaba formed and we formed a circle around the Merkaba shape and connected with it, saw the Egyptian Shaman at the center of the platform a and a fire there, the Shaman is sitting and singing doing a sacred ritual
    Then I am making a Lotus shape with my hands holding OLA and I am in Mount Shasta with all of you connected in a circle holding hands , rose and white colours and there came Umbro connected with us, OcaTawa and Isis too, Asthar Sheran too, our Family from Inner Earth , Atlantis is now rising again, I see the statues on the square
    I hear a laughter, Peace , Bliss and happy Laughter, all around our New Earth is laughter and Peace , I see the mountains and the river valleys, the skies, everything is easy and peaceful

  9. Lisa – 27 July 2013
    there is a big hole in my stomach, it feels so empty, I see a big david star, red feathers, the star keeps opening bigger and bigger, I go through it , i see big ice pyramid, it is snowing
    it is dark, i protect myself from the snow storm, I walk to an opening in the temple pyramid, the light is shining from there, I see cleopatra, she is there, I see her sitting in a big chair
    like she is controlling a big ship pyramid, I am walking in there and then i feel the pyramid lifting up, it is a big ship, i see the david star again, we , I am back lying in the crysal swimming
    pool and i see tangible electricity dread coming from the roof connecting me…I am aware that i sit in front of the pc, but see at the same time myself lying into the water having there also a vision
    of me standing on a platform that is made of ice, around me is black, but some unkown source of light is shining upon me…I see symbols floating around me, i see pi and other strange letters
    dna is floating around me, I am getting information downloaded to me…I feel someone or something is communicating with me through a double vision…Ireland , see dark rainy day, see irish grave
    stones, see the spiral…spiraling out of time

  10. Crystal Connection – 28 July 2013
    The Rune ALGIZ half emerged from the ground and gave three rays of white light into the air above and the rays were slightly tilted right – to reality – I saw the rays going into Space
    I was in America – Mount Shasta and I went deep into the earth, I was in a balloon of light blue colour and meditating, I had to sent Light into the Earth and I started sending Light when I saw Red Cloud above, White Tatanka was also there and I was in the Earth and was watching them from below, Red Cloud appeared riding his horse, I saw a cave where I was, deep into the Earth, I remembered of my 3D troubles and expressed that I cannot stand them anymore, I want to leave and a vision of red horse came to me
    Then I was in Egypt connecting with the pharaoh and his wife, they were together and were happy and were outside of the palace eating fruits memories of visions…
    then I heard the Shaman calling the names of Egyptian Gods and I saw the Gods themselves appearing and answering the call and connecting with us and I saw a face, big face – Egyptian look and white skin and this was an Oracle, He was grateful to us that are connected and giving Light and asked me what do i want as a present for our effort and as a sign of their gratitude, I asked for Knowledge, He said that all knowledge is encoded within us and the only thing that the Gods can do is helping us to activate our memories and when they are activated we will remember and we will return our Divine Powers
    I also received that when activating the triangle
    Ireland-Egypt-Mount Shasta
    we will help bringing Light and activation of the Peace patterns in
    Turkey – Egypt – Syria
    I thanked Him and I was in Mount Shasta again and formed a lotus flower and OLA in it above my head and I saw White Tatanka again, we were dancing together, happy songs and dance into the Lotus flower
    We were there on the New Earth

    • I also remember the bear with human head – looked like Two Feathers and the Bear-Two feathers was helping someone with his hair, a bear hairdresser πŸ™‚

  11. Crystal Connection 28-07-2013
    I took a bath and did my connection there. I had a really interesting vision, one I wanted to verify some details before I posted:

    My connection:

    I see a white water sea, it is no ice, the water really looks white. Was at sea were there is no wind and no current in the water, strange things happen here. There is a portal, a hexagon portal. I am at the platform again and see a diamond shape portal. It is connected with this strange sea. A big spider comes through the portal, but then disappears . I am in the hall of records, me as the old man with beard. I am one of the keepers. I am reading a holographic book with symbols strange symbols. I see a rune Uruz when I think of my past. I look @ my hands, body and suddenly see how they become crystalline , its looks like tiny flickering diamonds.

    I browsed onto the internet looking for a sea with white water, thinking I wouldn’t find anything, but I was wrong. This is what I found:

    Imagine sailing in the dead of night, when the ocean lights up with a ghostly white glow as far as the eye can see. Sailors have told wild tales of “milky seas” for centuries, but nobody paid them much heed. Until, that is, the elusive phenomenon was caught on satellite images of the Indian Ocean in 1995. An area the size of Northern Ireland lit up for three nights in a row. Researchers think the eerie lights are caused by masses of bioluminescent bacteria, but nobody yet knows for sure.

    Rune Uruz: β€œMind over matter – matter over mind”

    Key Concepts: life force, physical health, courage, organic structure, manifestation, formation, healing, vigor, endurance

    More on

    Other meaning:

    Uruz not only refers to the wild animal within so to speak, but to Urd, the norns, Earth Mother. The great goddess who in remote times was revered by hunter-gatherer societies worldwide. Contemporary shamans from nations all over the world stress Her importance, because She is the source of all life. Bear in mind that other Indoeuropean tribes that the Anglosaxon families revered the Goddess in the manifestation of a wild animal, like a boar, or a bear. So why not an aurochs. It is the power of Nature, which is wild and untamed, both sustaining and threatening life, as all life dies and is reborn again and again in an endless cycle.

    Love Lisa

  12. Dear Lisa,
    You received it! WOW! The gift that was offered to us – Knowledge , and indeed, we knew all this before because it is in us , we are this Library! We only have to remember all this
    ( ( SUN ) )

  13. Crystal Connection – 29 July 2013
    I saw a Sun and a green plant growing under the sun rays, a light green colour, the flowers had heart shapes
    Then I saw a mermaid – white that was swimming in a circle representing the karma wheel, then she left , she disappeared quickly on the left – illusion, and an Angel of white colour appeared
    Then I saw the Great Tara standing tall on the right and holding a new born baby, she handed the baby to us, who were standing on the left and we saw the baby smiling in her sleep – the New earth has just been born :), we saw the world through the eyes of the new born baby and smiled, it was so wonderful and beautiful all around,
    then I saw myself swimming under water, dark blue colours till I reached the surface and i saw a shore, I was in a lake of pure water, I saw the trees on the shore, the rocks above me and the wolf was waiting for me there, I saw the yellow/grey eyes of the wolf, I was lying in the waters of the lake and watching the blue skies over me
    Then I went to Mount Shasta connecting with the Native American Elders, all of them were happy and gathering and all of us were dancing the dance of Joy, I saw the tree of Life appearing there and a Portal of light above the tree , the Light was like a pillar and it was over the tree, going through the trunk and into the roots of the tree, we were called to enter the new dimension, I looked in OLA and there I saw sparks of golden Light, all are waiting for us to come
    Love and Light

  14. Lisa – 29 July 2013
    I see ghostly entities swimming like dolphins in blue clear water, they are swimming to the Bermuda triangle in the middle of it, there is a portal that will lead them out of the ghostly plain
    dimensions and be free again. i am comforted by an angel,there is a connection between what i received through my dream Casablanca and the library, i maintained the knowledge for safe keeping and in good condition

    Love Lisa

    • Lisa, the mermaid i saw looked like a ghost and there she was “replaced” by an angel of white colour
      ( ( SUN ) )

  15. I felt pretty sleepy all day long today. Though the problem of my dropsical feet gets much lightened, I felt too weak and tired to work normally. So, after struggling for pretty a while, at one hour before our connection, I went to the park. I took off my shoes, walking all around, touched a big maple tree and tried to send my greetings to Mother Earth and the world of inner earth through it, then I felt both my third eye and crown chakras vibrated. I then practiced Qi on the grass beside it, and unexpectedly, I felt much more energetic then before. At the moment when fishing this, I saw a cloud which looked so similar to the emblem that Konstantinos drew and posted.

    Arriving home, it’s already close to the time when the connection was to be finished, so I started this meditation latter and didn’t finish it until 11: 20 pm of Bulgarian time.

    Fortunately, my connection got much progressed than yesterday.

    I first saw blue fine dense and concentric light circles, then a geometrical pattern that was composed by a square and a some pattern which is so similar to Rune Dagaz but turned vertical [if it’s possible, would you please give me a right term].

    I saw an white angel with wings who seems AA Jophiel. She appeared together with another Master who has long white hair and beard in a white gown. I asked his name, the one I got is Lanto. I asked him to give me some messages, however, I was incapable to read them.

    I saw a city in blue-grey tone…however, the atmosphere felt a little bit gloomy.

    I saw a big Sun disk at my right.

    I saw a giraffe in a disc at my left.

    There might be other visions, however, I cannot recall them for the moment.

    I’m so glad to have seen the Angel together with you two.

    I don’t know what’s wrong about my wordpress account. Though I checked and edited the way and time being updated on “the blogs I follow,” I in fact are out of the updated messages of STC.

    love you so

    • Supplement : When I saw that white angel, I in fact was not sure who she was. I only know she might be AA Raphel, or Gabriel or Jophiel. The last name in fact was shown to me at last. However, I still had no confidence at all. Last night when noting the messages that I got in our connection, I tried to search for Lord Lanto in web….Unexpectedly, in Diana Cooper’s book, she mentioned already that both AA Jophiel and Lord Lanto belong to the second ray.

    • Dear Frila, I do not know what is wrong with it, it asks me for approval although I do not have to approve the other comments, when you comment, it is ok, if someone knows what the problem may be? Troy, what do you think?

      • It’s really wired, as I can no longer get updates of any blog of wordrpess, including STC, but Kauliapele. I checked already all my settings, however, I’ve just been shielded from almost all these updates.


    Followed the sound meditation near the bottom of this post. I saw the heart-portal Konstantinos posted, immediately it activated heart – chakra ,followed by others, notably 3rd eye and ears. I saw a stone buddha… Alternately a close-up of the eyes, all-knowing, and then a buddha in meditation, and then surrounded by fire. I saw my orb-form, like a sun. Then I saw the heart portal symbol again at the close of the meditation (I didn’t know I was at the end, but the end of the piece and the symbol coincided). I thought it odd he would encourage people to come back. It is easy to be in both places at once. Also during meditation I felt shivers, not a bad thing though.

  17. Crystal Connection – 30 July 2013

    I was by the open window and was watching the clouds, I saw a triangle in the clouds, then an arch shaped cloud looking like a gate, a Lightning came from there to the earth and this Lightning did not cause noise, thunder, it was silent, some other lightnings gathered in a “branch of three rays” came without a noise too
    Later I saw a triangle in OLA too and I got a short vision of an Angel flying in the sky and a dolphin swimming in the ocean
    Love and Light

  18. Elvi – 30 July 2013\
    It was a very strong meditation. I’m trying to remember…
    First I felt like energy coming down into me, and kind of like pushing old, needless energies out. The I saw blue energy, kind of like blue flames, going out and spreading everywhere.
    At one point I saw a pyramid, all of me was in the pyramid, or the pyramid was in me, completely.
    Then I felt energies I connect with Atlantis. Wish I could remember… perhaps it will come later. VERY strong energies, I felt like I was very light and very bright, not in my heavy physical body, held up by light golden white energies. After this came a red energy, like setting me down, to BE strong on Earth now.
    I felt my crystal sending me a very healing light, blue and green, soothing.

  19. Crystal Connection – 31 July 2013
    I concentrated on my heart, I felt the energies before me, green, yellow, blue
    I saw some things emerged from my heart and a rather clear vision of dark grey sparrow`s feathers
    A Being came to me, tall woman with elven vibrations from Wicca`s realms, She was dressed in long black robe and was standing at the verge of a portal, telling me that this is the gate towards the knowledge, I received – “We got to this knowledge quicker than you because darkness was the quicker path, we do not fear the darkness as more people do because we came to the understanding while experiencing into the darkest hours and we discovered the Light nature of darkness, we are happy to welcome you among us again”
    I saw a stairway, golden Light and blue skies and I was standing at the verge serving as Gate Keeper for the others and I was dressed in light blue robe
    I called my Higher Self to come closer and I felt a Light that was surrounding me
    I was in Mount Shasta forming a lotus flower in front of my heart, I looked below and I saw my hands like a big Lotus with a sphere of White Light /OLA/ at the center and all of us connected in a circle
    Love and Light

    • As I looked at the white paper I usually use for meditation, I noticed it was transparent. I looked at it and there was another dimension / space on the other side. My ether-self went through it. It spread wings and flew free. Felt pretty good! πŸ™‚

      • Troy, you are perhaps able to see the auras of the people, try to stare into a person`s figure when the colour of the wall behind is white or when behind the person you can see blue sky, I guess it will work for you, this is similar to the white paper
        ( ( SUN ) )

        • Yes I can see them but I try to avoid telling people because it ends up similar to the question “does this dress make me look fat?” There are some questions you just DON’T answer! Hehe πŸ˜‰

          • haha, a wise decision, brother !
            to be clever is to know the answers , to be wise is to know what to keep secret
            ( ( SUN ) )

  20. Crystal Connection – 30 July 2013

    I first felt the violet flame helping me purifying my ethereal and astral bodies. Then something like energy was printed or condensed as the aqueous pigment ink dried (including violet one) on a glass.

    I saw we were on our position of the star, surrounded by a circle which is formed by about 40 or 50 persons who illuminate red light.

    I saw the Tower [Eiffel?] with a heart on its relative upper section (the heart I saw is much smaller than that in this picture).

    A tree ascending and floating in the dark sky surrounding with golden sparkles which looked so warm, full of hope !!!

    The Golden Buddha sitting in our center, watching me with smile. He became bigger and bigger and gave me very powerful energy on healing my kidneys and chakras.

    I saw a Mother holding a baby, behind them there seemed also the Father. The Mother was so happy to welcome the birth of this baby.

    I saw a low triangle.

    In the center of us, a giant Merkaba which looked in amethyst or melody stone appeared, then only the part of the reverse blue tetrahedron was shown.

    I saw a big SUN in front of me but more closed to my right side.

    I saw a golden scepter with a crown of pearls

  21. Crystal Connection – 31 July 2013

    First, appeared again the helix like pattern, obvious a sacred geometry.

    I saw we were all in a white-blue crystal hall, discussing the affairs of opening the portals.

    I saw Mother Mary’s image projected on the wall of a cave, then she was shown as sitting and holding the baby Jesus in her arm in a 3D form just at the foot of the same cave wall.

    I saw the ocean where there seemed to be some ship of the realm of inner earth submerging from the surface.

    I seemed to see the number 90411.

    Then it’s in front of a palace or temple which is similar to Egyptian one, where a Egyptian looking Priest was taking charge of an grandly ceremony. It’s sunny day, all the space around this palace or temple were crowded with people.

    A series of portals were shown. First one is triangle. The second one is in the form of blue diamond/ lozenge. Then appeared a portal of blue beam in the form of two superimposed lozenges. Sitting Buddha Maitreya was floating in its upper part, radiating the golden light. He was giving some messages or teaching to us.

    The forth portal is of reversed triangle, also a blue one.

    Then appeared a white whole downward which seemed also a portal. The energy of this one is as bright as SUN.

    Came again an dense acoustic attack. Even earphones and the mp3 could not shield it. I hence ordered it to retire in the name of Lord AA Michael. I envisioned being enveloped by his blue cloak and listened to mp3, then I didn’t sense that sound any more.

    Then a spider web of hexagon of very bright white light appeared.

    A blond gird with light blue eyes staring at me. Her expression looked a little bit hideous. Then her head turned into a feline one like this ( I could recognize her as the Goddess Bastet !

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