Spotting Athabantian

Hi, Everyone! A few quick notes about my recent dreams… I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some of these elements tonight, and Adrial agrees…

Recurring elements:
A large open platform, circular or octagonal or similar… like a huge landing of a set of stairs or escalators; May also look like a Sci-Fi transporter pad… This seems to be a sort of launch-spot from which we enter dreams…

A woman or man in dark red or red-brownish clothing may be Adrial. I’ve seen Adrial in dreaming as a young woman looking like Marie Antionette, and as a grandmother-like figure;

A balloon – hot-air balloon, dirigible, possibly even a toy balloon… This seems to represent Athabantian. It may have a basket-like gondola, and it may look like a weather balloon (silver cloth). Gunner, Lisa T and I have all seen this in dreams…

You may see Abi-Qor – I saw it like a huge resort or convention center, looking as if it were built out of laboradorite crystal. It was built in a valley, in a desert, and surrounding a small lake or large pond – or it might have been a huge garden. On some side there were low buildings, and on the other side were mid-height buildings, and then in the midst of them was a part of the building like a wide tall tower with and angled top. The material seemed glass-like, sort of grayish green, very iridescent…

Inside Abi-Qor, there are shopping centers, movie theater, common areas… for residential facilities, they range from large dormitories to hotel rooms, to

apartments/condominiums. Adrial says there are neighborhoods with small houses with yards/gardens, but these are quit modest. In Abi-Qor there is little disparity between lifestyles, so most residences are similar in quality, and people may choose what type of residence they want. There are many common areas, indoors and out, which are beautiful and majestic, and shared equally by all.

While there, you may see or be introduced to people whom you feel you know. They also may be quite tall. You may be meeting your loved ones and partners, and they may be from “the stars” or from Inner Earth. These meetings may arouse a variety of emotions.

You also may experience a ride in a vehicle that seems to be mounted on tracks or a runway… This might be one of the Tulya scout or personal transport “ships”.

Our loved ones from Inner Earth may look like Adama – fair with golden hair, wearing pale colors, or they may look Indian, Native American, South or Central American, with medium skin, dark hair, and richly-colored garments. If we meet beings with blue skin, they may be either from Tulya, which means they may be Pleiadian or Arcturan, or Andromedan… we may meet others, but these are the beings we have the closest connections with.

That’s probably enough to spark your imagination, for now – sweet dreams, and I sure hope to see many of you tonight… and remember it, lol!

Thank you all so much for coming together!


  1. I am excited with future anticipation of finally meeting my family of the stars, and the sharing of Technology, I am a Super Techno nut & love Engineering it all.

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