Tulya Crew Pages

Tulya Crew Connections

See the following pages for crew names and descriptions. These connections are not intended to emphasize “separation” but to help others make connections where these connections need to be made.

[Key: “direct” means something similar to borrowing or a direct “soul-connection”, “indirect” means connecting through channeling or crystals]

Umbro – Dreamwalker444 / Troy (Direct), Tanzanija / Elizabeth (Indirect)

Anjaska – Ana (Direct), Wes Annac (Indirect)

Adca Mupea/Dormorleo/Merhea Cahdeh – Leslee Hare (Indirect & Direct)

Sasha – Wolfke74 / Lisa (Direct)

Leos – Ana (Indirect)


  1. I have a feeling that you may have the next piece of a wonderous awaking to share with me. I am being lead to those who can help this starseed remember and fully activate. In short over a year ago I began to carve a symbol in the back of my right hand. I have now understood it as an arcturian healing symbol. From it I was told to add to the search : arcturian healing symbol …. athena Mandela. I was then lead to spirit Train. When this site opened I saw again the same youtube video : pyramid power from starship athena. This video gave me insight to make a simplified communication device that would allow contact to them. It was posted by a person with the tag of dreamwalker444. From this o also found posts on galactic flights. As I write this I feel an encouraging love around me and a feeling of we will see you soon. I beleave this dreamwalker444 is the next individual I am to contact to continue my education and training for the first time in the morning of true functionality awakening. I hope with loving happiness that I have contacted the same who will be the one with new answers that will become more questions.

    Thank you for this wondrous clue. My soul waits in happiness and contented love.

    • Hi Jeffery, welcome!

      You are welcome to join our galactic lightship dreamflights, which are scheduled every saturday night. I try to put a new invitation every wednesday. It is here we can meet each other (in the dream world) and help progress further. The ships are there to help, and are happy to be with us.

      Thank you (-_-)

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