Konstantinos-Some photos of cloudships and a cloud feline

Hello my wonderful family and companions. Here I share with you two photos of cloudships and of a cloud feline…it seems like a female lion…

The big cloudship was taken today and 5 minutes later, the cloud feline appeared next to it. I felt these manifestations as very powerful signs.

Much Love and Light to all.

Three little cloudships.

A big cloudship.

The head of a cloud lioness.


My most recent experience was yesterday (May 2nd). Out from my room’s window, at 8:00 PM, my ship ‘Space Wave’ visited me with the form of a star shaped cloud. Thank you all for your great posts of messages, videos and perspectives. Thank you Leslee for your posts of clouds, orbs, portals and the e-mail. Wes, thank you for your wonderful interview, I listened to it on last Sunday, while it was on air.


Much Love to all from me, Iltheos, Space Wave and of course mother Earth who has already shown how much She cares for us.

Konstantinos-Photos of Cloud Ships

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