Here you’ll find the guidelines we follow on STC, as well as some tips on using the site.

We have just a few ground rules or guidelines as possible, listed below… please join in supporting them… Thank you for joining us!

1. Please avoid divisive speech

2. Please avoid criticism

(these two really encourage us to think before we “share”, and search for positive ways of expressing ourselves)

3. If you have your own blog, please check to see if it’s on the links widget, and if it’s not, please email me the link and I’ll add it as soon as I can :)

4. If you have creative outlets, please share them on your page, whether it’s artwork, a youtube channel, an etsy page, cafepress, poetry, crocheted afghans, whatever! And let us know about it, by posting a link into the discussion thread! :)


(for Editors)

To start you’ll go to the Dashboard, click PAGES, then ADD NEW, and type away!

For a personal page, I suggest giving the page your name, so others can find you easily…

For pages on topics, please look through the nested pages first – we may already have one for your topic, such as artwork, astrology, etc.

If you have difficulty creating a page, please post a note on the home page, and we’ll figure it out.


(for Editors)

Go to the Dashboard (you have to be logged in to the WordPress account through which you’re a member here), click POSTS, then CATEGORIES, then ADD NEW.

Please check to see how the categories are nested in some cases…

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