[ posted as First Things First but it belongs here]

It is so nice to have a place gather. I find I have a huge impulse to connect with people that are attempting to focus on Love. Every time someone posts here I find I want to know who they are and what they are thinking about. If you do too here is what I can offer.

I have a web site here that explains my current expression of Love in the world. My bio is here. I also have a blog. I am not a very prolific blogger but I assure you that my perspectives are as unique as my spelling is bad.

I enjoy our efforts at dreaming together and I think we can easily dream a whole new world (or a vast improvement of our existing one) into being.

in Love,



  1. Hello Kelly, wow your bio is pretty amazing. I love the singing bowls as well, I know a women who also does the singing bowls, they produce the most beautiful sounds that i have ever heard. What a peaceful, wonderful experience they give you. Happy to meet you!

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