Galactic Light Ship Blaze

PASSWORD: SPIRAL(Manifested by Wolfke74/Lisa)

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  1. Hi Nymph,
    WOW!!! That is amazing, you know she is a healing guide. I don’t know if you read the channeling I had with my twin flame?

    Link: Angel Vibe

    I think we do find each other on soul level and that goes for everyone here on STC. We finally coming together again. 😀

    I set my intent last night also to the Athabantian and the dream was: I was on a sailing ship with no sails, even though the ship was going forwards. It was a white ship. And next I remember knocking down a old house an build a new house with 3 levels, all done in a few minutes, like you watching a fast forward movie, and I was like feeling standing out of time watching it all.

    Love Lisa

  2. I just remembered a dream I had… seeing the picture of Sister Sabiene sparked it when I posted my first message, but just now.. the whole dream came flooding back… It was back in… I think ’06 or 2007… I had a dream that I was floating in the air… lying flat on my back as if I was still asleep… and water was pouring off of me like a waterfall on all sides. I suddenly became aware of what was happening and tried to speak. I freaked out a little when I realised that I could move my mouth but not make a sound. I tried a second time, but still no sound. Then I slowly woke up, on top of the covers (note, I was asleep under the covers and it was a cold night…)

    As I came to, I saw a woman’s face smiling down at me… it did not frighten me but it did make me a bit uneasy, as it was as clear as if she was physically there. (But I only saw her head, which was proportionally about twice the size of a normal human head. Not a disembodied head, though… more like a painting, where it just fades out a few inches below the chin… or like a holographic projection) Her skin was tan, her eyes where loving, and she was wearing what appeared to be what nuns wear on their heads (dunno what it’s called)… soft blue fabric with a white band. I’ve never forgotten her face.

    When I saw the picture of Sister Sabiene, my first thought was “I’ve seen that face before” but did not feel compelled to mention it until now… I guess I wanted to remember the whole experience before sharing. ::shrug::

    I tried to visit Blaze last night, but I don’t remember anything… I did wake up at 6:30am still a bit tired though. I feel back asleep almost immediately and attempted to visit Athabantian. Not sure if I was successful in that, but I finally mastered flying and landing. Only took me about ten months. ^v^ I don’t have to flap my arms to take flight anymore, nor do I have to tuck-and-roll crash land lol. I awoke very proud of myself… arm flapping can be quite tiring. ^v^ (I’ll try to post the whole dream, and the Animal Diety Card Reading I did when I woke up, later today or Saturday)

    Love & Light

    • Dear Lisa,

      We were so excited and amazed by our Dreamflight experiences on the GLS Aeterna on June 30th and would so very much appreciate the chance to meet with even more of our fellow Star family again and to learn from them everything that we possibly can on the GLS Blaze voyage tonight. We were both able to take part in some very fundamental internal emotional work completions through our experiences on that night. We were also able to grow a great deal by the experiences and feel very strongly that it was time well spent preparing us to take part in a more direct contact with the crew on board the craft tonight.

      We would really love to be able to be a part of the very special Dreamflight trip that is being planned for tonight, July 21, 2012, on the GLS Blaze, which we heard about through Wes Annac. I am a channeler for the Great White Brotherhood and we have both always felt that we had been incarnated into this lifetime to fulfill an important mission to help our fellow humans during the Ascension process. We are artistic/engineering and healing/nurturing types and would both be so very honored and thrilled beyond all measure, if we could be included with those who will be going on this very important journey. We would be thankful for an opportunity to meet our Star family aboard the GLS Blaze and to begin to learn more about what our mission is to entail. Please let us know if there will be anything special that we need to prepare first before going and we would very much appreciate it if you would please see to it that our request might reach the right person or persons, who are making up these current travel lists.

      Thank you so much for bringing us this opportunity for the experience of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!

      Angelwood and Jim
      Healdsburg, CA

      • Welcome Angelwood and Jim,

        For the moment you don’t have to prepare special for this flight, only to say the password spiral , that next dream flight will be upgraded to the password a 5D password Helix. Only what is required now is having the intent to create positive creations, or relax or even have some emotional healing. You are always welcome aboard the ship Blaze and soon will also be recruiting some ground crew for the ship Blaze. I will look forward of your experiences aboard the ship and meeting my twinflame Sister Sabiene.

        Love and Light to you both, and enjoy

  3. I would very much like to go aboard GLS Blaze. Do I have to wait for Saturday or can I visit during any dreamtime?

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