1. I have always related to the apostle Peter. I always found him very close to my personality. I drew him a few times as an illustrator. Played him in a play. A teacher appeared in my life and after that I knew I had been peter in my past life. after many incredible things and an awakening. I started channeling my higher self I call ONE. All my life I never knew my last name, Dampier, means… Of Peter. or Lord Peter. There is much more but I won’t go into it now. Exciting times. All is Well. Love and Light

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  3. I “hope” it will speak to you in a way that you will understand intuitively, Vee! For myself, working in this way has given me more self-confidence in my understanding of my purpose here, than any teacher could have given… Many blessings along your way! 😀

  4. Hi, Vee! I’ll certainly keep sending Kim lots of healing, love and light!
    Wow, it sounds like the pendulum is being sent to first letters of words for you 😀
    When you’re working with it, go really deep, like when you are visioning, and see if you can sense what words They are trying to give you… I think They were saying hello to you! Try to feel the vibe of the being who is coming through, it is probably an energy you recognize as a previous teacher… Try to get acquainted with Their vibe first, because this is your best protection from interference. Keep me posted, and remember to breathe! 😀

  5. Oh, do you remember when I talked about being on a space craft standing in the middle of a spiraling circle and I said I knew it was for healing? I learned it was for emotional healing.

    Also, I am working with the pendelum and i will follow your suggestions. I received the letters Dpuv. I don’t know what it means. I don’t know if I got it right but I’m working on it. : )

  6. Hi Leslie, Kim is still on the mend. She had another MRI done yesterday because of another problem she is having. They wanted to see if something was pressing on her bladder. Yes, please ask about my sister!

    Blessings to you Leslee

  7. Hi Leslee,

    I apologize for just getting back to you. Please do ask, any information would be greatly appreciated and humbly accepted.

    Love, peace and light

  8. Hi everybody!

    Leslee it amazes me when someone have so much recall about a past life. I have seen several of my past lives and there are some that I have not seen but I was told of them by a psychic. When I saw those lives I knew the person was me and I knew where I was. I am able to pick-up on the emotions of what was happening without actually feeling the emotions of the event taking place. There was one lifetime in Puru that was revealed to me in a strange way. I was moving very fast through space heading toward Earth. I did not have a form, I was energy. I could see blackness and lots and lots of stars. Then I was passing through the clouds and I could see land. Suddendly, I was in a body looking down at my feet. I could actually feel the dirt beneath my feet. I was having a hard time accepting this person was me because I was male. My mind would not accept it. But then I did and now I found myself not in the body but observing what was happening. I was walking through my village with a man next to me, who was my best friend. There was a lot of activity going on, people going about their daily lives and my friend and I where walking together laughing and talking. The feeling I got from that lifetime was very good. That’s it, I don’t know anything else.

    Many years ago I was told I had a lifetime in Lemeria. I have not seen that lifetime but for some reason I feel I worked with crystals. Recently I was told I had a liftime in Atlantis. I don’t know if that is true. That is why I want to get to a point where I will know it and there will be no doubts. I am studying the information on using a pendulum and I am practicing. I use my quartz crystal necklace as a pendulum. I believe the pendulum will be very helpful.

    • Vee, it sounds and feels like you’re heading in the right direction 🙂 Try not asking questions, but just sitting and watching the pendulum for a few minutes (well, *do* ask it to move for you, and to show you yes from no, of course…). Then ask “Are we ready to attain Enlightenment together?”, or something similar (not all “lighted” beings are enlightened, and some higher dark beings will lie about being in the light… I know, no one wants to hear that, but it’s true sometimes…). Then ask if there is something to be shown to you, and to swing “yes” as long as you’re recognizing it correctly. It’s sort of like playing charades, trying to guess the message 🙂 It may seem insanely ridiculous, just go with it! It will eventually be explained to you.
      I really do need to get to work now (yikes!!!), but maybe that’ll give you a little to play with tonight 🙂
      (BTW, beautiful stories you have! …and all verified on my side) 😀
      Love & light to you all!

  9. Sounds like I need to figure out how to video a pendulum tutorial, or we can skype somehow – this work takes you into an expanded-brain mode that will allow ANYONE to access this kind of info… It just takes a little faith and a LOT of practice. But once you’re over the “hump”, it flows whenever you want to access it. I think we eventually get to the point where a pendulum is not needed. My Mom has learned to do it, and I get a kick whenever the “Buddhas” (my term) tell her to shut up, such-and-such is NONE of her business!!! (I think this happens more often than she tells me…) :mrgreen:

    • I believe there’s work for me there… One of the things I feel I really need to work on is in trusting my gut feeling and myself (it also has to do with self-confidence). Reiki was a big help (‘omg, I can do this?!’), but I feel that there are more stairs for me to climb 😀

    • Leslee, I tend to see channeling as a similar yet more fluid form of the same information as pendulums. How are pendulums different? You can channel, yet you still use a pendulum… is this a personal preference? Do you find there are benefits to pendulums that you don’t see with channeling?

      • I was explaining to a friend last night that (now, at least), I mainly use the pendulum to confirm that I’m understanding what I’m receiving correctly – as long as it’s swinging a “yes”, I’m on track. The information actually comes as a “knowing”, and the pendulum also helps to shut down the chattering mind so that genuine info can come through. It’s like when you get an inspiration for your garden or a work of art or a story to tell your kids…

        We have been DEEPLY trained to ASSUME that what comes into our mind freely is “imagination”, and that imagination is always NOT real. Sometimes it *is* pure fabrication, but most of the time it’s a retrieval of something we already know.

        We resist and resist and resist, believing we’re not “worthy” of being accurately tuned in. That is a learned belief! Have you ever heard a 3 year old say, “Mom, I think I just say my fairy godmother, but it can’t possibly be true… so what was it?” They haven’t learned yet what they’re *supposed* to see and believe, so they might just say, “Oh, look, there’s an angel over there!”

        And we pretend our memories are reliable… I’ve read articles of studies this past year or so, about studies that show how memories alter over time, and many times people literally do not notice the clown in the room, just because their attention is elsewhere at the moment.

        So for me, the pendulum is usually a way of checking to be sure I’m not applying my personal filter to the information, or that it’s relevant…

        One thing I know for sure is that we can ALL do this. The hardest part is letting go, in the moment we’re receiving. For instance, I try to forget whatever I already know about a person before I start a reading, or I’ll quickly bog myself down in “comparing notes”. That’s a critical, reasoning mind, and it completely blocks out intuition.

        That said, I also know that sometimes what I’m given may not resonate for that person, so it’s been explained to me that we are given what we need at that moment in time, to move to the place where we want to be. Sort of like missing the airplane flight that then goes down into the ocean. So I try not to worry about what the person thinks of the info I give them. The only reason I would “need” it to be correct is out of a sense of personal pride, and that’s a good thing, to have that get beaten down from time to time… 😉

        Once I’m away from work today or tomorrow I’ll try to put together some posts explaining this in more detail. Maybe a friend will let me make a video of me teaching them how to do it… It works better when someone shows you 🙂

  10. It’s beautiful the way you guys are so certain of all this… I get some hints here and there about previous incarnations, but nothing close to this…
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. Hi all,

    I got some information through channeling about myself and my lives in Atlantis.

    I came here to Earth from the 6 dimension and I agreed to lower myself to the 3D realms to offer help to Gaia in her Ascension. My twin flame Sister Sabiene stayed behind in the higher cuffs of 4D and lower cuffs of 5D to assist me in my journey.

    My life at that time of Atlantis spanned across three different incarnations. All ranging around the idea as a keeper of nature and a teacher. I met my twin flame in Atlantis and according to her, I was showing her the immense power that heavenly plants can have over our being. I was in my first life a scientist, botanist, gardener, and harnesser of the advanced energy of plants that few knew about. I could connect with the energy of the plants and use their wonderful energy for a healing advantage.

    Through Atlantis, I helped educate many young children and I maintained a healthy balance of nature through individualized energy work, involving gardens and other forms of wild life to maintain the balance of nurturing through the means of plants and vegetation’s.

    Before Atlantis would be destroyed, I went with my sister Sabiene to a planet in the Andromedan realm were we sought solace before I decided to enter the lower realms of Earth.

      • I plan to see you guys on the Blaze ship. I believe I was on the ship a couple of weeks ago. Do you remember when I talked about a dream I had of being on a space craft in a large room that was white. In the middle of the room there was a spiraling circle and I was standing in the center of the circle to get healing. Recently, I learned it was for emotional healing. I learned from Dreamwalker that spiral is the password for the Blaze ship. So, I believe I should travel on the Blaze. : )

    • What a wonderful life 🙂 Thank you, dear Lisa for sharing this with us
      I have no conscious memory of any past life, only once I had a vision of me somewhere back in time …and that is all. But I can find a strong resonance of your words “I was in my first life a scientist, botanist, gardener, and harnesser of the advanced energy of plants that few knew about. I could connect with the energy of the plants and use their wonderful energy for a healing advantage.”
      I can feel the plants and their energy …also I can make mental contact with trees and stones….maybe we are close in spirit with you, do you remember the little fairies …I haven`t even described them online, I have just mentioned Elvish crew…..

    • Lisa what a beautiful story. So you and your sister left the planet before the disaster? From what I understand, when I was in Lemeria, I left my body before the water came in. I had the ability to do that.

      • Hi Vee,

        Sorry for replying late…so many comments to read, stories, changelings, my head is a buzz right now and sometimes it crashes, that is why I was so quite last week, and still I can’t get the information straight in my head. As a reply on your question, yes we did leave Atlantis before the disaster struck, long way before. Because we knew it would happen.

        Wish you lots of love and light

  12. (thank you again Leslee for this lovely reading!)

    Past Lives – by Leslee Hare

    (I am sharing this with permission from all concerned 🙂 )

    [from Lhamo Dorje and Teo’Na]

    As for “previous” lives:

    [to Leslee;]


    Troy did leave you to die once, for you let wapum (wampum) come between you…

    (Just seeing whether you – Leslee – resist characterizing dramatically, when you let the raw memory come through, instead of waiting on words. We will try this method more soon.)

    This is a story in which you fought together as braves and brothers. Kionah (Leslee) was wearing a breastplate of “wampum” and threw himself in front of his younger brother Aepwae (Wes), to stop the “bullets”. The wampum didn’t work. Aepwae and Kionah both died on the battlefield, and their youngest brother Achemo (Echeamo?) (Troy) had to be pulled away from the scene by the older men. It could not be helped… you all fought bravely, and knew that this battle was the last chance you had to take back your lands.

    This happened when you were surface-dwellers, in the time before Atlantis fell (but you were not in Atlantis, you were in what is now Northern Ireland.


    In Telos, you and Troy were colleagues, and you were “astronomers”. You studied the floating bodies in the voids of Telos, and used your psychic abilities to locate ones that were in enclosed cavities. You also ventured out to the surface to observe the “heavens” and noted the parallel relationships between inner and outer orbiting bodies. These lifetimes began 200 years ago, and continue into this continuum, but you are both quite “physically” frail now and venture only mentally. Your names are Adama and Celus. For fun, see if the two of you guess the same as to which of you is whom.

    Adama and Celus, since they are near the end of this cycle, are in the process of transferring their knowledge and training to Troy and Leslee, to continue and carry across dimensions. This is why you are both drawn so powerfully to the work you’re doing now.


    Troy is also Tuyim (“Tim” in GR), and Leslee is Merhea (“Maria” in GR). You are currently companions on a spaceship in orbit around Gaia. Please look for GR readouts related to this, and post them on BUTTA under the new category “ASTRAL”. Please view your respective transmissions as conversation between Tuyim, Merhea, Troy and Leslee.


    On the moon Europa, you have shared a lifetime together as father and daughter. This is one of many lifetimes that Troy, Steffie, Baba and Leslee have shared together as a family. This is why you feel such a strong connection to the movie Avatar. That story is mostly channeled semi-consciously by its (original) author who lived there with you (not James Cameron). The story that made it into the movie is a template that is enacted by many on Europa, as a spiritual training. It is sort of like a shared dream, the key roles being assumed and shared by numerous souls/minds in conjunction. This is why this movie is so powerful for so many in your current culture. Troy is most familiar with the role of the chief/father, Leslee is most familiar with the role of the interloper/catalyst.


    Lastly for now, we send another strong image to Leslee and Troy, rather than words. Picture a vast, open hillside field of tall grass and large soft yellow wildflowers. Two people, young father and daughter, sit together talking among the flowers, teaching each other. The daughter teaches the father about the flowers, from memories still fresh from in between lifetimes, to remind him. The father teaches about gravity and limitation of physical bodies, based on his experience so far in this lifetime. This happens telepathically, and there is much laughter and joy.


    Please understand that these illustrations are all: past, present and future. You both have similarly beautiful ranges of stories with your “current” earth families now. If permission is granted, you will someday be able to retrieve them as well. For now, simply trust that they “exist”.

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