Leslee Hare – An Assortment of Updates

Hi, Everyone, here’s another Nuts and Bolts update on things for the website!

I’ve drafted a new page called “Gaia’s Galactic Family Album”

We also have two other similar-sounding pages, so I’ll clarify a little about what is what:

Library of Lives is for our individual past/parallel/alternate life stories; It’s not meant to be indisputable, documented fact, so much as a fun place to put what you know or suspect about yourself. It can come from dreams, meditations, readings, etc. It’s another way we try to “put two and two together”. Please feel free to create you own sub-page, or add the info into comments, or merely use it to link back to your personal page.

Connected is a page for sharing our energetic connection experiences via meditation, telepathic connections and all types of energetic connections in “awakened” state. Adrial has mentioned we’ll be doing more of that in the near future.

“Gaia’s Galactic Family Album” is where we can share connections that we discover between ourselves and Gaia, all her inhabitants, and our Star Families… We’re seeing a lot of this arise as Crews assemble!

Future Recruiting: Adrial has already shown Arianna the Balthazar, which will be in the next round of recruiting. My understanding is that info about these four ships of the next round will start to emerge, so we should start collecting info, but that I (Leslee) can’t do another round of recruiting for at least another week and a half… Adrial says that if others can locate the “captains” of these four ships, the captains can begin recruiting like Laura is doing for Aurora. The recruits for these ships will not need to email me (Leslee), but they should communicate with the captains and then Adrial, Leslee, and the captains can meet about it.

Galactic Light Ship OcaTAwa

On a personal note, I’ve also managed to get some new things uploaded, which I’ve been working on for a couple weeks…

I’ve added some new images to my artwork page, including two sketches done this week of and Elven Being of Inner Gaia, Ariadnei. She is an aspect of Adrial, and also the daughter of Agnès… that page is here:  http://wp.me/P1SOpJ-z

I’ve created the page “Leslee’s Other Lives, a sub-page to the Library of Lives page;

And I got a video uploaded to YouTube, showing how I use a pendulum when I’m doing design work, and also how I make this kind of pendulum… I’ll turn this text into a link once the video is uploaded.

Finally, I am setting up a place where I can put images of the objects I’ve been making. Still a work in progress, but it’s begun here.