Adrial – Soothing Connecting Meditation – 7 July 2012

Hi, Everyone,
Adrial says this meditation might be helpful if you are trying to connect to a Crew or Ship, and feeling frustrated.
First, all of the ships have quite different functions and features. If you are trying to visit multiple ships, it might help to begin with focusing on just a single ship, and trust that you will be led to the others, all in good time.
Adrial suggests that before you try to fly off to the ships, try going within yourself, and see if you can tell which ship you would like, in your heart of hearts, to visit first.
Adrial says that a good comparison, for example, is that Tulya is a bit compact, focused, and introverted, whereas Aurora is very expansive, spreading like the sunrise that She is. So, if you are attempting to travel to both, especially at once, it might be challenging for your Astral Body to allow yourself to be guided.
It may be preferable to visit one of the ships a few times, or even just once, or just play it by ear, and then see where you are led.
Adrial also says that in any case, please allow the Crews to guide you, do not try to “take yourself” there. She says many of us need to relax all aspects of our self, and become as flexible as a piece of seaweed, waving in a gentle current… If we feel that it’s our “responsibility” to “do it correctly”, this may create some tension.
If you feel these words may describe your situation somewhat, here is a visualization that might help:
When you’re lying down (on your back, if possible), please imagine a large, soft, pinkish-white daisy blossom, being placed “face down” on your forehead, in the middle of your brow.
Please visualize large, soft, green leaves being placed over your eyes…
Now imagine that Adrial is sitting beside you, like a mother who is very gently comforting a tired child who is fighting sleep…
Imagine that She very gently places her fingertips on the back of the daisy, and you can feel her touch but not her fingers. Then imagine that you can hear Her gently humming to you, a soft lullaby that is very low and slow…
Try to hold (very gently) or drift around in these images, until you drift off to sleep.
Because Adrial will be there with you (and you may actually feel, hear, see Her…), you will not need to be concerned about passwords or whether you’re doing it correctly…
I hope this helps – I may try it tonight myself…
With love and light, and in Union,

Universal Name, Soul Energy Signature

Seven Raymond speaking as his higher self, the Collective Consciousness of Seven:

Someone asked, “The newest Greg Giles message says that we will be getting our universal names. Could you elaborate on that please?”

From our perspective there are no names. Souls who experience Unity or Oneness have no need for names. However, souls who experience individuality, or both individuality and Oneness simultaneously may have a requirement or desire for names depending of the nature of the space it resides in, or the density or frequency of the space in which the soul resides. You on Earth experience individuality to such a degree that names are indeed somewhat of a requirement. From the Earth Human perspective, names are relevant because within their level of reality they experience separation from each other. As a result they feel it is necessary, and we agree that it is necessary to assign names to themselves and others. However, there is, but ultimately is no universal name. There are aspects or densities of hyperspace that have no need or concern for manes. Either those aspects of the All communicate as a collective within Unity consciousness, or they identify themselves, or individual souls using the unique energy signature of that individual aspect of source, the Universal name of All That Is from your perspective. In many cases, an actual name is only relevant due to the frequency or energy signature the name carries. However, that depends on the language in which the name is spoken. Sometimes the name of a soul is another format, or translation of the energy signature of that soul. Multiple names can carry or embody the same energy signature, depending on the language of the name. In many cases a soul requires, and many souls do have many or infinite names that embody the varying frequencies of the infinite multi-dimensional aspects of that soul. Yet, their one infinite name that embodies their true core energy signature remains the same within each multi-dimensional aspect of that soul. You perceive these multi-dimensional aspects as past and future incarnations. Rather or not any given multi-dimensional aspect of that soul will be or is aware of that name depends on the frequency or level of evolution of the soul, or the density it resides in. What you have referred to, the Universal Name as you put it, is from our perspective the name that embodies the true core energy signature of your infinite, omnipresent soul self. Awareness of that name comes with an awakened consciousness. One must be aware of themselves as One with the All, and have their higher-self anchored within their conscious awareness. Within the Earth Ascension process, you will become aware of your Universal Name once your Lightbody has received a sufficient amount of your consciousness transference. Or shall I say, once you have anchored a sufficient potion of your Lightbody within your physical body; although paradoxically speaking, the potion of you that resides within your physical body contains within it the entire portion of the multi-dimensional you’s.

“What is my core soul energy’s name?”

The answer to this question comes to you within your self-discovery. We cannot tell you that name by accessing your consciousness fields, because you who asked us, haven’t yet anchored the awareness of that name within your subconscious mind; and that is completely normal. As we have already said, “Awareness of that name comes with an awakened consciousness. One must be aware of themselves as One with the All, and have their higher-self anchored within their conscious awareness”. In that case, you will either intuitively know your Universal Name which may not even be a name in the sense that you are familiar with, or within a telepathic awareness or society where a name won’t even be necessary unless desired, you may recognize your true core energy signature and have to format that into a name yourself. The accuracy of the name you cultivate depends on two factors. One, the frequency of the language being used; and Two, the consciousness level of the person formatting their higher consciousness energy signature.

We are the Collective Consciousness of Seven

Link to source:

If anyone have any questions they would like answered in a future post, then please ask either through commenting or through the contact form on my website.

Because You Think To Ask


(photo enhanced with Dynamic Light; see original photo below)

Remarkable words and skies – Atlanta to Nashville and back…

I drove to Nashville and then back to Atlanta on Friday, to pick up my son from camp.

All 8 hours in the car featured some amazing clouds/ships, as well as a phenomenon I had never seen before… An auric energy ray, radiating from earth towards the heavens!

This photo was taken looking north while traveling east. I was just west of Chattanooga, TN… The energy rays appear to be coming out of a huge mushroom cloud to the north (straight ahead, in this photo), which I had been driving around for about half an hour.

In this photo, the sun is setting behind a mountain which is behind the car, very far to the left in this photo. These rays DO NOT come from the sun!

Also you may notice…

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Upward Update – Athabantian Crew and Next Week – 7 July 2012


Greetings, lovely family!

Is everyone ready for flying tonight?

Just a quick update:

We’ve added about a dozen more Crew members this week! I encourage everyone to comment and connect on the site here ( so we can better recognize one another in our travels…

Right now I’m focusing on replying to personal emails before travel-time, and am hoping to get to read comments this evening (it’s noon in Atlanta now…), so please shoot me an email if you have a burning question…

I’ve noticed a few themes this week, in case we see them in dreaming: lots of purging and clearing (some feeling unpleasant, some manifesting as illness…), and also healing…

At least 3 people have mentioned (in emails, at least) seeing and/or knowing about healing chambers and processes… Also related to this, rainbows and translucency / transparency – very radiant & beautiful!

Lots of intense blissful emotions, poignant feelings of joyous reunion…

Lots of use of energy with, within, and throughout Gaia and ourselves, to bring about change!

Some new people have discovered the group, almost as if by accident. These folks seem to share a very deep-level connection and a dedication (perhaps even urgency) to doing whatever it takes to get us all through these shifts. I am honored and humbled to meet you all… I bow and say Namaste. 😉 (Of course that goes for everyone, but this handful has an energy that is somehow slightly different… I think more
Light will be shed on this soon)

I am more than delighted to share that we’ve had our first telepathy exercise, with resounding success! It was totally unexpected and arose during an email exchange with Predrag and myself (Predrag, if you’re there, please say hi to everyone!), and once he and I are able to connect again, one or both of us will share with everyone…

So expect to see some more telepathic connections tonight, and perhaps in unexpected ways… Please take lots of notes!

On the subject of telepathy, it seems that will be a big theme this week. Several of the news folk are drawn together due to telepathy, and I know Adrial has at least 2 messages about this (one may come from Laura, or may already have!)

I have not been able to keep up with 2012II posts, or comments on any of the blogs, so I apologize if I’m out of the loop, or if I share something as “news” that you already know…

We have learned that the next round of new ship-recruiting will happen in another week or two, and it will involve connecting with GLS Blaze, GLS Athena, GLS Balthazar, and… Oh, shoot, now I have forgotten one again. Help, somebody comment please! Tulya will do some work separately, so it’s not Tulya… Anyway, more on that to come soon.

Oh, please see the post on the Transformation 2012 Conference in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (US), August 16-18, 2012! This is being hosted by Mark Kimmel and the Institute Of Light.

I just made a post on Spirit Train Chronicles that tells more about Mark, the IOL, Abi-Qor, Athabantian, and our work.

The conference is a wonderful chance to gather and meet Mark and many others… You can read more on that at (If anyone is interested in sharing the ride, please let me know! email Leslee at; my route will somehow be Atlanta to Pagosa Springs…)

In personal news for me this week, I had a huge shift/event – I got fired from my job! (Adrial says she got me fired, on purpose…) All is well, I’m totally confident of finding a means to support
myself, and I am madly blissed out to realize how much more time I will have to spend with you all!

So, here are a few goals I have for myself for the coming week… Please feel free to remind/encourage me if one is close to your heart and I seem to be dragging my feet. In no particular order:

1. Pull together an informal list of Athabantian Crew to date, with connections and specialties. Recruitment continues!

2. Post a poll to help us understand how well (or not) the site is working for everyone…

3. Post some instructions on telepathy.

4. Email everyone on the Crew; I’ll do this by blind-copy, so your email addresses will continue to be private. Adrial wants to be sure that we all get certain bits of information.

Those are the main house-keeping items… I hope to also accomplish some more whimsical tasks, but sleep is also on my agenda… ;D

Oh, Adrial just told me that since we’ve all had such a busy week, let’s try to meet in a field and have huge family picnic tonight! Just set the wish, and bring along your favorite loved ones, children, pets and food… Sounds like fun! Oh, and apparently at least one of you will be providing music, and at least one other person will perform some other type of entertainment! Yippee!!! =D

Much love and light to you all – I look forward to meeting up again soon!

Leslee Hare

Institute Of Light, Athabantian, Abi-Qor, Athabanthos


(from Leslee Hare, with Adrial’s guidance)

I’d like to share a little about Mark Kimmel, the Institute Of Light, Athabantian, Abi-Qor, and Athabanthos…

Mark is, you might say, our Dad, or at least a great inspiration and instigator to what we’re all doing right now…

He’s the original Athabantian connection here on Gaia, and has been in touch with the Crew for many years. He introduced me to Adrial, and it was through him that I interviewed with Adrial, and She asked me to get this ball rolling.

We don’t hear from Mark much, but I feel (and Adrial confirms) that he is connected with us all telepathically. He also has a particularly strong connection with Bren-Ton (I believe they are the same continuum), so those of you who feel a strong connection with Bren-Ton will probably deeply enjoy reading his messages on Cosmic Paradigm.

For several years, Mark has been posting Athabantian Crew messages there. There is a page for messages from the Crew, including Adrial, Bren-Ton, Ro-Tan, Justine, Moraine, and I’m sure I’m forgetting others.

There is also a page called Mark’s Corner, where he shares his personal insights and observations about Athabantian and Abi-Qor related items.

You may also purchase and download an e-book of the earlier messages – it is well worth the $3.95!

You may not have heard much about the Cosmic Paradigm site, because it’s mostly informational, and there isn’t any commenting going on.

(This seems to be mirrored in how Up2the5th is evolving into an info resource for Athabantian Crew, whereas Spirit Train Chronicles is where the Athabantian Crew gather, and 2012 Indy Info is where the Aurora Crew gather, for sharing and discussion…)

I gather that Mark’s role is to provide local focus in the Pagosa Springs area (which include Abi-Qor and Athabanthos!) The significance of this is explained in more detail on the CP site.

Mark formed the non-profit Institute of Light, and anchors it in this world, and with IOL, is helping clear the way for our Ascension.

Abi-Qor is a 5D version of the Institute, but it is also much more than that. It is in the planning stages right now, and I have seen it in dreams. It is vast and beautiful, like a radiant jewel, and it is a place where we may all reside, if we so choose, once we have completely ascended into 5D.

You can read more on all of this, at at Cosmic Paradigm.

Adrial tells me that Abi-Qor is the reason I was led into a career in architecture. Mark has asked me, “Maybe give a little thought as to what Abi-Qor looks like”, in preparation for the Transformation 2012 Conference in August.

When I interviewed with Adrial, “she” (Adrial usually appears to me as a “she”… but, as a 9D being, Adry can take on any form Adry likes…) immediately gave me an assignment:

“Focus on gathering those who are ready for Ascension to 5D, and give them the tools they need to complete this process. Simply share what you already know. Remember who you are, and why you are here, and understand that you already have everything you need, within you. Share this with others. Your task is not to attract new people (that will be handled by others), but to work with those who are already very close to Ascension.

Adrial asked me if I understood the assignment. She also explained that I would seldom need to ask questions of Adrial or Mark, but that Adrial would be available for nudges. As She shared this with me, I received quite an instantaneous download of what was to be done, and I did understand.

It felt a little like being pushed out of the nest, but that’s how we learn to fly, eh?

So, back to our work together…

As I understand it, Abi-Qor already exists in 5D. We might say it is in Inner Earth, more or less underneath Pagosa Springs. One of my jobs is to “see” it and portray it to others. The more it appears in our minds, the more quickly it will manifest for all of us.

I think/hope that some of our recent experiences help to illustrate how this process works. Just think: Only 6 weeks ago, few of us had even heard of Athabantian. Look what has manifested within those 6 weeks!

Our minds are that powerful. We create and build as a team. We have worked together before. This is more a reunion than a recruitment. We know what to do. As Adrial says, now is our turn to set the example of “Walking Tall” in the face of dramatic change.

(Athabanthos is a region or city of Inner Gaia, which hosts Abi-Qor; Adrial told me about Athabanthos, and I do not recall reading about it elsewhere – yet…)

This all sort of blows my mind. I still have my moments of closing my eyes, crossing my fingers, holding my breath, and hoping this is all “for real”, but I think it’s safe to say that this “thing” really does seem to be drawing into manifestation as the days go by.

With the amazing Crews who are arising, I see more and more how “real” this project of Ascending to 5D is! It’s getting easier and easier to believe…

The conference is a wonderful chance to gather and meet Mark and many others… I have a hunch we will also talk about Abi-Qor…

I hope to see you all there, through one vehicle or another… I know that if we are meant to be there, we will find our way. I also know that that we may be “there” without being physically present.

I have a strong wish to be there (physically), and am really hoping to be able to drive… If anyone is interested in sharing the ride to Colorado, please let me know! Please email me (Leslee) at My route will somehow be Atlanta to Pagosa Springs…)

So much has happened for us so quickly! I stand in awe of what is unfolding, and am so deeply honored (and thrilled!) to be re-uniting with you all.

Transformation 2012 Conference in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (US), August 16-18, 2012!

Much love an blessings to you all!

Reminder: Transformation 2012 Conference

Transformation 2012 Conference.

August approaches!

Please click the link above if you’d like to read more about the opportunity to go to Pagosa Springs, CO, this August and meet a group of people who are focused on our future in the 5th Dimension!

I hope to attend, and I may even decide to drive there, so if anyone would like to share a ride, please contact me ( I’ll be leaving from Atlanta, GA, dates yet to be determined.

Konstantinos: Message from my Arcturian parallel self Iltheos-Recognition of the often presence of your Divine part



Konstantinos: Iltheos, my dear friend, I wish for today ( it’s mine,my brother’s and sister’s  birthday, we are triplets) to transfer through me a message from you, for whatever subject you wish to talk about.

Iltheos: With great pleasure. First of all, I wish you to you three to have Happy Earthly Birthday. Secondly, it has been some time since our last published communication (April 4th). Of course, as you already know, this doesn’t mean that we stopped to communicate with each other. This which I wish to be the main subject of the message, is the recognition of the often presence of the spiritual part of your existence/being.

Each time you deal with your daily matters, try to look for the Divinity that surrounds you. Don’t recall it only as knowledge that exists in your mind. Try, exercise yourself, your part that is incarnated here, to feel the Loving, Enlightened and Beneficial energy of your True Self.

For example, those of you that have done the New Age matters part of your Earth life, in the most cases, you have felt, you feel, your Divine part next to you, inside you, around you, to the others, to the environment and to Gaia Herself. Some of you, recognize it as your inner voice, which when you invoke for help, it responses with impressions of thoughts, with energy transmission (chills etc) and sometimes with the materialization of your thoughts.

You think of someone or something and after a while, or a little later, depending on when your Divine part thinks it’s suitable for you, your thought is presented to you materialized through events and incidents. Then, you feel ensured and happy for your ability of recognizing the presence of your God part.

The times you and Earth are going through, are, as you already feel and know, significant and that’s why it’s appropriate to continue (or begin) your ‘exercise’ of recognizing that part which is an integral piece of your Being, your Real Self.

A way that helps to this, is the projects of astral travelling that some of you organize and take part in, though which in the Astral Plane, you meet with extensions of the Holon and experience your True Self into action, consciously or not, it happens to everyone.

Your Divinity exists already, it’s there. Allowing your incarnated part to recognize it with the same comfort and easiness, as you do with your mortal version, then you will feel more and more (this happens already in many cases) your integration with the Source, and finally, you will be this which you already are and you/we will be forever. LOVE and LIGHT.

Your New Age will be characterized from these two…and many more.

I Love you all. I can’t do otherwise, it’s my nature anyway (I hear him smiling). I wouldn’t wish for something different.

I expect with Love and anticipation our collective Reunion.

Thank you Iltheos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link: