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(photo enhanced with Dynamic Light; see original photo below)

Remarkable words and skies – Atlanta to Nashville and back…

I drove to Nashville and then back to Atlanta on Friday, to pick up my son from camp.

All 8 hours in the car featured some amazing clouds/ships, as well as a phenomenon I had never seen before… An auric energy ray, radiating from earth towards the heavens!

This photo was taken looking north while traveling east. I was just west of Chattanooga, TN… The energy rays appear to be coming out of a huge mushroom cloud to the north (straight ahead, in this photo), which I had been driving around for about half an hour.

In this photo, the sun is setting behind a mountain which is behind the car, very far to the left in this photo. These rays DO NOT come from the sun!

Also you may notice…

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    • oh, you’re right… on that trip, the clouds started out ordinary enough, but got more and more dramatic as the day wore on. Babajij, what do you think: I’m trying to decide whether to two a videos just of this and the mushroom cloud, and then a separate one for the other clouds that day… Or I could roll it all into one. In any case I think I’ll do a voice over to try and describe it…

        • hmmm… yes… my fingers are so itchy to share a few of the images, I may share that quickly first and then do a bigger one. It feels like there is something very important to see about these images, perhaps something is about to happen… And I know things seem to take days and days for me to to do lately… Okay, we shall see what we shall see! 😉

    • The thing is, they really don’t need to spend all that money to find the answers… telepathy works just fine! 😉

      FWIW… no, nevermind… I’ll just go see if I can make the vid and get it posted before you guys call it a night… Which I suspect means 5 am for Babajij… 😉

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