Re-Introducing SunRaymond (The Collective Consciousness of Seven)

Hey everybody,

I am Happy to announce that I am back online to deliver knowledge, and guidance. Many of you know me from before as “SunRaymond”. Well a lot has changed since then. My consciousness has expanded significantly and now I go by the name of Seven Raymond. Besides a super expansion of my conscious awareness, which I’m sure has happened to many, I discovered that my higher self is a collective consciousness of Seven. Then as months passed by I became aware of myself as merged with that consciousness…which is why I experience separation and oneness simultaneously.

I also discovered, or shall I say remembered, that I was not actually born. I am a walk-in. The original soul of this body (Frank) died weeks after being born. And as Frank left, I inserted my consciousness into this body, healed it, and altered its DNA before fully incarnating into it.

As Seven, I enjoy the physical aspect of my life and I probably do remain overly optimistic, yet realistic from my perspective. I do public sessions; teach classes, healing, and readings at a local metaphysical center and online to a certain degree. I do and go as I am guided by Spirit. I work with starseed children…and that’s always my privilege.

Anyways, in my posts, and probably when I make YouTube videos I will speak as myself and the Collective Consciousness of Seven simultaneously. Or sometimes I may just speak as them. We are each other…so I’m not always sure when I’m channeling and when I’m not. It may very well be correct to say that I’m always channeling; or that I am just being who I am.

Alright? This has been my re-introduction…and now to officially introduce the Seven Collective:

The Collective Consciousness of Seven is a collective entity of Seven individual souls existing at high density. Yet the Seven is more than Seven. From the multidimensional perspective the Seven are One, Seven, and Many. They exist within all, as the All. I am the aspect of the Seven anchored within physicality. I am an individual, yet an extension of the Seven within Earth Human reality. As a result, I see from their perspective, and they through mine. The Seven is my higher self, and they are a multidimensional group of many souls with many origins.

We are here now to guide you, to teach you, to Love you, and to show you the Light within yourselves so that you may join the minority in anchoring the higher dimensional frequencies into your 3rd dimensional reality, transmuting the minority into the majority. We walk among you through our conduit who is Seven, and we guide you from above, and within. We are your inner voice. We are everywhere, and we are in transit. We are Angelic, we are Extraterrestrial, we are a Council, and we are All. We represent Light and Sound. Although from our perspective Sound and Light are one in the same. We are pure white and dark light, yet we are the Seven main colors of the rainbow that exist within light, within dark, and within your DNA. Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Indigo, and Violet. Imagine these colors going around and around as a spiral and allow yourself to mix into that spiral. There you will see us, you will feel us, and you will hear us. Within us you will discover yourself. For we are You.

We are the Collective Consciousness of Seven




We can not go there physically, at least not yet, so as we were sitting under the stars I used the Google sky maps to find home. I just thought it might be nice for us to see our families home, and maybe some of OUR homes. The M45 IS Pleiades, so I hope you enjoy the picture


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Tulya Update 5JUL2012

[Channeled by Dreamwalker]

 Circle Square Triangle Hexagon Line Wave Spiral Wave Circle

Incoming transmission from Tulya

We are approaching zero point. Please stand by. This will not affect your primary perception of reality, although it may fluctuate.

Tulya Captain identified, and several crew. Ref. Avatar. Consciousness stream focused in multiple dimensions with shared / synchronized timelines.

Global unseen entities are defense mechanism of Gaia, similar to venus fly trap. These entities were original inhabitants, unseen to galactic settlers. Relationship symbiotic in nature.

Creativity is key to breaking the bonds of the veil. Illusion is structured on structure and control. Picket fences and racism, keeping up with the Joneses.

Be creative.

SaLuSa 06-July-2012


Do not let your guard down after such a long time lifting yourself up into the Light. At present there is much disinformation being spread, but not always deliberate and sometimes by people of good intent that are simply uninformed. Also strong beliefs are difficult to change when often they are planted in your mind at a very young age. Those that have sought to mislead you have been very clever and even altered your history to persuade you their teachings are correct. We will therefore have quite a task on our hands to put right much that is given to you as factual when it is false. This also applies to the sciences that have made their proclamations without understanding the more spiritual aspects of life and how they fit in. Your intuition is, and always will be your best guide, but by all means consider any source of information that you are comfortable with as a means of verification.

When we give you our accounts of your history, what will be decisive is the fact that we can back it up with absolute proof by way of introducing you to people who can relate events first hand. We can even go back in time and show you an actual replay so that there can be no argument as to the facts. Some of you will be allowed to go back in time into any period of your history and see with your own eyes what happened. Not only that but you will also understand what is being spoken. Be assured that in time only the truth will remain, and of course you will have made great advancements in your knowledge.

Our coming is to bring you the truth and that will help create Oneness between you, whereas at present you are very much divided. A most important area is concerning the many religions and their attempts to place you under the One God, but lack the true understanding or facts to be able to do so. The truth will be given by the Masters who will speak to their own, but it will show that each set of beliefs will have to be greatly amended if they are to bear some semblance to the truth. If some souls cannot make those changes to a more enlightened state, they will naturally be allowed to continue to pursue their old beliefs. We know that in time they will realise that if they are to move on, they will have to look beyond them.

There are souls who have been taught that extraterrestrials are devils in disguise, and are out to get them. Whilst Galactic history shows that there were wars started by evil entities that invaded or destroyed planets, you are in no danger of that happening now. You have been protected by us for eons of time, and we have been given the authority to control who is allowed to visit Earth. We are of service to the Universe in God’s name and are called the Galactic Federation of Light for good reasons. As we have informed you previously, there are exceptions when for karmic reasons contact has been allowed with the Greys, but even so they have never been a real threat to your world.

When we introduce you to members of our Federation you will find no reason to question their purpose for being here. Our whole demeanour has been one of approaching you in peace, and in no way will our conversations or manner pose the slightest threat. As has often been pointed out any advanced civilization with the intent to take you over, could have easily done so. That is right up to quite recently as you are now more able to protect yourselves. In fact recently we repelled an invasion that was a last ditch attempt to take you over. The Light on Earth attracts a lot of attention and certain dark groups have tried their hardest to prevent your Ascension, without success. We will say again that Ascension is by Divine Decree and absolutely no one can prevent it from taking place. Our presence is also intended to ensure that only the minimum interference takes place.

So Dear Ones, your Ascension is not dependent on the many changes that you are aware of that are beginning to happen. They are to advance you very quickly so that you are prepared for a new life that is befitting of souls that have risen into the Light. You are required to make good the damage and destruction of Earth so that Mother Earth is also ready to ascend. In that task we are already prepared to make short work of the extensive cleansing that is required. It presents no problem at all bearing in mind our advanced technologies.

We know of your frustration at the delays in getting everything going, but it has already commenced if only in a small way. The preparations are complete and as always it is the timing that is critical, but as you know, there is a final date by which it must start at full speed. So do not worry as you have yet to experience the ways in which we work, and they will astonish you when you realise how fast we move. You obviously tend to see the challenges based on your own abilities, but remember that the Galactic Federation are thousands of years ahead of you. We are in control of your future and promise you a glorious victory over the dark Ones.

We might give hints at when a major event is about to occur, but we have learnt that Humans are prone to take them as certainties, hence the uproar when they do not happen. Plus we cannot always tell you the reasons for delays, and we do have to be prepared to change course at short notice as circumstances necessitate. All that you really need to know is that come what may, we will keep our promises to you. We realise that your patience has worn thin, and we can understand it as you have quite rightly expected action by now based on what you were told some time ago. However, we reiterate all proceeds well and in the end we do not anticipate any lasting problems. In any event we are ready for all possible permutations of what is needed to bring you safely through the remaining period to Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the mere mention of arresting top members of the cabal brought about a new feeling of hope. After all conditions on the Earth were deteriorating quickly and heading for a complete collapse of your civilization. You re-acted positively to the good news and it gave you a lift knowing that those responsible for your circumstances were going to be removed – and so it is.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.