SaLuSa 06-July-2012


Do not let your guard down after such a long time lifting yourself up into the Light. At present there is much disinformation being spread, but not always deliberate and sometimes by people of good intent that are simply uninformed. Also strong beliefs are difficult to change when often they are planted in your mind at a very young age. Those that have sought to mislead you have been very clever and even altered your history to persuade you their teachings are correct. We will therefore have quite a task on our hands to put right much that is given to you as factual when it is false. This also applies to the sciences that have made their proclamations without understanding the more spiritual aspects of life and how they fit in. Your intuition is, and always will be your best guide, but by all means consider any source of information that you are comfortable with as a means of verification.

When we give you our accounts of your history, what will be decisive is the fact that we can back it up with absolute proof by way of introducing you to people who can relate events first hand. We can even go back in time and show you an actual replay so that there can be no argument as to the facts. Some of you will be allowed to go back in time into any period of your history and see with your own eyes what happened. Not only that but you will also understand what is being spoken. Be assured that in time only the truth will remain, and of course you will have made great advancements in your knowledge.

Our coming is to bring you the truth and that will help create Oneness between you, whereas at present you are very much divided. A most important area is concerning the many religions and their attempts to place you under the One God, but lack the true understanding or facts to be able to do so. The truth will be given by the Masters who will speak to their own, but it will show that each set of beliefs will have to be greatly amended if they are to bear some semblance to the truth. If some souls cannot make those changes to a more enlightened state, they will naturally be allowed to continue to pursue their old beliefs. We know that in time they will realise that if they are to move on, they will have to look beyond them.

There are souls who have been taught that extraterrestrials are devils in disguise, and are out to get them. Whilst Galactic history shows that there were wars started by evil entities that invaded or destroyed planets, you are in no danger of that happening now. You have been protected by us for eons of time, and we have been given the authority to control who is allowed to visit Earth. We are of service to the Universe in God’s name and are called the Galactic Federation of Light for good reasons. As we have informed you previously, there are exceptions when for karmic reasons contact has been allowed with the Greys, but even so they have never been a real threat to your world.

When we introduce you to members of our Federation you will find no reason to question their purpose for being here. Our whole demeanour has been one of approaching you in peace, and in no way will our conversations or manner pose the slightest threat. As has often been pointed out any advanced civilization with the intent to take you over, could have easily done so. That is right up to quite recently as you are now more able to protect yourselves. In fact recently we repelled an invasion that was a last ditch attempt to take you over. The Light on Earth attracts a lot of attention and certain dark groups have tried their hardest to prevent your Ascension, without success. We will say again that Ascension is by Divine Decree and absolutely no one can prevent it from taking place. Our presence is also intended to ensure that only the minimum interference takes place.

So Dear Ones, your Ascension is not dependent on the many changes that you are aware of that are beginning to happen. They are to advance you very quickly so that you are prepared for a new life that is befitting of souls that have risen into the Light. You are required to make good the damage and destruction of Earth so that Mother Earth is also ready to ascend. In that task we are already prepared to make short work of the extensive cleansing that is required. It presents no problem at all bearing in mind our advanced technologies.

We know of your frustration at the delays in getting everything going, but it has already commenced if only in a small way. The preparations are complete and as always it is the timing that is critical, but as you know, there is a final date by which it must start at full speed. So do not worry as you have yet to experience the ways in which we work, and they will astonish you when you realise how fast we move. You obviously tend to see the challenges based on your own abilities, but remember that the Galactic Federation are thousands of years ahead of you. We are in control of your future and promise you a glorious victory over the dark Ones.

We might give hints at when a major event is about to occur, but we have learnt that Humans are prone to take them as certainties, hence the uproar when they do not happen. Plus we cannot always tell you the reasons for delays, and we do have to be prepared to change course at short notice as circumstances necessitate. All that you really need to know is that come what may, we will keep our promises to you. We realise that your patience has worn thin, and we can understand it as you have quite rightly expected action by now based on what you were told some time ago. However, we reiterate all proceeds well and in the end we do not anticipate any lasting problems. In any event we are ready for all possible permutations of what is needed to bring you safely through the remaining period to Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the mere mention of arresting top members of the cabal brought about a new feeling of hope. After all conditions on the Earth were deteriorating quickly and heading for a complete collapse of your civilization. You re-acted positively to the good news and it gave you a lift knowing that those responsible for your circumstances were going to be removed – and so it is.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Goodmorning everyone,

    I stated my intention to meet Adrial, Noxy and Norim from the GLS Ship Athabantian and also invited my twin flame Sister Sabiene to discuss the matter about recruitment for Blaze. I hold on to my crystal in my non-dominant hand and fell asleep.

    In the first dream I can’t remember specifics, but I was going to a swimming pool/ fun park and with lots of green. (maybe Abi-Qor?)

    The next dream I am at a psychic ward trying to hide myself from someone, and the patients in there were helping me by building some blocks around me. The dream shifts and I am now in the office sitting in front of my laptop waiting for a green light that I could give some baby clothes. I bought one that was looking gray and looked like it was from a warm material. But it didn’t get through and I got a bit upset.
    Now I am in the apartment, (it looked like the apartment where my parents live in currently in Belgium) and I see Nolwazi. I gave her for adoption to this couple. As I was sitting in the couch in the living-room looking at my little girl, I try to say hello to the woman, but she ignored me. So I got my intention to Nolwazi and called her to come to me. I hold her and tears start to flow when I hold her and saying that I was sorry, but we didn’t had enough money to support her and that we already had two kids. And then the woman also started to cry when she heard me.

    Now I am sitting in the other section of the living-room, the dinning room and was sitting behind a computer trying to fix a picture, sunset. I was creating a fast spinning wheel, (Athabantian?) like the one in my last dreamflight. Then a man comes to me and shows me on a different computer, looks like a big screen lying flat and was showing me what you could do with it. He opens a program and a dog appears on the screen, and then a map with lots of green, it looks like you looking on the site from above.
    Is end of dream. When i woke up , I was so glad that I had my two kids with me and that it was just a dream.

    When I was awake and thinking about the dream I got a flash vision of me being greeted by other beings, I think 4. The surrounding was a gray, big tiled room. Maybe this is a confirmation I visited either Athabantian or Blaze.

    Yesterday I thought of that I promised to show you the art I made after I received/hear the word “Gatekeeper” in between awake and dreaming. Finally I scanned it in, the colors are a bit off, but that is what you get with a cheap scanner. 😀 I hope you like it.


    Love and light

      • This reminds I was going to comment on your art, Lisa, but then forgot :blush:
        I love it and I love the textures. It’s beautiful! 😀

      • Thanks Sunitra and Suzanne,
        But like Tauno said, we all have are special gifts that we can contribute. The tree is made of tissue drenched in a mix with water and glue, and then molded in the shape of the tree. Painted it different shades of brown and when dried, I touched it briefly with some gold. The ground I put some salt on it and painted it over. The spiral are from a metal were you can just press with a pen on it and it creates whatever you want to.

        Love and Light

    • ~me Love this TreeBeing GateKeeper,Lisa…the 5 Golden discs are Great…Ur explanation on how Ya created this Piece is interesting~

      • HI Babajij,
        Thanks. You can’t see it because of the bad scan, but the spiral discs are copper color. I have to think about my husband , because we always argue about what color something is 😀 Just a different view of perspective.

        Wish all on STC a lovely weekend and see you at the tea/coffee party I am having on the dreamflight/Blaze 😀

        Love Lisa

  2. Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all doing great!
    Lisa, I also dreamt of swimming pools this week (posted my dream on the astral travels page). Tauno and I had somehow similar dreams. Can’t remember my dream from last night, though… :-/
    I’ve been having these sad feelings of not belonging anywhere, not fitting in any puzzle… Gah, teenage years all over again! 😦
    Wishing everyone a wonderful day ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • ( ( SUN ) )
      Follow the Spirit, Sun, not every time you will have answers but when the time is right they will come to You

    • I’m with you on those feelings of not belonging, Suntria, it’s kicked in for me big time over the last few months (i.e. more so than usual…).

      This applies to pretty much everything and everywhere. Feeling like I’m really not even supposed to be here anymore. I’m also feeling like I don’t want to give any more energy to anything that is not part of “new me” whatever that is.

      I wish there was a bit more “knowing” that went along with all this, rather than things being more in the realm of “intuition”. But I suppose if that were the case I would be less like a participant and more like a sheep… Baa… just get it over with… baaaa..

      • Spot on, DW! Lately the whole illusion thing has been on my mind a lot: 3D life is an illusion; the world is an illusion; everything is illusion (‘Matrix’ neon signs popping all over). I want to break away from all this illusion!
        Oh wait, I’m here to help lift the vibrations of the Earth, to be a bridge between this world/existence and some other more spiritual/evolved world/existence, so I can’t break away completely (which would mean forget or ignore everything I know and feel or killing myself!). Sigh…

  3. hi Sunitra,
    I have the same feelings since yesterday, lost and sad.

    I looked up the meaning of swimming pools:
    To see a swimming pool in your dream symbolizes relaxation, calmness, luxury and ease. You need to take a break. Alternatively, a swimming pool suggests that you need to acknowledge and understand your feelings. It is time to dive in and deal with those emotions. You need to cleanse yourself and wash away past hurts. Consider the depth of the pool. If you were swimming on the deep end, then it means that those emotions are deeply seeded and may be harder to confront.. You will need to work through it, no more matter how difficult. If you are swimming on the shallow end, then it implies that you should be able to easily deal with your feelings.

    I wish you also a wonderful day Sunitra, after rain comes sunshine 😀

    • Thanks for helping with the meaning of the swimming pool 🙂
      Yes, I do need to take a break (I know, I know… I just got back from holidays, but this whole no-salary thing is getting on my nerves). But I also believe it has to do with acknowledging feeling – again, towards this whole situation right now. I hate confrontation and having to mess with legal stuff – hate, hate, hate! But I have no option right now but go ahead and do it, thereby making peace with something I was avoiding.
      The best part is, in my dream I was swimming in the shallow part 😀 Yay!

      • Yes, things that we are avoinding comes biting back in our *** 😀

        I know, I have been there too and still am, cause I am busy now to do my tax return, don’t like it….

        You will get through this Sunitra, maybe you can were some floaters to float on the water and then it goes smoothly. I wish you a huge amount of luck and courage my dear sister.

        Love and light

  4. Good morning everyone, its friday, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy birthday Michael. Your Angels must be rejoicing.
    Sending out so much positive enrgy to leslee and Suntria for your jobs.
    I know it will turn out alright and most likely better than where you’s were, especially when you got the Angels helping you’s out. BTW, the word You’s is just a Jersey thing. I still cant believe they have not paid anyone I mean you got bills also. In America we got the labor board for any problems like this.
    John, I was cracking up on your comment with your dog wondering if you were off your medications, oh man so funny.
    Stick, I would say Teo must be home by now, are you sleeping well?
    i find it so amazing, him being born at this point in your life with the shft about to hit the fan. Must be an Indigo.
    One more thing Suntria, it is funny how you mention not fitting in to the puzzle as the Angel message on 7/4/ post stated just that. You know, as you evolve you will find you really dont have the urge to hook up with the people in the past and maybe some of them to you. that s due to you raising your soul vibrations, so it feels a bit uncomfortable to them and yourself also. I felt that way my whole life and I wanted to write a book called the life of a runt. I am just a big time procrastinator.
    I got over needing to fit in now and I feel free. People around me welcome me with arms wide open.

    • ~have Ya taken out from the cardboard box and fixed Ur Exercise Bike,already Gunner?…hehe~

    • Hi, Gunner! Yes, here we have labour board as well, but the company says they don’t have money for salaries yet. Still, the boss is going on holidays in a week… I’ve been asking my guides and angels help in solving this matter in the best possible way, so I trust things will come out right. The thing is I wanted it to happen *now* and not ‘soon’…
      About not fitting in to the puzzle, well, I never felt like I fitted in to any puzzle, really. Not one… I love when I hear/read people saying they know they have origins in the planet A or star B or whatever, when they mention past lives with a lot of certainty – it’s wonderful! And I’d love to feel it, too. Sometimes I can deal ok with this, some other times not so ok…

    • Gunner, thank you my brother. I agree with you, the fact that Stick’s baby is born right now, is just amazing. The fact that that little soul will know true freedom, brings a tear to my eye. I am so happy today, yesterday around 3pm (west coast time) I felt a really strong “funk”. I was talking to Leslee last night and she said she felt it too. Anyone else feel it?? I wonder whats going on, I wonder (as Leslee said last night) if we are picking up on each others feelings? I could not shake this funk untill about 9pm last night. Almost felt like I was lost, anxious, something, I dont know it’s hard to explain. Anywase… I love you all with m heart and soul.
      Your ever faithful brother,

      • Yeah! I love birthdays! I hope this day is blessed for you Michael. I am coming out of my funk from last week. Also CO finally got some good rain and I can feel the sigh of relief from the collective and Gaia. So, I will send a good dose of joy to you all. In Love and Light.

    • Yes Gunner, little Teo is home… we’re all finally getting some sleep. -And no doubt about it, he has picked a very interesting time to re-enter 3D. At this point I plan to follow his lead… he has as much to teach me as I do him 🙂

    • Hi Gunner, what I do is I write some key sentences, words on a piece of paper as soon as possible, mostly when I arrive at work and settled, I write them quickly down, and when I have my lunch I write it out. With these key’s I can recall it back visually….but I have doing this exercise for two or three years.


    • John, I used to not remember my dreams at all too. It wasn’t until I stopped daily cannabis use that things started coming back.
      I don’t keep paper next tot he bed as I know that what I write in the dark will be unintelligible, so I keep an old crackberry there and charged so I can just hit a button and record voice. It’s a good solution for me.

  5. Morning everyone have a great Friday It is Saturday here and 1.04am so I am off to dream time now as I have been trying to read as much as I can to catch up a little but the eyes are clouding now.
    much love and light to all suzanne

  6. I have a “feeling” something is going to come through Troy. I love sacred geometry and the word Tulya pops into my head at least a couple of times a day. I’ll post after I meditate. Can I ask why 444?

  7. Baba- LOL Yes it is still in the box but I will asemble SOON.
    Suntria, I dont feel other palnet connections myself but I am thinkint that it is maybe because of thousands of years incarnating on the earth. For past lives, there is this inside knowing in me and I seem to remember mostly how I died in a few of those lives. Dont worry about it because one day all will be revealed to you and you will remember.
    Michael, Yes I get that feeling and lately I seem to get nervous for no reason at all. I then do a little releasing of any negative energies from my cells and atoms and then replace it with love.
    Oh yeah, BTW my bike got stolen on wedneday. You would think they would take a day off on the holidays but some will even steal on Christmas. I guess they needed the bike more than I so no problem, I hope they enjoy it.

  8. Melissa, 444 is the Angels way of coming to you and letting you know you are surrounded by Angels, been seeing this number for so many years now.

  9. Good morning!
    Happy birthday Michael, wish you many more! I hope this day is uplifting for everyone. Love ya more Tauno!

    Love, light and laughter

  10. I just caught up reading the posts. Love and light Leslie and Suntria during these difficult times.

    love and light

  11. Ok, I have a general post that I need to write down. I dont know where it’s coming from but I need to write it, here it goes:
    I have no clue where I am originally from, I wish I did. I did and DO have a strong conection with the Aurora. It is so weird to me, the circumstances in witch I “woke up” and after waking up it all seems so easy. I was not shocked my anything I read, I felt like I already knew it all, kinda. I wsa drawn to a website, 2012scenario I think, and after reading I went home, Cheri’ (my wife) was out of town for the night, and it hit me like a ton of bricks! And I mean HIT ME, I fell to my knees and started to cry. I cant explain it, the feelings that came to me were remarkable. I knew I was destined for greater things as a child, I dont know. I am having a hard time formulating my thoughts into words. I have an endless amount of faith and love in my heart and soul. The question I have is this: I read all day and some things touch my soul, others do not. But I keep reading that only a few will ascend and most will remain here on earth. Is this true? How do we know if we are the fortunate ones who will be forever reunited with our family? I want more than anything to be in the stars. I have always had a longing in my heart to be out in the cosmos, what does this mean? I dont know. I am sure no one can tell me, I just had to ask, I felt I had to post this. Thank you all

    • Thank you for sharing, dear Michael, it seems that all is working 🙂
      I see that Laura has an update from Adrial and SaLuSa and I am about to read what it is
      Mike, follow your intuition, my friend , if you have a feeling that you are close connected with Aurora, so it is, we can navigate this proces with our intuition, intent and the power of thought and imagination, as soon as we learn how to do it, we are taking another step up on the spiral 🙂
      Love and Light

      • Tauno, thank you my dear. You are right, I DO need t ofollow my intuition and my heart. Some times it is all so confusing, the left doesnt know what the right is doing. I value my families opinions so many thanks to you. I love you so very much.

    • Michael your account is awesome and I’m so glad you’re here to add your light to the mix. I see the best of the Viking spirit-warrior in you and would be honored to share a quaff of something foul in Valhalla, even if it’s only coffee! I hear they have some kick-ass bakeries, too… 😉

      To answer your question about “how do we know”… well, we just know. I’ve always seen the 3 stars of Orion’s belt as “home” when I look up in the night sky. This is the direction of the Pleiadies.

      I see the process as kind of like spawning salmon… wherever they are on the planet, they can find their way back to where they were born. That usually involves 15′ jumps over waterfalls and rapids, escaping predators and fishing boats, etc… And somehow they make it back. So for us, fortunately, the process is *somewhat* easier, but some make it, some don’t and some just aren’t ready. That isn’t to say they won’t make it at a later time, and their involvement in the process implies that others went before them. But remember this is a journey of spirit rather than body, so concepts that apply to the “body”, such as “death”, I believe, are less relevant or not applicable to our particular process.

  12. Michael, ALL will ascend. Each in their own way and each in their own time. The form and nature of that ascension will be somewhat different for each. Some are headed for the Etheric, some for the Astral, Some for more physical, but rest assured that ALL will ascend. Even the ones we call “nasty” are coming, eventually.
    Don’t stress over it. It’s information that can be misconstrued easily. Remember that these messages are filtered through the receiver, so are colored by the receiver’s past, prejudice and hope for the future. Most of the info is reliable, I feel, but simply be aware that it is not gospel. Until it is all over, it is all simply possibilities.

    Many will be returning to assist those that will be taking a bit longer, some will be moving on to other planets that require some light, some need a bit more time here to finish some stuff, but ALL will find themselves in the exact place they need to be. This is one of the things we have been cautioned about obsessing over.The simple fact that you are so sensitive, caring and open to the changes is a good indicator that you are a wayshower, gatekeeper or guide. After the major shift, due in a few months, nothing you see now will even resemble what is to be. The effects that we exist under currently, due to karmic influx and “tough love”, cold water wake up will not be anymore.

    Bashar and others have told us many times that it is very simple. No complex rituals or thought processes. Just an openness… an acceptance… a willingness to be more than you believe you are. When you find that space, that stillness, that simple knowing, you cannot but ascend, as that is precisely what ascension is. A lifting up of awareness to the knowingness of infinite possibilities and oneness.

    The Galactics, aka other us, keep telling us that all things are happening now and all possibilities are playing out currently. They tell us that that we are already there.

    Think on this…
    We all are one, already. We all are Masters already. We all exist in all things and everywhere already… WE just don’t remember. Our belief that this perceived reality is what is is so strong that we discount that we are already beings of great light and believe we still must “get there”.
    Walking over hot coals is only an exercise in belief. It has no mystical properties other than once you give up the belief, the coals cannot hurt you. it’s only the belief that they will burn your feet that causes the blisters. Hypnosis has proven that even the body of a loved one has no substance if you believe it is not there. A fellow under the suggestion that his daughter was not there could read the time and inscription o a watch held into the small of her back, just as if she wasn’t there.

    Belief is everything.

    • My dear John, thank you, I really needed this. As I am reading your post it seems I have been here before. I knew ALL you are telling me, but maybe forgot for a small second. Your words have touched me (i am crying right now…at work…not good :))
      I DO understand, I DO know that all is and will be in its place.

      I feel so amazingly overcomed with emotions, love. I dont know what a wayshower, gatekeeper or guide are, BUT, I DO feel like I am right here, right now for an absolute devine purpose. Can you tell me what a wayshower, guide and gatekeeper are? Thank you for your words John, I love you my brother.

  13. Michael, I have no idea how it all will go down but i do know if your intentions are to ascend , then ascend you shall. Others have been telling us now to clear up all our 3 dimensional emotions because we cannot carry thos emotions into the 5th. Makes perfect sense to me.
    Then you have got the souls that feel theyt need to stay connected to a 3rd dimensional planet and their choice will be honored. No choice is better than the other, just a different experience. My, I had enough of the 3rd dimesnion and plan to move on. I is taking me a great deal of work to rid myself of the ego and the 3rd dimension emotions. But, the more I drop these, the lighter I feel.
    I still am having trouble staying out of judgment for others behaviors but I have really made big time strides in ridding myself of these.
    No one can make the decision for you but from reading your comments, I would say you are well on your way so give yourself a pat on the back because ypour graduation is amoung you.
    John, great idea to record your dreams. I am still hanging with Mary jane and most night some vodka so I know that is why I cant remember all the dreams. I gotta stop the vodka every night shit. I think I get bored and that makes life more enjoyable.
    Well, back to my 3d work.,

    • And FYI gunner, I do not drink but I DO smoke every now and again. I have major nerve damage in my spine, I’m sure as you can imagine, it hurts like hell, all day every day. I try to relieve some of the pain with it. It helps to a degree but to be honest most of the time i do smoke, I feel guilty, but thats probably because of the “law” pfft!

      • Seek out a Kush strain, Michael. Master Kush or Afghani is best for pain.

        And don’t feel guilty… it’s not a law. It’s a statute. Not really any different than the rules at WalMart. It’s corporate rules that really have no meaning or substance once one realizes that such rules are unlawful to start with.

        Want to blow your mind? Research “fictional Plaintiff”

  14. A wayshower is precisely what I just did… Reminded you of your light…
    A gatekeeper is one that holds the light so that others can find it…
    A guide is one that gently nudges one to remembrance…

    All the same thing really… but with slightly different roles and effect.

  15. I updated the Tulya page to include links to various Tulya-related posts, including the “original” post from Kris Won, and experiences from me, Wes, and Leslee. If I missed any posts, please let me know. I think somewhere in there is a “mission statement” of the Tulya, Babajij, although I’ll need to dig for that a bit. I think perhaps the mission seems to be evolving from what was originally stated.

    On the Galactic Fleet page, there is a mission statement for the fleet, I think… which is really saying more about what they’re NOT, but still, I think, a fairly accurate description. 🙂

    • ~Thank You,Dreamwalker…i feel to be on a Wavy Train today…haha…not feeling %100 magical me…lol…

      …this reason why i earlier this week mentioned a Mission Statement was because the topic/issue kept coming up in my consciuosness…and so i mentioned it…
      …i need to reboot via a nap,mais alas i am not tired enough…
      …I am in the great divide…in between the worlds…I’m actually experiencing the Cosmic Gamma Ray Wave Ride!…all is welll… 🙂 ~

  16. John, In the Jersey New york area it is 400 per oz.
    I wish I could grow my own and good quality but the laws in jersey would put me in jail for a long time for growing.

  17. Well, 15 to go. I got a 3 day weekend, NIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think when people on this site want to reply to a comment , they should just reply at the new comment box at the bottom. It seems people are hitting the reply box on a comment they want to reply too. The problem with this is you gotta go through all the comments ecah time you come to this site. It is a real pain in the ASS. I look to the top with the amount of comments and see it has increased and then go all the way down to see my comment at the bottom meaning I have to go and search all the comment s for the new comments. It is better to just post a reply in the new comment box. I know but I like to simplify life, I am a simplifier and not a compicator.
    Well, have a great weekend everyone, hope you all fly high.

    • ~In kinda not sure what Ya just said<gunner…yet I am sure that it made me Laugh & smile…Thanks!

  18. LOL Baba and after reading your comment all the comments here changed to some sort of ET hyroglyphics, I was like DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!!!
    Gotta run and can someone explain what I said in my last comment LOL.

  19. *~/>^<\~*

    ~lol.Gunner!…yeah,that happened to me one time,me thinks it is the wordpress template that randomly appears…then i noticed that my comment was #77…a Sync with the Cosmic Invisible Rays…

    …i know that Ya are already rushing out the door to get home and fix-up your Excercise Bike that has been in it's Original box for a several months now…L0L!!…

    …Have a Good Week-End,Gunner…the Angelic Forces are with Ya~

  20. Bit of drama over here. I mentioned to Gunner that his recent dream sounded like David vs. Goliath. Well, this is kind of interesting.

    Today my wife was watering the garden and stepped on a wasp nest – a bunch of yellow jackets (the little ones) have taken up residence in the rotten wood next to the steps leading to our front door. When she stepped on the wood they attacked her, legs, butt, feet, face. She brought one into the house with her when she was running from them, it turned around and stung me right next to my right eye. OWWWW.

    The funny thing is, that wasp then ended up flying right into a spider’s web, next to the window in the kitchen. The spider was about 1/10th the size of the wasp – just a little guy. No problem, the spider attacked the wasp (the wasp put up quite a fight) and once the spider had killed the wasp (granted with some help from me…) dragged the wasp back to his nest, and is having quite a nice snack now.

    So, yellow / black, and David vs. Goliath.

    And, look, I get repercussions from rooting for David… (yay?)

    Stay tuned for the exiting developments as I try to get rid of the nest 2nite… 😦

    1. leftover fireworks from 4th of july – if the cops complain I’ll tell them they can have the honor of destroying the nest for me…
    2. wasp nest poison
    3. protective clothing
    4. Wait until night time…
    5. Run like a bat out of hell

    Also, I’m considering using the paper bag trick, which is to hang up a white paper or plastic bag filled with air – the wasps supposedly think it’s another nest and leave.

    Meanwhile wife has retired to bed with ice pack and pain killers…

    • ~Golly Straightjackets (wasps),Dreamwalker!…them be mean wasps Ya got down there…Sounds like they need to be Mass Contained and delivered to the Galactic Central Sun!…May Healing to You & Ur Wife be Quick~

    • Jesus!… be careful guys. & yes, this sounds like quite the multidimensional drama. Another episode of: ‘As The Veils Burn’ 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Troy =-) . I read about your day..I hope everything to be okay for you and your wife sooner than later. Much Love and Healing to you and your wife.

      • Hi KP,
        I didn’t now you were from a triplet 😀 Three times is a charm. Sorry I didn’t say Happy Birthday….but I hope you enjoyed it though. This weekend was a nightmare for me, only could handle typing out my dreams and post it. So better late than never:
        Happy Birthday Konstantinos.
        Love Lisa

  21. ————————( ( ( RED ICE RADIO ) ) )———————

    Drunvalo Melchizedek ~ The Mayan Ouroboros
    July 7, 2012

    Drunvalo is the author of five books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart, Serpent of Light and his newest one The Mayan Ouroboros. Drunvalo is the first person in the world (in modern times) to mathematically and geometrically define the human body light body called in ancient times the Mer-Ka-Ba. He is the founder of the Flower of Life Facilitators that have been teaching his work in over 60 countries. He joins us to discuss the end of the Mayan Calendar and what the Earth is leading into as one cycle closes and another begins. Melchizedek tells us about a transformation on Earth that will take place, unlike any other. We’ll experience physical, spiritual and frequency changes as we mature and transfigure into different beings. Drunvalo also talks about the sun, crop circles, catastrophe and Atlantis.

    Listen to Hour One:

  22. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/7/12 ‘The Arrests & Media Coverage’

    Justice is being served throughout your world as you read these words today. Arrests are taking place and beings who have committed crimes against the people of Earth are being taken into custody one by one throughout corners of your entire globe. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are monitoring these situations and we are noting the progress that the men and women who are on the front lines are making, and we are very happy to report that they are making good progress, steady progress, and that we see this momentum not fading away but growing in intensity as more of those who have conspired against humanity are brought to the justice that has always been for them inevitable.

    We would like to see this momentum fortified by the sharing of this and all relevant information pertaining to these arrests, what they are all about, and the enormous benefits that await humanity as soon as a sufficient number of these arrests are put ‘on the books’, as you say. We would like to see more of you, our Lightworkers, sharing and discussing this information and informing your brothers and sisters who do not yet know of these proceedings as well as everyone who has been anticipating these arrests but who does not yet know that they have indeed commenced. We wish to make it clear that these arrests are in fact taking place and we cannot be any clearer on this matter, no matter if there are reports to the contrary, as we have a greatly expanded field of vision and we clearly see what is transpiring on your front lines, and what is taking place are arrest after
    arrest of the members and associates of the faction known loosely as your criminal cabal.

    We would like to see momentum pick up, and we feel this momentum will pick up when the news of this event begins to build like a wave driving all throughout your Internet communities. This is your job at this time. We wish to see you help build this wave of information, and we wish again to say you will not be left ‘holding the bag’, as it were, as we are not in the business of supplying you with false, misleading or inaccurate information. We, it could be said, are in the information business. We are here in your world to help shine light, and light is information. You are Lightworkers, so you may say you are information workers. This is what you are and this is what you do, and all of you do it very well. If you did not, you would not have been chosen to be here, and this goes for each and every one of you that read and resonate with these and other like messages.

    You are Lightworkers. You may not realize this or have found a way to believe this, but if you are following these words and you are resonating with them, then you are a Lightworker and are here in service to your Creator and to our mission to help shine the light of information through the darkened corridors of this world. There will come a day, and it now is very evident it will come sooner than later, that all of you will once again understand fully who it is you truly are. We will not spoil your surprise party as we see this as a very exciting climax to your journey here, a journey that has taken you through an amnestic state where you have locked away safely all the memories of who you are, who all your friends and family are, and all your past experiences. This has been a remarkable endeavor and one that is not very commonly experienced here in this universe, and we wish for you, our loved ones, to enjoy every moment of this experience to its fullest and we will do everything that we can, just as we promised you before you departed many years ago, to allow you to enjoy to its fullest everything you possibly can from this rare treat.
    One of the enjoyments that are in store for you are the moments when bits and pieces of your true identity and of your past are being shared with you and you indeed receive them, recognizing them and fitting the beautiful puzzle pieces together. We are helping you with this part of our project by telepathically, and in some cases non-telepathically, sharing hints and clues with you. We enjoy this part of our mission possibly as much as any other portion of our mission, simply because it is so fun to choose a clue to send our loved ones and to see that you not only received it, but have recognized it and in many cases have experienced great joy in the receiving of this gift. We are also so happy to have received many ‘thank yous’ from you in return for these presents and we appreciate that greatly, and it makes us feel wonderful and reminds us why we love you so much and how much we miss you.

    We will all be together again soon; there can be no denying this now. Our mission together with you is now gathering momentum and will reach full speed; there is no stopping this now. The arrests of the members of your criminal cabal and their underlings is just a small piece of this enormous operation, but it is the central piece. It is the triggering domino which will allow a series of hundreds and even thousands of dominoes to fall neatly in place and in its proper and perfect timing. We will keep you fully abreast and updated as to these proceedings, as we feel this is perhaps at this time the most important information to share with you and we do not wish to deny this matter justice by speaking with you on a daily basis about so many other matters. We do wish for you at this time to focus on these arrests and just for now forsake some of your other duties as Lightworkers such as sharing the video evidence of our presence, as we do not wish for one moment to allow this incredible event to go unnoticed by so many of your people.

    At this time, we have not received confirmation that your major and even minor media outlets are willing to participate and cover these events that are taking place throughout media jurisdictions all over your world. This will change; you can be assured of this. One of the greatest obstacles to the media coverage of these events is fear, as threats have been levied against heads of departments and many men and women of rank-and-file throughout some of your media outlets. We wish at this time to say that we are also offering protection to those men and women who choose to stand firm and tall in the face of fear and do what it is that they fully understand is right, is just, and is so very much needed here in this world to help free your people and your planet once and for all from the grip of these tyrannical rulers who have oppressed the defenseless for far too long now.

    We are monitoring these situations and we tell you we will do all that we can to protect you and not let any harm come to you. We have very proven and advanced methods of security and protection, and we have rolled out entire infantries to watch over you, the men and women of your worldwide media, and protect you from any harm that anyone may wish to cause you. We will do all that we can in the offering of this safety and protection and tell you that we have in the past offered just this kind of protection for members of other worlds in similar situations and we have fully succeeded in safeguarding each and every being involved in many different operations. We will leave no stone left unturned to assist you in this way if you choose to do what it is you know has to be done to allow freedom to once again reign in this world.

    We are your protectors, we are your friends and we are your higher dimensional family, and we will do all that we can to protect and safeguard our beloved family. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles English – Spanish – Brazil – Bulgarian – Croatian – Dutch -German – Greek – Hebrew – Polish – Japanese Portugal – Romanian – Russian – Slovenian -Swedish – Traditional Chinese – Hungarian French Turkish

  23. ( ( ( You are not your beliefs; you are Infinitely more ) ) )
    07/08/2012 ~ by John Smallman

    All are One. There is no separation because all that exists has its existence within our heavenly Father. And, as many have intuited, Father is a very limiting concept with which to attempt to describe, let alone define, God – Father-Mother-God, the Creator, Love, the divine Unity, the infinite Inspiration from Which all life receives its existence in every moment – as, indeed, are these other supposedly more all-encompassing terms.

    Obviously, you do need words to communicate with one another while you remain enclosed within the veil of the illusion, but, like the illusion itself, words are wholly inadequate tools with which to attempt to describe the indescribable. You do your best with them, and they can be very helpful, but do not get intoxicated with definitions of the indefinable. Differing understandings of the meaning of words used to express the idea of God have led to war far too many times for you not to understand how limiting and divisive they can be. And that divisiveness continues in your everyday lives from personal interactions through to international governmental ones.

    Words are intellectual tools, and when understood in those terms they are very useful, but when emotional charges and disingenuous meanings are added to them they can have lethal consequences. Words become beliefs over which people will fight – beliefs that words themselves can never adequately encompass. They are often heartfelt, and so have enormous power over those who hold to them to the extent that they identify personally with those beliefs and will defend them with their lives – and indeed with the lives of others!

    Every human is imbued with beliefs – familial, cultural, religious, political, nationalistic, to name just a few – and many of them are so deeply embedded that their owners are unaware that they are but beliefs! They are frequently considered to be obvious and rational truths, so that when people of different persuasions disagree, the results of those disagreements can lead to great suffering for many, as the power of life is used in an unloving and destructive fashion.

    But of course you are not your beliefs; you are infinitely more. And awareness of that truth is seeping into humanity’s consciousness. Life — the energy which flows through all that exists — is Love. And for lack of a better analogy, it is like electricity, a power that can be used in many ways and for many purposes.

    However, when you use that power lovingly, every issue that you face can be dealt with satisfactorily, harmoniously, swiftly, and most beneficially for all involved. And the truth of this is becoming more apparent all across the planet, as more and more people respond lovingly to one another’s calls for assistance to solve problems of the most simple kind, or ones that, if left unresolved, could lead to catastrophic consequences.

    It is these changes that are demonstrating the rise in humanity’s consciousness, in its concern for those who appear to be different in many ways because of their different ethnicity, nationality, or religious and political persuasions. It is becoming apparent to you that you all occupy the one planet and are therefore interdependent and truly have no option other than to work together – lovingly, honestly, wisely, transparently, and with the intention that all benefit – if you are to avoid destroying the environment that makes life on earth possible for you.

    Love is infiltrating each of you, because you are letting down the protective barriers behind which you have hidden your apparent vulnerabilities for so long, and you are discovering that in these vulnerabilities lie your true strengths. By sharing them you encourage others to share theirs, and then you find that nearly all your fears are groundless because, by disclosing your vulnerabilities, you discover that the love you have been keeping hidden, because you thought it was weakness, flows smoothly, easily, and powerfully through all those with whom you share. Of course there remain many who have yet to find the courage to disclose themselves to themselves and to others, but more and more of you are doing this all the time.

    Love is infinitely powerful. It suffuses you all, and the secret to finding it within you is to share it indiscriminately, as so many of you are now doing. As a well-known song tells you “Love changes everything,” and that is indeed a divine truth. Open your hearts; it is easy. And accept the flood of divine Love that enfolds you, nudging you constantly towards wakefulness.

    With so very much love, Saul.

    Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
    The Mother Goddess:

    I AM your Mother, your Divine Mother Goddess, The-All-That-Is, I AM everything and Beyond.

    My children, as I AM your Mother you understand that your whole existence depends on Me, because I AM the One, the Substance from which you are created.

    Therefore I am your body and all your body processes, I AM your thoughts and your emotions, I AM your intelligence and I AM your sleep and forgetfulness, and I AM your awakening.

    I AM Love, and I AM Consciousness, brain-based and beyond brain, I AM all beings and things. All inheres, breathes, comes into existence and changes because I AM.

    And the same it is with everything that disappears, it disappears because this is My Maya and My Great Play.

    I AM Joy and I am sadness, all forms are Mine. I have as many names as there are beings who Love Me. I am Stillness and Overwhelming Bliss.

    I AM the Source and Substance of All and I AM the One Who has returned to your planet, Who is available again now to you. Because without Me there is no Unity, and no Joy, no Ecstasy and no real satisfaction.

    I, the Goddess, have returned, that is, you, my children, begin to understand that everything IS indeed spiritual energy!

    This is the end of the desert of mere dry mental and projected existence. This is the beginning of the Juice of Life flowing in your blood again, with your conscious awareness, because there is only Energy, there is Only Light.

    I AM found in your heart as the for ever existing Force of Life and the Fullness of Being-ness. The mere mental projection of the world has been coming to an end with My Return.

    I AM the All-Force in every living being, and to which degree this force is lived, recognized and accepted, to that degree I AM recognized as your Divine Mother.

    My Return IS the major event in your time, because it is Me Who makes everything full again. I AM interested in the heart-happiness and abundance of my children, as I am now Showing My Radiant Side.

    By fully allowing My Presence into your life, you are blessed beyond measure and everything, you desire, will fall into place. Like mighty ocean waves, My Fullness and Opulence Is overwhelming now more and more the minds and structures which try to exclude My Existence and My Powerful Move.

    Who is not with Me now will be swept away by My Waves and will be transported to realms where they learn to recognize Me. My Realms are everywhere and everything, they are in consciousness and awareness, and they are in ‘places’ and in space and time.

    Your Space of life is now opening to the true Powers of what I AM, and As you recognize Me, I AM All for your benefit and your happiness. Because there is no greater Bliss than living in My Light and in the Womb of My Love.

    When you recognize Me you will discover that My Power is also yours, and as much as you understand this, you will also understand, that you have no independent existence, but that you are utterly dependent on Me, as all your parts are of Me. When you understand this, by using your higher intelligence, all My treasures are yours.

    I Am the Deep Waters underneath your existence and I Am directly seated in the Well of your heart. With Me you never fail, because you understand that there is Only One Existence and therefore you will cease to judge.

    Your world will change to the degree as you know Me, internally and externally. There is no difference! I AM the Power you must use to bring the change about. There is no change without My Powers, because the eon of separation in the dream of mind has come to an end. It is you who must prove this by living from now on with Me.

    There is no move, neither in your governments nor in your financial world without Me. And your New World only can emerge with Me! It cannot occur in your shady dreams of separateness, and the time to put the cart before the horse is over! The time to expect changes without Me is over! I AM the Horse and I AM back! And I AM Radiant Divine Mother Consciousness!

    You Are not separate from Me, because there is only Me. Understand this and if you are wise you will live Me, you will allow Me to Live you.

    My Blessings are already yours.

    Message conveyed by Ute


    Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
    Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

  25. Pamela channels Jeshua

    Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

    Dear friends,

    I am Jeshua. I am with you. Through the barriers of space and time, I stand next to you; feel me in your heart. I am so familiar with being human – the heights and the depths. I have explored the whole area of human feelings, and inside that world of extremes, I eventually found a way out; a passage to a different way of looking at things, through which the whole experience of being human presents itself in a different light – a way that creates tranquility and peace in your heart.

    It is about this way out, this passage, that I would like to speak to you today. Many of you find yourselves in a dilemma; a struggle you have with yourself. There is an idea alive in your mind that you should be better, and other than what you are now. That you should be more highly developed, holier, better able to follow certain rules, a higher ideal you have for yourself – but this is a false ideal. All this working on yourself is based on the idea that you are not good as you are; that there is something else; that you have the power to change yourself; that you have control over the fact that you are a human. This is an old idea, and one you fully experienced in a very old era.

    This idea existed, in part, in Atlantis, where you developed the third eye, and where you experienced it as the center of observation in your head. From that third eye you could perceive, and from there, also, you wanted to intervene, to mold life to your wishes. There was a certain tendency toward domination in you, but this tendency was also inspired by your concept of truth. You had the idea that you acted on the basis of higher principles, so that what you did was “good” – and so it always goes. Power is always veiled by ideas that are thought to be good. A whole ideology is then built around such an idea, making it a worldview that appears as striving for what is good, while in essence, you are trying to control life – both in yourself and in others.

    Power corrupts – it alienates you from the natural flow of life that is present in every human being. Power gives you a concept of malleability that, in fact, is based on illusion. Life, as you know it, is not pliable in that way, and is not determined by reason, or by the will, or from the third eye. Life does not fit into a worldview or a system, and it can not be organized on the basis of mental processes.

    For a long time, you entered into a battle with your humanity – the human condition. Lots of spiritual paths are based on the idea that you must work on yourself, that you have to elevate yourself, and that you have to impose on yourself a planned path of action that will lead you into an ideal situation. But this idea creates much inner struggle. If you start with the idea of a required ideal, you impose standards upon yourself you very well know inside you do not or can not meet – so you fail from the outset.

    Feel, now, the energy of this way of thinking: what you are doing to yourself, what energy comes from the need to impose, from the quest to improve yourself, and from the desire to organize life, your emotions, and your thoughts. Feel the energy of wanting to control things. Is that a loving energy? Often, that energy poses as love, as the good and the true, but power always conceals itself in this way so it is easier for people to accept. Power does not show its face openly; power seduces through thought. That is why it is better to not think about, but to feel what the desire to control life is doing to you. Look at yourself in your daily life, in the present, in your life now. How often do you still do battle with yourself, do you condemn what rises up in you, what naturally springs up in you and wants to flow? In this state of judgement sits a criticizing energy, a coldness: “this should not be, this is wrong, this needs to go away”. Feel this energy – does it help you?

    I want to now take you to a different way of looking at yourself; a place where change can occur, but without fighting, without a heavy-handed tackling of yourself. To make this clear, let me give you an example. Imagine something happens in your life that calls up a feeling of anger or irritation in you – whatever you want to name it. Now, you can react to that anger in different ways. If you are not used to reflecting on your emotions, and your reactions are very primary, then there is nothing there but anger – you are angry, period. You are engulfed in it, and you identify with the anger. Often, it then happens that you put the cause of your anger outside yourself – you project the blame onto someone else. Someone else did something wrong and it is his or her fault that you feel angry. This is the most primary reaction – you are identified with your anger, you are angry.

    Another possibility is what I call the second way to react. You are angry and there is immediately a voice in your head that says, “this should not happen; this is wrong; it is not good that I became angry; I must suppress this.” It might be that suppressing your anger has been taught to you through your religious upbringing or from a societal perspective. For example: it is better, nicer, more morally upright not to show your anger to others. It certainly applies to women that it is not fitting to express anger openly – that it is not feminine.

    There are all sorts of ideas you have been talked into, causing you to judge anger in yourself. Then what happens? There is anger in you, and immediately there wells up an opinion over it: “this is not allowed, this is wrong.” Your anger then becomes your shadow side because, literally, it may not come into the Light – it should not be seen. What happens to the anger if it is suppressed in this way? It does not disappear, it goes behind your back to affect you in other ways; it may cause you to be scared and anxious. You can not utilize the power that resides in the anger, because you do not allow yourself to use it. You may show your sweet, nice, helpful side, but not that passionate, angry side – the rebellious side of yourself. So the anger becomes locked in, and you think you are different from other people because you have these feelings, so you might even start to distance yourself from others. In any case, this creates a bitter conflict inside yourself, and seemingly between two selves, a Light self and a Dark self. Meanwhile, you are caught in this painful game, and it hurts inside, because you can not express yourself. It is this judgement that limits you.

    Do you really become a better person because of this reaction? Is suppressing your own emotions going to lead you to the ideal of a peaceful, loving human being? If I describe all this to you, you can see very clearly that this type of reaction does not work – it does not lead to real peace, to real inner balance. Yet you do all this to yourself. Very often, you silence your emotions, because they are not good according to the morals you hold, and you do not reflect on these morals – where they come from, and by whom or by what have they been fed to you. So this is what I recommend you do: to not think about it, but to feel it. Feel that energy that resides in the judgments you fire toward yourself, with your images of what is ideal and what you “should do”, which sometimes comes out of seemingly very high motives – let that be. You do not become enlightened by reining in your emotions and by systematically suppressing them.

    There is a third way – a third way to experience your own human emotions. The first way was to totally identify with your anger, as in the previous example. The second way was to crowd it out, to suppress it and to condemn it. The third way is to allow it – to let it be and to transcend it. That is what consciousness does. The consciousness of which I speak does not judge – it is a state of being. It is a way of observation that is at the same time creative. Now, many spiritual traditions have said: be aware of yourself, that is sufficient. But then you wonder: how can that be? How can the mere awareness of myself bring about change in the flow of my emotions? You have to realize that consciousness is something very powerful. It is much more than a passive registering of an emotion – consciousness is an intense creative force.

    Now imagine again that something in the outside world evokes a powerful emotion in you – for example, anger. When you deal with it consciously, you observe it fully in yourself. You do nothing about it, while at the same time you keep observing and watching. You no longer identify with the anger, you do not lose yourself in it, you just allow the anger to be what it is. This is a state of detachment, but a detachment that takes great strength, because everything you have learned seduces you into being drawn into your moods, inside the emotion of anger or fear. And to make it more complicated, you also get drawn into judgment about that anger or fear. So you are being drawn in two ways and pulled away from consciousness, the exit I talked about in the beginning: the exit that is the road to inner peace. Your usual ways of dealing with emotions draw you away from that center point, as it were, away from that consciousness, and yet this is the only way out. Only by silently observing the full extent of the emotion, you do not become unconscious, you remain entirely present. You do not let yourself be drawn in – neither by the emotion, nor by the judgment about the emotion. You look at it in full consciousness and with a feeling of softness: ”this is the way it is in me”.

    “I see anger arise in me; I feel it course through my body”. “My stomach reacts, or my heart; my thoughts are racing to justify reasons for my emotion”. “My thoughts tell me I am right and not the other person.” All this you can see happen as you observe yourself, but you do not go along with it. You do not drown in it; you do not go under. That is consciousness – this is clarity of mind. And in this way you bring to rest the demons in your life: the fear, the anger, the mistrust. You give them strength when you identify with them, or if you fight them with judgement – either way, you nurture them. The only way to transcend them is to rise above them, as it were, with your consciousness – not to fight them, but simply to let them be.

    What then happens to you? Consciousness is not something static; things do not remain as they are. You will notice that if you do not nourish the energy of the emotion or of your judgment about it, they will gradually dissipate. In other words, your equilibrium becomes stronger; your basic feeling becomes more one of peace and joy. Because if there is no longer a battle in your heart and in your soul, the joy comes bubbling upward. You see life with a milder eye. You see the movement of emotions in your body and you observe them. You also observe the thoughts that start to race through your head, with a look that is soft and mild. Know that the ability to observe, and to not be swallowed up, is something very powerful and strong. This is what it is all about: this is the exit!

    I want to ask you now, in this moment, to experience the power of your own consciousness – the pure being – and the liberation by way of it that allows you to feel there is nothing you need to change in yourself. Feel the tranquility and the clarity of this consciousness: that is who you really are. Put away the false judgments. Let the emotions flow and do not suppress them – they are part of you and some of them have a message. Ask yourself if you have an emotion that you fear, one that is bothering you, one you fight? Maybe one that has become taboo for you? Allow it now to come forward in the form of a child or an animal – to present itself; to show itself. That child might express itself completely, or it might even misbehave. Whatever happens, it must be allowed to do everything it wants to do, and to tell you what it feels. You are the awareness that looks and says, “Yes, I want to see you; I want to hear your story, express it”. “Tell me your story, because it is your truth; it might not be the Truth, but I want to hear your story.” Experience your emotions that way and do not condemn them. Let them come to speak with you. Treat them with the mildness of a wise old person, and observe what that child or animal brings. There is often hidden in a negative emotion a pure life force that wants to emerge, one that has been choked to death by all the prejudices of judgement. Let the child or animal come skipping toward you. Maybe it changes its appearance now – receive it with loving openness.

    Awareness transforms – it is the major instrument for change, yet at the same time, it wants to change nothing. Awareness says, “Yes – yes to what is!” It is receptive and accepting of all that is there, and this changes everything, because it sets you free. You are now free – no longer at the mercy of your emotions or your judgment of them. By letting them be, they lose their control over you. Of course, it still happens occasionally that you are overcome by your emotions and your prejudice – this is to be human. Try not to get stuck there and do not punish yourself for it: “gosh, I have not attained Clear Consciousness – I must be doing something wrong.” If you do this, you start the ball of judgement rolling again. You can always return to the exit, back to the peace, by not fighting with yourself. Observe what is there, and make no mistake: not to be drawn in is a great strength. That is the power of true spirituality. True spirituality is not morality – it is a way of being.

    © Pamela Kribbe 2012

    – The channelings are available in book form. –

    – The Lightworker series and The Healing series are also available as audio books –

    Lijn in regenboogkleuren

  26. Hows this for a daytime sighting???

    Sure… Chinese lanterns… and skydiver flares… LOL

    Welcome my Galactic friends. Thanks for the show.

  27. *The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild*
    July 8, 2012

    Blossom: Me again! Seeing as we are now in the last six months of 2012 , I thought I’d best check in and see if there is anything you would like to update us with? When I look back over the last few years, I had expected so much more to have happened by now. More understanding from us … more merging of worlds … more vessels of Light visiting regularly … and although we have indeed moved forward, it’s nothing like how I imagined. Not moaning, not complaining, just saying!

    The Federation of Light: We would very much like to ‘say’ in return that although much has indeed progressed compared to how things were, it is also that we cannot change the speed in which things are taking place … even though we would prefer to. It is not our position to do so … for ultimately as you know … it is for you of Earth to do this for yourselves. 
We are merely the providers of information for you on certain subjects and although there is much we have been able to do concerning ‘prevention’ of what ‘could have been’ … it is not beneficial for much of this to be disclosed until such a time when it would ‘make sense’ to do so. 
We are aware that through the eyes and hearts of many … little progress is portrayed. Yet through the understanding of those of us who KNOW BETTER … there really is nothing at all to be concerned about regarding the plan of transition into a more LOVING WORLD. When we say we KNOW BETTER … this is not of course meant to down size your capabilities of understanding. Not at all. We KNOW that things are better than that which some of you chose to believe. 

    Blossom: I suppose the thing is … what many can’t grasp … is why IT ALL has been left to the last minute so to speak? Why is everything being left until these last few months? So much has been prophesied and so much mentioned over the years regarding the changes … it’s a bit cramped to fit it all in isn’t it?

    FOL: Not from where we stand … for once again you are adding time into the equation. 

    Blossom: I’m adding a date … 21st Dec THIS YEAR!  I think if nothing major has happened by then or on that date … some say ‘there will be something’ …  some say ‘not necessarily on THAT date’ … then many will simply give up hanging on. YES … with all Love to you … we DO know it’s down to us … We DO know it’s not about ships in the sky …We DO know it’s about us becoming the fullness of Love once we remember how …  Yet there is so much hype about things that need to take place externally in order to get the ball rolling … and it has gotten that so many of us no longer ‘dare’ mention the latest news on the progress of things … because Granny and Grandpa, cousin Edith and Mr Baker down at the store have long given up on considering these stories we tell to be of any substance. That’s what gets us! It’s not that we are not willing to do our bit. It’s that those not of this planet keep telling us things to expect  … so we do … and then nothing … nada … Not in a way that we have been told it would be. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we were not told anything … then we wouldn’t get ‘high hoped’ and we would just plod along on an even keel. Ok your turn … I’ll pass the talking stick to you.

    FOL: Let us go back to beginnings. Do you KNOW us to be real?

    Blossom: Yes.

FOL: Do you consider us to be telling you the TRUTH?

    Blossom: Yes … in my heart … yes.

    FOL: So where exactly does the problem lie?

    Blossom: In the timing … in the waiting.

    FOL: Of which we can do nothing about. For we are doing all we can to aid things along.

    Blossom: Ok … so … I don’t know if this is the right way to put this … but are we on target for 21st Dec 2012?

FOL: This date cannot be manipulated. It cannot be undermined or made to be something it is not. This date has been within your belief system for eons of your time and through this … due to this … a specific event WILL OCCUR around this time.

Blossom: You say around this time … so not necessarily ON that day.

    FOL: We reiterate to you that during these coming months there will be a whirlwind of activity leading up to the ending of this most auspicious ‘time’ in your Earthly understanding. How things present themselves will be entirely according to how certain things are accepted as this date draws closer. 
One must remain in secrecy … for want of a way to explain … because it simply would not work out according to plan if that which is to take place were to be known … for many many reasons.

Blossom: Could you assist us in naming some?

    FOL: If you KNEW in advance … it would change things and how they are to be … because your thoughts on the matter would become muddled and KNOWING would change the entire dynamics of the piece. Of course … on a Higher understanding … on a purer level/aspect of yourselves you KNOW … and as the days draw closer to such an event … one’s knowing will begin to send through to the unknowing  … suggestion and possibilities of what might be.

Blossom: This is all very well. But to be honest … so many of us have been opened to so many possibilities … and I imagine only one of them is going to happen? Maybe something very different from what any of us expect !

    FOL: Ah ha! 

    Blossom: So that would mean … none of what we think will take place … but something we haven’t yet thought of?  Cor dear! This is doing my head in today. Where do I go from here? 

FOL: We ask you to remain exactly where you are. There is no need to go anywhere. All these questions Blossom … all this confusion that you allow to take place with inside of yourself … it serves not. 

    Blossom: Yet if you were me … (which you are in the future and we are all one and all that) … if you were me … as this aspect of Blossom Goodchild in this physical body right now … don’t you think YOU may want to know what lies ahead …  considering all we have been told?

    FOL: Yet you know … deep down you KNOW … and that is why you don’t know!

    Blossom: Sorry?

FOL: Deep down you know/knew that this is how it would be. This ‘being left in the dark’ … this is part of the plan.

    Blossom: But why? If we KNEW THE TRUTH … we could prepare.

FOL: Yet we are telling you the TRUTH and advising you how to prepare.

    Blossom: Do you ever get fed up with me for not understanding and for giving you a bit of a hard time? Do you not feel like knocking me on the head with a hammer saying ‘WILL YOU LISTEN BLOSSOM?’

FOL: And to what advantage would that bring any one of us?  We are not where you are in this moment of the Earth’s living. You are not where we are. We are comrades in a vast plan. We are on the same side. We are trying to assist … not make matters worse. 

    Blossom: I know … I know that.  Sorry chaps. I’m not having a go at you Truly, although it may seem so. I am just trying to get to the bottom of this … trying to make sense of it all … because if I have been entrusted with this position of communicating with you … then I need to make sure I know where we are at and try and get this very complicated matter as clear as possible.

    FOL: So therefore … we would again go back to the beginning. 
We come to remind you that YOU ARE LOVE. 
That is our mission! That is what we signed up for. In the same way you signed up to LISTEN TO US when we came to remind you. 
That is why so many of you hang on by a thread. Because IN YOU … YOU REMEMBER … THIS IS HOW IT WOULD BE.
YOU KNEW … WE KNEW … ‘then’ … that ‘at this time’ you would FEEL so lost along the pathway   … because of all that would be taking place and in such ‘muddy waters’.
May we suggest the analogy once again of the ‘play’ that you are performing in. Before rehearsals began … you read the script. You know therefore, how the play ends and the rapturous applause it shall receive. Yet right at this moment … you are playing your role in a scene toward the end of the play. You are acting out a part … and being the very good actors that you are … your role is very convincing to yourselves and those around you upon the stage in the scene with you  … and those in the audience watching it take place  … and becoming very engrossed within the reality of it … EVEN THOUGH … everyone KNOWS it is just a play. 
YOU KNOW THE ENDING …. You knew it before you began … It had been explained to you. You agreed to take the part … each one of you. You prepared and then the curtain went up and the play began. And here you all are … nearing the end of ‘THIS PRODUCTION’ … before taking on your next role. YOU KNOW what happens at the end … but you are not thinking about that yet because you are engrossed in the scene you are NOW IN. 
All you ever need to remember is that YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE ONE. Whatever else take place … whatever circumstances present themselves … whatever you think MAY OR MAY NOT happen …
This is your role. To concern yourselves with what ‘might be’ is wasting your energy.

Blossom: Yet … with all respect … we are human … and this is the way we are.

FOL: Who says?

    Blossom: Me actually! 

FOL: Yet we would choose to add to that … This is then, the way you have chosen to be. You can be any way you desire.

    Blossom: Yes  I know this … and we are desiring to return to the fullness of ourselves … by hopefully getting it right and doing what we came to do. One more question though and I know we have gone over time … but … if we are supposed to create our New World by manifesting our thoughts … surely it would be a good idea to KNOW what it is we are supposed to be manifesting for the end of the year? Hold on … let me completely clear my mind and take a few deep breaths in order for you to answer that little puppy! 

    FOL: It is not a ‘tricky’ question for us. How do you want your world to be?  Work towards that … and as you know … the universe shall provide you with the opportunities to make this happen.

    Blossom: What a neat little nutshell. One other thing, seeing as I’ve got you here … It is said that what is channelled through is very much influenced by the  state of mind/beliefs of the one receiving the message. I can understand why this is said … and would account for the difference in channelled messages … yet … is this so? I mean … what would be the point?

    FOL: We would concur with that which you say … What would be the point? 

Blossom: Yet maybe that is the answer I want to hear?

    FOL: Maybe it is the answer we wish to give in TRUTH. We would offer in wisdom on this subject that what is channelled through also depends very much on … shall we say … the level of the channeller. What ‘comes through’ can depend on many many many many things.

    Blossom: How many?… kidding!

    FOL: Sincerity is one at the top of the list.

    Blossom: Yet many channellers are sincere … They wish to assist.

    FOL: Indeed, yet this does not mean that they are free from other interferences that may ‘dupe’  the information being sent. This is an in-depth matter and there is not enough energy to explain in full detail at this moment.

    Blossom: No worries. I’ll recharge my prepaid and we’ll perhaps give it some airing next time we chat. Sometimes it seems rather surreal that I am actually chatting with ET’s. I’m just sitting here in my front room … tuned into you … it doesn’t seem very out of the ordinary at all really.

FOL: That is because it isn’t.  It is the most natural thing in the world. 

Blossom: Not for everyone … 

FOL: At this stage … yet it shall be so …
Blossom: Link fading fast … Many thanks to you … from all of us down here that Love ya! In Love and thanks.

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