Tulya Update 5JUL2012

[Channeled by Dreamwalker]

 Circle Square Triangle Hexagon Line Wave Spiral Wave Circle

Incoming transmission from Tulya

We are approaching zero point. Please stand by. This will not affect your primary perception of reality, although it may fluctuate.

Tulya Captain identified, and several crew. Ref. Avatar. Consciousness stream focused in multiple dimensions with shared / synchronized timelines.

Global unseen entities are defense mechanism of Gaia, similar to venus fly trap. These entities were original inhabitants, unseen to galactic settlers. Relationship symbiotic in nature.

Creativity is key to breaking the bonds of the veil. Illusion is structured on structure and control. Picket fences and racism, keeping up with the Joneses.

Be creative.

12 comments on “Tulya Update 5JUL2012

  1. Wow, on my lunch break I went to a shop and was browsing some books and came across a children’s book that had simple shapes like the ones you mentioned and for some reason they really struck me… maybe topics for meditation?

    • When I re-read it this morning, this message and the shapes really resonated for me. The shapes reminded me of the flashcards they use to test telepathy, like in the ghostbusters movie. Perhaps this is really a “test” to see who is “keyed in” to the “template realm”, since these shapes do connect with the concept of templates. They sound a bit like crop circles too.

      Circle Square Triangle – these are the basic shapes drawn in japanese calligraphy, the challenge is to draw them perfectly freehand. Together they represent “Mastery”.

      Hexagon = OcaTAwa?

      Line = separator?

      Wave spiral wave circle – Tsunami / hurricane? Space Wave and Algiz?

      The shapes read a bit like ghost radar…

  2. Here is what I got….the first four shapes all connect to create what is called the Antahkaran. It is said that this is a familar shape to those who have experiences with Lemuria. Now if you see this shape you will see it in 2 demension form. In 3rd in becomes a temple that was used during that time. The triangle is actually a pyramid that comes from the 4 points this is where the “line” comes in as a connection to “all that is” creating the (first) “wave” that brings light. The “spiral” is then created from the energy of the pyramid, “as above so below” the release of that which does not serve to bring in what gives us growth. the second “wave” is water which it seems people are having dreams about water so again showing how we are connected and at last that creates the final “circle”. The rest of the message is unclear yet I am sure it will be brought to light by others. I hope that makes sense. I also feel that it does relate to the ships as stated by Suntria and Troy. Maybe showing the “oness” of their essence as well.

    • Whoah, I just thought about the final circle also meaning “oneness” just before you posted this, Melissa! This interpretation of the shapes makes total sense. I have never heard of the Antahkaran, it sounds amazing though. Thank you!

      I can definitely see the connection. It is interesting that one description says this represents the “inner world”.

  3. You are so very welcomed Troy. I have used this symbol to meditate a couple of times and it has brought me to my “inner world”

  4. This message resonates strongly with what I experience in some of my meditations connected with third eye, I see Light in geometrical figures, often triangles as if someone has thorn a cardboard by a ball thrown, the matter is thorn in the center and forms triangles, or like a broken window, you see just these forms/triangles, squares/
    Melissa, your decoding is amazing, thank you for sharing, I feel you are right and one more thing, this symbol here is very close to the Celtic sign of the Three Norns or the Oneness/Past-Present-Future/

    Troy, this is wonderful, we are connected with TULYA so close that when I was reading it, a blue orb shined again!

    TULYA – thank You! Yes, this zero point , I am aware of it because I feel quite strange today, many different energies are emerging from inside of me and from the outer world towards me , feel a bit weak and passive, maybe of this zero point, I am trying to find my center


    • Tauno,
      Yes the celtic symbol as well. Possibly the lumerian collective bringing it into another “past life” to show the connection. fun, fun, fun.

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