Santa Muerte: Hide N’ Seek

>Is anyone there?

SM: Not that I’m aware of…

>any guides?

SM: Nope.


SM: Nope.


SM: Nope. 😀

>Santa Muerte, I do believe you’re still hiding…

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GLS Tulya and Crew. Communique, By Tazjima. July 17, 2012

Beloved Ones, we greet you today from the GLS Tulya.  We are your star brothers and sisters, from the Pleiadian homeworld.

We would like to speak to you about the process that some of you are currently undergoing, namely the transition between a 3D carbon-based human to a 5D crystalline being.  When you finish this process, some of you will want to rejoin friends and family who await your return to the ships and home planets.  You have loved ones, husbands and wives, children, extended families and friends on the ships.  They watch your progress daily as you move through these challenging times.

What should you expect when you come abroad the ships?  For one, most of the starships are sentient collective beings.  Crew and ship work together in a symbiotic manner, each supporting the other.  The crew performs “duties” and the ship provides a living environment.  Through thought and intent, the inner environment of the ship can adjust to the needs of the crew or an individual within the crew.  Most of us have spent many years aboard our ship and are very close with one another.  We also visit some of the neighboring ships, especially when there are council or strategy meetings to attend, although much of this work can be done telepathically.  Still our people enjoy being together.

Right now, some of you are recovering from the latest onslaught of transmuting energies that your sun has sent to the planet through a huge coronal mass ejection or CME.  Our scribe spent some of the past weekend taking naps to release the fatigue she was dealing with, but being an old hand at this business, she has recovered nicely.  Do not fret if you are feeling under the weather a bit.  The physical body is changing from a cellular (and smaller) level.  Your DNA is being upgraded and reconnected.  The DNA that your scientists have called “junk” is coming online and with this upgrade, you will be blessed with new gifts, deepened psychic abilities, profound awareness, stronger intuition, and perhaps clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance.  Again, if you do not see any evidence of this, be at ease.  The changes in your consciousness level will come apparent soon enough.

One change that has been noticed by our scribe is an abiding sense of peace that she can tune into at will during the day, even in her busy work environment.  It has provided her with hope and a renewed sense of balance.

The changes that will most likely be the last to occur will be the ones in your physical appearance.  Before that occurs, you may suddenly feel “younger” and stronger, having more physical energy than has been the case over the last few years.  Again, for our scribe this is a welcome change as her energy levels have been greatly affected during the last 25 years of the ascension cycle (1987 to 2012).

While the transmuting energies bring many satisfying changes for our lightworkers and starseeds, you may notice that other people are feeling more stressed.  Those who have lived a life dedicated to serving self at the expense of others will suddenly see their actions and behaviors mirrored to them, vividly.  They might undergo a startling change of heart or they might suffer a sudden heart attack or other health issues.  All depends on contracts made by the individual before entering into incarnation during this time.  It is important not to sit in judgment of others or even yourself now.  One cannot know what is truly in the heart of another individual.  Comparison of your progress to another person is also counter-productive, as each one of you is entirely unique and precious in the eyes of Creator.

We realize that these words have been presented by other sources, but it is always good to underline the value in seeking to care for you and to give space to others, as each soul undergoes their individualized dance through this transitional period.

As a starship, we can offer you a place to heal, recuperate or learn during these times.  Speak your intent to visit us before going to sleep at night; we will welcome you aboard.  Further details of what is available can be read about on the pages of “Spirit Train Chronicles.”

For many of you who have incarnated upon this planet from other worlds or dimensions, life on Earth has been challenging in so many ways.  You have had to adapt to wearing a skin “suit”, your physical body, and living in a polluted, noisy environment.  Your former abilities have been locked away and your connection to “Home” veiled from you, mostly so you would not decide to leave too soon, before completing your mission.  Now, gradually so your physical body can adapt to the changes, your abilities and awareness are returning.  You are waking up and remembering why you chose to be here now.  Now the time has come to decide what comes next.

Some of you will want to return to the stars or your home densities / dimensions.  Others will choose to remain with the planet to assist the remaining population to bring their world into a golden age of beauty and abundance.  Others will decide to drop their current physical body and be re-born on the new Gaia.  Still others will move on, continuing their soul journeys in 3D until it is their time to wake up and ascend.  All these choices are being made now, even by those who seem deeply asleep.  Remember to honor their sovereignty and to focus on the choice standing before you.

We love you deeply.  Call upon us to assist you in moments of need, as well as calling upon the angels and Masters.  Remember spirit cannot come to your aid unless you give your permission first.  We follow the Law of One.  We are One with you and honor your sovereignty to make your own choices.  After all, it was to experience individuality that you came to this earthly schoolroom.

Go in peace, dear ones.  We love you very much,

Thank you, GLS Tulya and her crew.

Namaste, Elizabeth


Oracles and Healers

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Today please allow us to address some issues that may be causing confusion or concern for some.  Within the last few days you may have seen our name attached to some very differing messages.  You will please note that, and we do acknowledge these, you will not see any conflict between these sources.  We use as many channels as it takes to reach the widest possible audience and cover the greatest areas of concern.

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Separating Instinct

This is a different kind of post for me, but I’ve been encouraged to post it, so here goes…

Regarding energies, my observations are that the biggest struggle involves recognizing the knee-jerk instinct. This might involve fear, anger, greed, hate, etc. I don’t think there’s any way of overcoming that completely, but being able to recognize it is likely half the battle. Here’s what I try to do if I experience these feelings:

  • okay, I’m feeling fear, I need to take a few minutes, and don’t react to that fear until I’ve calmed down, then I can look at it rationally. I am going to take time for ME.
  • then I look at the situation in different ways until I can see or feel the best outcome, and act on that. 🙂

And sometimes the best course of action is doing nothing (Patrick Star of Spongebob fame is a master at this). This can be very important because it allows others to play the roles they need to play. You become the eye of the hurricane, the calm in the storm.

Usually there is a “physical” element to the instinct, which makes it easier to recognize. For example, your gut feels tied in knots, or your head starts to throb, or your throat might start to feel “tight”. We’re all different in this respect (my band teacher in 6th grade turned purple!). For me, this is key to taking action, because if I continue to feel the “physical” part of my instinct while taking action, it tells me I’m not ready to take action (or I haven’t made the right choice).  In extreme cases this can lead to paralysis, which is the body’s way of saying, “stop!!!!”

This is not to say that all instincts are bad, because we can act on our instincts for a positive outcome. As in, “go with your gut”. But the main point here is recognizing those instincts, and trying to understand how they impact the situation at hand.

What cues do you use to recognize your instincts?


aisha north

Let us first of all start this missive by saying that for now, the waves have quieted down somewhat, and we hope you have all gotten your heads above the water yet again. It was an intense influx this last one, and as we foretold, it certainly brought its surprises to so many of you. We hope you have all gotten your breath back, and that you have started to go into just what you have been processing these last few days. It is important not to lose sight of the main goal here, namely the outcome of this process, because it is indeed very easy to get caught up in the undertow of symptoms. Let us explain.

For many, these last few days have been almost nightmarish, as you have had to battle challenges in such a way you have been almost at your wits’ end at times. We…

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