Transmission From Mothership–Q&A with Arcturians

Transmissions from the Mothership
Connecting Realities 1
Q and A with the Arcturian
This time when Mytria and I entered our “Holoschool,” we saw the Arcturian again in front of the “Transmissions to Earth Screen,” which appears more like a membrane. The Screen revealed a group of Earthlings who we instantly recognized by their energy fields as Pleiadian and Arcturian in nature. However, they were all wearing their human earth vessels. We could see their third dimensional bodies sitting in a circle, as well as their higher fourth dimensional bodies with whom the Arcturian would be communicating.
It appeared that the Arcturian had already introduced Itself, and one of the fourth dimensional bodies was standing and about to ask a question. Mytria and I quietly stood behind the Arcturian knowing full well that It was teaching through example how to answer some of the many questions that we would be asked. Thus, we said nothing and observed as the question and answer session began.
The standing ascending one was actually the Earth expression of one of our friends with whom we had laughed just last night. Or, perhaps that was a lifetime ago? We felt such joy that our friend’s grounded expression was able to communicate directly with an Arcturian.
“Dear Arcturians,” asked our friend in a human disguise, “We have some questions to ask you. However, first we want to thank you for all the assistance you have given us. We do not know how we would have tolerated third dimensional reality without your guidance.
“Dear Ascending ONE,” spoke the Arcturian,” We want you all to know that we, your Galactic Family, are YOU. Hence, there is no question of whether or not we would be of assistance. When you merged your great Essence with this expression of your Self, we promised that we would help you.
We assured you that we would call you as soon as your consciousness was expanded enough for you to hear us. Your answer to our call set your life into a completely different direction. In actuality, your answer to us, your Higher Expression, set you into a new Path of Realty.
There are many Paths of Realty, and the smoothest Path is the one forged by your Higher Expressions of SELF. In this manner, you, the grounded ascending ones, can always have access to the Higher Perspective of your journey. Within this Higher Perspective is a direct line of communication between the YOU who has volunteered to enter Earth during this Timeline of Planetary Ascension and the you who is a Higher Expression of your SELF. With meditation and practice, the link between you and your Higher Expressions of SELF will become a constant source of support and guidance.
Dear Ascending Ones, would you like to ask your first question?
Another person stood, who was an old friend from our Homeworld. We so wanted to say hello to her, but her human expression could only see a very, vague image of the Arcturian.
“Dear Arcturian, I am so happy to speak with you. I have been chosen to speak for all of us. We have several questions that we would like to ask. For starters, we would like to know why we have been feeling so very tired. We know that this fatigue must be another symptom of transmutation, but more information would be greatly helpful.”
The Arcturian warmly replied, “We are equally pleased to speak directly with one of our ascending family members. We understand the difficulty of limiting your immense Being into a small earth vessel. Your fatigue is largely because your consciousness operates at a much faster rate than your physical earth vessel.
“Often your earth vessel appears to be completely still while your consciousness is processing realities that are invisible to the senses of your 3D Vessel. This condition is much like keeping your car in neutral while you press down the accelerator. The car is ready to go, but you are not in a gear for movement.
“Your earth vessel is much like an automobile. This auto has a 3D body and operating system that is in the process of adding a new computer program. However, your 3D vessel is unable to read this new Operating System. Largely computers run the newer cars, but you cannot ‘trade in’ your current vehicle.
“Hence, you must find a way to convert your old car into a format in which it can respond to the directions of your new computer system. This transition of operating systems causes great fatigue for your 3D earth vessel. The fact is that there are inherent limitations in your physical form that will never be able to read all the information that is now available to your consciousness.
“Therefore, your brain is working overtime attempting to make sense of information that is entering your consciousness via your the new Operating System. However, due to the inherent flaws of your earth vessel, this system cannot be totally connected to the body you are wearing. For this reason, it is best to allow your grounded self to relax into the guidance of your Higher Expression of SELF. Then your Higher Expression can ‘tow’ your earth vessel. All you need to do is to put your vessel/car in neutral and make sure the brake is off.
“Fear is your braking system. If you try to surrender into the guidance of your SELF, but your ego puts the brakes on with its fear, the resistance will create great fatigue. However, we are NOT saying that all your fatigue is due to this dynamic. There are many of our ascending ones who have gained great mastery of their fear, but their earth vessel is simply not equipped to move as fast as their minds.
“The consciousness of these ascending ones is hungrily accepting the higher cosmic light and speeding into higher and higher frequencies of reality. However, they are still anchored to the physical realm. Hence their mind, which has accepted the guidance of their higher consciousness, is ‘pulling on a boat that is still attached to the dock.’
“Therefore, fatigue arises from the constant resistance of your body that cannot accept the acceleration of your consciousness. Fortunately, your bodies are also going through a transmutations process, but the physicality of the body creates a much slower transition than the flexibility of the consciousness.
“This situation is more difficult for the ascending ones wearing an older model of earth vessel. Fortunately, the extended years on Earth have awakened enough wisdom that these ascending ones do not judge their body and allow it adequate rest. The ascending ones who entered their earth vessels decades ago have also had the challenge of many, many years in which they had to keep their true SELF a secret.
“Consequently, the constant constraint of ones true expression often causes physical conditions that forces the older version of earth vessel to move more slowly. Fortunately, patience is often gained through decades of experience. Furthermore, the guidance of their Higher Expression has often led them into a reality in which their responsibilities to the 3D illusion are greatly diminished.  Hence, they can take on their well-earned status of Mentors.
“Furthermore, these Mentors’ wisdom has taught them to unconditionally love themselves so that they can more easily and completely unconditionally love others. This freedom from judgment regarding the age of their current vessel allows them to make the appropriate decisions regarding the care and maintenance of a ‘vintage vehicle.’
“On the other hand, our Galactic Family is entering more young earth vessels. These infants, children and teens have instincts that allow them to access many of their innate, multidimensional abilities and information. These young ascending ones are too often born to parents who cannot understand or assist them. However, as your society continues to awaken there will be more support for these ascending members of ascending Earth. These ‘children’ will be the leaders of your new reality.
“Would like to ask us another question?”
“Thank you so much dear Arcturian,” said the spokes person. “Yes, we would like to ask you about the dizziness that many of us have been experiencing. Is that dizziness another symptom of transformation?”
“Yes,” answered the Arcturian, “Dizziness is another symptom of transmutation, but it is because of a slightly different reason. The dizziness you are experiencing is because you are beginning to consciously experience more than one reality at a time. In fact, ‘time’ has shifted from an element of stability and structure in your life into yet another changing dynamic, to cause even further confusion. You are confused about the erratic nature of time and about the myriad thought, sensations, pictures and/or memories that waft in and out of your mind.
“Those of you who have created a solid link between your current earth vessel and a Guide or higher frequencies Expression of your Multidimensional SELF often have less confusion, but more dizziness. In this case, the dizziness comes from that fact that you are currently running two diametrically opposed operating systems. Your Third Dimensional Operating System is telling you that you are limited to your clay shell, that there is only one reality.
“In fact, your Third Dimensional System tells you that you are “hallucinating” if you are experiencing a different reality. This old System tells you to ignore those stimuli, as it is NOT real. Only that which you perceive with your five physical senses is real, and everything else is just your imagination. At the same time, your Multidimensional Operating System is telling you that everything that you perceive with your five physical senses is an illusion and only your imagination is REAL.
“Meanwhile, the circuitry of your physical brain is overloaded with conflicting information and too much stimuli to effectively compute. Your brain is like a computer in which you have opened too many windows and now the entire system is freezing up. Whereas your computer would likely stop functioning, your brain makes you feel dizzy.
“Is the outside world real, or the inside world real? Is that memory or passing vision from the corner of your eye real, or the clear vision in front of you real? What is real? To what can you attach your anchor and your sense of SELF? These questions confuse your 3D brain even further. Your overloaded brain desperately tries to separate and sequentially file multidimensional sensations that are neither separate nor sequential.
“Hence, your mind begins to spin and you feel dizzy. The solution to this issue is to fully download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. However, in order to do so you will have to ‘upgrade’ your biological computer by bringing the 97% Ascension DNA fully online. Many of you have already completed this upgrade.
“However, once the Ascension DNA is fully operational you have an even greater challenge, which is connecting this 97% Ascension DNA with your 3% earth vessel DNA. This process is the cause of the greatest dizziness because you have to connect two totally opposite systems of operation.
“Your human brain tells you that:
·     ALL life is outside of your body
·     Everything is separate from everything else
·     Your imagination is not real
·     You must work very hard and long to create anything
·     You are better or worse than others
·     Time rules your world
·     You cannot go faster than the speed of light, etc. etc. etc…
“On the other hand, your Multidimensional Operating System tells you that:
·     Life is everywhere and infinite
·     You are all ONE
·     Surrender into that which you wish to create
·     Your imagination is fifth dimensional thinking
·     You are ALL equal, Multidimensional Beings
·     Time and Space are an illusion of the physical world, etc. etc. etc…
“Attempting to contain so many opposite and opposing concepts and versions of reality makes you lose your external focus. Do you remember when you were a child and you would spin yourselves around again and again until you were so dizzy that you fell down? You became dizzy because your external touchstone was gone. You were like a dancer who goes into a spin without maintaining their ‘spot.’
“Then, just as a car may sputter and stop, your biological brain spins and shuts down. To deal with this dynamic, your body becomes “sick” to create a good reason for your dizziness. Then you go to bed and go to sleep, which is a very good solution. While you are adding a new operation system to your computer, you cannot open any programs or do anything with the computer. You have to wait until the new system is totally downloaded. Then, when you restart your computer it appears to be much the same. However, there are subtle differences that you do not recognize until you use your computer. Your brain is a biological computer and runs in a very similar fashion.
“Many of you are trying to download a new Quantum Operating System into an old computer. For this download, you will definitely need the assistance of your Higher Expressions of SELF. Your Higher Expressions are your Guidebook. They will assist you to understand your new version of SELF, just as we will.
“Do you have a final question for us?”
This time the group conferred before the spokesperson again stood to speak,
“Thank you for your information. It appears to us that the greatest challenge of all would be to somehow connect the advanced operating system of our Multidimensional SELF with our third-dimensional thinking. Is this similar to connecting our third/fourth dimensional reality to the fifth dimensional world of New Earth?”
Mytria and I wondered if the small group would catch the glint in the Arcturians aura that had become so familiar to us as It said, “You are very correct. Your consciousness and more of your reality than you realize is already fifth dimensional. However, you cannot compute much of the higher stimuli that fills your new world because your 3D brain cannot yet recognize this data. Your 3D brain is simply refusing to accept these perceptions as real. Hence, they never travel through the reticular system of your brain.
“The neural network of your reticular system acts as a ‘firewall’ that screens out data that your ego self deems is unimportant. On the other hand, once your Multidimensional Operating System is fully online your Multidimensional SELF will determine what information is important. Then you will be able to consciously perceive, integrate and understand how much your reality really has changed.
“If you can believe in your SELF, as well as any stimuli which activates the feeling of unconditional love and/or joy, you will gradually calibrate your primary perception to the higher frequencies of reality. However, remember that your physical sensations of hearing, vision, touch, smell and taste will not be adequate to fully register higher dimensional sensations. You will have to trust what you THINK you hear, see, touch, smell and taste.
“You are accustomed to sensations and information coming from the outside of you, such as through your eyes or ears. When you perceive the higher frequencies of reality, you will perceive them from within your core. To best understand this multidimensional information we suggest that you run these perceptions through your High Heart and Third Eye. Your High Heart and Third Eye are your Heart-Mind, which is your primary sensory receptor and processor of multidimensional input.
 “Also, remember that you will not experience the fifth dimension in the same manner that you interact with your physical world or even your fourth dimensional dream world. Your sense of touch will be attuned to experience auras, as will your vision, hearing and even your smell will respond to the more ethereal messages. You will not experience hard edges, spaces of separation or any fear-based emotions.
“We have given you enough information for now. However, please remember that your new realities will appear different. If you had always lived near the ocean all of your life and moved to the desert, you would have many new sensations to compute. Therefore, can you imagine how many more new sensations you will experience when you resonate to a new reality of a different dimension?
“Fortunately, more and more of you will be sharing this journey, so please remember to create groups in which you feel safe enough to share and discuss your new experiences of reality. Most of all, please remember that you are NOT alone for we, your higher expressions of SELF, are always with you.
“We close this communication, but please know that you can personally continue it within your higher states of consciousness.
Blessings to you all, The Arcturians”

Transmission From Mothership–Q&A with Arcturians




Multiple Realities 5
About Bi-location
Mytria and I arrived early at out holoschool, which is the name we had given this holosuite, expecting to again find the Arcturian sending another Transmissions to Earth. To our surprise, It was patiently waiting for us, even though we were early. The Arcturian warmly greeted us and asked if we were ready for our bi-location into the timeline in which our Pleiadian society ascended.
In sequential time that ascension occurred long, long ago. However, in the no-time of the fifth dimension and beyond, time flows like a great ocean. Hence, one can enter the Flow of any Timeline to participate in that reality. The Arcturian told us that the ascension of our Pleiadian society was quite similar to the ascension of Earth. Therefore, our bi-location into that event would provide us with important information that would help us to assist with Earth’s ascension process.
Since Mytria and I had both had previous experiences of bi-location we would be able to maintain our ascended state of consciousness while we bi-located into our third/fourth dimensional forms and levels of consciousness. In this manner, we could more deeply understand the dynamics of pre and post ascension states of consciousness. On the other hand, the ascending ones from Earth would eventually bi-locate into their fifth dimensional SELF to assist them to further expand their consciousness and learn more about ascension.
 “We were about to begin our Earth Transmission,” spoke the Arcturian, actually using a voice. “Please watch and listen.” The Arcturian then turned towards some form of membrane, similar to the Akashic Membrane, and began It’s transmission:
Dearest Ascending Ones of Planet Earth,
Today we are preparing you for your first experience of bi-location. Since bi-location is a fifth dimensional and beyond endeavor, you will leave one area and return back to it within only seconds of time. Of course, “leave” is not the correct term.
However, during your first few bi-locations it will be difficult for you to remain in constant contact with both of your realities. Therefore, you may feel as though you have left your body. Therefore, I will be important for you to check in on your body in order to train your thinking to encompass more than one location at a given time.
Before we begin our transmission, please tune deeply into our FEEL of unconditional love and relax into that sensation. The secret to bi-location is to NOT want anything, but instead to enter into the Flow of the ONE. In this manner, you are ensured that your lower frequencies of expression are “in the back seat.” These aspects of your Desire Body are of a third/fourth dimensional resonance.
Hence, as a safety mechanism set up by your own Soul, desires of this resonance are limited to your physical expression. Therefore, in order to bi-locate, especially while one of your realities is still wearing an earth vessel, you must “turn off” ALL third dimensional thinking. Then, you can more easily surrender into the FEELING of the inner call that beckons you to bi-locate into a higher frequency of reality.
In other words, all bi-location must be ego free. This rule is a protection to you, as the drag of your low resonance ego limits your bi-location to another location on 3D Earth. While you are first remembering this innate multidimensional ability, it is best that you only bi-locate to a fifth dimensional and beyond reality.  
Bi-locating to this frequency of reality insures that you will be met with unconditional love. Your secret governments have often experimented with bi-location into another physical location, which has greatly harmed those who were their “test subjects.” The fact is that one physical location is almost too much ego involvement for you to maintain your connection with your Higher Expression.
Consciously experiencing two physical locations at once creates the activation of too much ego. Furthermore, there are many physical locations that still hold dark energy. Hence, they are not safe. What we are saying is that to safely bi-locate it is best to allow your fifth dimensional expression, or Higher SELFwith, to guide you through out your bi-location journey.
Ascended Masters are “masters” at bi-location. Therefore, St. Germain will be working with many of the ascending ones as they gain their “bi-location wings.” Since, St. Germain is well known for his skills at bi-location, he is joining us now to further instruct you…
My beloved ascending ones, I am quite pleased to assist you, the ascending ones of planet Earth, with your innate ability to bi-locate. As you may know, there are many rumors of my appearance on Earth over many different locations and centuries. These rumors are correct. In fact, I am currently wearing a form now on Earth.
I am involved in certain projects that have been planned for many decades but could not manifest while Earth was enshrouded in darkness. Now that Cosmic Light surrounds Earth, our plans are finally, yet slowly, moving forward. However, I am with you now to assist you with the process of bi-location. Therefore, I will concentrate my energies on that topic. However, if any of you dear ascending ones wish to know more about our great plans for Gaia, please feel free to call me. I am available for communication with as many ascended ones who wish to communicate with me.
You see my primary resonance is far beyond even the fifth dimension. Thus, I am not bound by the limitation of time or the sequential thinking that time creates. Hence, I can easily commune with myriad Beings within the NOW of the ONE. However, allow me to return to the purpose of this communication, which is remembering your innate ability to bi-locate. I will begin by outlining a few important points:
First, as the Arcturian said, make sure that you are desire-free and that you ego-self remains in it present, physical location.
Second, make sure that your physical body is in a safe place and totally protected.
Third, remember that bi-location does not happen within 3D “time.” Consequently, you can bi-locate to a higher dimensional reality, spend what may appear to be a lifetime there and return mere seconds later in your earth-time.
Fourth, ONLY bi-locate to a reality that welcomes you with the FEEL of unconditional love. We realize that many of you do “Rescue Work” just above the Lower Astral Plane during your sleep.
Bi-location is different. When you are volunteering to do Rescue Work with those trapped in the Lower Astral Plane, you are under the direct protection of the Angelic Kingdom when you “take your shift” to assist those trapped in that dark world. When you take your first solo flights it is important to go to the fifth dimension or beyond where a higher expression of your SELF is waiting to welcome and guide you. Remember, dear ascending ones, that ALL of you are great Multidimensional Beings of Light.
We are now speaking with the lowest frequency of your total expression, the YOU that is encased in your human form. Of course, YOU are not of a lower frequency, however the components of you that are still intermingled with your physical form, as well as your third dimensional reality, are “pulled into the drag” of that extremely low resonance.
Our dear, sweet volunteers for ascension, we see the immense sacrifices that you have made in order to fulfill your Mission of assisting Gaia with her ascension. Fortunately, many of you have expanded your consciousness enough to attach to the Parallel Reality that is in the process of returning Gaia into Her true expression of Her Star SELF. However, there are still many mundane acts that now feel like trudging through mud.
It is for this reason that we of the ONE are here to assist you with bi-location. Through bi-location you are able to “take a vacation” from the toils of a third dimensional reality. However, as the Arcturians have recently said, if you can fill those toils with unconditional love they will become much less burdensome. We also wish to remind you that there are aspects of your physical life that you will greatly miss. In fact, many of you will maintain a body on Gaia’s physical expression, just as I have done. In this manner, you can easily step-into that form to assist those still trapped in illusion.
Now, with the completion of our introduction we wish to move into the details of bi-location. We will do this by taking you on a trial run. This trial will be a journey in your imagination. However, remember that your imagination is fifth dimensional thought. Therefore, your imagination is much more powerful than any form of third dimensional thought, as it is a merging of your multidimensional thinking with unconditional love.
We are fully aware that some of your journeys into your imagination are not based on unconditional love. However, in the case of bi-location it is your unconditional love that will assure that you journey into the fifth dimension and beyond. We are aware that many of you think you have never had an experience of unconditional love. However, if that were true, the resonance of this message would be of no interest to you. In fact, you would likely attach a negative label to it.
You see, this message is sent to you from the Arcturians and myself from the fifth dimension. Since unconditional love is totally intermingled with the fifth dimension, this communiqué is filled with the unconditional love for which you have all been yearning. If you had never experienced it, then why would you yearn for it? The answer is that you have experienced unconditional love, but it was usually unconscious to your 3D consciousness.
Therefore, we will state some examples of unconditional love. The true bliss and euphoria of unconditional love is usually only experienced while in deep meditation. These meditations may be while you are actually in a trance. However, they may be moving meditations in which you are involved in a creative action that activates your connection to your fifth dimensional SELF.
Whenever you connect with your SELF in the fifth dimension or beyond, you are immediately greeted with the “Hello, we have missed you too” of unconditional love. You may think that it is only you that misses your higher expression. However, we tell you now that your Higher Expressions also miss you. It is this “missing” that keeps them in constant contact with you. They all await your call and are ready to “give you a hand up into their frequency of reality.”
Your long journey through many incarnations in a physical, polarized world has always been over-lit by at least several of your Higher Expressions of SELF. In fact, one or more of these Higher Expressions of SELF will be your Greeter during your first experiences of bi-location. You see, dear ones, your ascension will be incremental. By this we mean that you will expand your primary perception, your point of attention, into the higher dimensions, back to the 3D, back to the higher dimensions, back to the 3D again and again.
Eventually, this back-and-forth point of perception will become more and more natural. After many rehearsals, you will KNOW your fifth dimensional SELF is with you while you are in your daily life. Thus, you will realize that you are actually in constant contact with your Multidimensional SELF. In fact, some expression of your higher dimensional SELF is ALWAYS over looking your daily life.
However, when you become lost in the difficult challenges of physical life you forget that you are NEVER alone. As you begin to focus on the FEEL of unconditional love, you will know that you are always protected. Then you can consciously FEEL this constant emanation of unconditional love infinitely flowing from your Higher Expressions of SELF. Thus, your first experiences of bi-location will be INTO a higher frequency of your own SELF. Beginning your bi-location back into your SELF will assure that you are enshrouded by the higher protection of your SELF to assure that you have a safe and amazing bi-location.
We are aware that many of you are in constant communication with an expression of your SELF. However, bi-location is different as you will be IN your higher expression. In this manner, you receive a conscious experience of BEING fifth dimension and BEING the living expression of unconditional love. Once you have lived unconditional love, you will always remember that FEEL.
The Arcturian and I, St. Germain will allow you some time to ponder our message. We will return soon to take you on your maiden voyage of bi-location into your Higher Expression of SELF.
St. Germain and the Arcturian

Suzanne Lie: Message from the Arcturians – Point of Perception, Part 2

Suzanne Lie: Message from the Arcturians – Point of Perception, Part 2.

Message from the Arcturians – Point of Perception, Part 2

By Suzanne Lie -December 24, 2012

Dear Ascending Ones,

We return to tell you more about your Point of Perception. We remind you to identify yourselves as ever expanding spectrums of perception. YOU are your Ascended SELF who watches over your Earth vessel from the higher dimensions. From that perspective you can preview the myriad versions of SELF who are incarnated on transmuting Earth.

YOU are also your Earth vessel who is interacting with the collective process of creating New Earth. Your physical self is similar to the “hook” at the end of the fishing pole that has been cast into the water. Your Ascended SELF is similar to the fisherman who holds the fishing pole. Your Ascended expression of SELF has full knowledge of all your lower frequency realities.

Because you have many physical expressions on Earth in this NOW, this fisherman has many fishing poles with many hooks in the water. When you think of your “self” as the small hook in a great ocean, you feel afraid and alone. However, if you think of the hook as another point of perception that is always attached to the fishermen, you feel empowered.

Your physical expression is a small “landing craft” that is exploring a world in which you can act independently but are still connected to your SELF who understands the entire situation. When you relax into being ONE with the hook in the water, you can experience being ONE with all the water/reality.

You are also ONE with the fisherman who has a higher point of perception. In actuality, each hook and each fisherman is a relay station. Each relay station gathers information from the lower frequency Points of Perception and sends that information up-line and shares it with a higher expression of SELF.

The experiences of being ONE with the water, the hook, the fishing line and the fisherman are all sent up-line all the way to Source. In this manner, Source is alive with the myriad experiences of life in form. Every perception that every life form has ever experienced is stored in the Cosmic Matrix of Source. Your experiences are also stored in the Akashic Matrixes that surround each plane and sub-plane of reality. Through your unconscious link with all the experiences of all your realities you can remember your unity with all life.

Now that the time and belief systems based on time are beginning to shift, your logical, sequential, individual perceptions are beginning to blend with the perceptions of the myriad Fishermen (Ascended Ones) and Hooks (Human Ones) in the Oceans (Planet).

With this blending of multidimensional perceptions, Planetary Unity Conscious is exponentially expanding. As Unity Consciousness continues to expand, your multidimensional concepts, communications and experiences will be shared with everyone via the ever-increasing wave of Unity Consciousness.

Much of your perception of time is emotionally based. If you are doing something that you do not want to do, time crawls along at a very slow pace. However, as the Unity Consciousness silently reminds you that YOU are your Higher SELF, you begin to remember that you have chosen to visit the physical plane. If you have chosen to visit this plane, then you can choose to do what you want to do. With this choice of doing what you want, time flies.

As hidden patents that make your life easier are released, and as funds horded by the few are shared with the many, the “shoulds” of your life will greatly decrease. Also, as your Unity Consciousness perceives our Galactic Presence as “normal”, we will be able to openly assist you to remember your multidimensional thinking, inter-dimensional travels and multidimensional communications.

When you remember to think multidimensionally, many of the problems that have created “work” in your life will be replaced with swifter, easier, more efficient methods. Also, when you recall your inter-dimensional travels, your adventures in myriad higher dimensional realities will infinitely expand your consciousness.

Then, you will return to share your multidimensional experiences with the Unity Consciousness. These travels to higher worlds will greatly improve your multidimensional communication, which you will also share with all by blending your experiences into the Unity Consciousness.

In the same manner, if someone is ill, the Unity Consciousness can heal them. If someone is angry, the Unity Consciousness can calm them with unconditional love. If someone is in need, there is an infinite vat of supplies, information, medicines and advice that is open to all. Words like boredom and work will leave your vocabulary, as will words like debt and illness.

Time is based on resistance. Hence, time does not exist in the same manner in realities that are NOT based on the hard boundaries and resistance of the third dimension. Instead, time in higher realities is based on the timeless Flow of the ONE. When there is nothing to resist, such as going to work, wishing to leave work, escaping traffic, fighting with your boss or mate, getting well and/or reaching your location, time will flow much as light flows.

Without the burden of third dimensional resistance, you will not need to sleep because you are tired. Instead, you sleep because you feel an inner call to visit a higher expression of your Being. Eventually, you will remember how to be in more than one reality at a time, and sleep will be replaced with meditation and bi-location.

Gradually, eating will also be replaced with breathing in multidimensional light. At first, you will eat less and less of certain foods. Then you will only eat the foods that you have not, yet, learned to metabolize from the light. Then, food will be a form of camaraderie, an old habit from your 3D days. Finally, food will be synonymous with light. Then no creatures or plants will be viewed as food. On the other hands, Earthlings/Terrains will continue to consume water long after they have released all “food”.

We hear you asking “When will this all happen?” Our answer is that this transition is not about when or even where it will happen. It is about the frequency to which you choose to resonate. Everything already exists in the NOW, but at different frequencies of resonance.

Fortunately, your choice of resonance will be much easier when you no longer need to hold resistance against invasion of fear-based emotions. In fact, individual consciousness has remained so separate in an attempt to not be tainted by the fear of others. However, “others” is a 3D concept to be replaced it with the 5D concept of “We are the sum of our parts. If there is fear in our Unity Consciousness, we will clear it from within our Multidimensional SELF.”

Therefore, working from within your Multidimensional SELF is the focus of creating New Earth. We Galactics are aware that many of you, especially those who have worked very hard toward the moment when ALL would be ascended, are struggling with life appearing the same.

We know that you were eager to find yourself instantly transported to a higher reality, consciously perceive us landing among you, turning on your television to see the announcement of the release of the many hidden patents, or the actuality of NESARA. However, your Unity Consciousness has chosen to be the conscious creators of New Earth.

Your long sojourn through physical Earth has taught you to be independent within the collective. Those who have become loving leaders because of your personal resolve to help others. Therefore, just as we have been silently helping our Ascending Ones, you have passed that gift along to help others who cannot perceive us.

The fact is that the Collective Consciousness of Earth has chosen to unite with your Higher Expressions before inviting us into your world. You, our Ascending Ones, realize that you want to “do it on your own.” Just as a child learns to ride a bicycle by their parent holding onto to the back and does not realize that their parent has let go, many of you have not realized that we let go of your Ascension because you have found your own balance.

We, your Expressions of SELF in higher worlds, do not want to diminish your great transformation by being present when you are totally ready to do it your SELF. We have found a safe street (cleared most of the dark ones) so that you are able to learn to find your OWN balance between your physical expression and your multidimensional life.

We have, also, taken away your dangerous toys (turned off all nuclear weapons) to give you more time to remember your SELF. Many of the hidden patents are indeed galactic, but many of them are also human inventions. These inventions were stolen from their creator, and the scientists were often killed. We will no longer allow this behavior. And, because YOU have asked us to level the playing field, we are not breaking the Free Will of your planet to assist in this manner.

Planetary Free Will is a consensus of the majority of the members of the planet. These members include all sentient beings and Gaia Herself. Therefore, the majority of Planetary Consciousness has asked us for assistance. The polarity of dark had grown too strong for the polarity of light to have a fair chance. Hence, we came to assist our descendants and friends in human disguise.

However, we are also aware that you, the Unity Consciousness of Gaia, want to cross the finish line on your own. To use a human term, we are very proud of our friends and descendants. We will proceed with our landings, but initially, it will be within your consciousness. In other words, we will help those who ask for our assistance.

We will support you as you remember how to visit your Higher Expressions of SELF on our Starships and in New Earth and guide you from within to be fully awake during your inter-dimensional journeys. We want you to know that we have fully opened our Corridor to all who wish to consciously visit your Galactic Family from the perspective of your Galactic SELF.

In other words, the fishing line that once separated the hook from the fishing pole now unites them. The YOU who is the Fisherman is multidimensional and perceives the waters of Earth from myriad dimensions and/or states of consciousness. This YOU (the Fisherman) is eager to share as many of these perceptions as you (the Ascending One) can accept and embrace.

The more you live from within and deeply connect with your SELF, the more you will remember that your physical body is just a form that you are wearing in order to participate in the creation of New Earth. However, you have many forms that your ONE consciousness creates, wears and stores on many realities within the NOW. YOU can never die. Your form may no longer be wearable, so your consciousness may need to temporarily release that expression.

However, you can create another expression to visit that reality whenever you please. As the members of Earth increasingly activate and perceive reality through their expanded perceptions, the illusions of time, separation and death will disappear. When a loved one dies, you will remember that they have merely decided to release that form. However, they are pure consciousness and cannot die. Therefore, what died was only the packaging, as the consciousness within the packaging is infinite.

With the release of more old habits of domination, the people of Earth will create the New, Multidimensional Earth. Of course, they are not actually creating Multidimensional Earth, as it was always there. What they will be creating is the safety to remember that there are myriad frequencies of Earth in which they can create, live and play.

All that you wanted to gain by Ascension is already inside of your Multidimensional SELF. As you raise your Point of Perception, you will discover that for your SELF. The Path is clear now and well lit from our end of our Corridor. The entrance to this Corridor is within your SELF. Close your eyes to perceive our Corridor with your Third EYE and use the unconditional love of your High Heart to open it.

Within you, we are ONE,

The Arcturians

SaLuSa October 17th, 2012

Do you realize that this year in particular you have grown in levels of consciousness to the point where you have more than balanced the dark energies. You have achieved it by attracting the Light to yourselves and grounding it upon Earth. It has helped to end the domination of the dark Ones who can only hope to create fear, and delay their inevitable defeat. They are not finished but now we can fully contain them and protect our allies. Their ultimate removal is therefore going to be a mere formality. They can longer look to the Reptilians for advice, and are but a pale reflection of what they used to be. It means that the final weeks before Ascension will not be as catastrophic as some of the older predictions indicated. Indeed, with the presence of the Galactic Federation of Light who have the authority to prevent any major setback, you are going to have a fairly comfortable ride for the rest of your journey.

Meantime we call upon all Lightworkers not to relax their efforts to forge ahead with the changes within their own communities. There is much you can do at a local level to help restore your sovereignty, and we note that there are moves to become more independent. We encourage this approach as it will lay down the foundation for what is to follow, when any laws and legislation taking away your rights will be reviewed. The cunning of the dark Ones has gradually taken them away without you realizing what has been happening. As you must know by now, you have all but been on the verge of total enslavement, but that is no longer possible. It will not be long before you are freed from the controls that have taken away your freedom.

Progress is always slow on Earth but is nevertheless still heading in the right direction. You will not have to wait much longer before events occur that will signal that the end times are really underway. We know you would have wished for our presence on Earth a lot earlier, but in the long run you will have lost nothing. All that you have been promised awaits you, and matters have long moved beyond the stage where the dark Ones can prevent them. What you have achieved so far without us is remarkable, and your awakening is still growing faster. It will make our appearance much easier for people to accept, and we are still talking with your leaders about it. Clearly we would rather do it with them, but we have set our own deadline for it. If necessary we will do our own thing to ensure disclosure takes place without too much delay.

We have much admiration for those Lightworkers who have worked hard at their missions, often without knowing how long they would have to do it. For everyone the end of duality comes ever closer, and they will learn that their hard work has paid off. Their dedication will be rewarded when they learn how much difference they have achieved, and understand how many souls they have helped evolve. After Ascension life will become so much easier, and there will be no conflict or negativity to deal with. If you can imagine what it is like to be with souls of a like kind, you will have some measure of how wonderful it will be. By then you will also have met with your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth who have long moved into the Light. There will truly be a time of great celebration and naturally we will also be a part of it.

You may be tiring and anxious to move out of duality, but you should intuitively know if your journey has been completed. The final days are going to be quite hectic for some of you, who still have karmic issues to finalize. Do what you know to be right as you cannot take anything of the old vibrations with you. It most likely applies to you in a very personal way, and if you are not sure about it try to find those quiet times when you can go within for the answers. You do in fact have all knowledge within, but normally do not remember to use it. Simply make sure that your ego does not get in the way and override your Higher Self, as it acts on behalf of your old self. In time you will of course have no problems with such issues, as you will have acquired a greater level of consciousness.

The power in the world still lies with you the people, which is why the Illuminati tried to take away your rights by false and foul means. It only takes sufficient of you to come together with a common purpose and strong intent, and you would be surprised to learn how much energy it carries. Thought is powerful, but it needs to be backed by belief if you are to have any chance of achieving your aims. Over a period of time you have contributed to different peace movements, and that has taken you so much nearer to gaining it. World peace must come and it will be declared before very long. Wars are like a pestilence and have achieved nothing but misery and debt amongst the nations involved. Think of the number of families torn apart by senseless war action and the loss of loved ones.

We can tell you that those serving their countries are becoming disenchanted by what they are experiencing. Also that as the consciousness levels rise so will the numbers of those who wish to leave the services. War is a brutal game and has become more devastating as technological advances are made in weaponry. Like everything else that has no place in the future, it cannot maintain its existence and must fall into disuse. You know, and we know that if the same energy had been put into achieving world peace, you would have had it many, many years ago. You could have been living in complete unity and enjoying a good standard of life, without poverty or need.

Of course the peace that we talk about is to be yours anyway, and will come much quicker than you might anticipate. We have been working with your authorities for a long time to bring it into being, and if possible we aim to bring it in before the year is out. It is something that we will be allowed to enforce, and have the capabilities to do so. Nothing can be hidden from us, and we will also know if we are being lied to when agreements are drawn up. We would consider that unlikely as by then the “right” people will be leading each nation. There is no time to play around with the future of you all, therefore we will only deal with those who are positive minded and have your best interests at heart.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank those who work diligently and honestly to bring back your freedom.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa October 15th, 2012

As we survey your world we find that your personal awakening is growing stronger, and people are more ready to speak amongst themselves about Ascension. There are obviously difficulties in conveying what it is going to mean to each individual, but at least a seed of knowledge is sown and it will grow. Naturally there are plans to give out information on a wide scale, to ensure that people understand what a wonderful opportunity is being given to every single soul. There will still be some disbelief or fear amongst those learning about Ascension for the first time, but when they see others greeting the news with open arms, they will feel more assured about their future. In reality people tend to herd together and your instinct tells you that there is safety in numbers.

It is within families that the most difficult problems are likely to occur, because where they are close knit they like to stay together. The chances are that they will have already planned to go into the future together. However, there will be instances where perhaps one member will be adamant about following their own feelings, that may be the opposite of what the others have accepted. In those circumstances you must allow that person to exercise their own freewill choice. Subconsciously every soul instinctively knows what is right for them, and clearly they must feel at ease with their decision. In general families with young children will find that they do progress together as one unit.

As we often remind you, the love bond where families or friends are concerned will ensure that there is always a link between them. So do not worry that you face permanent separation when one of you takes a different path. In the higher vibrations you can locate each other by thought, and at some point you will be able to travel anywhere instantaneously. In fact as you rise up there is a tendency to become involved in group activities, and as a group consciousness. Because there are no dark energies at those levels you will understand that every soul you meet has such a great love for every other soul. There is an immediate acceptance, trust and harmony between you all that comes from being at One with All That Is.

On Earth you often feel that you have to “fight” to establish yourself, and you cannot very easily determine who are your true friends. With rampant greed and corruption all around you it is hard to know who you can trust. That will soon be a thing of the past, and already those of the Light are drawing away from those who are not. It is the Law of Attraction at work and it is a quite natural response, and is why even now you gravitate to people with a very similar outlook. Indeed, when you have incarnated and agreed to work for the Light, you will very conveniently find your compatriots who have also done the same. You will “feel” more at home with some people rather than others, and that is because you have more in common. Clearly where your life plan is concerned, you are destined to meet certain souls who are also a part of it. That also extends to those who join in marriage, and it has not happened by chance.

In the higher realms you will have the ability to more easily identify with those who are you true brothers and sisters. Often it is because you have come from the same Star Civilization, and are serving in one of the Galactic Federations or Brotherhoods of Light. There are of course those souls who would rather serve with those who are still developing their scientific knowledge, and they are normally to be found on the different Councils that are involved with that aspect of evolution. So if that is your area of interest, it can continue. All knowledge is shared and is available to every soul, unlike on Earth where it is used to establish power over others. That is the main difference you will find when you ascend, and everything is available to all others without exception.

Dear Ones as we see you we find you worry unnecessarily, yet you have many helpers around you who will make sure your life is completed as you intended. You may nevertheless seek something more, but your life plan is really all that counts where your evolution is concerned. Your present one is the most important one, because you have determined what it is you need to finish up your time in duality. It may not be what you wished for but take it as it comes, as nothing happens of importance without some benefit to you. Also the end times are when you start to release anything connected with the lower vibrations. When you finally ascend you should only have a minimal amount of karma outstanding, and that will be written off.

In these final days we suggest you concentrate more on your personal journey, and know that everything else is being taken care of. Be assured when it counts you will see various events manifest the final changes that are in hand, even if you are unaware of the facts. Of course there are expectations of major changes and Disclosure is edging its way forward. The financial sector changes are high on our list, but it is a mammoth challenge to get it coordinated to avoid too much chaos in the money markets. In banking their malaise still worsens and as much as they try to overcome it, they have to face an inevitable collapse. That will be the signal for the new systems to be introduced that are ready and waiting.

It is your Ascension that is most important, and you should make sure you are ready and doing your best to help create the New Age around you. Live as you envisage things will be after you have ascended, and look upon all other souls as One with you. You are not expected be their keepers, but your kindness and love for your fellow souls will bring more Light to Earth. As we see you all the sight is most wonderful, as in such a short time you have created a great blaze of Light that is for all to see in the Universe. You have truly risen to the occasion and in some ways far more than was anticipated, and you are a credit to the Human Race. There were times when it looked as if you would not make it yet here you are on the verge of Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and congratulate you all for your part in achieving success. We love you all and proudly stand by your side, We are One.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


Three platforms have been connected and reconfigured to enable the complete Ascension Platform for Gaia. These platforms are 1) Inner Earth awakening, 2) sufficiently stable 3D-4D Earth platform, 3) Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity.

Although some question the necessity of 1), this awakening to their Higher Call was essential to the finalization of the Ascension Platform for Gaia.

Stable 3D-4D platform, namely, planet 3D structure, undermined for millennia, has been sufficiently stabilized for the next steps to the final Ascension Platform.

Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity is now complete. Sufficient individual awakened beings now present upon Gaia 3D surface to proceed with final steps.

These steps are to be unveiled in precise order, in precise timing with each of the Light Working Community which has been called to participate. They know who they are.

They will succeed. As Gaia has decreed.

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A Song for Our Galactic Friends & Family

A song for our Galactic friends & family

Lyrics to I Don’t Know :
I don’t know what you smoke or what countries you’ve been to if you speak any other languages other than your own but I’d like to meet you I don’t know if you drive if you love the ground beneath you I don’t know if you write letters or panic on the phone still I’d like to call you all the same, if you want to, I am game.

I don’t know if you can swim or if the sea has any draw for you if you’re better in the morning or when the sun goes down I’d like to talk to you I don’t know if you can dance if the thought ever occurred to you if you eat what you’ve been given or push it round your plate still I’d like to cook for you all the same, I would want to, I am game,If you walk my way and I could keep my head we could creep away in the dark or maybe not, we could shoot it down anyway.I don’t know if you read novels or the magazines if you love the hand that feeds you I assume that your heart’s been bruised I know I’d like to know you you don’t know if I can draw at all or what records I am into if I sleep like a spoon or rarely at all or maybe you would do? maybe you would doif I walk your way I will keep my head we will feel our way through the dark though I don’t know you I think that I would do I don’t fall easy at all

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Oracles and Healers

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Today please allow us to address some issues that may be causing confusion or concern for some.  Within the last few days you may have seen our name attached to some very differing messages.  You will please note that, and we do acknowledge these, you will not see any conflict between these sources.  We use as many channels as it takes to reach the widest possible audience and cover the greatest areas of concern.

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aisha north

Let us first of all start this missive by saying that for now, the waves have quieted down somewhat, and we hope you have all gotten your heads above the water yet again. It was an intense influx this last one, and as we foretold, it certainly brought its surprises to so many of you. We hope you have all gotten your breath back, and that you have started to go into just what you have been processing these last few days. It is important not to lose sight of the main goal here, namely the outcome of this process, because it is indeed very easy to get caught up in the undertow of symptoms. Let us explain.

For many, these last few days have been almost nightmarish, as you have had to battle challenges in such a way you have been almost at your wits’ end at times. We…

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