SaLuSa October 15th, 2012

As we survey your world we find that your personal awakening is growing stronger, and people are more ready to speak amongst themselves about Ascension. There are obviously difficulties in conveying what it is going to mean to each individual, but at least a seed of knowledge is sown and it will grow. Naturally there are plans to give out information on a wide scale, to ensure that people understand what a wonderful opportunity is being given to every single soul. There will still be some disbelief or fear amongst those learning about Ascension for the first time, but when they see others greeting the news with open arms, they will feel more assured about their future. In reality people tend to herd together and your instinct tells you that there is safety in numbers.

It is within families that the most difficult problems are likely to occur, because where they are close knit they like to stay together. The chances are that they will have already planned to go into the future together. However, there will be instances where perhaps one member will be adamant about following their own feelings, that may be the opposite of what the others have accepted. In those circumstances you must allow that person to exercise their own freewill choice. Subconsciously every soul instinctively knows what is right for them, and clearly they must feel at ease with their decision. In general families with young children will find that they do progress together as one unit.

As we often remind you, the love bond where families or friends are concerned will ensure that there is always a link between them. So do not worry that you face permanent separation when one of you takes a different path. In the higher vibrations you can locate each other by thought, and at some point you will be able to travel anywhere instantaneously. In fact as you rise up there is a tendency to become involved in group activities, and as a group consciousness. Because there are no dark energies at those levels you will understand that every soul you meet has such a great love for every other soul. There is an immediate acceptance, trust and harmony between you all that comes from being at One with All That Is.

On Earth you often feel that you have to “fight” to establish yourself, and you cannot very easily determine who are your true friends. With rampant greed and corruption all around you it is hard to know who you can trust. That will soon be a thing of the past, and already those of the Light are drawing away from those who are not. It is the Law of Attraction at work and it is a quite natural response, and is why even now you gravitate to people with a very similar outlook. Indeed, when you have incarnated and agreed to work for the Light, you will very conveniently find your compatriots who have also done the same. You will “feel” more at home with some people rather than others, and that is because you have more in common. Clearly where your life plan is concerned, you are destined to meet certain souls who are also a part of it. That also extends to those who join in marriage, and it has not happened by chance.

In the higher realms you will have the ability to more easily identify with those who are you true brothers and sisters. Often it is because you have come from the same Star Civilization, and are serving in one of the Galactic Federations or Brotherhoods of Light. There are of course those souls who would rather serve with those who are still developing their scientific knowledge, and they are normally to be found on the different Councils that are involved with that aspect of evolution. So if that is your area of interest, it can continue. All knowledge is shared and is available to every soul, unlike on Earth where it is used to establish power over others. That is the main difference you will find when you ascend, and everything is available to all others without exception.

Dear Ones as we see you we find you worry unnecessarily, yet you have many helpers around you who will make sure your life is completed as you intended. You may nevertheless seek something more, but your life plan is really all that counts where your evolution is concerned. Your present one is the most important one, because you have determined what it is you need to finish up your time in duality. It may not be what you wished for but take it as it comes, as nothing happens of importance without some benefit to you. Also the end times are when you start to release anything connected with the lower vibrations. When you finally ascend you should only have a minimal amount of karma outstanding, and that will be written off.

In these final days we suggest you concentrate more on your personal journey, and know that everything else is being taken care of. Be assured when it counts you will see various events manifest the final changes that are in hand, even if you are unaware of the facts. Of course there are expectations of major changes and Disclosure is edging its way forward. The financial sector changes are high on our list, but it is a mammoth challenge to get it coordinated to avoid too much chaos in the money markets. In banking their malaise still worsens and as much as they try to overcome it, they have to face an inevitable collapse. That will be the signal for the new systems to be introduced that are ready and waiting.

It is your Ascension that is most important, and you should make sure you are ready and doing your best to help create the New Age around you. Live as you envisage things will be after you have ascended, and look upon all other souls as One with you. You are not expected be their keepers, but your kindness and love for your fellow souls will bring more Light to Earth. As we see you all the sight is most wonderful, as in such a short time you have created a great blaze of Light that is for all to see in the Universe. You have truly risen to the occasion and in some ways far more than was anticipated, and you are a credit to the Human Race. There were times when it looked as if you would not make it yet here you are on the verge of Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and congratulate you all for your part in achieving success. We love you all and proudly stand by your side, We are One.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


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  2. The Week Ahead ~ 10 15 2012
    **Wisdom Coming from Inner Core** Rev. Angela Peregoff

    “Light is light. It is frequency in motion. The wisdom of Light is clear and pure. If you intend to find freedom, Light highlights all of your not-Light creations of constraint and limitations before you so that you can embrace the gift of choice. If you seek love, Light shines on the many non-Light masks of Love until you come to know love of Self. If you desire happiness, Light is ever so steady in its persistent glare of your not-Light shadows until you have shed all that is not authentic to your individual nature … bottom line … the choice of Self in authenticity is the expression of Light itself.”

    There is no rest for the weary on Planet Earth as progressive codes of purple-magenta fire open your “inner space”. . For if you remember, last week I forewarned about the high-minded, experimental, intuitive and universally-aware Divine energy headed our way, and peaking, during mid-October. The energy will be amplifying our spiritual qualities of creatorship and power. Take this week to consciously let go and embrace the unknown, deeper perceptions that Light can create through a devoted human. Cultivate a quiet, peaceful, and serene disposition as a Crown-to-1st chakra refinement comes online attempting to add to a global sense of calm and understanding rather than belligerence and animosity. Therefore, go out of your way to establish the knowing that you are a multi-faceted, versatile creative Spiritual maverick who can utilize all the cosmic promptings of the Universe to reach the promise land of Soul-embodied stardom.

    The Universe is shining along a vast spectrum of wavelengths right now, so indulge and dive right in while the getting is good. S-o-o-o-o-o many are opening to their higher possibilities on the spiritual pathways during this time of transition and change. And this week there is an emulation of inner wisdom that seeps up from the Inner Core and guides the individual that listens. Most of the time we experience information, such as this article, as something external working into our auric field and in through our energy bodies. Intend this week to be one of the souls that perceives a different resonance of wisdom; one that moves from the inner corridors of your heart and out through the natural abode of your being. That latest spiritualization of Self is the newest natural balance that the collective is anchoring at this time.

    All that anyone needs to utilize this newest reference point is awareness. All Truth and All Wisdom lies within. Each soul brings the I AM to express uniquely through their earth incarnation and humanity is slowly dissolving the notion that the highest degrees of consciousness are gained by external assets. Earlier generations of humanity had to follow the progressive evolutionary stage of looking to external sources for their highest purpose. Currently intuition, imagination, and inner guidance unfolds at gracious speeds and we no longer need an emperor government or holy church to instruct us to the higher purpose of life.

    The present transformation only requires a diving into the depths of Self to reap rewards. It happens with great integration of intentional activity. It is owning that which you are, and allowing that which you are not, to simply fall away. When we truly heal our perceptions of reality, we will make profound leaps in seeing the world is not haphazardly created by outside energies but instead from the host of Truth and Wisdom that we are. A messenger of Spirit moving through cellular biology that is not satisfied just to go to work, to do what it is told, to perform to another’s expectations, to value itself based on what others perceive or to believe the tenants of human hierarchy.

    No, Spirit is here to illumine the space it travels upon and as Spirit we have been working overtime to release the density of false identification. To truly experience the Self as whole and complete, and then to advocate the principles of Divine Creation as a language that is understood by all. As each is able to know, to distinguish, and to discern the mystery and intrigue of the power behind the throne of their own consciousness life becomes a masterful movement of creativity. We are vast beyond our ability to remember. And we are vast beyond our ability to see, or measure. We are not just humans ascending but we are stars and galaxies and universes in training! We have not evolved from the primordial sludge of the earth; we have come from the beginning-ness of All.

    Each of us has our own specific ways that we incorporate and run the heightened upgraded frequencies that Gaia is receiving. You may feel the physical-ness of the vibrations as the “newer” settles in at the body level. Purging and aligning with the activation of greater Inner Wisdom may collect in head/spine/sacral regions of the physical. Remember, an over concentration of latest energy coming into your field will present in the crown chakra as headaches, fuzzy thinking, lightheadedness, tight bands, spaciness and so forth as we begin to interpret a unified internal Wisdom through new pathways of thinking, or reflection. The nervous system is another area where I have been anchoring the stronghold of this recent opening. I often feel as though I am going to jump out of my own skin as these hypersonic waves ripple through my electrical system.

    For some though the integrations are less obvious, so how will you know if you’re with the “in” crowd? The best indicators of energetic change are shifts in your behaviors and attitudes. Either one, or both, of these reflect an actualization of a new divine pathway.

    You’ll know you are anchored in to these New phases of wisdom when you:

    -Always align with your highest truth. Trusting your Higher Self’s inspirational nudgings, which are usually the first impulses or answers you receive to a question or situation. You instinctively know that despite your worries and challenges that you are not less guided now – you are remembering your true empowerment.

    -Your response to all situations, whether positive or negative, will always be enfolded and projected in loving energy. You understand that the world you live in changes as you change your focus. You choose the love-filled view over negativity.

    -Your lessons and challenges become more subtle and are usually not as dramatic or as far off “center.”

    -Allow yourself to feel and express whatever emotions you are experiencing, but analyze and resolve them within your own sacred space. You speak and share only to clarify or clear up a misunderstanding, and always share your thoughts through a filter of love and compassion. That is the way of a master.

    -Receive with as much love and enthusiasm as when you give to others.

    -Shut off your “mental auto pilot” and become the director of your journey and your experiences. You understand negative, critical thinking is composed of lower, disruptive frequency patterns and so you intentionally seek thoughts, vibrational patterns and sounds that are uplifting and empowering.

    -Begin to think with your “whole brain,” meaning both your linear, analytical outward- focused left brain along with your intuitive, creative, inward-focused right brain. This means on any given project you are balancing both the male and female aspects of creation and tapping into your Light genius potential, which is attuned to manifesting all things into creation from the Divine Mind.

    No matter how you source the newest strong, vibrant network of Wisdom be ready to break away from thinking that insists you cannot follow your heart for indeed we have entered a space where the heart is center stage. Its purpose is to invite the human kingdom into the expanded portals of the genuine interdimensional Self so that we can shift out of questioning and get into living!

    Tickled by the day-to-day splendors of this time, ~Rev Angela


  3. Good morning STC! Hope you’re all doing great!
    Just thought I’d give you an update on the Iberian wolf fund raising campaign I told you about some time ago. Well, they didn’t manage to get all the money, but enough to pay for a part of the total, which means they have a good head start and can buy the whole place in a few years time (although I believe they won’t reeeeeally have to buy the property in the coming years ;-)). So, here’s a big thank you to all those who sent their good vibes and/or donations to this noble cause ♥ 🙂 ♥

  4. Btw, did anyone hear the joke last week? The European Union got this years’ Nobel prize for… peace! 😐 I try to laugh about this or else I’d be crying my heart out…

  5. I see the Nobel Peace Prize as an expression of intent rather than an expression of the current situation. And at the very least maybe it will guilt-trip some of the politicians into changing course… ♥

    What they awarded it to Obama for was giving people hope of a better future. As I recall, at the time the US was in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and he had only been a few months in office.

    • I see and understand your point, but being on this side of the world (Europe) I tend to see the EU as a kind of ‘gangster society’ to say the least (including the offers you *can’t* refuse…). But yes, maybe this will awake a few minds 🙂

  6. Message from the Angels

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    We know you are loving beings. We know that, given an ideal world you would treat everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect. We know that this kind of treatment is what you desire from others as well. At this time on your earth while there is beautiful energy streaming in and fantastic opportunity for those willing to clear their minds and hearts and focus on creating, there is also incredible chaos for those unwilling to take charge of their minds and hearts in this fashion. Whatever is unhealed is being revealed, and thus you are seeing not only great wonder and beauty in the hearts of humanity, but also an acting out of the wounded child within many others.

    As loving souls, we know you do not want to perpetuate the pain in the world, and yet so many of you are puzzled about how to deal with unkind behaviors, insensitive words or actions, and at times the poison darts of angry words that those in pain aim in your direction. our advice is simple. in the words of one of the most loving to ever walk the planet earth, “turn the other cheek.” Turn away from unkindness. Look to something better. If someone aims anger or unkindness at you, walk away, remain silent, or if you can turn away from their darkness and respond with your love. There is no need to reply at all, unless you can turn to a more loving reality. All you need to say is, “I see you are hurt. I see you are angry. I see you are in pain. Let us talk later when this discussion can be rooted in love.” You do not even have to say that out loud. Say it to their souls, and turn the other cheek, walk away or remain silent.

    If someone behaves in an unloving or unkind manner, choose to either respond with love or don’t respond at all. There is never a need to dignify unkind behavior with a response. There is never a need to “prove a point.” If you feel you must make a point do so with no intention other than to express your own point of view. Trying to get an angry person to agree with you is a useless endeavor, and although most of you know this, humanity has engaged in great battles and even wars over such attempts.

    So dear ones, you do not have to engage in a dance with the darkness of the world. You can exist in your light. You can turn away from that which is angry and unkind without a need to respond unless absolutely necessary. Even then, you can do so with loving firmness, much as a parent would say to a child throwing a tantrum, “I love you but you must go to your room now.”

    You are the lights in the world dear ones. Let your light shine!

    God bless you. We love you so very much.
    –– The Angels

    Message from Ann

    Hi All

    I drive frequently and am often amazed by how people in cars think it is ok to behave in ways they would never dare to exhibit in person. Rarely have I had someone in a long line in the grocery store rush up and come so close they could nearly push me into another, but it happens often in traffic. I have never had someone bypass me speeding on foot just to jump in line ahead of me, but it is a common occurrence on the road. And while such behaviors re irritating, the angels have taught me to either, bless the angry drivers or ignore them. I often do the sign of the cross over cars that speed past me at 90mph and pray that they don’t kill anyone! And when a truck comes up so close behind me that I have nowhere to go, I turn up the radio and sing happy songs! I would change lanes if I could, but sometimes that isn’t possible and so I am stuck choosing either to be irritated or to ignore the offensive driver. They might not like it, but I can at least choose a more loving behavior.

    These are a small examples. Often in my office, people are angry at someone in their lives who has been unthinkably cruel. They yell at me, but I know they’re just venting. The angels and I send them a lot of love while we are listening, because we know they are in a lot of pain.

    It is harder to “turn the other cheek” when the anger is aimed at you in person, but it still works. Walk away or listen without response… and send love. I have listened to hurting souls target me with their pain, often attacking me personally. If I say anything at all I say, “I hear you and I’m sorry.” The apology doesn’t come because I’ve done anything wrong. I am truly sorry that they are hurting. On occasion, I’ve said, “I’m a loving person and deserve kinder treatment,” but I have said it gently and without fail it has been heard.

    The angels have taught me that angry people just want to be understood. They want someone to see and understand their pain. They want acknowledgment for what they have been through, or for you their point of view. Sometimes you are up for giving them this gift and other times you are not but the trick is to remain honest with yourself about what feels like the right response. For example, when people I care about are angry, I listen and try to understand. When people I don’t know attack me, I typically don’t respond. There are times I set a boundary. Just last week someone tagged me in an unkind post on Facebook, which mean her unkind post appeared on my page. While this soul had a right to her expression, I exercised my right to take it off my page. I have no desire to participate in the unkindnesses of this world and it was ok to say “no” to that type of thing.

    So do your best not to engage in the unkindnesses of the world. Set boundaries and acknowledge your own right to exist in a loving space, and when you can’t leave an unkind situation, either respond lovingly or remain silent.We can remain in our light no matter what is around us… and it sure feels better!

    Have a light filled week!

  7. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    13 Ix, 2 Tzec, 9 Eb

    Dratzo! We return with more to discuss. Presently, several areas of activity are being brought to completion, forming the foundation of your new reality. As we informed you recently, your world is based on the original legitimacy of certain institutions dating back thousands of years. The individuals who represent these ancient power bases are in the process of creating new documents that will constitute the legal platform for your new form of governance. A series of meetings whose sole agenda is to focus on the complexities of creating a new world are currently underway. Try to imagine the intricacies involved in such an undertaking! Our sacred allies are uniting the ancient foundations of many tribal nations with that of the old monarchies of Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Numerous documents need to be discussed, modified, and interwoven into a specific prototype that renders invalid and thus unseats the current de facto regimes of your world. This authentication process needs to be done properly and in the right order in order to confer legitimacy on this lofty goal.

    Our sacred associates understand that what they are doing is producing a legal fusion of the elements that form the essential ‘scaffolding’ of modern nation-states, whilst also bringing up-to-date the legitimacy of present global tribal governance. What are required are documents that honor common law concepts while forging a new and unique form of global governance. Ultimately, this operation will change the basic concept of government as you know it. Your present indirect (representative) system of governance needs to change via a well-thought-out transfer of power to enable true transparency in government to come into being. The aim is to establish a judicious ‘people-power’ contract with you. The great thinkers of the late 18th century created documents that achieved this within the context of their times. Now it is necessary to modernize these documents as part of the process of preparing you for your grand shift in consciousness. This is just one of the tasks presently being accomplished behind the scenes.

    As you know only too well, you live in a society that constantly threatens basic human rights and this taint is no longer viable. You are also on the brink of forming a true galactic society. You need government documentation that is flexible enough to reflect your growing needs as you morph from your present state of consciousness into your fully conscious one. The first step is to restore all that the dark cabal has illegally taken from you; the next, is to enlarge the body politic to include your Agarthan kin and us. Your world is moving swiftly through a series of inevitable, Heaven-decreed events which will disassemble the evil that this global cabal has put in place over the last few centuries. Your economies are crumbling and the cabal’s system of carefully selected leaders is failing to save this group from the multi-faceted catastrophe that it has brought about over the past half-decade. Behind the disintegrating facade a new epoch for humanity is taking shape and it is a process that needs to be supported and actively promoted. Many things, and especially disclosure, need to be brought out from the shadows.

    What our sacred allies are doing is thus much more than merely replacing an illegally appointed series of governments. They are opening up your reality to the changes you so desperately require. Heaven has chosen this time for a radical altering of your consciousness, which is being carried out in a series of steps that have taken over two decades to reach this point. The next phase is to be done rather rapidly, which is why we have come to set up a first-contact mission for a world that currently does not meet any of our normal criteria for contact. Once you become fully conscious, you will require our immediate mentoring and advice on how to swiftly create your own galactic society. For nearly two decades, we have been watching and assisting both you and Gaia, and carefully interacting with those on your world who are dedicated to changing how your societies function. The transformation is both spiritual, based upon the decrees of Heaven, and technological; about a century’s worth of sequestered devices are to be released.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with news about a number of events that are soon to happen in your reality. Long ago, we were put on this Earth to provide a means for the Light to prepare humanity for distant change in its reality. Over the millennia we have grown both in number and wisdom. Our mission has remained the same; that is, to be messengers and mentors to every surface human. In recent months we have been joined by Ascended Masters from every corner of this galaxy. A grand covenant among us has forgathered to bring this realm to the Light! Together with our sacred associates we forged a bond to enable us to use our abilities to change this realm and oust the dark from the vast power it still retains. This task is reaching a most exciting point. Certain actions are ready to begin which will lead to success in our many ventures.

    As we mentioned in previous reports, our sacred secret societies are now working with a number of groups which represent the origins of your present power structure and those who have long kept the wealth of past ages in their care. These individuals and groups have come together to begin building upon the work that our sacred associates started decades ago. Various legal decisions have been put forth which set the stage for several documents to possess now the power of law. These ‘anchor documents’ are just the beginning. Many others are ready to be processed, which will establish the legalities for the global governmental changes that we intend to manifest. What is being created is a chain of documents that leaves the dark no alternative except to resign. The other issue being pursued is putting an end to a decaying financial system. The end is indeed near!

    Our blessed task is to see that what we have described actually happens. This reality is being squeezed, suffused with Light, and transformed by Heaven. We dearly require a move upward in consciousness. What we are doing with our sacred associates is to ensure that Heaven’s edicts are truly manifested upon this realm. We work therefore with joy and determination as we prepare the dark ones for their inevitable exit from power, despite their ongoing commitment to finding a way out. In fact, there is none. A new timeline is being set which requires their immediate resignation; hence our blessed resolve. This drama is set shortly to end. A new reality is rising, which needs new governance, prosperity, and a formal disclosure. It is time for the surface world to rejoin galactic humanity by returning to its natural state of divine service and full consciousness.

    Today, we used this message to inform you about what is brewing on your world. Many different activities are taking place that are bringing in the longed-for great changes. These will prepare you for a full disclosure and your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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