Konstantinos: Iltheos-About the weather upheavals and the Divine help


My greetings and my heartfelt Love to all the people of Earth, to the rest of the life on Earth and to Gaia herself.

We are aware about the fear and concern that many of you feel, mainly those who live on areas where currently turbulent weather conditions are manifested. These cases are another chance, in order to be dealt with mutual cooperation between the souls on and in Gaia and your Galactic and Divine Families.

Each one exists currently on a specific position through which, he/she/it offers his/her/its services. All of us, regarding the Galactic crews, we do whatever we can in the allowable limits that we have in mind. Never a situation is so simple regarding its structure, comprehension and odour. Same goes with the current cases of the weather upheavals.

A part of these weather manifestations is due to means that are used from those members of the ‘Dark Elit’ and the other, is due to the process of  cleansing of the ‘heavy’ frequency energies that are arised from the concerns and negative emotions of the collective consciousness of the population on the surface of Gaia.

At this moment, I am with other members of my civilization on a ship, Nanshanna, which among with others, is used for the decrease of the consequence of the intense weather conditions. This process happens simultaneously with our access to the Life Contract of each individual.


When we receive the encouragement to intervene more, then we do so without a second thought and we act respectively when it is about the devotion of the Contracts of persons, and beings generally, whose case in these current upheavals is about his/her departure from the physical level. We are not allowed to do anything in this occasion.

By being part of the higher dimensions, we do not feel or have the urge to move from the one sentimental end to the other. You could say that we are just in a constant situation of coolness. Of course we answer to the vibration of Happiness, but to the point where it allows us to maintain the feeling of Unity. But we are not without emotions. Knowledge does not replace the Heart. Love and Compassion continues to exist.

Honestly, we embody our whole Being, this part of our infinite multidimensional existence that is necessary for this case, to our spaceships, in order to offer, as much as possible, the best and most beneficial outcome for all the sides. All these, always along with the observance of the Universal Laws, otherwise, things  for you and us, would turn indescribably worst and a Cosmic Imbalance would start to unfold. Words cannot describe this completely and in this case, it is better that way.

Use your own ships, your bodies combined with the force of your Will and with all your Heart and cast your rays where they are needed. We are together in this, as in many other things too…as in many things that will follow.

I am sending you Love and Courage and as always, we continue this time too, to be on your side. Feel our hug Beloved Ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

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