Well lads… Ive finally landed on this island full of history and mystery.

It was a rough journey, but ive landed in one piece.

When studying the history of the quiet little

beach town Ive gotten a house on, I remembered the tale of Loftus hall.

I can see it from the small hill I live on known as Hook View.

Its a bit of a long story, but Ill keep it short. (from wikipedia):

Loftus Hall is a large mansion house on the Hook peninsula, County Wexford, Ireland that is said to have been haunted both by the deviland by the ghost of a young woman…

Charles Tottenham and his family came to live in the mansion in the middle of the 18th century. Charles Tottenham’s first wife had been the Honourable Anne Loftus.

Charles came for a long stay in the house with his second wife, and his daughter Anne from his first marriage. During a storm, a ship unexpectedly arrived at the Hook Peninsula, which was not far from the mansion. A young man was welcomed into the mansion. Anne and the young man became very close. Then, one night they were in the parlour; when the young man dropped a card on the floor and Anne went to pick it up she glanced under the table and noticed that the young man had a hoof in place of a foot.

It is said that Anne screamed and the man went up through the roof, leaving behind a large hole in the ceiling. Anne was in shock and was put in her favourite room in the mansion, which was known as the Tapestry Room. She refused food and drink and sat with her knees under her chin until she died in the Tapestry Room in 1775. It is said that when she died, they could not straightin her body as her muscles had seized and she was buried in the same sitting position in which she had died. A rumour states that the hole could never be properly repaired, and it is alleged that even to this day, there is still a certain part of the ceiling which is slightly different from the rest.”

The story has been called a myth among other things, but never the less, the island surrounding my new home has an eerie feeling indeed. I was speaking with Trevor (dreamwalker) about this via email when I first landed an began reading the stories late into the night (as you do as a woman alone in a big empty house on a hill at 3 am) the minute I began reading about it… the storm of all storms rushed in, The rest of what transpired is in the following videos… Enjoy ūüėČ

taking on the loftus storm part 1:

defeating the storm part 2:

the storm… aftermath:

the conclusion:

I can see it is going to be interesting here indeed.

I am also quite intrigued about all of the connections that Ireland has with Egypt and the Pharaoes.

I believe lisawolfke and others were speaking about this with me once.

I am interested in hearing others thoughts about Scota and her being buried on the Tara mound.

I plan a trip there soon… I will def be bringing a video camera with me for that one too.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.




Irish Legends …. Calming the Storm


Day of Decision 10-21-2012

It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands!

Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, on the Day of Decision at the beginning of the second Window of Opportunity. Masses will gather and make a decision for the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of all dark forces so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.
Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will help to activate the Plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our activation on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence.
Make this viral! Share it worldwide. Please post in on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube
The critical mass for this activation to have desired effect is about 118,000 people worldwide actually doing it with focus. If we consider that human concentration skills are not perfect, we need 144,000 people as the critical mass. But to read about it is one thing and actually do the decision itself is completely another.
I would encourage as many people as possible to actually participate, although it may be in the early morning hours in your part of the world. The Cabal has understood the power of free will and decisions well. They were using their free will to make negative decisions for humanity. This is how they were able to keep us under control for so long.
Now humanity needs to take its power back. We need to utilize our own free will and make positive decisions for ourselves. When the critical mass of people does that, change will come.
We will all be doing this activation at the same time on October 21st/22nd. Exact times for different time zones are:


3:30 pm HAST October 21st (Hawaii)
5:30 pm AKDT October 21st (Alaska)
6:30 pm PDT October 21st (Los Angeles)
7:30 pm MDT October 21st (Denver)
8:30 pm CDT October 21st (Houston)
9:30 pm EDT October 21st (New York)
10:30 pm BRT October 21st (Rio de Janeiro)
2:30 am BST October 22nd (London)
3:30 am CEST October 22nd (Paris)
3:30 am SAST October 22nd (South Africa)
4:30 am MSK October 22nd (Bulgaria)
5:30 am MSK October 22nd (Moscow)
7:00 am IST October 22nd (India)
9:30 am CST October 22nd (Beijing)
10:30 am JST October 22nd (Tokyo)
11:30 am AEST October 22nd (Sydney)


If your place is not listed, you can find world time zones maps here:




1.       Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2.       Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then make an unconditional decision that our planet WILL be liberated and people WILL be set free.

3.       Visualize ways how YOU can contribute to the liberation process. Discover your talents and make a decision about how you will use those talents towards our final goal of setting people and our planet free. Make a decision that you will support other people dedicated to this process so that we are stronger together.


After the Day of Decision you will have many opportunities to implement your decision in your daily life. You will be guided by your inner voice how to do that.
Know that your dedication will be tested in real life.
Some outer circumstances or non-physical negative entities might try to make you change your mind.


The key here is simply to stick to your decision regardless of the external circumstances.


Each person making a positive decision towards the planetary liberation will make a valuable contribution towards the Victory of the Light.


Disclaimer: the date of this activation (October 21st) is most likely NOT the date when the Event will be taking place.
Updates about the Day of Decision:


Konstantinos: A Message of Love and Light from the Vegan Lozet of the Ashtar Command

[Hello dear friends. Much later after midnight, I decided to meditate for a while and asked if someone from the Ashtar Command would like to transfer a message through me.I was holding my crystals and asked AA Michael’s protection. Then, I saw a hall with some figures, the one who were standing in front of me was willing to communicate with me.

Initially, I couldn’t understand if it was a male, female, androgynous, human or humanoid but after a while, the characteristics started to be revealed. It was a beautiful woman and then, with a little¬†help¬†from my pendulum, after some unsuccessful attempts to receive her name, I got ensured for her name which is Lozet. She is from Vega. Later, I made her portrait.After some hour since I woke up, I received the following message. The connection was so strong and beautiful that my body was trembling from excitement. Her energy is so wonderful! Enjoy the message.]

I am greeting all the humans and creatures of the other kingdoms of Gaia, including Gaia herself. My respect and admiration for this world is beyond description and is constant. Of course, I am not referring to cases like war, corruption, starvation, animal torture and pollution. Even if there are reasons for these situations, it does not mean that I agree with or enjoy them.No. For these cases and many other reasons, me and the rest of the crews of the Ashtar Command, we admire you and we honor your courage by being incarnated in conditions of Duality.

I am Lozet. I exist energetically in the Sixth Dimension and I originate, currently, from the star that you call Vega, in the constellation that you know as Lyra.There are sources in your world that contain some information for the residents of Vega. Information like the special structure of our skin for protection from the ultraviolet rays, the dark skin color, the brunet and black hair and other things. Personally, since that I, and other beings of Light, am able to control my molecule structure, I prefer the color fluctuations of white and platinum, that is why my hair are not like the rest of the Vegans’s. No, there are not dualistic characteristics of compare of any kind. We enjoy the variety, but this does not mean that we are identified with our bodies.

The ability to change your physical structure will be one of the many things that will be common knowledge between you and they will consist part of your daily life. Many admirable technologies, a small part of which will be distributed in a very short space of time in your world, will arise from the fortunate union of Spirituality and Science. This channel, since yesterday, received a picture in his mind of a unique device which looks like a belt. This belt is able to absorb a part of the Love Essence of the owner, and then, this energy can be externalized, with thought, from the buckle to the individual across. The result for the person will be the feeling of calm and safety.

In no way this device violates the Free Will of the individual and is used when it is necessary, in order to take place a smooth conversation between people of the Command and a being of a Duality world. When we are on mission and we have little time to accomplish it, then we use similar devices, which do not cause harm of any kind and do not control or manipulate the mind of a person. These and many other things you will come to know during the process of Reunion and Remembrance, regarding your relationships with your Galactic Families. What a great and fortunate day it will be, when Gaia with her population will be integrated in the Federation of the Enlightened Worlds! I promise you that there will not be any moment that you will feel bored, that there will not be any moment that will be like the respected ones of your current lifetimes in the Third Dimension.

You, who wish to follow the Transmigration, do not fear for your current professions. Because by coming in your New Age, the issue is not about survival, but about Joy and Happiness. For example, those scientists with an open Heart, will be given the chance to adjust themselves in new scientific fields of knowledge through which, they will carry out safe and harmless experiments. Music, art, the care of the ecosystem, the service to Galactic Crews which do not resemble at all your military forces and much more, will be available to you and completely revised. You will have the choice to use your thought or technology or your own hands in order to create and materialize something, whatever that will be. There will not be competition of any kind as you have known it so far.

Your senses will be heightened and the perception of the Spirit through you, will arise naturally and you will be able to realize in every moment the multidimensionality of every existence, including yours too. You will enjoy the Life Itself by being fully conscious in every step of yours. And whatever will arise from you, action or child or speech or technology or art, will have Life. Because everything are alive, but you will be able to feel and realize this, instantly. All of our ships that you see in your skies, are alive! I, with others, have taken the assignment for the design and the appearance of the scout ships of the Command, by determining all of their details depending on each one‚Äôs purpose. I am proud for my creations and I honor them for honoring us with their existence and cooperation. There is nothing without a palm of Life and the term ‚Äėloneliness‚Äô will not exist in the vocabulary of your thoughts.

The purpose of this review of your future lives, is to co-create with your visualizations about your future societies that will reflect the Galactic Template. The nationalities and dialects will not be a ‚Äėproblem‚Äô anymore. Because, one of the things that we have observed, is the fact that your collective situation looks like a gathering of many different worlds upon one! But this did not stand to you as an obstacle for you to be together so far on this planet. Decide now to continue this situation but reverse its base and replace it with the one of Love and Unity. Your brothers and sisters from the Inner Cities of Gaia will acknowledge and teach to you all these, again, with patience and family Love. We see you as our younger brothers and sisters, for who we visualize the miracles that you are and your arising with greatness from the lotus of solitude, in order for you to make known your Rebirth and to announce the message of the creation of a unprecendented and unique Space Nation, the Earth Nation.

Your New World will begin to arise more openly through the expected political incidents in the United States. This year will leave you with a totally different impression and mixed feelings. But the Happiness of those who know will be inevitable, intense and will look like the brightest star, the brightest beacon upon the dark landscape of ignorance on your planet. The Light givers shall continue their Divine Work, their reward is not far anymore. My and the Command’s warm congratulations for those who bring and represent the Light in these moments of your upheavals. Offer a little of your Light to the rest of your fellow people and give them the choice for Reunion with their True Self and us.

I feel honored that I was able to transfer my words to you. I Love you as my younger brothers and sisters that you are and I expect with anticipation our future partnership. I am sending you my Light through the Collective Light of the Ashtar Command. Peace and Harmony to be always on your side.


As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:


SaLuSa ~ October 19, 2012

SaLuSa 19-October-2012

Here we are on the verge of a great episode in your journey through duality, that will end with those who are ready to ascend leaving your present dimension. It does not mean that everything will change at once, but it will result in you being elevated to a higher dimension where you are with other souls of a similar vibration. It will ensure a life in which you experience a close harmony and joyful relationship with all souls. The harshness and confrontation you experience now will disappear for good, as those beings who cause such problems are not ready to ascend. Ascension is for those of you who have awakened to their true selves, and aspire to lift themselves up. When you can accept all others as One with you, and live your life in the manner of giving out Unconditional Love you are a perfect example of one who is ready.

If you do not consider yourself to be ready but nevertheless wish to ascend, focus on raising yourself up by doing your best to succeed. You will almost certainly do so as at this time, there are massive inputs of energy to your world and you will attract them to yourself. You will know it is happening as few souls can receive the energy without feeling the affects. It can be felt as a slight dizziness and a general feeling of lightness within your body. There are other conditions that may lead you to believe that you area about to fall ill, but will soon pass without any affect. You will certainly find yourself able to remain controlled when faced with disruptive forces, and it is the taming of the emotions that will enable you to reach such a level. At the same time you will be a model example to others who will benefit from your presence.

The Light as ever continues to grow exponentially, and is carrying you forward faster than ever. It will meet its optimum level on the 21st. December 2012 and will trigger the Ascension of Mother Earth and all those souls that are ready to go with her. By then you will have been re-assured about the safety and future of those who take a different path, and all happens as it should according to Universal Law. Put simply it states that no soul can move upwards until they have reached a similar vibration. All are cared for and by the time Ascension comes round, each one will be aware of what is to take place. As a cycle ends there are natural changes, that open up the next phase of your journey that endeavors to take you higher. The opportunities are always there for every soul.

To some extent life continues as before, but already you see the signs of change that are inevitable. How much suffering occurs depends on your Governments. and how quickly they adopt the new ways that are being offered to them. Military might will not delay the changes, although the Illuminati proposed to use it against us if we attempted disclosure and appeared on your Earth. We can easily deal with such threats but do not wish to create conditions that may rebound upon you. We are all for disclosure as soon as possible but it must be against a peaceful background. However, it may come when you least expect it, as there is more than one country that will back such an announcement.

You have been patient for such a long time and that is appreciated, but know that events must get underway very, very soon. We are ready and rely on our allies to prepare the ground so that we can follow on. Until then proceed as normal and take things as they come a day at the time. In time all of your needs will be taken care of, even though some of you will bear more of the inconvenience than others. We are well aware of what is likely to happen, and will not let matters get out of hand. We have looked after you and guided your path for a very long time, and we have a greater presence now than ever before. We are still unable to de-cloak more of our craft until we have removed the threat against us. Once it is however, we shall put on a glorious display to greet you all.

In the early days of UFO sightings we regularly contacted what you would call “ordinary individuals” yet even so their experiences were deliberately held back from you. We even took them on trips around your Solar System, proving that other planets had intelligent life on them, and still attempts were made to suppress the details. With disclosure the evidence will be totally undeniable as you are introduced to humanoids from not just your system, but from other star systems. We have been separated from you for far too long, and share your excitement at the thought of meeting you.

The Galactic Federation of Light is not in any way a military set up, but within the Universe there are forces that we need to protect ourselves against. They are mostly the dark Ones of the Reptilian group, but we hasten to add that there are others of peaceful intent. In your Galactic history there are many stories of mighty wars between civilizations. However, that era has passed and peace has been declared between the warring factions, and part of our duty is to ensure it is kept. On your Earth there is still evidence of their visits, but they are not always recognized for what they are and ignored because it does not fit in with your accepted version of history. In fact much of your history is fiction and bears little resemblance to the truth. These are areas that we shall address, as it is important that the facts are known.

Keep looking ahead as events are about to take off, and you will not be disappointed. The dark Ones are as good as finished when it comes to exercising their will upon you. They are like the toothless tiger, but still to be avoided and kept down until they can be removed. Many of you know who the leaders are as well as we do and we will not allow them to rise up again. Money still buys them time, but will never buy them their freedom to escape justice for their crimes against you. It is never too late for them to change and would do their record a lot of good, if they relinquished their quest to carry on as before.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see that the midnight hour is starting to chime, so the countdown has begun. So please keep your cool for a little while longer, as all comes to him who waits. God Bless You All.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.